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Tech Tip: Easily connecting to 4D Servers using Path Documents
Published On: September 22, 2000

If you need an easy way for users to access a specific 4D Server, in particular one that is not on the same subnet with their 4D Client and thus cannot be seen in the Connection dialog, then create a Path document which allows the user to double click, automatically launch 4D Client and connect to a specific server. However, path documents are user-specific and if you have lots of users it may be prohibitive to create path documents for all of them. Instead, create a fictitious user named "Enter Your User Name Here" and assign a secret password. Then save a path document for that user. Now you can distribute this path document to all your users, when they double-click they will be presented with the 4D login dialog with "Enter Your User Name Here" displayed in the User name space.

For more information on Path documents, see the 4D Server Reference manual chapter on Passwords.