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Tech Tip: Setting the Line Color and Thickness of Graph Curves
Published On: October 20, 2000
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When you start using 4D v6.5.7 or v6.7, you'll probably notice that in your 2-D line graphs, where previously your graph curves were in different colors, now they're all black.

In previous versions of 4D, the "CT SET CHART FILL ATTRIBUTES" command set both the fill color inside the data point shapes, and the line color of the graph curves. Now in 4D v6.5.7 and v6.7, that command only sets the fill color inside the point shapes. To set the line color of the graph curves, you now need to use the "CT SET CHART LINE ATTRIBUTES" command.

Previously, the CT SET CHART LINE ATTRIBUTES command had no effect on line color or line thickness of a 2D line graph. Now it does. So you could consider this a bug fix. This makes it so the way that the colors of graph curves in a 2D Line Graph are handled are now consistent with the way the colors have been handled in 2D XY Graphs in previous versions: if you didn't use the "CT SET CHART LINE ATTRIBUTES" command to specify the line color of your graph curves, they'd all be black.

The way the commands now work gives you additional options that you previously did not have in a 2D Line graph:

* You can set the thickness of the graph curves.
* You can set the color of the graph curves to a different color than the fill color of the data points. (You might want to set the line and the data points to different shades of the same color, so the data points stand out clearer along the graph curve.)

Note: There is an anomaly in 4D Chart with some graph types, where the graph curve is only thickened on one side of the centerline between points, but only on one platform:

* 2D Line Graph: Thickened lines are centered on Macintosh, off-center on Windows.
* 2D XY Graph: Thickened lines are off-center on Macintosh, centered on Windows.
* 3D Line Graph: Thickened lines are centered on Macintosh, off-center on Windows.

Previous to 4D v6.5.7 and v6.7, if you wanted to change the thickness of graphed lines in 4D Chart, there were two different workarounds, which are described in the following tech tip:
"Changing the Thickness of Graphed Lines in 4D Chart"