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Tech Tip: Customizing your merged application's icon (Mac or Win)
Published On: October 27, 2000

To customize the icon of your executable application, you should place the icon file ("DataBaseName.ico") at the same level as your structure file ("DataBaseName4DB"). Then:

1. Select the 4D Compiler option "Create Executable Application". The standard Open File dialog box appears.
2. Select the 4D Engine file.
3. Click OK.

During the compilation, 4D Compiler merges your icon with the 4D Engine.exe file.

1. Open the compiled executable application with ResEdit.
2. Open the BNDL resource and replace the OwnerName with the four-character Creator for your application. The Creator must be different from the Creator of any other Macintosh application on your hard disk.
3. Edit the icons in the BNDL resource by double-click the icon that you would like to modify. You can modify the three different icons that are used with color monitors.
4. Open the SIG# resource and enter the four-character Creator for your application.
5. When you finish modifying each resource, save your changes by choosing Save from the File menu and closing the window belonging to that resource.