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Tech Tip: The "Install 4D Web Assistant" option for new databases
Published On: October 27, 2000

If you are creating a new database and would like to use the "Web Assistant", simply select the "Install 4D Web Assistant" option that appears in the "Open Database" dialog box when you launch 4D. If the "Install 4D Web Assistant" option is unselectable (grayed out), that means you do not have the Web Assistant installed in the correct directory. Whether you use either 4D Stand-alone or 4D Server both applications need a "4D Extensions" folder in its directory.

C:/4D Standalone/4D Extensions
C:/4D Server/4D Extensions

Main:4D:4D Standalone:4D Extensions
Main:4D:4D Server:4D Extensions

Inside the "4D Extensions" folder should be the Web Assistant component. Once the "4D Extensions" folder has been installed in the correct place, the "Install 4D Web Assistant" option should now be selectable (No longer grayed out).

NOTE: You can install the 4D Web Assistant component into a database at any time using 4D Insider.