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Tech Tip: Use the 4DPop Constants Editor
Published On: June 11, 2009

If you attended the 4D Summit recently, or took the Upgrading to 4D v11 SQL online class, you may have received instruction on using "User Constants.bundle" to migrate you constants for 4D v11 SQL.

User Constants.bundle is a plug-in stub that allows you to continue using 4DK# resources in your 4D v11 SQL applications. Several versions of this stub exist in various demo databases, Summit materials, and training materials.

You should be aware that the best way to manage your constants is to use the 4DPop Constants Editor, rather than manipulating the plug-in stub manually.

In particular, when using older versions of User Constants.bundle, you may encounter error messages like:

The plug-in method cannot be executed.
Error #-1 (User Constants.4DX)

This error occurs because your copy of User Constants.bundle is missing the following files:

  • msvcr80.dll
  • Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest

These files can safely be copied from the 4DPop Constants Editor into your User Constants.bundle in order to fix this error. You may wish to instead regenerate User Constants.bundle using the 4DPop Constants Editor.

Commented by Charlie Vass on June 17, 2009 at 1:24 PM
To use your User Constants.bundle with multiple database you can create an alias or shortcut to it and place the alia or shortcut in the Plug-ins folder. That way when the User Constants get updated the update is available to all the databases it has been deployed to. However, though efficient, the drawback to this method is only one database can use the bundle at a time.