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Tech Tip: Custom field order
Published On: July 16, 2009
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With the new field sort options that are now available from the Structure Editor in 4D v11 SQL, it
is possible to have a saved sort order. This means that the fields can be re-ordered and then reverted
back to a saved field order.

This is possible by using the "Custom" sort option. When the "Custom" order is
chosen, fields can be manually re-ordered and they are memorized at this point.

Here is an example of how to switch back and forth between different sort orders:

1) The "Custom" sort order is chosen and the fields are arranged in what we will call "Order A".

2) The "Type" sort order is now chosen, displaying what we will call "Order B".

3) Lastly, the "Custom" sort order is chosen, displaying "Order A" again.

Commented by Thomas Fitch on August 7, 2009 at 5:47 PM
This can be used to set an order for each of your tables that makes it most easily read and makes sense when browsing the Structure Editor, but which is not the actual field order of the table. This way you can also view tables based on the type of field or another criteria and easily return to your normal "viewing order" easily.