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Tech Tip: Convert Indexed Color to RGB
Published On: July 28, 2009
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Some systems may use the older "indexed color" system which provided a color from a 16 x 16 palette numbered between 0-255. These numbers are incompatible with newer 4D tools like the Listbox, and thus need to be converted. Here's a simple method provided by Charlie Vass to the NUG for converting an indexed color value to an RGB longint:


$index_i:=$1 `Start with $index_i as the indexed color value

$chartColor_i:=CT Index to color ($index_i)  ` Gets us a 0x00bbggrr value.

   ` Extract the RGB values. CT COLOR TO RGB doesn't do this the way we want.  It returns values from 0..65535.

$red_i:=($chartColor_i & 0x00FF)  ` get the red byte, 0..255

$green_i:=(($chartColor_i >> 8) & 0x00FF)  ` get the green byte, 0..255

$blue_i:=(($chartColor_i >> 16) & 0x00FF)  ` get the blue byte, 0..255

   ` Combine the RGB values to create a 4D RGB (0x00rrggbb) value

$rgb_i:=($red_i << 16)+($green_i << 8)+$blue_i `and now we have rgb_i with the longint color value

$0:=$rgb_i`return the RGB value