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Tech Tip: Where is the source code for 4D Pop Components?
Published On: September 10, 2009
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The 4D Pop information page says that the source code is provided for the components, but the source may be difficult to find.

The source code for components from the 4D Pop Collection is included with the installers for 4D v11 SQL.

Check in the SOURCES folder, located inside the component database package (.4dbase) on Mac and in the Component folder (.4dbase) on Windows.

For example, the path on Windows to the source for the 4DPop XLIFF component is:

4DPop XLIFF.4dbase\SOURCES\4DPop

Commented by Jesse Pina on September 11, 2009 at 8:28 AM
Having the source code for these components is not only beneficial because it allows you to add/modify the funtionality to suit your needs, but it also serves as a great learning tool. The source shows how to use components in v11 to perform a variety of different tasks.