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Tech Tip: Using Simple List Forms for Debugging and Troubleshooting
Published On: November 25, 2009

During the development phase or when trying to troubleshoot issues, it is common to need to look at the data in one of your tables at some point. This can be an issue due to the fact that forms are usually launched within the context of a certain process, meaning certain variables may need to be setup or validation needs to occur. Also, startup code often needs to be run in order for forms to load correctly, and there can be certain dependancies that the form relies on, such as interprocess variables.

All these reasons make it usefull to have a form with all fields for each table. The form can be for development and troubleshooting purposes only and - with the help of the Form Wizard - you can generate a List Form with all fields for a table in a matter of seconds. With these forms, you would have access to all fields and the form can be used as an emergency input and output form. You would be able to view data quickly and modify it if needed.

This way even if you open the database without running any startup code to initialize any variables or to startup any processes, these forms would allow you to go right into Design mode and look at the data you need to access.