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Tech Tip: A tip for reading MSC Warnings
Published On: January 15, 2010
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Line numbers are referenced in the compiler as depicted in the following screenshot:

Note: the screenshot above is of 4D v11 SQL's compiler and it refers to an error on Line 32 of Method3

But did you know that line numbers are also sometimes visible in the reports generated by the MSC?

For example, let's take a 2004 database that contains multi-level subtables and convert it to 4D v11 SQL.

In 4D 2004 we have some code that deals with multi-level subtables (this is the same Method3 depicted above):

Once upgraded to 4D v11 SQL the multi-level subtables are lost and therefore Method3 is altered to look like the following:

When we run a repair in 4D v11 SQL's MSC we see the following warning:

All of this is pointing us back to Line Number 32. The MSC Warning above references Line Number 32 in the [l.32] notation.