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Tech Tip: Accessing the Language Reference from within 4D
Published On: April 2, 2010
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Within 4D v11 SQL, there are four different methods to access the Language Reference:

  1. F1
    From within the method editor, simply place the cursor on a 4D command and hit the F1 key. This will open the default browser to either:
    • The web page in the online documentation (this can be changed) for that specific command.

    • Or the html page within the 4D help files installed on the computer.

    To control which option is executed go to Preferences and use the Documentation settings under the Design Mode tab.

  2. 4D Help Menu
    Under the Help menu, clicking on the 4D Help menu will bring up the 4D Help files located on the machine.

  3. Commands Tab
    Within the Explorer window, the Commands tab lists all the 4D commands. When a command is selected, the documentation page is loaded in the Preview pane. Double-clicking the command will open the default browser with the page for the selected command. The commands can also be dropped into the method editor.
    Note: The information in the preview pane and the specific page that you are taken to when doubleclicking will depend on the same Documentation Preference settings mentioned in the F1 option above.

  4. 4D Pop: Commands
    This feature is not installed by default. But when installed, the "4D Pop: Commands" component opens a dialog that allows for quickly searching all 4D commands. Double-clicking a command opens the default browser to the html page for that command. This component also supports dropping the command into the method editor.