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Tech Tip: Help in the Method Editor
Published On: November 3, 2000

One of the features added in 4D v6.5 is the ability to highlight a command in the method editor and press the Enter key, to display the syntax information for the command at the top of the method editor window. The Commands page of the Explorer window also includes the syntax of commands, along with descriptions.

In order for this to work, a special file needs to be installed in your system folder. This file supplies the help information that appears in the method editor and in the Explorer window. The file is about 240-296K in size (v6.5) or 312K in size (v6.7). On Windows it is named "4D Help.RSR", and on Macintosh it is named "4D Help".

This special file has nothing to do with the Help menu. Don't confuse this file with the file used by the Help menu, which is named "4D.HLP" and is about 5.5 - 6.1 MB in size (depending on the version of 4D), located in the Mac4DX and/or Win4DX folders.

Installing the command help on Windows:

On Windows the 4D 6.5.4 CD installs the "4D Help.RSR" file needed for the command help in the Explorer and in the method editor, but in the wrong place: in the Win4DX folder inside the system folder, for example:


The file is supposed to be located directly in the C:\\Windows\ACI folder.

The "4D Help.RSR" file also works if it is placed in the 4D application folder, on Windows 95, 98, or NT. (But this is not an officially supported feature.)

The 4D v6.7 CD installs the "4D Help.RSR" file in the correct location (described below) when you perform either the demo or the regular installation of 4th Dimension or 4D Client. On Windows, there is no way to install the command help file all by itself.

Installing the command help on Macintosh:

The earlier version of the 6.5 CD-ROM didn't include the "4D Help" file in the demo version installation for Macintosh. The 6.5.4 CD does.

To install only the "4D Help" file by itself from the 4D Product Line 6.5.4 or 6.7 CD-ROMs, use the full installer (not the demo installer). In the Macintosh Custom Install window, open up the listing for "4th Dimension 6.x" and select the "Balloon Help" item. After doing this, you'll see a file named "4D Help" in the folder at:

System Folder:Preferences:4D

Downloading the command help file:

To make it convenient for anyone who needs this file, we've placed the 4D v6.5 and v6.7 Windows "4D Help.RSR" and Macintosh "4D Help" files on our ftp site for download.

After downloading it, here's where the file needs to be placed. (In the Windows examples, substitute the drive letter of your boot drive if you're not booting from the C drive.)

4D v6.5 on Windows 95 or Windows 98:

4D v6.5 on Windows NT or Windows 2000:

4D v6.5 on Macintosh:
System Folder:Preferences:ACI:4D Help

4D v6.7 on Windows 95 or Windows 98:

4D v6.7 on Windows NT or Windows 2000:

4D v6.7 on Macintosh:
System Folder:Preferences:4D:4D Help