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Tech Tip: TimePicker LCD widget in v14 with a background
Published On: August 11, 2014

TimePicker LCD is a new widget feature in v14. The widget is transparent and does not have a background. The following picture below shows an effect with a black background and blue time display:

To get this effect with the TimePicker LCD widget, it would need to be on top of an an object (for example: rectangle). Placing the rectangle object and setting the fill color to black in page 0 of the form would give the background effect shown in red below:

The TimePicker LCD widget is placed on a page 1 (or another other page except 0) where it would need to be aligned with the object on the background. Picture below shows the location to access the widget in red below:

The following code will set font color of the TmePicker LCD widget on the form "On Load" event:

Case of
   : (Form event=On Load)
   TimePicker LCD SET COLOR ("Subform1";0x00FF) //Color set to blue
End case

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