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Tech Tip: Isolating plugins to narrow down odd behavior
Published On: March 26, 2015
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If you find yourself troubleshooting an odd behavior in 4D, often times it is useful to isolate the plugins while narrowing down the odd behavior.

Here are the steps for isolating the plugins:

  1. Obtain clear steps for reproducing the odd behavior

  2. Quit 4D and remove all plugins

  3. Launch 4D and repeat the steps to reproduce the odd behavior
    * If the odd behavior is present with no plugins then the plguins are not related. In this case you are done isolating the plugins.
    * If the odd behavior goes away with no plugins then it may be related to a plugin. In this case go to the next step to continue isolating the plugins.

  4. Add the plugins back one by one, and test for the odd behavior after each plugin is added back.

Performing this simple test will help isolate whether or not plugins are related to a problem and can also help in isolating the specific plugin that is causing the issue.

This troubleshooting task can be helpful in all situations from an APPCRASH in ASINTPPC.DLL to troubleshoting issues with Your UI.