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4D Summit: [4D Summit 2018] Hidden Secrets of Subforms, Inherited Forms and Form Controllers [EN]
Published On: May 16, 2018
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Form controllers are process methods written to manage form actions. No plugins or components are involved — this is all native 4D programming. They are a huge benefit for working with large complex forms as well as smaller ones.

Dynamic variables are the mainstay of modern forms. They allow flexibility, configurability, and portability previously unavailable in 4D forms. But getting the most out of them can be frustrating without a consistent approach. Dynamic variables are much easier to manage in the context of a ‘form controller’.

Many developers have used a subform and an inherited form at least once but many may not have really gotten comfortable with them and all the possibilities they offer. While a form controller isn’t necessary for working with subforms, they do make using subforms in many situations much easier to visualize and control. Subforms move from being mysterious and spooky black boxes to rational and useful tools

This session will demonstrate several techniques for utilizing them as well as touch on inherited forms, demonstrating how to build inherited forms on-the-fly, and how to manage callbacks from the inherited form objects. Plus, as a special treat, we will look at the The Icon Factory — a component for converting SVG files into .png files for use as button icons.

Presented by: Kirk Brooks