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4D Summit: [4D Summit 2018] Playing Doctor: Using Vital Statistics to Assess Your Application’s Health [EN]
Published On: May 16, 2018
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Over the ages, doctors have developed diagnostic tools and inventive ways of gathering information about their patients. We can do the same.
In this session, we will explore a live dashboard that displays a 4D Web Application’s “vital statistics”. The dashboard displays a wide range of information that is used to understand the health of the application and provides useful raw data when things go wrong.

The session will also cover:

  • Identifying the goals of a dashboard and why an agile approach is best

  • The benefits of active monitoring and logging

  • Simple data points that can be captured and rolled up in interesting ways
  • The importance of setting performance expectations and being able to back them up with actual measurements

  • Why averages and counts are not enough

Presented by: Dani Beaubien • InfoHandler