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Tech Tip: Compiling For a Bit Version
Published On: September 20, 2018

One of the compilation options to consider when building is the target bit version of application that the database will be running on.
There are three choices to build the application in:

  • 32 Bit

  • 64 Bit

  • Multi-target (Both)
By default when a structure is compiled, it is targeted at one bit version. The bit version is based on the current bit version of 4D that is performing the compilation. A 32 bit version of 4D will generate a 32 bit compiled structure while a 64 bit version of 4D will generate a 64 bit copiled structure.

If the bit version of the compiled structure is mismatched with 4D the following error will occur when starting the database:

There is the ability to also compile the database for both 32 bit and 64 bit which can be toggled in the database settings:

This will allow the compiled structure to run on any bit version of 4D.
Just be mindful that when building the compiled structure, if the "Include related folders" option is enabled, this will include plugins found from both the database structure and the current 4D that is performing the build. Meaning that some of the 32 bit plugins may be missing if building from a 64 bit version of 4D.