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Tech Tip: Differences in Automatic Line Breaks and Text height/Width in 4D Write vs 4D Write Pro
Published On: September 20, 2018
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The framework and API used by 4D Write Pro for rendering text is completly different from the framework and API used by the legacy 4D Write plugin (which was based on obsolete system frameworks).

As a result, it is normal if the page layout in 4D Write Pro is not identical to that of 4D Write becuase the differences in text metrics imply different text widths and heights. These different heights and width would produce different line breaking and line heights which imply that automatic page breaks may not occur the same in 4D Write Pro as in they did in the legacy 4D Write plugin.

Because of these differences in text metrics between the 4D Write plugin and 4D Write Pro, it is technically impossible to preserve the same page layout as rendered in the legacy plugin.