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Tech Tip: Transferring keyboard shortcuts file between different computers
Published On: October 11, 2018

Customizing your own keyboard shortcuts has always been a handy feature of 4D, but what happens when you want to use your 4D keyboard shortcuts on a whole computer or operating system? Typically you could recreate all of your keyboard shortcuts again, but this process can become tedious. Thankfully, 4D saves these shortcuts in the "4D Shorcuts .xml" file that can be transferred and saved to a different machine. The directory for the xml file is listed below for each OS.

On Windows:

"C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\4D\4D Shortcuts {version#}.xml"

On Mac:

"/Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/4D/4D Shortcuts {version#}.xml"

So if you wanted to use your Windows 4D shortcuts on your Mac, you can simply copy the xml file from the windows directory and overwrite the xml file in the mac directory. If 4D is currently running, make sure to restart the application to apply your updated xml shortcuts.

*Note: Mac's "Control" key does not have any equivalent Windows key so if you had a Mac shortcut containing the "Control" key, the shortcut may not work in 4D for Windows.