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Tech Note: Introduction to Using Collections and Entity Selections in List Boxes
Published On: October 31, 2018
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4D provides multiple ways to manipulate, handle, and display data. With 4D v17 and the introduction of the Object Relational Data Access (ORDA) feature set these possibilities have increased even more. With so many viable options and ways to implement a feature for a database application it can be useful to focus on seeing the benefits and uses of certain features. A very powerful and useful feature of 4D is the list box. List boxes have been in 4D for a while, but v17 has introduced new features for it with the new ORDA features.

This Technical Note will investigate the new features introduced for 4D’s list boxes, specifically implementing list boxes using the new collection and entity selection-based list boxes. Examples and explanations on how to use and implement the new features will be explained along with the nuances and benefits of these new features. These features will allow new options to present data to users in a database application.

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