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Tech Tip: 64-Bit Only Commands
Published On: November 15, 2018
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Some operating systems are moving towards making 64-bit the standard and maintaining 32-bit for compatibility purposes. To be compatible with this shift, new features can be implemented using a 64-bit architecture and in turn may only be used with a 64-bit version of the application.

There are already some commands that have been created that are only available in the 64-bit versions of 4D. To see if a command is 64-bit only, check the documentation for the command and see if the properties displays the "Not for 32-bit versions" icon:

The documentation also displays a list of commands that are 64-bit only when clicking on the icon:

If these commands are used in a 32-bit version of 4D, unexpected behavior can occur and 4D may not throw an error. For example the Cache info command created in 4Dv16, when used in one instance of a 32-bit 4D no error is triggered and the command appears to execute properly, but looking at the results some data is missing.

Commented by Tai Bui on November 16, 2018 at 7:04 AM
Link fixed, had a space at the end before.
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could you correct the link please. (Not working for the moment : some garbage at the end)