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Tech Tip: Write Pro Tool Bar and Object Names
Published On: December 13, 2018
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4D Write Pro comes with a prebuilt panel bar and a tool bar in v17Rx. They can be added to the form from the object library.

When added to a form there are two objects, the panel bar/tool bar widget itself and a 4D Write Pro area. The objects are added with names already assigned as shown below with the Write Pro area named "WParea".

Set up code is also included with the 4D Write Pro area that uses the object names which can be noticed by the icon in the upper left of the Write Pro area object. So if the name of the objects are changed, make sure to modify the set up code to reflect the new names properly or the functions may not work.

As shown the 6th line of the code has a comment explaining that if the objects names are changed the code in lines 7 and 8 should be updated. This is because lines 11 and 12 creates a pointer based on the object name to allow the functionality between the two objects to associate properly.