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Tech Note: Manage 4D Mobile sessions with $info parameter in V17
PRODUCT: 4D Mobile | VERSION: 17 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: February 28, 2019
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4D Mobile client license, like 4D client license, is paired with each client connection. Developer of multi-user 4D Mobile application needs to consider concurrent users and number of licenses available. Developers used to rely on automatic session management in Wakanda to handle it. In V17, 4D Mobile Service has introduced a new parameter, $info, to present information related including cache, cached entity collection and active sessions. Developers using V17 now have a new option to retrieve a list of all 4D Mobile sessions on server programmatically and present them to administrators remotely. In addition, $info also includes sub parameters to manage 4D Mobile session. This tech note will introduce the use of $info in the context of reviewing a collection of 4D Mobile sessions, demonstrate how to present the collection, and provide an example how to release 4D Mobile session that are no longer needed.

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