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Tech Note: Engaging Database Tests in your 4D Database
Published On: April 24, 2019
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The nuances in v17R3 can equip a developer to extensively test their database before rolling it in to production. Many developers are aware that improving the quality of their developments are often based on unit tests. But to launch these tests, the developer as well as QA teams need tools to launch 4D databases in different modes such as single user and client-server to their respective environments (Mac or Windows). Prior to v17R3, 4D already can be launched using the command line parameter to do automatic testing. But to take it a step further in v17R3, one can create an update mechanism or handle a server farm with hundreds of 4D servers running. Or maybe specify which database file to use or pass on launch. The possibilities of creating more custom testing is endless. This Technical document will discuss a User parameter that can be useful for testing your database.

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