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Tech Note: Communication Between Processes in 4D
Published On: April 24, 2019
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More often than not, a 4D database is very complex with many processes running everything behind the scenes. Each process is its own unique instance that has a task to perform and having each task do its job correctly and properly allows the database to function properly, such as a process to monitor the application and another process to handle the user interface windows. There are times when it can be helpful to have separate unique processes to communicate with each other and pass information to one another. 4D provides various ways to allows interprocess communications including a couple of new ones introduced in the R-releases of v17.

This Technical Note will go over some of the ways separate processes can communicate and share data in 4D. Classic techniques, such as using interprocess variables, and new techniques, such as shared storage, to perform these tasks will be looked at to see how they can be implemented, and which technique is useful in which scenarios. Example of the techniques and how they are implemented will be explained in this Technical Note and shown in the associated sample database.

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