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Tech Tip: Auto Merge Results in Error with Object
Published On: July 19, 2019
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Auto merge can be passed in the optional parameter in the save command. This option allows concurrent users or processes to edit and save on the same entity, but different attributes. auto merge)

In Client/Server mode, the auto merge mode does not work in conjunction with dataclasses containing an object attribute. When using auto merge to perform a save on any entity in that dataclass, the save may not carry through. Even if the object attribute is not being edited, the existence of the object attribute in the dataclass will cause an issue with auto merge. The behavioral result may also vary slightly between different versions of 4D. Therefore, this is a reminder that the auto merge save mode should not be used on dataclasses that contain objects.

This is an example of a dataclass where the auto merge mode will not work. The dataclass contains an object attribute named “writepro”.