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Tech Tip: 4D Write Pro Subsection Inheritance Behavior
PRODUCT: 4D Write Pro | VERSION: 17 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: August 2, 2019
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When creating pages for a 4D Write Pro document a special behavior of the newly created pages are that they will inherit formats declared on the main document.

For example, if the main document with no pages created has headers or footers then a page for a first page and left and right pages the pages will not have anything either. But if a footer was created for the main document, then the pages were created, the pages would all have a footer.

Another example would be if the main document did not have any pages and did not have anything added. Then a first page was created and then a footer was added. Next the main document has a header added to it and then left and right pages are created, the left and right pages would inherit a header while the first page would only have a footer.

With this, if pages are created and planned to have headers and/or footers, it can be useful to create the subsections prior to creating the pages to reduce the amount of effort needed to create a subsection for each page.

If a footer is needed on all subsections, add a footer first then create the subsections, otherwise if the subsections were created first, a footer would have to be created for each subsection individually.