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Tech Note: 4D on GitHub
Published On: June 21, 2019
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Newbie or full-fledged senior developer, version control has been a staple in every work environment where multiple resources tend to collaborate in order to participate in what could be called a software’s chain of production. No matter what their scenario might be, what language/frameworks they are working with, one piece of advice remains constant: The day a program or a webpage contains more than 10 lines of code, GIT becomes a necessity or as some may call it: a necessary evil. While getting to know GIT may seem a laborious and complicated task at first, once grasping the power and safety that versioning offers, coding and conflict management will not be a bother anymore.

This technical note will introduce GIT the revision control system with GITHUB as the hosting service and explain from scratch in details the installation and configuration steps, different ways of interacting with GIT repositories using GIT bash.

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