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Tech Tip: Typing Error with Compiler Variables
Published On: July 26, 2022

When finalizing a database, one of the typical steps to perform is to run the Compiler and Generate Typing. It is always suggested to have all variables typed, to prevent unintended issues where the compiled code types a variable one type while the interpretted code types a variable a different a different type.

Generate Typing will create "Compiler" methods of typed variables and methods. An issue that can occur after this step is during the Syntax check phase. An error that may occur is the retyping or incorrect typing of a variable.

When this occurs, it will show a specific line of code, however the line of code may be correct, but the typing of the variable in the "Compiler" method may not be correct.

In cases, where the error does not point to a specific line of code, this issue is ussually caused by assigning the variable to a form object. Be sure to perform a search for the variable and double check if the variable has been assigned to a form object.

Typing variables will help prevent unintended issues and errors caught only prove that there could have been a conflict.