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Tech Tip: Managing Resources Directory
Published On: August 1, 2022

4D has a resources directory associated with a 4D database that contains on disk files that may be needed for some of the regular operations of the database. When deployed as a 4D Server, all connected 4D clients will download a local copy and check for updates and update itself if needed.

This can cause performance issues if the resources directory is very large and contains many files.
As such, some suggestions to manage the directory is to:
- make sure that the resources directory does not contain any irrelevant files, files that are not used anymore should be removed
- try not to make constant updates to the directory, there are other options for storing regularly updated data such as creating a table
- making sure that files in the resources directory are utilized on both the client and the server. If a file is server sided only, it can be placed in a diferent directory that is not synced to the client.

Following these suggestions can optimize the time it takes for clients to sync the resources directory.