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Tech Tip: Utility method to get a 4D View Pro sheet name in v19LTS
PRODUCT: 4D View Pro | VERSION: 19 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: August 1, 2022

The command VP Get sheet name returns the name of sheet for a given index. This command was added in 19R2. For those who are still using v19LTS can use the following utility method to get a 4D View Pro sheet name.

// Method vpGetSheetName
// $1 - Object (View Pro object) or Text (View Pro name)
// $2 - Sheet index starting from 0
// This method can be replaced by VP Get sheet name(vpAreaName;sheetIndex) in 19R

#DECLARE($vp : Variant; $index : Integer)->$sheetName_t : Text

var $vp_o : Object

Case of
  : (Value type($vp)=Is text)
    $vp_o:=VP Export to object($vp)
  : (Value type($vp)=Is object)
End case

If ($vp_o.spreadJS.sheets#Null)
  ARRAY TEXT($proName_at; 0)
  OB GET PROPERTY NAMES($vp_o.spreadJS.sheets; $proName_at)
  If (Count parameters>=2)
    If (Size of array($proName_at)>$index)
    End if
  End if
End if

Call example:
$vpSheetName_t:=vpGetSheetName("vpAreaName"; 0) // first sheet
$vpSheetName_t:=vpGetSheetName("vpAreaName"; 1) // second sheet

$vp_o:=VP Export to object("vpAreaName")
$vpSheetName_t:=vpGetSheetName($vp_o; 0) // first sheet
$vpSheetName_t:=vpGetSheetName($vp_o; 1) // second sheet