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Tech Tip: Utility method to get height of 4D Write Pro header and footer
PRODUCT: 4D Write Pro | VERSION: 19 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: October 17, 2022

Below is a utility method that will return the height of the header or the footer of the passed 4D Write Pro document.

// Method: WP_GetMarginAreaObjHeight
// Parameters:
// $WParea : WP Document Object
// $bHeader : True - Height of Header
//    False - Height of Footer
// $lUnit (Optional) : Unit of results,
//    (use wk unit... contants ie. wk unit cm or wk unit inch)
// ----------------------------------------------

#DECLARE($WParea : 4D.WriteDocument; $bHeader : Boolean; $lUnit : Text)->$height : Real

var $wpObject : 4D.WriteRange
var $wpAttribute; $wpUnit : Text
var $calc1; $calc2; $docMargin; $objTMargin; $objBMargin : Real
var $obPos : Object

If ($bhHeader)
   $wpObject:=WP Get header($WParea; 1)
   $wpAttribute:=wk page margin top
   $wpObject:=WP Get footer($WParea; 1)
   $wpAttribute:=wk page margin bottom
End if

If (Not($wpObject=Null))
   // Save current layout unit and apply specified unit
   If (Count parameters>2)
      WP GET ATTRIBUTES($WParea; wk layout unit; $wpUnit)
      WP SET ATTRIBUTES($WParea; wk layout unit; $lUnit)
   End if
   // Calculate size of container
   WP GET ATTRIBUTES(WP Get section($WParea; 1); $wpAttribute; $docMargin)
   WP GET ATTRIBUTES($wpObject; wk margin top; $objTMargin; wk margin bottom; $objBMargin)
   // Calculate size of content
   $obPos:=WP Get position($wpObject)
   // Return the larger of the two (Container size vs Content size)
   $height:=Choose($calc1>$calc2; $calc1; $calc2)
   // Restore layout unit
   If (Count parameters>2)
      WP SET ATTRIBUTES($WParea; wk layout unit; $wpUnit)
   End if
   // No Footer
End if

Below is an example use to get the height of the header in inches and the height of the footer in centimeters for a 4D Write Pro document:
var $rHeaderH; $rFooterH : Real

$rHeaderH:=WP_GetMarginAreaObjHeight(WParea; True; wk unit inch)

$rFooterH:=WP_GetMarginAreaObjHeight(WParea; False; wk unit cm)