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Tech Note: Working with Tables in 4D View Pro (R2: November 11th, 2022)
PRODUCT: 4D View | VERSION: 19 R | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: October 25, 2022
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Data collection is very important to build knowledge of the related subjects and apply it in other areas such as business strategies. However, there can be an overwhelming amount of data available, making it hard to make it useful. With a 4D database application, it is normal to have tables with numerous records. Tools and features from 4D View Pro can help organize and summarize data in a 4D database to help with summarizing and sharing information. In this Technical Note, 4D View Pro will be used to display data in tables and pivot tables. Techniques of implementing features from user interactions and through programming will be explained. These features will help make the data more accessible to other users.