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Tech Tip: How to close web area view in 4D for Mobile
PRODUCT: 4D for Mobile | VERSION: 19 R | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: February 13, 2023

When developing a mobile app using 4D for Mobile, it is good to consider how to improve the user experience. For instance, when a user has opened a web view via open URL action, it may not be obvious to them how to close it. On an iOS device, there is a sliver of area, between the bottom of the pill and top of the web view, where they can tap to close the view:

An inexperienced mobile user may miss this and struggle to exit out of the web view. To make the user experience better, a close button can be added to the web view. Conveniently, the "$" JavaScript object has a built-in function that will close the web view when invoked. Simply call “$” in the onclick event of a button to allow the user to use that button to exit the web view.