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Tech Tip: Managing Modifications to 4D VP Tables
Published On: February 22, 2023

4Dv19R8 introduces additional features to manage tables in 4D View Pro. A potential requirement for interacting with 4D View Pro is the ability to track and manage changes to a table in the 4D View Pro area. The VP Get table dirty rows command returns a collection of the modified items in the specified table.

When using the command be sure to consider the optional third parameter. Modified items, trigger a "dirty status" for the itesm. The third parameter is a boolean that defaults to True. When the command is called with this parameter set, it clears the dirty status. This means that another call to the command will not return the items. Set the parameter to False to keep the reported items as "dirty".

The collection of items contains the original and new values, this will allow changes to be reverted if needed or a comparision between the two values to be made.

The new command provides additional control over managing modifications to a table in a 4D View Pro area, but there are nuances that should be considered to properly use the command.