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Tech Tip: Compilation Error: “Internal error when compiling with clang”
Published On: February 27, 2023

When compiling your database, you may run into the following error message in the compiler window:

When this happens, click on the “Clear compiled code” button at the top of the window. When your code is first compiled, the compiled code is stored in the user preferences folder as cache; the next time the code is compiled, the compiler will only re-compile modified code. The “Clear compiled code” button will clear that cache.

If you still receive the same error message even after clearing the cache, the next step would be to upgrade your 4D application to the newest hotfix or nightly build available. As programs are always updating, there may be incompatibilities between your current version of 4D and clang on your machine.

In the case that the error persists even after the previously mentioned workarounds, contact 4D Tech Support to request a bug fix for the newest 4D version available at the time.