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Tech Tip: Write Pro Objects Stored in Fields Safe Practices
PRODUCT: 4D Write Pro | VERSION: 19 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: March 20, 2023

4D Write Pro allows its documents to be stored as an object. This allows it to be stored into a table field. When a new record or entity is created, Fields that are an Object type will default to a Null value. A Null value can create issues with the 4D WP commands that expect a 4D WP Document object.

In such cases, it would be best to properly initialize the field or implement checks in the code. When a new record or entity is created, the field should be assigned to WP New or a valid WP document object. Alternatively, code can be implemented to check if the field is Null before trying to interact with field using a WP command.

Performing some safe practices will prevent any run time errors due to the values contained for a field that should be a WP document object.