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Tech Tip: How to check if log file is being written to
Published On: May 8, 2023

Sometimes the Windows File Explorer is not always a good indicator to check whether a log file is being consistently updated (e.g., checking if the "Size" or the "Date Modified" columns have changed).

You can instead use the steps below to check if your log file is being immediately updated:

  1. Have your 4D database already open. You will also need the Notepad++ application for Windows; there is a unique feature in this application that throws an error if the file has been changed in another application. If your machine does not already have this, you can download it from here:

  2. Open the log file in Notepad++.

  3. Go back to your database. Make a change to the data that would enable a change in the data file and also write to the log file (e.g., adding a new record).

  4. Go back to Notepad++ once again. If the log file was correctly written to, a window should pop up saying that the log file was edited in another application. If not, that tells you there is a problem with the log file being written to.

This method serves as a telltale way to check if 4D is consistently updating the log file every time a change is made to the data.