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Tech Tip: Difference between backup log file and backup journal file
Published On: May 24, 2023

When dealing with database backup, there can be some confusion over two closely named files: the backup log file (“{DataFileName}.journal”) and the backup journal file (“Backup Journal[xyz].txt”).

The backup log file is usually located in the top level of a binary application, or in the Data folder of a project application. It logs and describes all operations performed on the data of journaled tables in the database. The log file is needed to perform restoration of data entered since the last backup.

The backup journal file is generally located in the Logs folder of the application. It summarizes all database operations (backups, restores, log file integrations) performed automatically or manually. The backup journal is intended for developers to follow up and verify database backups more easily by being human-readable in any text editor.

Note that there is also a “backupHistory.json” file, created in the current backup destination folder. All information concerning the latest backup and restore operations are stored in this file. It is intended to be used by the 4D application.