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Tech Tip: 4D's Product Release Life Cycle and 4D Tech Support
Published On: February 26, 2024

The 4D Tech Support team works alongside 4D's product life cycle, which you can find more information about here: This link will direct you to the US website, but you may change the country using the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page.

The table below (found in the link above) shows the release details of each 4D version from the past few years:

As a developer, the most important row to refer to is the one labeled, End of Support, which indicates when technical support will not be given for the corresponding 4D version.

For example, 4D Tech Support will no longer provide support for 4D 19 after July 2024. This means that any technical issues—especially those that require a bug fix or a dump analysis (from a server crash)—would not be honored for databases still running in 4D 19 after the support period. Instead, the focus will shift to its successor, 4D 20.

As a proactive measure, it is highly recommended to keep your software (as well as your hardware) up to date to not only keep up with maintenance but also prevent incompatibility issues.

Note: The Tech Support team provides support for installation and activation issues across all 4D versions.