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Tech Tip: Remove gridlines from 4D View Pro sheet programmatically
PRODUCT: 4D View Pro | VERSION: 20 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: February 12, 2024

When working with View Pro (VP) areas, there may be occasions when omitting the gridlines on a sheet is necessary. For example, when presenting the VP document as a dashboard, removing the gridlines make the display cleaner. To do this programmatically, export the VP area to an object and configure the “gridline” property for the desired sheet, like this:

$vp_o:=VP Export to object("ViewProArea")
$vp_o.spreadJS.sheets.Sheet1.gridline:=New object("showHorizontalGridline"; False; "showVerticalGridline"; False)
VP IMPORT FROM OBJECT("ViewProArea"; $vp_o)

Then, import the VP object back into the area. Note that, in the above example, the “Sheet1” property should be replaced with the name of the desired sheet to modify.