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Tech Tip: Error: Cannot load uncompiled component because the host has been opened in compiled mode
Published On: April 8, 2024

If you get the error..

"Cannot load uncompiled component [component name] because the host has been opened in compiled mode."

... this means the component was not built and/or set up properly. Compiled databases can only use compiled compiled components (please refer to the Components documentation page here: Below are the different ways of troubleshoothing this issue.

1) Ensure that the component was built properly
If you developed the component, make sure that the component has been built correctly, using one of the three methods of the Build Application process. More information on each build method can be found in the corresponding links below:

2) Make sure that the component is installed correctly
To install a component, you simply need to insert its file in the database's Components folder. The location of this folder will depend on whether your database is in binary or project mode. More information on the installation process and Component folder location can be found in the following documentation page:

3) Contact the third-party developer
If the component was developed by a third-party developer and you are sure that it was installed correctly on your database (see point #2 above), contact the developer of the component to fix the issue.