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Tech Tip: Firewall Settings For QUIC Network Layer
PRODUCT: 4D Server | VERSION: 20 R4 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: April 2, 2024

The new QUIC Network Layer available as a preview in the Feature Releases of 4D 20, utilizes UDP instead of TCP for the Client/Server connection. As such, if the new QUIC Network Layer is used, the UDP Port of the Database Application Port (the default 19813 setting) number must be allowed for the Inbound Rules.

If the UDP Port is not open and only the TCP Port is opened an error similar to the following is provided:

The UDP Port is the only port that is needed for the QUIC Network Layer. However, for databases that were using one of the previous network layers, the TCP port should be allowed to allow the clients to update as the clients are still on the TCP-based network layers and will try to connect using the TCP port.