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Tech Tip: Warning: Table.Form.Page.Picture refers to a resource PICT ID = -20XX (Binary Only)
Published On: April 15, 2024

On binary databases, you may come across the following warning (or something similar) in the Verify/Repair Log XML file when running either function on the structure file:

[Table Name].(Form Name).Page X.PictureX refers to a resource PICT ID = -20XX

This would be found within a warning tag in the XML file, so using the Find function in a Text Editor application maybe help you find this warning message.

Essentially, this warning is referring to a form (in this case, a Table Form), that has been deleted before but was not properly trashed within the binary structure—in other words, it became an orphaned element. Within a log, any object name surrounded by parentheses indicates that the object itself has been deleted.

The warning itself does not at all affect the database's performance. You can remove the orphan form by navigating to the Explorer window > Trash, then manually deleting the form causing the issue.

If converted to project mode, this type of warning message about oprhaned elements would be removed from the Verify/Repair Log, since the database's structure would be split into multiple human-readable files instead of the single binary structure file.