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Tech Tip: Form Inheritance
Published On: November 17, 2000
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Form Inheritance is a new feature in 4D v6.7. If you have a form, and wish to inherit objects of another form, without having to recreate those exact same object, this can be done by using Form Inheritance. Once you have created a form, and wish to inherit objects of another form, simply open up the Properties List. You will see 2 new properties, "Inherited Form Table" and "Inherited Form Name". First you must make a selection for the "Inherited Form Table", and once this selection has been made, choose the form you wish to inherit.


Create an input form with a few fields, call that Input. Create a new form, called Form1, with different fields or even a picture. Once these forms have been created, set the "Inherited Form Table" to Input, and set the "Inherited Form Name" to Form1. You will notice that when you go to input records, the Input form has inherited the objects of Form1.