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Tech Tip: ACI_Pack commands removed from 4D_Pack
PRODUCT: 4D Pack | VERSION: 6.7 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: December 15, 2000
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"4D_Pack 6.7" is the new name for the plug-in formerly known as "ACI_Pack 6.5". According to the documentation, six commands were removed, because they now have a functional equivalent in the 4D V6.7 language.

Four of these V6.7 replacement commands require QuickTime. Since there can be some difficulty involved in installing QuickTime on Windows, it was later decided to leave these four ACI_Pack commands in 4D_Pack. So for these commands, you can choose either the new 4D V6.7 command, which requires QuickTime, or the old plug-in command, which does not:

The 4D V6.7 "BLOB TO PICTURE" command has the capability of the 4D Pack "AP Read Picture BLOB" command.

The 4D V6.7 "READ PICTURE FILE" command has the capability of the 4D Pack "AP Read Picture File" command.

The 4D V6.7 "WRITE PICTURE FILE" command has the capability of the 4D Pack "AP Save BMP 8 bits" and "AP Save GIF" commands.

For the details on those four 4D_Pack commands, you'll need to consult the ACI_Pack 6.5 documentation.

Only two ACI_Pack 6.5 commands were actually removed from 4D_Pack 6.7:
AP Select document
AP Select folder

The function of the "AP Select document" command can be reproduced with the 4D "Open document" command, although some minor rewriting of your code will be needed, since the 4D command takes different parameters, and it actually opens a document, whereas the "AP Select document" command only finds a path to a document. If you only need the path to a document, after using the "Open document" command to get the path, you'll need to use the "CLOSE DOCUMENT" command.

The 4D "Select folder" command performs the same function as the "AP Select folder" command. However, it is not a direct drop-in replacement, because it uses different parameters. So some minor code rewriting will be needed. The 4D command is nicer, because it allows you to specify an instructional message that will appear in the standard file open dialog. For example, you might want it to say, "Select a destination folder."