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Tech Tip: Installing the 4D Web Assistant in an Existing Database
PRODUCT: 4D Insider | VERSION: 6.7 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: December 15, 2000

When you want to install the 4D Web Assistant in an existing database, you should do the following.

1. Using 4D Insider, open the database in which you want to integrate the 4D Web Assistant.
2. From the Components menu, select Update/Install. An Open file dialog is displayed.
3. Using that dialog, select the 4D Web assistant component.
4. Close 4D Insider.

Although 4D Web Assistant is automatically installed and the necessary options automatically set, if you run into problems when using it, you should check the following:

1. Open the database using 4D (stand alone).
2. Go to the Design Environment.
3. Select Database Properties from the File menu.
4. In the Web Server I page, uncheck Publish Database at Startup.
5. In the Web Server I page, check Start without Context.
6. In the Web Server II page, check the Use Passwords option.
7. In the Web Server II page, uncheck the Include 4D Password option.

If this last option is not unchecked, the password system will not operate properly.
In addition to the previous steps, you should make sure the password system is activated. In 4D, the password system is activated by creating a password for the Designer.