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Tech Tip: Can I prevent the connection window in a built client application from showing?
Published On: October 16, 2005

This tech tip is also related to Tech Tip 36787

One of the convenient features of a built 4D client application is that the end user only needs to double click the built 4D client application and it will simply connect without any user intervention. This is true most of the time, but in a situation where the specific server is not launched or in a network where 4D Server is in a different subnet from 4D client, the end user will be prompted to enter in the IP, port (if not using the default 19813), and database name when trying to connect for the first time. This can be an inconvenience for some users. In order to work around this inconvenience, here are some steps to help prevent this behavior from occurring.

1. Build the client server application.
2. After the build, launch the server application and client application on the same machine.
3. If you did not change the default port go directly to step 6. If the port was modified, the client application should prompt the user a dialog with three tabs:

4. Select the customs tab and fill out the fields. Remember to enter in the port number as well after the IP if you are using a different port. (Example:,19815)
5. Click OK and you should now be connected to the database.

6. Quit out of the client and the server application.
7. Go to the 4D extensions folder. (For the MAC you need to do a "Show package contents")
8. In the 4D Extensions folder there should now be a file named: EnginedServer.xml
This file contains the IP and Port number information that will allow the client application to directly connect to the specific server.
9. You can now deploy the client application to the end users with this xml file already created, thus preventing the connection window being shown.