Scrolling to the selected record in your subform
How to change internal stack sizes in 4D
The F10 key on Windows
What is the default stack size in 4D 2004?
Testing if an XML Node Has Relatives
License files to use when building applications
Setting form size with a hidden rectangle
4D Server/4D Client version compatibility
Quit item greyed out within the 4th Dimension Menu?
Retaining the highlighted selection after modifying a record
Handling real number data
Getting an XML Element's Full Path
Diagnosing SOAP Fault errors returned by 4D
How can margins be resized in the Quick Report?
Identifying an XML Document's Type
Automatically saving a document from a 4D Write plug-in area
How to display a running total in a quick report
Getting an XML Element's Depth
What can I do if I cannot select a file in 4D on a Mac?
Programatically turning on and off the web logging
Using the Sequence number command with existing data
Statistical Functions for Arrays
Troubleshooting startup issues
Displaying the Property List Editor
A tip for installing with the All-in-one installer
Quickly selecting a table in the Structure window
How big can 4D's data Log file be?
How to access variables stored on the Server side
How to force a process to IDLE
Limitations for delaying or pausing a process
Customizing your menu item labels
The "Connect to menu" feature
Enhanced DOM Functions
Tip for creating a Log file in 4D 2004.5
Using 4D 2004's XML Keys for building applications
Locking multiple records from a table in one Process
Quickly assign a null Time in the Method editor
How to handle error -9957 when using ARRAY TO LIST
How can I install my 4D 2003 component in a 4D 2004 database?
Shortcut for inserting Null dates in 4D code
The @ character works differently in the Design Environment Find function
Creating time constants
How to retrieve the path of a created document
Export Users and Groups only exports those created by Administrator
Code Generation with the Quick Report Editor
Managing the platform interface in legacy databases
Additional Platform options for converted databases
Getting the list of folders in a directory
Comment shortcuts
Alternate Columns has Priority over iPhone Linked Applications
AP Add table and fields: new error codes in 2004.4
Compacting and corruption
Why would a field automatically be set to unique and can't modify?
Renaming folders
How to prefix the names of several objects at once
Understanding the message "That value is not allowed"
Displaying the Preferences for end-users
Support for Unknown URLs
New standard actions for buttons
Quickly changing a field’s source
Retrieving messages using 4D IC IMAP commands
Transferring data to client machines
Programatically creating a Dock icon
Searching Items that are in the Trash
Changing a field into a Variable
Tracking the number of characters entered in a text field
Assigning menu titles names
Find area on the Design Environment toolbar
The order of the resulting array of the Selection to Array command
4D Client Web serving and 4D Ajax Framework
Names for Deployment Applications with 2004
Having trouble switching from Compiled to Interpreted?
Using the Execute without validating option
4D Write and Quicktime
Knowing a user's last login into the database
Compiling applications for Mac machines
How to detect if an array has been created
Saving a picture field to disk
4D Insider: Exporting methods' contents
Enabling and Disabling Menu Commands
Default backup strategy
What is a transaction?
Disabling the Enter key as a keyboard shortcut
4D Write: Support of the right mouse click
Using the Select Enclosing Block function
Restrictions with animated GIFs
How to get the fonts available on the system
Logging the Web requests
Programmatically creating users
Temporarily deactivating grid "snapping" within the ruler
Restoring the query limit to unlimited
Refreshing a page in 4D Live Window
Checking the syntax of customized macros
Retrieving numbers from a string
Maximum Size of a 4D View Spreadsheet
How to remove the focus from all objects in the current form
Modifying a macro's date format
4D Write Templates with External Windows
The 4D Client structure cache
Programmatically changing the file name when printing to a PDF
4D Write: How to edit picture properties when the picture is behind text
How to prevent the "Document has changed..." dialog in 4D Write
How to find Tech Tips by ID
New Web Folder name in 4DAF v11
Displaying the cache details in the runtime explorer
Creating solid colored objects on forms
Global Semaphores and Client/Server
4D debugger keyboard shortcuts
Splitting text area into several panes
How to get the IP address of a hostname
When can "Batch setting of attributes" be used?
The On Exit database method from 4D Client cannot access records?
Changing the default home page for the web server
Searching text with the small capitals attribute in 4D Write
Serving pictures with 4DACTION and 4DCGI
Selecting rows in a List Box of data from a Selection
How to check when caps lock key is active
BBOX alert when upgrading a database to version 2004
Displaying the menu bar in 4D Write after it has been closed
Button variables
Checking when a document was last modified
New behavior in 4D v11 SQL when compiling
Using the Clipboard History in the Method editor
Clearing dynamic arrays on Windows
Highlighting the last record loaded
Modifying the number of rows returned by a query
Removing characters from a string in Javascript
Creating Dashboards for Desktop or iPhone
Adding plug-ins at the application level on OSX
Validating a date in javascript
Setting form access
The printing progress dialog box is not displayed
Continuously tracking the position of the mouse, Part 2
How to execute Host methods from a component
Displaying the result of a function in a semi-dynamic web page
Predefining a subform's size
Encrypted communication with 4D Server
Programatically displaying the dialog box for viewing the current log file
Selecting an archive file to restore when launching database
Continuously tracking the position of the mouse
Printing methods in 4D
Retrieving an array from a stored procedure
Calendar object requires a Date field
What IP address does 4D Server answer on?
Setting the Minimum Height of a List Item
Cannot rename menu bar when installed by a component
How to resize a window that is too large to fit on the screen
Calculating the minimum stack size
Binding and retrieving resultset to fields
The .4DLink file type
How to show the UI when running 4D Server as a service on Windows
Displaying loops and conditions as hierarchical lists in the Method editor
Descriptive Errors returned by AP Add table and fields
Order of results from QUERY WITH ARRAY
Proper display of umlauts in POP mail
File path with spaces passed as argument to Launch External Process
Double-dereferencing pointers while using APPEND TO ARRAY
Handling objects help tips with one method
Assigning a specific IP address to 4D Webserver
Displaying the Toolbar in Custom Menus mode
Installing 4D for OCI on Mac OS X
Integrating the Google Feed API with 4DAF
What is 4D's internal character encoding?
Bounds for the database cache size
How to programmatically change the title of a button
How to automatically set unique variable names for form objects
What is the maximum number of methods in 4D v11 SQL?
How to restore a 4D backup from a merged application
How to always display Runtime Explorer in the foreground
Example method to get a filename from a path
Inversion of Pictures
Exporting a list and its items
Creating a Current Selection with SQL
Client/Server Build: Forcing the Display of the Connection Dialog Box
Improved support for "right-to-left" languages in 4D 2004.4
Table Information in the About dialog
What happened to the Compiled Application command?
Automatic Backup of large log files
Sizing string variables in compiled versus interpreted mode
Using 4D commands in the Formula Editor with 4D 2004.4
How to check unused space in the data file
How to create multi-line headers in 4D View
Automatic client connection with a built Client/Server application
How to interrupt a "Find in database" search
Copying folder contents programatically
Using a specialized dictionary
4D Ajax Framework Component requires correct 4D Pack plug-in
Changing form names invalidates methods that use the previous name
Quickly creating users with the same characteristics
Where is 4D Engine for 4D 2004?
Make an Alias of the "Support" folder
How to disable the Drop Zone property of Data Grid header and footer
Unable to select log file on Mac OS
Replacing a text string in a BLOB
Displaying a file or folder
Adding separator lines to menus
4D v11 SQL Pasteboards
Which pages of the inherited form can appear in other forms?
Automatic field name update in methods
Programmatically assigning a picture to a 3D button
File formats used when exporting and importing methods
What is v 6.8 option in the menu bar editor?
Order of Preference for Indicators
Drag and drop of a command with its syntax
'Forcing' Text in 4D View cells
Which gets executed first: object methods or form methods?
Web database methods run as a new process
Editing a text object located behind other objects
Retaining custom expressions in the Trace window
Nesting programming structures limit (If/While/For/Case of/Repeat)
Brace matching in the Method editor
How to get the names of fields that are indexed
Rejecting a Web connection from unauthorized clients
What can I do if 4D quits without an error message on Windows?
Disabling Startup and Shutdown messages for 4D Ajax Framework
How to disable the splash screen within 4D
Navigating the Method editor with the Go to Line Number command
Setting the attributes of the XML Header in DOM.
Check if table exists
Compiling a 4D v11 SQL database with an evaluation license
Compiled Application not launching on Windows Server 2003 (DEP)
The differences between sets and named selections.
Movement with arrow keys in the Method editor
Integrating the YUI DataTable with the 4D Ajax Framework Data Bridge
How to modify the Custom Menus toobar.
Error when upgrading: You are not allowed to convert this database.
Customizing the display conventions in the Method editor
How to enable tips in 4D Chart
Where is the list of recent servers you connected saved?
How to import Users and Groups from an older database?
Modifying Data Grid Columns
Where can I edit an ascii map in 4D 2004?
Method editor manages long strings
Assigning a popup menu to a list box column
Retrieving the absolute path to the app folder
What is the default location of the file when printing to a file?
Web Server Client License timing out
Avoiding errors during multiple saving of an XML file
Using the "Wildcard" (@) in the Method Editor
Common problem printing to PDF on Mac OS X
How to search and replace characters in a string
Checking spelling in 4D Write
New List Box Features in 4D v11 SQL – Part 2
Converting from 4D's color palette to RGB
Inserting HTML via 4DSCRIPT without rendering special characters
Drag and drop within a method
Accessing online documentation from the explorer
PROCESS HTML TAGS and On Web Authentication
4D Tools and Segment creation
Saving the display parameters for the method editor window
Keeping a current record while performing multiple queries
How to display the restore page of the 4th Dimension welcome dialog box
Retrieving the field number based only on the field name
Building Applications Examples – Part 1 XML Keys Editor
Retokenizing a database
Can I prevent users from editing a 4D Write area?
Testing project methods in a new process
Adding a tab control to a 4D Write area
Windows 2003 Server: How to see the 4D Server window via RDC
Components in 4D v11 SQL
Build Application Log
How to share a Windows desktop via RDC
Selecting similar objects on a form
4D for OCI: OCIGetTnsnamesPath and Oracle 10g on Windows
How to convert an HFS path to POSIX in 4D code?
Basic Client/Server troubleshooting rules
Restricting Plug-in Access in 4D 2004.
How to check for the presence of 4D Server on the network
How to change CPU priority programatically
Converting UTC date/time into short date
How to check programmatically if database is compiled
Using Firefox to view 4D documentation locally
Can I call dialog boxes during the On Display Detail or On Header events?
SHOW LISTBOX SCROLLBAR command is renamed in 4D 2004.3
Checking the type of field or variable
Building Applications Examples – Part 2 General Parameters and Licenses
Copying large numbers of methods from one database to another
How do I undo an operation? Roll back Feature in 4D 2004
New Log File command in 4D 2004.3
Building a built-client application for the right platform
Replicated Pictures when converting to 4D v11 SQL
'Server not reachable' SOAP error can also be caused by timeouts
Can I include files or attachments in my backup?
New Backup Preference in 4D 2004.3
Getting the size of a disk file
4D honors Access Control Lists in Mac OS X Tiger
4D Server Health - Automatic Reporting
How can I run Web Server and Web Services on two different clients?
Importing data exported from Excel to 4D
How to programmatically hide all the printing progress system windows
The Keypad Enter key in the Method Editor
How to reference the default 4D color palette
Importing a picture file into the picture library
How to install the 4th Dimension Mac OS Help files into 4D Client 2004
4D 2004: How to install Mac OS Help files
How many groups and users does 4D allow you to create?
4D internal graphics
Programmatically retrieving the backup destination folder
Opening a project method in the Method Editor with a new shortcut
How to clear List Box selection
Opening the form’s method while in the Form editor
When not to use encrypted Client-Server connection
Matching your 4D field types to your ODBC data source's tables
Start a procedure On Startup w/o pausing the startup method or using new process
Why are form objects smaller on a Windows machine than on a Mac?
List and List Box Sorting
Programmatically creating a hierarchical list
How do I find out what my child related tables are?
Read only state command returns false after DISPLAY SELECTION
Logging code that cannot be traced
Why do my list forms no longer have the black highlight in version 4D 2004?
Several ways to clean up arrays
How to programatically retrieve the database cache size allocated by 4D?
How to load and save Users and Groups in 4D 2004
Using compression with picture fields
Open document returns a time type variable
Changing the foreground and background color of an object
Display a countdown of character space left in a text variable during user entry
Adding entries to the 4D Server allow deny table
Increase security for the password system
Problem with Date syntax !00/00/00! giving a syntax error?
Merging text files larger than 32K
What is the seed file?
My 4D application remains in demo mode after the entry of the serial number
How do I check on my server if records are locked?
Create small sets of selections from a large record selection
Drag and drop text from an application to 4D
Counting the number of specified child elements in XML code
A simple way to fill out a time drop-down variable
Saving the user password with the path document
Customized icon for a double-clickable application
Listing your tables in your database with their respective table numbers
Resetting the sequence number
Getting the current selected record in 4D from a 4D Ajax Framework Portlet
How Do I change background colors of form objects?
Popup drop-down list in a List Form
Using parenthesis to manage complex pointer dereferencing
Arithmetic expressions in 4D
Using the TCP_listen command in a loop
Moving 4D windows on Mac OS
How to dynamically change the picture ID in a Picture Popup Menu
Why to not use 4D functions inside 4DVAR HTML tags
How do I deselect a record on a Single Selection subform object?
Ways to 'shell' a windows executable
Opening a read-only data file
How do I create multiple panes in a 4D View Area?
Using the Switch every x Ticks option
Limiting the number of methods and forms in the Label Editor dialog
Programmatically rejecting the On Drag Over event
Integrated backup error descriptions
Preventing locked records with the READ ONLY command
Reload a locked form or method using the lock button
Shift Modifier now available for Menu shortcut key combinations
Differentiating between uppercase and lowercase
Can I access the preferences in compiled mode?
CALL PROCESS and 4D Server 2004.6
Can I prevent the connection window in a built client application from showing?
4D 2004 Product Registration
Modifying form object values in real time using 4D commands and form events
How to import and export methods
How to retrieve the local machines IP address using 4D command
Checking the status of the last backup
Executing sequential conditional methods using Case statements
Using the Select Similar Objects command
Difference between the '*' and '>' parameter of Print Record / Print Selection
This command can't be used because a record of the table is in a form
Installing the 4D Ajax Framework into an existing database
Allowing source form objects to be manipulated by users
Quickly remove all break points from database code
Inserting picture in the header and footer of a Quick Report
How do I access the Settings in the 4D Ajax Framework Client?
Why can I only view certain documents in a 4D Live Window area?
Where do I place the object library in a client-server setup?
Hiding marker labels in the Form editor
Licenses needed to deploy 4D Web 2.0 Pack 1.0
How to reuse a menu from another menu bar
Having a method invoke itself in another process
How to get and pass the current method name
Generate error file
Where is the 4D Write template saved?
Bottom and right side of windows in 4D are now "pusher" splitters by default
Renaming an Object from within the Explorer
Making email addresses of recipients confidential when sending to a group
Having difficulty opening the Label editor?
Deleting Existing Data Segments
Tables missing from Quick Report, Query, Formula Editors, and Export/Import
Replacing all occurrences of character(s) in a string
How do I use multiple key masks in the post key command?
Temporary Folder Location
Connecting to an FTP Server listening to a modified port
ADO ODBC Connection String for Oracle
Key combination to enlarge objects on Form Editor
Where to begin with DOM XML commands
Using the Swap Expression feature in the Method editor
Embedding a variable name or a field name in a text area
4D Server as a service: How does Mac OS X know 4D will start when machine boots?
Where does 4D client store the logweb.txt file?
Changing the About 4th Dimension menu command
How to quickly preview a menu bar
How to sort list items using the Eyeball popup button
Preferences file locations
Where are recently used servers saved for a client machine in 2004?
Listbox entry mode improvement in 4D 2004.2
Saving Print Settings with 4D Write
Detecting a right click of the mouse
Keep the Cache in Physical Memory for 4D Server and 4D Runtime (on Macintosh)
Changing the database startup environment
Testing a form while in the Form editor
Retokenizing in 4D 2004
A tip for registering a database as a Service on Mac OS
"Create new data segments as needed" option
Shift Key for shortcuts
Regenerate all the database forms option in 4D Tools 2004.2
Changing title of List Box header programmatically
Subforms, selected records, and the "current record"
Creating custom form templates
Automatic Form Creation
Using splitters in the preview pane for Methods
Opening a form while in the Method Editor
Quickly assigning shortcuts to your menu items
Quickly select/deselect all events for an object in the Form Editor
Retrieving all list item references and text programmatically
Creating a Quick Report in list mode programmatically
Changing the font size in the method editor
New Form Event On After Edit in 2004.2
The option “Allow 4D Open Connections” is grayed out
Preventing Users from changing their password
Creating Mashups with 4D Live Window
How to view commands in alphabetical order in the Method Editor
Customizing the name of built application or compiled file
Register Client at Startup and CPU usage
Closing a log file
Using command line to launch 4D with a structure and data file
Building a 4D 2004 Merged Application with plug-ins
File format for exporting/importing pictures and BLOBs
Simple Integration of the 4D Ajax Framework and Active4D
Location of the syntax help file for the method editor
Variable declared using 4DVAR in an HTML page is not recognized
How to delete users created by admnistrator
Build options and licensing with 4D 2004 (Client/Server)
Build options and licensing with 4D 2004 (Merged Application)
Backup and Restore with 4D 2004
Shortcut key to open Quick Report in user mode
Quick Report Code Generator
How to open a 4D data file with a double-clickable application
How to programmatically retrieve the position of the scrollbars
Specifying a default response to the "Request" command
Gracefully clearing processes
Changing the starting number of the sequence number
How to register 4D Server as a service so that it runs when the machine starts
Registering and unregistering a service on 4D server on Mac OS X
Adding and deleting header and break levels
Transfering 4D files from Mac to Mac
Deleting the selected rows of a listbox
Getting a list of available templates
How to retain the User Set after the selection is no longer selected
How to programmatically backup in 4D 2004
Getting the path to a 4D Client's downloaded database folder
Remove all elements from multiple arrays
Appending 4D Write documents into one document for printing
Call 4DBKOrderValidate before calling 4DBKOrderCode
Creating Mashups in the 4D Ajax Framework Client
Quickly assign a Standard Action to a button
Opening documents for SAX Parsing
Make objects Invisible by Default
How to display files and folders located in the Operating System
Programmatic control of "Enter in List" behavior
Using the Form editor's magnetic grid
Changing Print Settings for a form in 4D 2004 (non-programatically)
Using shields in the form editor
Creating new subrecords from a subform
Use 4D to take you to a network drive
Deleting the database name from the recently used database list
How to zoom in a form while in the form editor
Troubleshooting backup issues
Drill-click to specific objects in the Form Editor
Using a timer event with 4D Write 2004.1
How to set the form to use as input and output in 4D 2004
Determine whether the control key is pressed down
Retrieving the position and reference number of a selected list item
How to add plugins to a 4D 2003 merged application
User Forms are lost when changing the source form (click padlock) in Design Mode
Where did my List Box rows disappear to?
Using the Extras folder
Create a Check/Uncheck All in a listbox
Using LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS to launch Applescripts
Print Variable Frame does not work with Print Form
Printing objects with variable size
Programmatically build an application
How to use multiple person dictionaries
Deselect all elements in a List Box object
Returning SOAP arguments greater than 32K
Where is the IP address of the built server application stored?
How to add a Pop up menu to the arrow of a 3D Button
Retrieving the name of the one table or field based on the many field
Create your own Splash screen with the new Window Type
Hiding the console window with LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS
Formula Editor in Custom Menus environment
4D Ajax Dreamweaver Extension
Database Cache settings in 4D 2004 (memory allocation)
How to Unregister 4D Client
Programmatically assign plug-in access to a user group
Save Users and Groups does not include Designer Users/Groups or Plugins Access
Getting 3 clicks for one
Difference between Record Number and Selected Record Number
Programmatically inserting formulas in 4D View spreadsheets
Changing the working directory for LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS
Maximum size of incoming HTTP request via POST
Determining the read/write state of a table
Going programmatically to a specific element a listbox
Removing all your Break Points for the current application
How to prevent users from deleting sub-records in a sub-form
Highlighting a record in a subform with selection mode set to single
Removing elements from multiple arrays
How to use the SET CURRENT PRINTER with the PAGE SETUP command
Setting the label of a groupbox procedurally
Change your Database Preferences in Runtime
Programatically creating a new method using 4D Pack
Removing WEDD Signature in 4D 2004
How do you get into user mode from the custom menu environment in 2004?
Retrieving the path to the database folder created on each 4D Client machine
How to use the 4D Trash Page
Moving a 4D application to a new machine
How to connect 4D Insider 2003 to 4D Server 2003 with a custom port
Plug-in management
Cal4D Component - User Reference
Changing the publication name of a server database
Converting the name of a month into a number
Where did my cancel and ok button go when I upgraded to 2004?
Printing the contents of a 4D Live Window plug-in area
Moving files on an FTP server with 4D Internet Commands
Transporting databases in 2004
Getting information regarding an error when using OBDC commands
Directly executing a URL in a text area
New select mode control for an output form (List form) in 4D 2004
Save All menu option while in the Design Environment
Deletion control in subforms
Database displays a blank stripe under the menu in an upgraded database
Suppressing the command prompt window when using Launch External Process
Available features for the mailto option of the OPEN WEB URL command
How to re-index the data file
Building a Client/Server application with auto client update
Cal4D Component - Language Reference
Executing an Oracle function or procedure using native ODBC commands
Executing CGI without making it visible to the Web User
Turning spell checking on and off on the fly in 4D Write
Allowing Multiple Selection of data in Calendar Object
Enabling Quick Scrolling in Data Tree
How many ODBC connections can 4D Server serve?
Recover by Tags is NOT a maintenance tool
Some important shortcut changes in 2004
How to organize project methods in the Method Editor using Folders
Additional behavior of the command GOTO SELECTED RECORD
Where's the default Done button in the list form?
Creating a relation programatically
How to export data to an ODBC source
How to run multiple instances of 4D Server 2004
Where do you put your custom help.htm files in 2004?
Restricting access to 4D Server for certain range of IP address
Testing the Web Server from 4th Dimension
Intermachine process communication
Creating and assigning help tips
Counting items of a certain value in an array
How to access methods and 4D Commands in Quick Report editor with new processes
How to install the Syntax Help File in 4D 2004
Getting a list of Plug-ins loaded by 4D programmatically
New events "On Mouse Enter" and "On Mouse Leave"
How to Generate Code using the Quick Report editor wizard
3D buttons have enhanced features in 2004
Printing with 4D View
New Inspector window in version 2004
Splitters have changed in 2004
Retrieve a reference to the current form window
Display or hide scrollbars for a listbox object
Changing the List Box grid color programatically
Getting the names of objects in a form
Find and match any color
Resizing an object based on its contents
Mac OSX clients are getting an error resource cache cannot be created
List of commands in the Method Editor
HIGHLIGHT RECORDS in 2004 can now specify records in subforms
Binding query results to 4D Objects.
Sending a SOAP Header
How to create a View for related tables
How to customize which tables are displayed in the Portal
Count the total number of list item in a hierarchical list object
What is a backup journal?
Changing the Splash Screen
Printing with Subforms - Variable vs Fixed Multiple Records vs Fixed Truncation
Where is the Form Wizard in 4D version 2004?
Three State Check Boxes in 2004
Accessing a record selected in a subform
Typing declarations for List Boxes
How to execute command line in the MacOS X Terminal
Listing objects in a form
Checking all loaded plug-ins
Drag and Drop objects between forms
Storing users and groups of your database to a BLOB
Object Libraries in Client/Server environment
Object Libraries
Inserting data into MySQL using 4D MySQL Plugins
Important tip for creating Views with related tables
Docking 4D Ajax Framework objects
Using Chained SSL Certificates in 4th Dimension
Upgrading Client Executables
How to easily change passwords in the login dialog box?
Changing the default dictionary
Large BLOB to array of text using the new command APPEND TO ARRAY
Retrieving the variable name of the clicked listbox's header
Emptying the trash in the Explorer
How to get CDATA values from XML elements
Setting the Client/Server communication TCP port on the server
Accessing project methods within the Formula Editor
4D does not print
Spellchecking for an enterable field or variable
Registering 4D Client 2004
How to get a set of highlighted records
Publish a DOC and RPC style Web Services from 4D
Connecting and Disconnecting to a database using 4D ADO Plugins
Accessing Macros in 4D 2004.
Where are my drawing objects?
Displaying or hiding the buffer flush window
Creating a table structure using 2004 4D Pack
Creating a Path Document Using 4D Client version 2004
Connection Keep-Alive management.
4D Backup Compatibility
Using BLOB TO PICTURE with pictures uploaded from a browser
Changing the Current User
Launching 4th Dimension on startup in OS X
The client will not automatically update if you change the name of the server.
Publishing in DOC Mode (server)
Creating Sheet Windows in 4D 2004 for Mac OS X
Making Fields in Dialog Boxes Enterable
Can't Download WebSTAR Files
Clear Compiled Code before You repair structure with 4D Tools
Changing HTTPS port number in 2004
Testing the Web server
Find a specific element in an XML document using XPath
Custom Users and Groups Import/Export
Can 4D import a CSV file?
Retrieve the total number of times value is found in an array
Connecting and Disconnecting to a data source using 4D 2004 ODBC Plugins
Displaying method properties in Explorer.
Launching the Web server under MacOS X
Passing String Values to SET XSLT PARAMETER
Positioning of objects in the footer of a List form
Error #-61 The resource could not be created
Opening Preferences in 4D
Assign Alternate Background Color to a List Box
Where to Put Plug-ins in 4D 2004
How to Print Compiler Errors in 4D 2004
Correct path names using Launch External Process
Connection to a 4D Server on a Port Other than the Default Port
publishing your 4D Server
How do I disable the splash screen now that 4D Customizer Plus is gone?
Drag and Drop in 4D Write 2004
How to Import Data from ODBC Source
Remove the Compiled Code from the Structure
Using a Separator in Your Macro Files
Accessing your Licenses Folder
Set Field Titles Gives Error Invalid Table Name
Adding Pictures to the Picture Library
Quote my text
How to change the HTTPS port number?
Appending an Array Element in 2004
Selecting a Document Using Open Dialog
Encode and Decode Base64
How to Group Radio Buttons in 2004
What is the difference between 4D ODBC Plug-In and the ODBC Driver?
Checking if Host Is Reachable Using NET_Ping.
How to Install a Serial Number in 4D Runtime or 4D Runtime Classic
Automatic Client Reconnect
How to Find a Specific Element in an XML Document
How to create a 4D Draw template?
Keyboard Shortcut to Documentation while Coding
Applying Grid Size Setting Globally to 4D View
Where do I put the custom tcp.opt file in OS X for multiple server applications?
Displaying the QR Editor and Wizard Programmatically
The Flush Variable
How to Change the Mouse Cursor from an Arrow to a Hand
What Happens When You Set a Structure and Data File as Read Only
Dynamically Setting the Title of the Current Form Window
How to Count All of Your XML Elements
Create a Macro toOpen a Form
Setting up Break Levels
How to disable backup verification
Using the Visible property in a list form
PDF Documents via 4D Live Window on Mac OS X
Printing a 4D Chart area programmatically without a dialog
How to create a button object method macro
Preventing the highlight in a list form
Creating static menu selections
Checking whether a folder is empty
Ensuring uniqueness while importing data
Displaying picture with scroll bars.
Sending Custom Emails to the Merchant
Authenticating a Web Service Call
Clearing an Object's Object Method
Converting a LongInt time (in seconds) to a 4D Time format
Associating a field to a 4D View plug-in area.
Does the Data Cache Size Affect 4D Client?
How to Compile a Database So It Can Be Used by Clients on Both Platforms?
String Tokenizing: Storing a String's "Tokens" in an Array
Open Quick Reports created in 4D 2004.5 with 4D 2004.6
Recover by Tag with Multiple Segments
How to Store Customer Credit Card Information with an Order
Resetting the Size of Arrays to 0
How to Programmatically Backup Your Database?
Displaying variables and field values in Text objects
Where to Put the key.pem and cert.pem Files
Calling the Debugger on the Fly
Exit Design Environment When Going to User/Custom Mode
Moving a Sublist and Its Attached Sublist from One Position to Another
Storing Text Documents in a Local Method for Later Use
Clearing the Compiled Code
Windows XP Service Pack 2
Protecting Against Bad Parameter Counts
Using Base 64 Encoding and Decoding
Programmatically Deselecting a List Item
Making a Choice List Modifiable
Auto-complete with Macros
How to Edit the Version Number of a Merged 4D Application in Mac OSX
Getting Pathname Using 4D Client
Converting a Color Value to an RGB Color Value
Displaying Separator Lines in Combo Boxes/Pop-up or dropdown Lists
Compiling with a Developer Edition of 4D Server in Version 2003
Obtaining the Variable Name of the Current Active Object
Constructing the path to a long pathname
Why compile your database?
4D and Processor Affinity on Windows
How to rename a database
Enabling/Disabling Object Event Property
Getting the Position of a String in a Blob
How to get the last query path and plan?
Button shape on Mac OS X 10.5
What characters should be used for naming Project Methods?
Seting the Screen Update Mode for a 4D Write Area
Specifying Data Segment Size
Data Grid Drag-and-Drop
Enabling / Disabling Button Objects from Another Process
Tech tip for * vs. ^
Setting a Shipping Option for a Specific Type of Item
The Right Place to Put your Plugin Folder
Where is the list of keywords?
Creating an HTTP Download Procedure
Developing with a Locked Structure (read only file, limited write permissions)
Using Blobs to Store Files that Need to Be Installed on the System
Open Window Macro
Controlling Access to the User and Design Environment
How to Delete Groups in 4D Insider
Show or Hide Methods in the Execute Method Window
How to Encrypt a Blob
Launching an Application within 4D
How create a shortcut to your database
Access Control in Contextual Mode
Enabling a sublist in a list to be expanded on double-click
Printing without a dialog in 4D Write
Recurse and Count Files in Folders
Appending a blob at the front of a second blob
How to avoid creating a duplicate process
How to generate encrypted Private and Public keys
Finding an XML element's attribute value by name
Securing client/server connection
Keep your toolbar displayed
Can I use a single account to log in multiple times?
Sending emails via 4D Business Kit
Retrieving a document path without opening the document
How to create a "waiting" progress bar
How to delete a 4D Draw template
Selecting a different data file
Table access and creating views of multiple tables in 4D Ajax Framework
Return variables passed to 4DAF must be of type Text
How to select printers and paper trays using 4D commands
Retrieving the extension of a file
When code will not tokenize...
Reliable way to procedurally modify object properties
Procedurally printing scaled forms
Missing access to certain functions in the Tools menu
Few tips for indexing a field
Changing method names
Retrieving a pointer to a table by its name
Installing a VeriSign Intermediate Certificate for 4D Business Kit 2.1
Opening a method easily
Reuse label printing paper with 4D Label Editor
Where's the first row?
Setting ODBC Timeout options
Why is batch method editing not available in client/server mode?
Using the "or" operator in the Behavior rule
Decoding base64 picture stored in a blob
Extracting pathname from long name
Multilingual Stores
How to retrieve the field names of a given table?
Append an element to the end of an array
When do automatic buttons appear in an Input form?
Assigning a data file to a specific structure file
Using the type-ahead in the Method Editor
Enabling realm-like features for your online store
Dragging a window from anywhere on the window
How to display the 4D command syntax
How to programatically delete a menu
Locking your 4D Business Kit store
Sorting the current selection in 4D View area
Parsing encapsulated strings
Splitting large blobs into smaller chunks
How to check if a value is a number
Optimize the way you send encoded attachments procedurally
Reinitializing password system using 4D Insider
Should I use IT_MacTCPInit?
Date format for Data Grid Live Search
How to catch SOAP method errors using the 4D ON ERR CALL () command
Saving database table information to a file
Can I change the port numbers when using Internet Commands?
4D Tools crash while compacting or recovering by tag
Choose the Descriptive Field in an ImageMatrix
Enable compatibility for PROCESS HTML TAGS
Where should the 4D Ajax Framework files be placed?
Determining if an integer is an odd/even number
Insertion Sort Algorithm
Locating your 4D active folder programmatically
Grouping radio buttons
4D Ajax Framework and Active4D's web_decoy folder
Restricting Plug-in Access
Obtaining the list of the process names and IDs
Bubble Sort using 4D commands.
Debugger only shows first 100 elements of an array
Hex and URL reserved words
4D, SSL, and Mac OS X
Retrieving personalized item information from an order
How access an array from a different method or process
How to check the number of records per table of your database?
How to pass a GET method using 4D Internet Command (TCP_SEND.
Reducing amount of information written to Backup Journal
How to transfer 4D databases over FTP
Using magic URLs with command SEND HTML FILE
Where's the Runtime Explorer?
Displaying the XML source code of a WSDL file from the Web Services Wizard
Where can I find the list of segments and their location?
Checking for the existence of a document or a folder
URL parameter list and GET WEB FORM VARIABLES caveat
Automatic creation of the folder "WebFolder"
Quickly assigning an input form to a double-clickable subform
Alternate coloring of List Box Rows using the Form Editor
How to determine which form is in use
Retrieving the absolute path to the merged application or structure folder
Building Applications with 4D 2004: Automatic Client Upgrade
Retrieving the data segment list programmatically
When is the On Web Authentication method executed?
Compiling: What is Range checking?
Be sure to use absolute URLs in Static Link DDWs
Obtaining Unix (Posix) syntax with the GET 4D FOLDER command
Subtables in the Quick Report Editor
Accessing 4DBK data file via 4D Tools
The data file will not repair in 4D Tools
IDs and components
Plug-ins licenses with 4D Client
Retrieve a styled body text from a 4D Write area
Creating columns Programmatically in 4D Write
Compiler_Web may call subroutines
Memory and cache settings
Entry controls in 4D
No Edit menu after upgrading to 4D 2003
Replacing a highlighted string with a new string
Change to the Get SOAP info function
Allow Automatic Login to HTML page with 4DAF objects
How to compare two BLOBs
How to find out with which Partner/Customer ID your product was registered
Where does the Recently used server list get saved?
How to delete a record that cannot be loaded?
Custom List Manager
How to add a subform to the master form
Sorting a column by clicking on its header
Opening a Windows help file at a given topic
Storing Web content in the data file
Optimizing Indexed searches
Get the directory separator for the local platform
Use 4D Project Methods for a Query
Line breaks in XML
Avoiding illegal XML names
Javascript functions with 4DBK
4D Pack and 4D
The 4D Ajax Framework is based upon JavaScript, not Java
Retrieving the maximum number of days for a given month
Plug-ins not accessible in merged application
Highlighting a 4D View row by clicking anywhere in a row
Giving Users Design Environment Access
Catalog Items vs Non Catalog items
Virtual structures
Programmatically change the TCP port ID used by the 4D Web Server
Named selections vs sets
Displaying record data while not locking the current record
4DAF Video Player
How to find your Product or Expansion ID number
Creating a list of typed variables
Cleaning the memory after using GET WEB SERVICE RESULT
How to set any object variable control programmatically
Checking the process state based on the name of the process
How to find third-party products related to 4D
Creating primary keys
Pointing directly to a byte in a BLOB
Resolving "A table with the same name already exists" error.
4D Ajax Framework, Designer user, and the Control Panel
Retrieving a list of selected row in 4D View
Debugging some code
Remember to close your TCP connections
Updating 4D Server via 4D Open
Having trouble printing after upgrading 4D
Shortcut to hide all opened methods and switch from the Design to User mode
Switching from Interpreted to Compiled mode and vice-versa under 2003
The Default Home Page
Sending HTML text with more than 32K characters
My plug-in area displays a serie of 0s and 1s
4DBK Sales reporting module
What is the RegA resource?
Determining if a contextual click has been made
Debugging ODBC applications - use Tracing
Debugging ODBC applications - ignore BADMEM
Plug-in area vs Field value
Adding pictures to a Hierarchical Pop-up Menu
Where is the 4D folder?
Send and receive a picture with 4D ODBC
Having data problems with legacy quick reports in the new quick report editor?
Different ways to loop through a selection of records
How to display 4D Help in Apple View Format
A possible way to reduce -10002 network errors
The XML Tools Component
Inserting Methods into a 4D Write area
Can 4D Field properties be changed after data has been entered?
Selecting a Table in the Design Environment
How to use a Picture Library picture for use as an Icon in a Hierarchical List
MODIFY SELECTION and scrollbars
Redraws slowdown everything
Context-sensitive help for 4D Commands
Inside the XMLTreeList System
Connecting 4D for Oracle to Oracle 8.x
Why am I unable to trace Web code?
Plug-ins Compatibility with 4D 2003
Using filters in 4D Insider, why?
Copying pictures from the picture library
"Keep only last" Backup Preference does not delete existing backups
Setting the grid size of 4D View area
Use GET 4D FOLDER to always point to 4D environment folders
Space around splitters
Process Customer login using HTTP Post
How to repeat printing of rows on additional pages
Background pictures
Retrieving a pointer to a variable or field using a name
The PRINT SETTINGS command and printing from plug-ins
How do I know if a process originated from a SOAP request?
How to allow users to move windows
How to print the header of a 4D View area
Reading XML Made Easy with the XmlTreeWalker
Setting the HTML page DOCTYPE when using 4DAF Objects
Use ARRAY STRING and not ARRAY TEXT when generating Certificate of Request
Retrieving the list of table from an ORACLE database
In version 2003, how do I create a Break Level in a quick report?
Method comments in 4th Dimension
How to display plug-in commands in the method editor.
Retrieving the text of the selected list item
Restricting access when not using the 4D Password Access System
Exporting data from 4D in XML format
Uninstalling a serial number
How to get the best column width in 4D View
Can I switch Expansion Products between Base Products?
Dynamically display a picture on a web page
Access to HTML documentation in the Explorer
Associating standard actions with Custom Menus commands
How to prevent 4D client from saving recent connections in the recent tab.
How to have a custom About Dialog in your database
How to delete an user in the 4D password system?
Merged application for both OSX and OS9
How to save a 4D View template on the client machine
How many segments can a 4D database have?
Certificates are required to use a secure Web server
Connecting to a server that is not on the same subnet
What is a software package?
How to retrieve a comment value stored with the 4DBKInfoSet command
Retrieving the name of all tables into an array
The "\" character in methods
Redirecting web users based on the URL with GET HTTP HEADER
Building a demo application with 4D Runtime Volume Light License
4DAF Optimizer – Part 1
Should I systematically compact my database before an upgrade?
How to retrieve the row that is currently selected in 4D View?
User Mode Import using 4D Forms
Setup button for ImageMatrix
How to detect that QuickTime is installed?
Customizing the order email sent to the merchant
Procedurally display a non bitmap picture on a form in the transparent mode
Loading a report in plug-in area
Type-ahead in the method editor
Configuring Anchor tags for 4D Business Kit
Launching a 4D application as Root
Compatibility with previous versions
Proceduraly display the contents of a field if it exists
How far does 4D go?
Name and location of data file is restricted for a merged-packaged application
C1, C2... Are now back in 2003.1
Why does 4D report that I installed a plug-in twice when I only have one copy.
Preventing a Locked Data File From Being Opened
New Menu Management in Version 2003
An Atlas with the 4D Ajax Framework
Verify Installation of 4D Ajax for Dreamweaver extension
Using Google Calendars in 4D Live Window
Showing or hiding warning messages in the Compiler Window
'Mandatory Log File' Check Box
Cache writing optimization
No more room to save the record: error -9999
4D Client 2003 as a web server
Setting a value for a boolean variable
Converting dates to numbers and vice versa
How many copy/cut actions does 4D store for the method editor?
How to use Mac OS structure or data file(s) on a Windows NTFS partition
3 simple ways to reduce the size of an array to 0
Arithmetic functions with pictures
Certificates for 4D Business Kit and 4th Dimension
Automating Import/Export dialog parameter settings
How to produce transparent rectangles
Counting the total number of repeated elements in an array
Preventing access to the license dialog in a merged application
Installing from a CD that does not have an autorun
Does 4D Backup 6.8.x run native on OSX?
Dynamic emailing from your store
Obtaining the name of the month for a given date
Changing the default button title of 4D Write when 4D Write becomes a button
Getting the path to a user's home directory under MacOSX
Can you populate a 2D array using SELECTION TO ARRAY?
Selecting printers from outside 4D
Obtaining the name of a day as a string
What does AREA mean when I see it used in the plug-ins documentation?
Performing a recover by tag on a multi-segment database
How to copy an array into a 2D array
What does the Print Variable Frame property do?
4D Ajax Framework Apartment Demo
A simple way to allow users to choose the location and file name
Embedding a 4DBKVarSet command within a 4DBKVar command
Getting an out of space error when compacting a multi-segmented data file
Appending an element to an array
Removing indices programmatically
Turning check boxes on procedurally
Print form and page break
Performing a query in an array
Optimal use of a recover by tag
Tags for taxes and orders with 4D Business Kit
Using AP ShellExecute to open files outside of 4D instead of AP Sublaunch
Inserting a dynamic vs. static Date and Time into your 4D Write document
Verifying a username and password from a 4D Password system
How to display the name of a table when using a pointer
Turning Web services "on" and "off" (SOAP Server) in 4th Dimension 2003
Macros, part I
Creating a SOAP method for a first time
How to add SOAP documentation to your SOAP methods
Understanding events: When does the On Load form event occur?
The "\" character in the method editor
Null values in numeric fields
4D - Macros part II
What XML Version does 4D 2003 support?
Sending more than one value per RPC call with Soap
Displaying line numbers in the Method Editor
Copy the Contents of Folders when Upgrading the 4D Ajax Framework
Passing a nil pointer parameter.
Uninstalling a serial Number
Renaming a Menu Bar
How to automatically exit design environment when going to Custom Mode
Type-Ahead in the method editor
What to do if BLOB TO VARIABLE does not work in compiled mode
Dereferencing pointer to an array vs. array of pointer
Using methods as a data source for procedurally generated Quick Reports
Compiling and Building a merged application with 4D 2003
How to get back to interpreted mode in 4D 2003
Error -61 when using Send packet
Masking fields using Javascript Callbacks
Naming conventions for various objects
"Get Current Printer" will not return the name of your printer on OS X and OS 9.
Filling Combo Boxes With The Result Of A Query
How has the compiler been integrated into 4D 2003
Clearing a 4D Chart Area
Data Sources In Cross Tab Reports
Repairing Corrupted Structures with 4D Insider
Changing web serving ports of a compiled, merged application
Centralizing the methods of all menu items
A brief over-view of using the 4D 2003 compiler
How to remove the scroll bars in 4D View
Where is the “Recent connected Database list” stored at? Platform: Mac OS,
Can I compile with 4D Client?
Reverting back to default Entry Order in forms
"OP Load network component" is obsolete in 4D 2003
How to simulate the entry of a tab, a space, a backspace or carriage return
Programatically Retrieving File Extensions on Mac OS
Setting the color of variables, fields, tables, etc in the Method Editor
Why should I use the command QR SET REPORT TABLE
Adding a DDW to the status bar using 4DAF Control Panel
Using IT_SetPort to change the SMTP port
Getting Started with the 4D Ajax Framework
Imported Groups will not overwrite Designer Groups
Authenticating to an SMTP server using SMTP_auth
How to determine if an HTTP request is a SOAP request?
What is the difference between "margin" and "dead margin?"
Previewing Quick Reports in 4D 2003
Setting a backup number to 1
Events for the Data Grid
Setting a realm for a specific SOAP method
Enabling 128 bit SSL capability with 4D 2003
Inserting a picture in a report generated by the Quick Report Editor
Detection of locked data files
Using database templates
Command SOAP DECLARATION and Compiler method
4D 2003 Compatibility with methods written in the flowchart editor
Relocation of the "Update License" menu for 4D Standalone
Cache Writing in 4D 2003
Problems compiling when assigning a Time field into a Longint array
4D Deployment Options for Wide Area Networks
Data Grid How-To
How to restore your dictionary to default
Change 4DAF Theme Appearance
Importing and exporting date and time data using the Import/Export Editor
Obtaining the published or local IP address
How to get the sum, average, minimum or maximum value of a range of cells
Preventing the trace window from appearing on the server.
Commenting/uncommenting a selection of code lines with the new method editor
User Mode is now a part of Design Mode
Menu item "Quit" and the Close Box
When can a form not be deleted?
Hiding all windows when leaving the Design environment
Using Quick Report templates cross platform
Why your plug-in may be loaded but disabled
Where do I install Macros in 4D v11 SQL?
Bringing up 4D's online Documentation through 4D, with no connection to the Web
Optional Parameters for 4DAF Objects
Defining the prefix of the SOAP methods
Number of levels with hierarchical pop-up menus
Building the Install Client vs. the Upgrade Client
Automatically adding files to your merged application
Using Batch Settings of Attributes to set multiple methods as Web Services
4D Live Window JavaScript Part 1 – Offscreen Areas
Using the Command Line Interface in 4D v11 SQL
Configuring Deployment Licenses for Runtime Volume Applications
Detecting an On load event in an object method
How to enter multiple lines per cell
Changing TCP port ID used by the 4D Web server
Recently Used Databases List in 4D v11 SQL Release 1 (11.1)
Importing items from a 4D Business Kit v1.2.x to v2.x.
Secured Connections don't show up in the recent tab
The "Associated Standard Action" in the Menu Bar Editor
Linking to a page not hosted by 4D Business Kit.
Selecting the paper tray
How do I compile my application on the server machine?
Why your 4D 2003 plug-ins may be disabled
The Method Editor Preferences
A new option for defining shipping option
Uncompiled and compiled structure files after compiling in 4D 2003
Limiting the size of a Web request
Google Calendar: Downloading Future Events
Editing or deleting 4DAF objects in Dreamweaver
Does SET QUERY DESTINATION affect triggers?
Setting the display option of the theme list in the method editor
Retrieving the absolute path of the Desktop folder
How to hide the 4D View menu/tool/formula bar on load.
Getting the 4D Password dialog window for a default user login
XML and case-sensitive characters
A merged application still requires additional software resources.
How to post a key to a 4D View area.
How can I rebuild all indexes in 4D v11 SQL?
Entering the IP address and the port number in the connection dialog
Setting the background color for a group of cells
Where is the 2003 4D.hlp file and where should it be placed?
HTTP GET HEADER and the host
Minimum value for major and minor increment for CT SET REAL SCALE
4D Ajax Framework: Working with DCS Views
Error code -5000 is a permissions error
Building Applications Examples – Part 3 CS and SourcesFiles
How to debug the error "Argument Types Are Incompatible"
Use an administrator-type account when registering 4D Server as a service
ALT + F4 now quits the 4D Application on Windows
Creating tables programmatically
The Form Wizard and Style Sheets
Dealing with NULL values in the 4D language
Why does the debugger not update my method after I modify it?
What Base Product is my Expansion Product linked to?
Building a Simple Browser with 4D Live Window
4D v11 SQL Maintenance and Security Center
Printing a picture actual size on a form
The "Reject NULL value input" Property
Programmatically changing user passwords
4D Live Window 1.1 - Invoices Demo Database
Integrating Active4D and the 4D Ajax Framework
Where is the first table?
How to create more Breaks in the Form Editor
COPY DOCUMENT cannot overwrite hidden files
How many macros can 4D v11 SQL load?
Sorting Fields in a Table
How to stop an automatic backup in 4D Server
2D Arrays in the debugger
Built-In Search Tool in Structure Window
Can you use multidimensional arrays to store results of SQL queries?
Customization of the Data Grid
Drag and Drop fields in a Table
How to not add records to a subtable in a loop
Maximum number of characters for a hierarchical list item
Using the GRAPH command to draw using SVG or 4D Chart
REDRAW LIST is no longer needed
Automatic List Box column creation with SQL
Macros in 4D v11 SQL
What is the maximum size of Text variables?
Dealing with "This database does not work on PC machines" messages
How can I get a copy of the license agreement?
Activating 4D v11 SQL after using the demonstration version
4D Live Window JavaScript Part 2 – Injection
How to detect the Intel-based Mac platform?
Hierarchical Lists in 4D v11 SQL
New List Box Features in 4D v11 SQL
Entering the license for 4D Compiler in Classic mode
How to go to the last cell of a 4D View area
Printing a quick report to a 4D View document
Accessing the 4D application package contents on a Mac machine
Obtaining the current machine's IP address
Maximum Characters per Field in Data Matrix
How do I launch 4D in Rosetta mode?
A problem occurred while copying one of the files of 4D Engine
Calling Perl scripts as a CGI from the 4D Business Kit Web server
Menu bar compatibility
4D and Quick Report Print Settings now consistent
Toggling Access to Fields in Output and Input Forms
Problem creating a JPEG/JPG file from 4D?
4D Ajax Framework: Preset Queries
Using the Up and Down arrow key with a scrollable area
Establishing a default country
No More 4D Tools - Use the Maintenance and Security Center!
Debugger preferences are removed after conversion to 4D v11 SQL
About nested transactions
Rearranging Preset Query tabs
Checking a table number to see if a table still exists
Introduction to Regular Expressions in 4D v11 SQL
Database limits in 4D v11 SQL
CSS Override
How many values can I send to a Dashboard Chart?
What do "Certified" and "Compatible" mean?
Adding 4D Expansion Licenses using Terminal Services
Handling SQL errors in 4D code
Passing parameters to OP Execute On Server
How to run a mirror using a custom port number.
Creating a Web Realm for a Web connection to 4D
Changes to Themes in 4D Ajax Framework 1.2
Column or row header sorting in 4D View v6.8.1
The Pop up menu command
Installation of 4D Online Help and 4D Explorer Help under MacOS
Upgrading Subtables to 4D v11 SQL
The wildcard choice list and the primary key unique attribute
Avoid using scroll bars on input forms
Where are 4D license files located on Windows Vista?
What are the differences between Text fields and a Alpha Fields in 4D v11 SQL?
Viewing hidden tables in the structure editor
A tip for Syntax Check on 4D Client
Enhanced Tools for Reading XML Attributes
Data Filler supports new HTML elements
4D Ajax Framework structures in a client/server environment
4D Ajax Framework v11 requires 4D v11 SQL Release 1 (11.1)
Web Service Limitations: Authenticating
How many rows do iPhone Dashboards support?
4D Server, Windows Services, and Networked Printers
The command "Find in array" with a two-dimensional array
Avoiding Problems Reading DOM XML Nodes
Using VARCHAR in SQL to create an Alpha or Text field
Optimizing Fuzzy Searches
Introducing the Data Filler
4D Ajax Framework JavaScript Injection
4D Ajax Framework: 'DAX' Initialization Error -48
Enable/disable Startup Messages from the 4D Ajax Framework
Detecting the "Use 4DVAR comments instead of brackets" setting
Preventing startup conflicts with the 4D Ajax Framework
How many query arguments can I have in a single query?
DELETE RECORD does not affect the Current Selection
ODBC setup on Mac OS
The Replaced Files folder
How to perform parameterized queries
Using Object Properties commands with Hierarchical Lists
Changing the index type
An Introduction to Ajax
Developer Hooks for 4D Ajax Framework
How to add a menu in 4D v11 SQL
An Introduction to SQL
Where can I put my merged application on Vista?
Saving the text in a 4D Write area to your Text field or variable
Cleaning Whitespace from XML Values
SVG Charts in 4D v11 SQL
User Mode export, Table Names, and XML format
4D Internet Commands Requirements for 4D 2004 and 4D v11 SQL
Single User Deployment with 4D v11 SQL
Enabling a Project method to be called from a SQL query
Building dynamic SQL queries
Using the new "Find in list" command
Changing Keyboard Shortcuts
Understanding "Map NULL values to blank values"
New way to reference Hierarchical Lists!
Changes to resource access in 4D v11 SQL
New UDP Commands in 4D Internet Commands
New Developer Hook: Dax_DevHook_OnQuery
Understanding the Global Percentage in the MSC
Changes to macros in 4D v11 SQL
The CHOOSE Command
Debugging XML with Export
Google Chart API and 4D Live Window Integration
How to prepare for a conversion to 4D v11 SQL
Options for transferring large files
AP ShellExecute: -43 error - File Not Found Error is this because of spaces?
Allowed methods and Formula Editor performance
Unable to connect to 4D SQL Server with iodbctest
New Command to handle 4D Ajax Framework requests
Benefits of using the SET LIST ITEM ICON command
Conversion of Multi-Language Data
Createing Query Templates
Creating merged applications with 4D Unlimited Desktop
4D Web serving on MacOS X 10.5 and port 80
Running Compiled versus Running Interpreted
Printing selected area with 4D View
Consolidating Styled Text from Multiple 4D Write Documents
Updating a database with a Batch file
Basic Troubleshooting Tip for 4D 2004 - Recreating "Preferences"
How to differentiate similar Mac machines
4D Data Types in SQL System Tables
Where is my 4D Pack command in 4D v11 SQL?
Basic Troubleshooting Tip for 4D v11 SQL - Recreating "Preferences"
Basic Troubleshooting Tip for 4D 2003 - Recreating "Preferences"
Automatically adding comments with the on_create macro event
Copying Related Fields Between Tables
Checking the full SOAP Request
Keyboard Shortcuts for Data Grid Inline Editing
Disabling Password Save for Path Documents
Send/Recieve Record in 4D v11 SQL
Drag and Drop Data between 4D and Excel
What CSS classes of the Data Grid can be overridden?
How to find all Knowledgebase articles for a single product?
How to make all cells in Data Grid draggable or droppable.
Wildcard searching in the 4D Ajax Framework
How do I start/stop my 4D 2004 Server as a Windows service?
YouTube API and 4DAF
4D Developer accepts ODBC connections
How to access Tables from component code
How to Enable the SQL server
Open a Compiled structure in 4D v11 SQL
How to insert HTML content into Data Grid cells
Handling Web Logins
Living Without Record Locking
Mirroring with 4D 2004.4, Part II
Mirroring with 4D 2004.4, Part I
Plug-in support with Print Form
Optimization and new cache management for 4D 2004
4D Advanced Debugging Techniques – Part 2
ImageMagick Plug-in
4D Advanced Debugging Techniques – Part 1
Building a REST Client
Conversion to 4D 2004
Complex Invoice Printing Using Print Form
List Boxes (Part II)
List Boxes
PictContainer Plug-in
4D Write: Dynamic Data
The AP PICT Displayer Plug-in Area
Creating Client/Server Applications: Managing clients, plug-ins, tips and tricks
Data Cleaning and Deduplication
Fuzzy Tools Component
Fuzzy Matching in 4th Dimension
Video driver problems and 4D on Windows
QuickTime Container 1.2 – More Features
Resizing Forms
Comparison Operators
Difference between DOM and SAX
Backup Settings for Distributed Applications
OCI Mapper Debug 2004-1
4D System Tool
Catalog Functions in ODBC Pro
Making Quick Reports Compatible with Excel
Generic Full Data Export-Import Routine
OCI Mapper 2004.3
Rich Internet Clients – First Steps with AJAX
Analyzing the Request Log file
Recording Information sent Between 4D Client and 4D Server
Active Directory - Single Sign-on Using 4D 2004
The 4DDebugLog.txt File
Video Tech Tip: Controlling access to Portlets
Video Tech Tip: Tab Control background color
Video Tech Tip: Limiting splitters from truncating and moving data
Video Tech Tip: Creating DDW's in 4D Ajax Framework Client
Video Tech Tip: Working with Components using 4D Insider
Video Tech Tip: Disabling the All Records tab in Preset Queries
Video Tech Tip: Removing extra or hidden characters in SSL Certificates
Video Tech Tip: Obtaining information from non-related table
Keyword Support in 4D v11 SQL
How to check a structure without 4D Tools
Caps Lock indicator displayed during activation
My 4D v11 SQL merged application keeps closing, what do I do?
Adding a field to a table in 4D 2004
Default value of CurrentVers XML Build Key
How to show or hide the Sidebar in the Data Grid
How to make Fields searchable in a Data Grid
Obtaining element references in JavaScript
Product ID must be entered accurately
Use "=" and "%" operators to specify which index to search.
Detecting deleted records when restoring Sets and Named Selections
Removed compatibility settings in 4D v11 SQL
Converting multi-segment databases to 4D v11 SQL
Building and Embedding Dashboards/Charts
Numbers of Deleted Tables and Fields
Data Grid: Header and Footer Row Height
Upgrades with User Created Tables
Are Form Object Libraries compatible with 4D v11 SQL?
Data Grid CSS
Object Storage in 4D v11 SQL Using Native Commands
How to rebuid specific Indexes in 4D v11 SQL
Custom Password System with 4D Ajax Framework
Building Applications Examples – Part 4 Versioning
Printing text files using Launch External Process on Windows
Entering a command into object variable
Video Tech Tip: Preventing List Box columns from moving
4DAF: How To Disable Searching From Hidden Fields
Image Matrix Data Extraction
Pointer Notation Syntax: 4D vs. C
Quick tip when saving 4D Write templates
How to simulate mouse click and key press by using POST EVENT command
Subtable support in 4D v11 SQL
Code Refactoring of Changed Table and Field Names
Moving Objects From One Database To Another
Web Serving the 4D Ajax Framework on 4D Client
Records access privileges in 4D v11 SQL
Custom Values in the 4D Ajax Framework
How to get a list of currently mapped drives into 4D on Windows?
C_STRING type is text in 4D v11 SQL
VALIDATE and CANCEL TRANSACTION no longer change the current selection
How to get a list of keywords from a keyword index?
Why is the Runtime Explorer greyed out in my 4D v11 SQL database?
Data Grid Selection Modes
Opening a database with drag and drop
Data Grid Events
What is XLIFF?
New Constant for the Get 4D folder command
Self-relations are not converted in 4D v11 SQL
Unicode Mode vs. Compatibility Mode
Web Area in 4D v11 SQL
Displaying information in a List Box using SQL
Registering a Javascript function as event handler for Data Grid
Case sensitive search option for Position command in 4D v11 SQL
Project Forms
Why doesn't the LiveWindow resize when my form is resized?
Saving fonts in the Label Wizard
Two general ways of changing Data Grid CSS
Using an SQL query to get an ordered list of table and field numbers
Adding page numbers to a printed form
XML Structure Import/Export in 4D v11 SQL
Programatically sorting columns in a listbox
Background Schedule Process
Designing many-to-many relationships using a join table
How to properly mask the password characters in a 4D v11 SQL database
DROP TABLE tip: Remember to Compact your data file!
How to display a sort indicator title in a column's header
Printing Barcodes using 4D v11 SQL and SVG
A quick way to increase the left margin in a Quick Report
Length of C_STRING in Unicode mode
When to use B-Tree Indexes versus Cluster B-Tree Indexes
Printing a unique header only on the first page
What picture formats have native support in 4D v11 SQL?
Search and Replace in Design Mode
Video Tech Tip: Working with the Tabs object
Replaced Files (Conversion) Folder
Deleting 4D Ajax Framework's DDW's from the back end
Exploring 4D Ajax Framework Offline Mode
How to simulate a composite index in 4th Dimension
How does the Bit Test operator work ?
Passing pointers inside SQL queries
How to print column headers without row headers in a 4D View area printout
What are the CSS areas on the Data Grid?
Bridging Your Grids: Web 2.0 Subforms
4D application replaces 4D Client
DAX_Dev_DCS_SetSelection requirement when implementing a DCS
Where is the 4DSLI.DLL on Mac OS X?
How to change the default font in the form editor
Three ways to delete a form
How to enter special characters in 4D
Printing User Forms
4D v11 SQL Database Access Files (4DLINK)
How to dim out tables in the structure editor?
An easy way to add fields in forms.
"The expansion needs to be registered on the same machine as the product"
Picture Management in 4D v11 SQL
4DAF 11.2 Login & Logout for Custom Pages
How to simulate a SQL JOIN clause in 4D SQL commands
Using Match regex to Import CSV data
Reserved character codes in 4D v11 SQL
The Num command and the decimal separator
Setting the maximum size for large object storage
Keeping a Web Service connection open
Automatic Drag and Drop with other applications.
Creating Users as the Administrator
4D View Helper (Source Code, Part I)
Securely Synchronizing databases with dissimilar structures via SOAP
4D View Helper
Quick Reports: Output Types
Using a Project Method with QUERY BY FORMULA
Keyboard shortcut for displaying Page 0 (Zero)
The 4D Open APIs - Part VIII: Searching records with 4D Open (sample code)
4D for Dreamweaver Plug-In HTML Tip
User Environment Missing the User Window?
Importing in Themes and Commands from a Plug-in
An easy way to get a list of users currently logged into 4D Server
How to import or export records with picture fields using a method
Using error codes from PA_GetLastError
Assigning Tool Tip text dynamically
The 4D Open APIs - Part IX: Selection to array (sample code)
Forcing code to run for direct page requests (Web serving)
Date Entry
Recursion by Example
NT Localization
Pointers from Scratch
After creating a 4D Write Plug-in area, I get a blank screen that says "click he
Making Project Methods Invisible
Combo box vs. Pop-up/Drop-down list
Using Button Grids vs. Duplicate on Matrix
How to hide margins in a 4D Write Area
Queries and the PA_QueryRef
Creating your own "About..." dialog box
The 4D Open APIs - Part X: Converting 4D data (sample code)
Running 4D 6.7.5 as Root on OS X
Connecting to a 4D Server
Inherited Forms
New Printing Capabilities with 4D 2003
4D for Keynote
How to prevent users from connecting to a database using ODBC
Tips for creating a Dialog to use in a Plug-in
How to challenge ODBC clients for a username and password while maintaining a cu
Preventing 4D Client from timing out under Mac OS X in Classic
Quickly typing all variables in your database
Unattended printing from 4D
How to get rid of unwanted characters in data
4D Memory Allocation in Mac OS X
Using methods in a 4DIF tag
Required Parameters when using 4D InstallMaker
Printing a record footer
An Inherited Form can be used in an Inherited Form
Embedding 4D Tags in other HTML tags
How to retrieve a picture from 4D Open for Java
Page not found and Runtime errors when running a Web Database in compiled mode
Running 4D Backup commands from 4D Client
How can I prevent the Tool Bar from appearing in the 4D Client connection dialog
"Forbidden Request" message with 4D Connect
Procedure terminated by the Create Folder Command
Creating a Library
Internet Commands: SMTP relay when a prior login is required
Managing large clippings
Setting HTTP Status and Cookie
Pasting a picture into the Picture Library as its actual size
Objects that can be moved using 4D Insider
Sending e-mails containing umlaut characters with the 4D Internet Commands Plug-
Resizing option VS Windows type and platforms
Sample code which logs into an ODBC data source and inserts one row of data
Understanding the 4D Password System Understanding the 4D Password System
Web-Enabling Legacy 4D Applications
Exploring 4D Portal's Reminder Portlet
Under the Hood of the 4D Portal 1.0.1 Database
Inserting a clock in a form
How to replicate data from a subtable to a a new table
Data Validation with Custom Code
Computing new dates
Printing cuts off halfway through and is not complete
Editing plug-in resources for Windows
Modifying privileges for a connectivity plug-in when using a multi-user database
An easy way to convert a JPEG picture into a bitmap
Changing standard 4D HTML response pages
How to Assign Sequential Numbers to Variable Names for a Series of Objects
Can I transport my compiled Mac OS database to Windows and vice versa?
Multiple segment database will not open after being transported
4DSCRIPT & the 32K Limit
Sorting While Building an Index
Using the 'Send Extended Characters Directly' option
Three ways to start 4D's Web server
Using a semi-dynamic page as your default page
Setting multiple cookies
Can't create a new user because the New User menu item is grayed out?
Running multiple copies of 4D Server on a single machine under OSX
How to register automatically each 4D Client connecting to 4D Server
Using Current date and Current time with the parameter "*"
Sending bulk e-mail to undisclosed recipients
Determining the origin of a document
Updating the value of a form variable in another process
Moving a PC installer to the PC created under Mac OS
Custom Settings Check Box in the Scheduler Settings Area
An alternate way to obtain the value from the parameters
Case-Sensitive Password System
Creating a combo box alphabetically sorted
How to test for the types of picture formats available on a machine
Using 4D Dialogs in a Plug-in from within the User Environment
Should I compact a damaged data file?
Triggers and new records
Making a choice list modifiable
Clipboard commands work with or without the Edit menu
Resuming a delayed process on the server from a client
Update Files now Codewarrior Project doesn't compile
Identifying HTTPS connections
Retrieving values posted with a FORM ACTION
Changing the background picture in the structure editor window
Copy and paste your variable names to avoid typos
How to force the default value for the combo box
The Day number function in an international context
Working around the Close box standard behavior
How to make method color changes for a particular database
A quick and easy way to retrieve the IP address of the connecting machine
Saving the contents of the Expression pane in the debugger
Replicator Library
Adding a value to a time variable
Type and Creator Code for Carbon
Retrieving the name and icon of documents located in a target folder
Are 4D Draw documents cross-platform?
4D Business Kit: "Server not available (HTTP 503) with 4D Business Kit"
How do I delete a database from the list of recently opened databases?
The error "File Not Found" when opening a structure file
Checking variable names within a plug-in
How to programmatically delete a locked document
Platform-specific object style control
Connection ID with 4D Open
Obtaining the name of an active form
Location of the 4D Folder at the system level on OSX
Optional table parameter with the command SET DATABASE PARAMETER
Drawing a simple chart using 4D Chart
Remember to unload records when using 4D Open for 4D
How to procedurally expand a Hierarchy List
How to hide the splash screen
Where is the 4D v6.8 Certification Matrix?
Condition Statements in 4D Business Kit
How to associate a 4D structure to the proper 4D application
Why doesn't the debugger work for a Web process?
4D Compiler on OS X
Increasing Available Memory to 4D Business Kit
Kiviat Graphs
4D Open: Adding records
Relations for Beginners in 4D
Code Optimization Based on Array Use
Navigating in 4D Write
4D Open and caching the structure
What is the difference between ON STARTUP and ON SERVER STARTUP?
Activating your 4D Business Kit store
Moving Objects
4D Write, Programming Styles, and Entry Control
Using Lasso 4D to Connect 4D and WebSTAR
Drag and Drop in 4D View
4D Banner
"File already open" error when opening structure with 4D Customizer Plus
Displaying your own Tool Bar
What is the path to my database?
Making a button title blink
Error #1 - The BLOB cannot be created
Languages and 4D Business Kit
Interrupting the code of a process
Printing a document may produce larger than expected margins
Switching to the Design environment while closing all of its windows
Explorer display of keyboard shortcuts
How to procedurally change the font style on objects, fields and variables
Upgrading to version 3.2 of 4th Dimension
Updating to Version 1.1 of 4D Remote
Customizing number fields to Scientific Notation
Printing plug-in areas associated with fields
Relocated Flush Data Buffers Setting
What are ".SEL" files?
Detecting if a form exists
Installing 4D Client 6.5 and other utilities
4D Backup's Automatic Scheduler
Assigning a Detail form to a double-clickable subform in the form editor
4D 6.5 Importing and creating tables automatically
Proper name for the Mac4DX Folder
MS Help Files On MacOS
Objects that Pointers can point to
Objects that Pointers cannot point to
Picture Variables - clearing them
Checking for Duplicate Records Using Processes
Retrieving a System's Number and Date Formats
Compiling Cross-Platform with Plug-ins
Sets have a limit size in their name
What is the latest version of 4D Draw?
Named Selections - Similarities between Sets & Named Selections
4D Server as a Service
Using COMPILER Procedures
Showing the Object Properties Dialog in 4D v6.5
Process Number syntax
Relocation of "Accelerated Screen Updates" setting
MS Help files unable to display pictures
Declaring $0 for a Trigger
Cannot find the Plug-in? Was it copied from a PC?
Managing Window Titles
Troubleshooting Methods
Invalid PICT files in 4D's Picture Library
Upgrading to Version 1.2 of 4D Backup
Modifying 4D SQL Server to Provide ORDER BY
Number is Displayed or Printed as "<<<<<<<<<"
Using Stored Procedures with 4D SQL Server
Getting rid of the modal dialog during printing on Macintosh
Splitters in List Forms
Dismissing a Custom About Box
How to do save 4D Draw, Chart or Write data in 4D
Displaying a number as time
4D Preferences on NT Terminal Server
The "Memory Load" item in the Runtime Explorer
What are *.TRS files?
4D 6.0.2 Documentation Update
Creating a Windows 95-style group box
How to prevent a small 4D Calc area from displaying as a button
Avoid Group in object names
Using CHANGE ACCESS to modify the current user and access privileges
Selecting components within a 4D Chart graph
On Sets
Converting 4D Externals to Mac4DX
Hiding and showing processes in 4th Dimension (v6.x)
Named Selections - CUT NAMED SELECTION
Expression Value Panel
Making a Scrollable Text Area display the beginning of the text
Dynamic table and field names in 4D v6.5
Creating Cross-Tab Reports w/ Quick Report Editor
Turning off the CD Autorun
Importing a DBF file on Mac OS
Writing Comments in 4D v6.5
How to move a hidden Explorer window
4D automatically saves your changes to forms and object methods
Creating multiple buttons when designing a form
Setting the Application Main Memory settings in the Database Properties dialog (
Spurious Initiation of Dial-Up Connection
Using Included Areas in Dialog Boxes
Maintaining Performance with Segmented Data Files
An easy way of setting the default value of a Pop-up/Drop-down List
Executing a method in 4D 6.5
Network Components on Various Platforms
Tech Tip:Assigning a Keyboard Equivalent
Automated Phone Dialing
Estimating Unused Space in a 4th Dimension Data File
Backing up to Tape and removable drives
Using the CLEAR LIST command
Using Spell Checkers with 4D Write
4D Write v6.5: WR Area to Picture command
Interactive Debugging with 4D Compiler
New Form Wizard Available Fields, Alphabetical or Order of Creation?
GUI Web Page Editors & 4D tags
Automatic Enabling/Disabling Custom Buttons
How to programmatically open a plug-in external Window
Faster Scrolling in the Form Editor
ODBC Driver for 4D Server is not working correctly after an update
Changing the Splashscreen
Changing 4D data segment sizes
Breaking the log file loop in
Undoing the "Mandatory Log File" option
Importing Fixed Length Data into 4D First and 4D
Switching field Icons to letters
Standardizing Buttons in 4D v6.5
Preference files
Storing a Hierarchical List in a Record
Understanding Local Processes
Querying dates with the ODBC Driver
Debugging with DDT
Using the On Data Change Form Event
Client Error - The resource cache file cannot be created
Error -61 when saving a method
Forcing custom resources to update with 4D Client
Maximum variable name length for check boxes, radio buttons, and other objects
What is the "DeIsL1.isu" file for?
Launching Processes Ahead of Time
Updating to Version 1.1.1 of 4D Draw
Flexible and Highly Optimized Searched in Text
Compiler directives and static web pages
Using Form Sizing Options
Error -199 when Compiled on Windows
Clearing Picture fields
Creating and Using Contextual Help Files
The Syntaxia Interface
Insider compatibility issue with 4D Server
Improving the Performance of Recover by Tags
Must use 6.7 version of 4D Plug-ins with 4th Dimension v6.7
Avoiding the 'New Archive Segment Request Dialog' in 4D Backup
4D Client manual connection settings
The "Convert case" command
Populating a Pop-Up with an array
Creating an Object Grid in 4D version 6.5.x
Installing Network Components into NT Terminal Server
Removing 4D serial numbers on Windows
What is the ".CMP" file?
How can I make my Pop-up Menu stay open until I make my selection?
Web Server - Local Loop-back
Distributed Processing in 4D
Macintosh and ODBC
Client "Updates Resources" every time it connects?
How to automatically display the cursor at the end of a text area
Form Inheritance
Special Symbols in 4D database Names
Installing and Troubleshooting 4D Server - Windows
Using Expansion Packs with Macintoshes without floppy drives
Arithmetic Procedence
Stored Procedures ease routine taks
Transport your database
Importing 4D Write Stylesheets
Creating a Splashscreen on Mac OS
Y2K Date Format
Free software for developers
Installing 4D without a built-in floppy drive
Macintosh Command-Tab Key Conflict
Moving Quick Reports across platforms
Using 4D Insider to create an empty database
Working with Oracle 8i
Using 4D Insider libraries on multiple platforms
A merge-compile caution
Detecting keystrokes
Form Editor - Cmnd/Ctrl click to select objects of same type
Killing versus sleeping processes
Reserved variable names
New 4D v6.5 QUERY WITH ARRAY command
Sorting on a text field
OK Variable
Moving files between Mac and PC
Choice Lists in the Query Dialog
OPEN WEB URL Possibilities
Importing from Excel
Updating to Version 1.1.1 of 4D Backup
4D Chart's Default Area
Obtaining license numbers from 4D v6.5
Choosing windows for the Windows platform
Porting Macintosh 4D Applications to Windows
Faster Screen Drawing in 4D Draw
Problem with Register Clients at Startup and ADSP NC
Copying Resources to a Compiled and Merged Database
Embedding HTML code via variables
Transactions - Potential Dangers
Dead characters
Table Attributes - Invisible
How many curves can you have on a graph?
String Functions - Character Reference Symbols
Records Saved in 128 Byte Blocks
Process Priority
Do I still need 4D Transporter with version 6.7?
Named Selections - Differences between Sets & Named Selections
Using picture pop-up menus to display a picture
Dynamic Built Searches
Passwords - DEFAULT USER
MacOS 9 and the Oracle Client Libraries
Correct names for 4D Internet Commands plug-ins
4D 6.5 changes length of names for variables, semaphores and list items
Assigning a value to a field in a new record in Subform
Resolving Naming Conflicts
Objects on Page 0 of a form not appearing on other Pages
Minimize your Form Events
CD-ROMs and Windows
Tips on using the ODBC Driver for 4D Server
Translating Arabic Numerals into Roman Numerals
Using log files to keep track of when a database is opened and closed
Redisplaying a hidden User Environment window
4D v6.5: Long file names on Windows
Determining what tab is clicked in tab control
Windows 4D Client on Macintosh
Check your events
Generating the Sum for records in a subform
Style Sheets
Manually moving windows in Windows
4D v6.5 - Password System
4D v6.5: Drop Down Lists
Using the Mod function to test the iteration in a loop
The "FormWiz" file is needed
The Macintosh Gestalt Command
Using the same data file with multiple versions of 4D
Typing Variables using Compiler Directives
Opening PICT images in 4D Draw for re-editing
Updating to Version 2.2 of 4D Compiler
Creating a Universal 4DX Folder with 4D v6.5
Working with a Picture's Size
4D v6.5 Inserting Date, Time or User into Object Comments
4D v6.5 Automatic Comments
Submitting large text blocks via HTML
Optimizing Procedural Imports
Saving the Debugger state
Printing Barcodes in 4D
ON EVENT CALL and Processes
File Status Window: A Debugging Tool
Maximum Concurrent Web Processes
Adding Weekdays to a Date
Form Event Inheritance
Efficient Presentation of Color Graphics
Exporting method comments to a text file
Modifying the Included Layout Indicator
Compacting Index Pages in 4D's Memory Cache
4D Server Standard Edition vs. 4D Server Application
How to obtain a time from an expression that combines a time with a number
Using project methods to keep notes
Preventing 4D from opening a form when double-clicking a List Form
Viewing 4D's Default Port Number
Control Lines on Output Forms
Window sizing on the Windows platform
Adding a field to a form
Checking Memory with the Runtime Explorer and the Debugger
Compatibility between 4D v3.x.x, 4D v6.0.x and 4D v6.5
The 4D Version 6.5 Picture Library
Deleting from a Subform
Not all splitters are created equal
The READ WRITE Command
Error handling
4D Client and Server on the same Machine
Register as Service on NT Returns a Space Character Error
Free cross-platform testing and debugging
When not to use the Dialog command
Managing Client/Server acess control
On Web Authentication in 4D 6.5
Deleting a WEDD Resource
Cookies and 4D v6.5
4D v6.5 Structure Checking
DISTINCT VALUES Command Modified in 4D v6.5
Using the keyboard to navigate in the 4D v6.5 Structure Editor
Deleting blank lines in blocks of text
Displaying an updating time on an input form
Customizing your merged application's icon (Mac or Win)
Sorting while a record is being modified
Using CALL PROCESS Command to Initiate a Form Event
Storing Dialog Box Settings
Converting Version 3 Lists into Version 6 Hierarchical Lists
Shortcut for Displaying Page 0 of a Form in the Form Editor
Converting Weights and Measures
About 4D Write 6.0.1
Updating to Version 1.2.1 of 4D Calc
Starting Sequence Numbers at Values Other than One
Opening Windows in 4D v6.5
Transferring Web Assistant database between Windows computers
Inside the QD Experiment Database
Adding a Reference ID to a List Item
The Effect of Network usage on Performance
Changing the progress indicator
4D Web Server and WebSTAR
ODBC Connection from a Mac Machine
FTP Uploads with 4D
Interprocess Variables in Contextual Mode Web Serving
Using Absolute Paths for 4D CGI's
How to make your button pulse in Mac OS X
How to determine whether a picture variable or field is empty
Dynamic Web Document Management
Objects in Headers are Closer Than They Appear
Getting Started with Productivity Plug-ins and ACI PACK
Changing Method Fonts
Converting a time value to a tick count and vice versa
How to set up the Web Assistant in Client/Server
Exporting Related Records to a Single File
How to assign an IP Address to a Compiled Database
How to programmatically update a chart with 4D Chart
Using Methods with 4DVAR
External Routines for Managing Sounds
Editing Variables Between 4D Clients
Hierarchical pop-up menu indicator incorrectly displayed
The GRAPH Command in 4D V6
Displaying 4D field references in a 4D Write document
Sets in 4D V6
Real Numbers in 4th Dimension
Managing Pictures with MySQL and 4D ODBC
Why does GET DOCUMENT PROPERTIES return false when a document is locked?
Security via data encryption
The 4D Open APIs - Part VII: Sorting records with 4D Open (sample code)
Quitting 4D when a User is Not using the Database
Naming tip for automatic saving of plug-in areas
Compiling an open database
Global Formats and Entry Filters
Style Sheets for cross platform development
Updating references with WR PRINT in 4D Write 6.5
Did the background for your forms disappear after upgrading to 6.7.X?
Concantenating String Arrays
Get List Properties modified in 4D v6.7
Transporting Resource files
Other platforms? Many choices...
Batch Processing and Backups
Writing methods that can modify their parameters
Distinct Values Command in 4D v6.5
4D 6.5 Default window titles
4D 6.5 Network Components for WANs or dialups
Contextual Menus in the Form Editor in 4D v6.5
Contextual Menus in the Structure Editor in 4D v6.5
Using OUT Parameters with 4D for Oracle v6.5
Using 4D v6.5's built-in Ping command for troubleshooting
Windows Networking and TCP/IP Diagnostic Tools
4D v6.5: The Find Editor
Searches Containing "@" in 4D v6.5
Web Server Optimization using SET DATABASE PARAMETER
Closing a 4D Write area without a save dialog
Freeing up 4D Client using the Execute on Client Command
Default Forms Database Property
Spurious initiation of dial-up connection
Managing selections with 4D Server v6.5
Using 4D Open to View File Status
Optimizing Calculations for Line Items
Customizing forms created with the Web Aware template
The On Timer Form Event
Storing Large Objects as Separate Files on the Hard Drive
Architecture of Variables in Blobs
Juke-Box MP3 with 4D
How to change the document size when printing a 4D Chart
Sending Email from 4th Dimension Version 6.5
Inserting Non-Breaking Spaces with 4D and 4D Write
Converting C Dates into 4D Dates
Frequently Asked Questions
Naming a variable
New URL in 6.7 "/4DWEBTEST"
Changed maximum window size for windows in 4D v.6.5.3
Getting Started with 4th Dimension
Using Operators on Pictures
Elements of Successful Arrays
Inter-client Commands in 4D 6.5
Modifying records in the Output form
Limiting the Number of Clients in 4D Server 6.5.x via Code
The 4D Open APIs - Part III: Displaying Information about the Server (sample cod
Alternate syntax for the USE SET command
Resetting the Page Break in a Quick Report
Background picture in the structure window
Procedurally Assigning the Related Field Value
String Handling Functions
Did the Server Name Disappear from the Client Log In Window after Relocation?
Paths and the SEND HTML FILE command
Converting Number of Index Keys Limitation in Version 6.7
How can you protect the key.pem and cert.pem files from being accessed by a web
Forcing Screen Redraws: Updating a Progress Display on a Form, Part I
Automatically closing all open Design Mode windows
Preventing Syntax Errors in 4D Expressions When Converting
How to get the day of the week from a date
Locating an uncompiled version of your structure
Opening the debugger while a method is executing
Easily viewing the current Form Event in the Debugger
Don't use variables called C1, C2, C3, etc.
Executing Functions Between Different Machines
Defining the Background Color of a 4D Chart Area
Images Not Appearing in Contextual Mode
Including Commas and Comments on Labels
4D Ping
Making methods Invisible
Operating Systems Supported by 4D and 4D Server
Serving Dynamic HTML Pages
Using 4D Insider remotely
Better management of 4D plugin licenses
Displaying Null number values
Reindexing tip and trick
Dynamically formatting thermometer
Active menu bar
Network Errors -10030, -10031 & -10033
Implementing hierarchical tests using "Case of... Else... End" case statements
Corrupted Client Resources
Using an Array of Pointers Instead of the Get Pointer Command
Error Trapping Using a Case Statement
Sharing Plug-ins in 4D 6.5
Finding the median value in an array
What is the "Cache Hit Ratio"?
File extensions used by 4D on Windows
Installing the License for 4D Engine v6.5
4D Backup: Backup vs. Mirroring
Optimizing QUERY SELECTION With a Small Current Selection
Three-state "Boolean" fields
How to re-install the ODBC Driver for 4D Server
Setting delimiters for Quick Report "Print to Disk File" on Windows
Preventing duplicate stored procedure processes in 4D Server
Resetting 4D data types
Installing 4D Client on a Windows Platform
Color coordinated structures
Exploring ODBC connections with 4D
Transactions - Transactions and 4D Backup
Client/Server Connections Timeout
Pointers and Local Variables
Configuring fields with choice lists to allow manual entries
Active objects in the header area of a list form
The "Kernal memory" setting in Customizer Plus
Deleting Records
Handling an unknown number of Variables on a web page
Getting Help in 4D
A 4D 6.5 web root folder strategy
Customizing the Explorer's command help
4D 6.5 method editor break points
Consider Web clients
Embedding an HTML Link in a 4D Form
Managing a pop up in a form used for Web serving (contextual mode)
Troubleshooting 4D Insider crashes
Updating Distributed or Large 4D Client installations
Using "Fat Tables" to speed up your database
Loading a Picture from a File
Switching Web connection modes
Placing a "<" in "static text" on a form
The "Accelerated Screen Updates" setting
Just DoIt (with EXECUTE)
The "Accelerated Screen Updates" setting
The 4D Open APIs - Part II: Initializing the data used by 4D Open (sample code)
Working with fonts by using the Style Sheet editor
Suppressing the 4D Chart Save Document alert
Mac/PC Hybrid CD-ROM trick
Passing variables from 4D client to 4D Server
Setting Window Titles for an Output and Input Form
Roll Over buttons in 4D 6.5
Using Page 0 (zero) on a Form
License count when running multiple copies of 4D Server on the same machine
Importing items with pictures in 4D Business Kit
Troubleshooting: 4D Portal Postcards Error
List of Options in the Database Structure Contextual Menu
Setting the Stack Size for Web Processes
Using 4D Passwords to Launch a User Specific Method
How to prevent a small 4D Write area from displaying as a button
Using 4D Pack commands for 4D Help Files
Making the Enter Key submit an HTML form
Bar Codes
Exporting Data Using a Form
Setting the access path file type so it opens automatically with 4D Client
Displaying All Files in Windows
Universal Mac4DX/Win4DX folder
4D v6.5: Creating buttons in the header of output forms
4D v6.5 Debugger enhancements
The On After Keystroke form event
Can multiple users access a single data file?
File not found when attempting to launch a pdf document with AP Sublaunch
Graphic Pasted on a Form Loses Resolution when Transported
Changing the TCP port number for the Web connection
Recognizing a 4DConnect Request
Creating databases that will be queried through the 4D Server ODBC driver
Converting Pre-v6 4D Databases to v6.7
Installing your license numbers in 4D Business Kit
Create Set From Array Modified in 6.7
What licenses does my 4D Server have installed in it?
Stored Methods
Easily connecting to 4D Servers using Path Documents
Previewing your menus
If (MyBoolean= True)?
Preventing a small 4D Chart area from displaying as a button
Saving Summary Data for Enhanced Reporting and Optimized Searching
Downloading Email with 4D Internet Commands
SSL Keypairs are not Interchangeable Between 4D and WebSTAR
Forcing 4D Transporter to Transport any File
Using the Mod command to "wrap" time around at 24Hrs
Disappearing Cursor when tabbing out of a choice list
Storing and Searching for Available Times in a Schedule
How to append text to the end of a 4D Write area?
Converting Databases to 4D V6
Implementing a Browser using Hierarchical Lists
Setting the top and the bottom margin in the 4D Write document
Where to put splitters when used with grouped scrollable areas
The "Install 4D Web Assistant" option for new databases
How to set the default color for negative values in 4D Calc
How to modify the user's password in a compiled database
Hiding the Splash Screen using Customizer Plus
4D Server, Dongle and Expansion Pack
Proportionally Resizing Groups of Objects on a Form
The 4D Extensions folder with Compiled Merged Applications
The Object Name Property
NANs (not a number) numeric values
Pointer Symbols
How to save a 4D Write area into an RTF document with a method
Sending Sets
Multiple 4D Open for 4D Connections and 4D Server licensing
Improving the Perception of Database Performance
Converting a Database from Version 3 Macintosh to Version 6 Windows
Using the Execute Command
Passport for the Euro with 4D
Using the 4D Method Flowchart Editor
Pictures and 4D
Finding a Client Macintosh's Owner Name
Updating to Version 1.2 of 4D ORACLE
Establishing Automatic Relations
Web Assistant Preference File on Mac
Specifying the hostPath parameter in an Internet Commands FTP_Send
Communicating With 4D
Accessing Data from the On Exit Database Method with 4D Client
Storing Programmatic Information in Lists
Assigning a text to a field as a default value
Communicating via a serial port with 4D
Accumulating a field value in the form header
Installing Components
4D's Print Preview option with MacOS 7.6 and greater
Uninstalling the ODBC Driver for 4D Server
Creating a Blinking Graphic
Estimating Software Development Time
4D Server Licensing: Tips and Troubleshooting
The 4D Search Engine and Set Theory
Do I need to install plug-ins on client machines?
Table naming tips
4D Power Tools
Usage notes on the 4DIF HTML tag
Seven Powerful Uses of 4D Choice Lists
Print Form Reports Made Easier
Changing File and Field Orders Using 4D Insider
Updating to Version 1.3 of 4D SQL Server
Optimizing Process Management Using a Sleeper Process
How to automatically create unique ID numbers for existing records
Distributing Quick Reports and Files on 4D Server
Optimizing Record Selections - Part 2 Under the Hood of the 4D Data File
Importing Data from Text Documents
Drag and Drop with Grouped or Logically Linked Arrays
Using the ODBC Driver for 4D Server
Creating HTML Tables and Pages from 4th Dimension
Record Loading in 4th Dimension v6.5, Part 2
4D v6 Tab Objects
Upgrading to Version 2.3 of 4D Compiler
Networking 11: LAN Protocols
Using BLOBS to Store Document and Application Files
4D V6 Language Part 2: New Commands by Category
How to quit 4D Server while running stored procedures
Simulating a 4D Relationship During Data Entry
Preventing Web Page Caching with ACI Pack
Resource Mover
Record Loading in 4th Dimension v6.5, Part 3
What is the difference between 4D ODBC and the ODBC Driver for 4D Server?
E-mail Analyzer
The Basics of Creating a Hierarchical List
DataGrid’s Enterprise Data Module - Beta 1
Forcing Screen Redraws: Updating a Progress Display on a Form, Part II
Getting Started With 4D Open for Java
When the Kernel Memory Setting is Used
4D Connects with Wireless Markup Language
Recovering Damaged Database Objects with 4D Tools 6.5
Getting a subform to redraw properly with computed values
New 4D v6.5 Picture Library Animation Feature
Emulating the FileMaker Pro Book Object in 4D
DataGrid/EDM Overview — Beta 1
Disabling Tab Controls
Selecting Programmatically a Picture in the Text Flow in 4D Write
Getting Started with Splitters
A Simple and Ready-to-Use Installer, Part 1
Classification and Resources of External Routines (Plug-ins)
Preprocessing and Saving Sets For Highly Optimized Searching
Using ASCII Maps to Export and Import Data on the Windows Platform
Saving a 4D Write document into a BLOB field with SAVE RECORD
Testing 4D's Web Server with 4DWEBTEST and Port Numbers
Picture Storage
Make 4D Open & ODBC Driver connections read-only
Boolean Fields from Related Tables Not Displaying Properly
Entry Filters
Creating Radio Buttons (version 6.0.x and 6.5.x)
Creating a Progress Indicator
Choosing between a picture field and a Blob field to save a 4D Write area
How to prevent users from resizing custom windows
Object Methods Basics
Using SET VISIBLE to implement a Printable Property
Configuring 4D CGI's for Microsoft IIS
Preserving styles when moving forms with 4D Insider
Copying a segmented data file
Simulating the DISPLAY RECORD command
Manipulating Plug-in Area data inside of Triggers
Help in the Method Editor
Viewing a long text variable in the Debugger
Avoiding a syntax error from an undefined variable in interpreted mode
Displaying the page number to the printout
4D supports the use of flash graphics in web pages
Records in record-only tables are still modifiable
Plug-in Areas and Triggers
Retrieving the Reference of a Style Sheet in 4D Write
Importance of the Network Components for the ODBC Driver for 4D Server
Index Process and record loading
How to format fields for printing with the label wizard
How to extract the file name from a given file path
GET USER PROPERTIES no longer returns the encrypted password in the password par
OT Session Watcher/WinDump
Form Scaling
Optimizing calls to On Web Authentication
Using multiple versions of Network Components under Windows
How and When To Use Range Checking While Compiling
Scroll Bars and Scrollable Areas
Windows Copies files from CD-ROMs in a Read Only State
4D Insider Libraries vs. Components
Changing 4D Backup's default setting to save disk space
Maximum segment size for the first data segment
If your merged application quits when it is launched
Modifying the Font Attributes for the Comments in Explorer - 4D v6.5.x
Configuring Your System for 4D and 4D Server/Client on the Macintosh Platform
Creating Your Own Document Type
Techtip:A new way to quickly delete large selections of records in 6.5
Adding Pop Up Menus to the form
Picture Button "Switch when Roll Over"
Shifting Lines of Text in a Text Field on the PC
An easy way of getting the Server Name for OP Find 4D Server
Group Access to the User Mode
4D Command display convention
Disabling the ability to type into a field
Creating a picture button using the Picture Library
Creating standard Choice Lists
Removing 4D serial numbers on Macintosh
Using 4D Insider to document your database
Relocated web server startup options
Importing vector-based graphics in 4D Draw
Getting Started with ODBC Driver for 4D Server
Sending HTML Mails using 4D Internet commands
Installing 4D Client for Windows over a Network
Testing the capabilities of an ODBC Driver
Introducing the HIGHLIGHT RECORDS command
4D Client "Other..." button is deactivated in network components dialog
Replacing the Sequence Number Command
Animating Graphs with 4D Chart
Assigning a list to Hierarchical List object
Using SET DATABASE PARAMETER to Choose the HTML Translation Type
How to check if the Web Server was successfully started
Loading and Saving a Quick Report Design
The new command "Current method name" in 4D version 6.7
Creating your own password entry area
Password System is being edited message
Shields Up!: Test your internet security
Adding 4D ODBC clients to 4D Server 6.7
Distinct Values, Replacing SQL Group By, and Counting Instances
Managing Menu Bars
Installing and Troubleshooting 4D Server - Macintosh
Realtime Graphs in 4D Chart
Keeping the Memory Clean - Part 2
Keeping the Memory Clean - Part 1
Using CarbonLib under Mac OS 8 or Mac OS 9
Key combination for forgotten serial numbers
A Generic Sort GUI
Always protect access to Interprocess arrays
Importing Data from SYLK (Symbolic Link) Files
Updating to Version 3.1.1 of 4th Dimension
Using Non-Decimal Numbers for Bar Coding and Other Purposes
Modifying 4th Dimension’s Color Palette
FileUpdater External Package
Converting the Graph Commands to 4D Chart
Hexadecimal Notation and Bitwise Operators in V6
Launching Multiple Instances of 4D Server Automatically on Macintosh and Windows
Troubleshooting 4D Network Connections on Macintosh and Windows Troubleshooting
Using the Power of the 4th Dimension Quick Report Editor
Obtaining a document's icon
File Names and Pathnames
Upgrading to 4th Dimension 3.1
4th Dimension, the Year 2000 and Everything
Changing a Boolean into a Text value
4D Server: Networking and Troubleshooting
Constructing HTML for Simple Reparsing
Tips and Techniques for Optimizing the Memory Allocated to 4th Dimension
4D and The Internet, An Overview
Hierarchical Lists
Modular Interface Design Using Picture Variables
4D V6: Events Replace Phases, Methods Replace Procedures
Setting the HTML Root in the Database Properties
"Indice out of range" error
Displaying Progress in Indicators
Using 4D Insider to find modified objects
Displaying a Two Dimensional Array in a 4D Calc Window
Executing user specific code at database startup (Client/Server)
Selecting a table in the method editor
Path to the Compiled Database in a 4D Compiler Project
Loading page settings programmatically when printing multiple forms
Location of the 4D Backup Project File when Mirroring
Is the Element Zero Sorted in Arrays?
On Clicked & On Double Clicked Form Events with non-enterable objects
How to make the cursor automatically go from one field to another
Record Paging in Contextual Mode
The default keyboard shortcut for FLUSH BUFFERS
The "OC Clone 4D Table" and "OC Clone ODBC Table" commands
Unlocking a Structure file on Windows
Embedding HTML in a 4D form web-served in Contextual Mode
Setting the drawing size for 4D Draw
Converting 4D Write documents to a different platform
The Replace String command is not case sensitive
Calculating an Age in Years
Compiling for the PC and Mac platforms
Create a text wrapping effect
Local processes
No need to call Open resource file for Structure
Extensions and EXPORT TEXT
Watching TCP Traffic under Mac OS X
Basic Search Arguments for a QUERY
SET DEFAULT CENTURY Modified for 6.7
Defining an HTML file as a Help File
Closing an ODBC connection using OC LOGOUT
Print the Header on the First Page only of Print Selection
Redrawing Variables on the server
4D variable insertion in dynamic pages as HTML
Using the MESSAGE command to inform the user in 4D
The 4D system variable "Document"
Creating Windows files without a three letter extension
Retrieving and setting process variables in Client Server
Are Your Ghost Clients Waiting for a Process From the Server?
Assigning a border format to a group of cells in 4D Calc
Error 10002 with FTP_GetDirList
Using SET HTTP HEADER to set multiple header lines
The "expanded" parameter in the command APPEND TO LIST
Does 4D maintain the current record or selection after SELECTION TO ARRAY?
Set format command: Erratum
The use of "#" in the Quick Report Editor
Procedurally saving a record containing a 4D Area
A few reminders when using OP Define Bind By Numbers
Another technique for automatically creating unique ID numbers for existing reco
Inside the Runtime Explorer
When SEND HTML FILE executes
Associating a Menu Bar with a Form using the Properties dialog
Converting to Oracle as a Back End
Connected Multimedia Apps with 4D and Flash
Should a 4D Client user have access privileges to the entire WINNT folder?
Printing Graphs from 4D Chart, Part II
Macromedia Flash & 4D
Creating a moving object in the form
Why some tables cannot use the Label Editor
The COMPRESS PICTURE command in 4th Dimension 6.7
Version 6.7.2 and the pivot year
How to reposition the title of a check box or radio button.
Using color in output forms
Where can I find a list of 4D's errors?
How to procedurally place text in a 4D Write area and change the text property
Selecting the Proper Transport Layer on the Macintosh Version of 4D Server
Optimizing Windows NT for High-Performance with 4D Server
Developing with 4D Server Part 3:Naming Conventions for Multi-Developer 4D Proje
Breaking the Rules to Improve Performance, Part 1—Expanding the Concept of a Key
Manipulating Arrays, Strings, and Dates in 4th Dimension
Backup and Recovery Strategies for Mission-Critical 4D Server Databases - Part 2
License Installation Problems and Solutions
Page Setup with a 4D Write Offscreen Area
Managing the display option for 4D Draw area
Another Compelling Reason to use Comments in Methods
PRINT SELECTION vs PRINT FORM and variable frames
The CREATE ALIAS command
Updating Variables on a 4D Dialog with API commands
Using an HTML Editing Program with 4D
Getting garbage displayed when using an Alert, Confirm, or Request dialog with t
4D View documents are cross-platform
4D has its own comments feature for forms and methods
Displaying a thermometer in a separate window
A simple boolean test and assignment wrapper function
How to prevent a buzzing sound while playing "snd" resources
What is a Runtime error?
Simplify Database Access by Assigning a Default User
Moving the 4D Plugin API folder and updating the Access Paths in Codewarrior
4D Web Server's Page Cache
You can connect 4D Client to 4D Server with encrypted connections
Why can't I cut, copy or paste to the text field
Diagnosing 4D Client connection problems
Serving Static Assets with 4D's built-in Web Server
Debugging a Plugin using Codewarrior
Multiple Homes with 4D for Oracle
The 4D Open APIs - Part I
Error 208: A disk error occurred when opening a file
Behavior of Modal windows in 4D 6.7
OP Order By command in 4D Open
Displaying a PDF file in the Web Browser
Restricting Access to a Server based on the IP Address Range
Naming a Constant
Using 4D with United States Postal Service (USPS) Web Services
Faster Display of Boolean Fields
Where Does My Data Live?
Using the Add to date command
Debugging a Plug-in using Codewarrior
The 4D Open APIs - Part IV: Displaying Information about the Structure Running o
Avoid Browsers attempting to download files instead of receiving pages
Finding out which picture was clicked to submit an HTML form
Declaring a Value List versus a Choice List
How to customize the 4D Server Broadcasting system
Using a Spelling Checker with 4D Write v6.5
Archiving store data in 4D Business Kit
Multiple page forms
4D FastCGI 2003
4D Licensing & the Windows Registry
Quick Reference Cards for 4D Products
Using Splitters
How to run the WebSTAR and 4D Web Servers simultaneously on port 80 on the same
Where should the Network Components be installed on the Terminal Server?
The 4D Open APIs - Part V: Displaying Information about the processes Running on
Creating and Setting Variables with the 4D Plugin API
Easily locating tables in the structure editor
Web server can respond to all or a specific IP address
Printing Arrays
The new READ PICTURE FILE command
Assigning an automatic sequence number when adding a subrecord in a subform
Debugging Web Processes under 4D Server
The 4D Open APIs - Part VI: Adding or deleting records with 4D Open (sample code
Remember to use eQO_NoOperator when building a Query with the API
Recompile the headers and libraries when using a new version of CodeWarrior
ObjectLink Plug-In and Variables
The "Is new record" command
What happens when submitting HTML Forms
Checking the LockedSet for locked records
Returning error codes for a Plugin
Another Technique for Hiding or showing a button on a Web page
What options are available for synching with Palm Pilot devices?
Editing the Source of the 4D Plug-in Wizard
4D Internet Commands – Opening a TCP Connection on Mac OS
Using Sets instead of GOTO RECORD with record numbers
Additional Error Information
Turn Off unneeded Form Events for Speed
How to upgrade from version 6.7.0 of 4D Client & Server to 6.7.1 under Windows
Practices that Simplify Code Maintenance
The HashTools Component
Drop-down menus made simple
Sending e-mail with 4D Internet Commands plug-in
My Web Extension license does not work
Saving and Loading Users
Exchanging Data with Triggers
How to generate a pathname document in 4D
Closing a 4D Open for 4D connection
Using the Picture Library in 4D
Learning 4D Chart
The option Register Clients at Startup VS. the command REGISTER CLIENT
Setting the location of the template in 4D Write
New Operators and Method Editor
Updating the field information in a 4D Write external area
User Definable Views Using 4D View
The Web server activity window in 4D Business Kit
Create your own double-clickable demo application
Complex Form Resizing
Using the OP Set option command to do error checking
4D Blogger and SOAP
How to launch mail client and paste an address for sending
How to avoid opening a resource from a wrong database structure
Getting string tokens into an array
How to stop auto scrolling in 4D Draw
Default "Page Not Found" page
Delay Process versus Pause Process
Comparisons using the "=" symbol
What is the quickest way to locate a table in the structure window?
Playing with numbers in 4D Business Kit
A different way to append content to a file
4D for OCI: Error Handling
Event call back methods verses cell control call back methods
Passing 4D variables into JavaScript
How to preselect an item in an HTML drop-down list (Web Serving)
Generating items dynamically for an HTML drop-down list
Swapping the position of form objects dynamically with MOVE OBJECT
Hiding or showing a button on a Web page using
Enabling text copy and paste without a menu bar
Debugging HTML requests using SEND PACKET
Preventing duplicate field values
Error -48 when Moving a Document using the MOVE DOCUMENT Command
New 4D Client database cache folder organization in 6.7
Why does my Tab control disappear when the database is compiled?
A simple sorting routine for 4D Open for Java
Getting URLs to work in web pages returned from 4DACTION calls
Tabable form no longer working after opening another window
The SSL Keypair Certification Process
Legend for process management buttons in the Runtime Explorer
Saving and loading the Import and Export project
How to set the CPU utilization in 4D version 6.7
Combining 4D Write documents
Marking the selected menu item
Clearing web form variables in COMPILER_WEB
Adding licenses to a database that has been compiled & merged with 4D Engine
Using the CREATE THUMBNAIL Command
PDFWriter generating multiple documents when printing from 4D
Preventing users from getting out of Custom Menus mode
Creating a Help Message for an object
Using the ALERT command in web processes for testing
How to prevent an object in 4D Draw from being resized
Importing and exporting pictures
EXPAND BLOB and the error - 10600
Checking for the presence of a plug-in
When you need the "SHFolder.DLL" file
ACI_Pack commands that were integrated in 4D
Copying methods between database structures using 4D Insider
Modifying the scheduler settings for a compiled application
Installing the 4D Web Assistant in an Existing Database
Concatenating system documents together
Deleting a record from a related table displayed in a Subform
Using 4D with other Web Servers like WebSTAR
Using 4th Dimension with Lasso Web Data Engine
Setting the Line Color and Thickness of Graph Curves
Clearing a local BLOB variable
How to allow file downloads from 4D Web Server
Resolving a host name into an IP address
Referencing a 'cicn' icon in a menu item
Updating the UserSet
Client/Server Connections Timeouts in Detail
The LOG EVENT command and the 4DMSG.DLL
Comparing Real Numbers to 'n' significant digits
Simulating tri-state objects in 4th Dimension
Relocated Flush Data Buffers Setting
Running 4D Client from outside LANs
Taking Screen Shots
Defining number formats in Localized databases
4D Client v6.0.x and v6.5.x simultaneously on the same machine
Including custom HTML code in 4D web forms
Activating the Password System for Web Connections
Changing the Thickness of Graphed Lines in 4D Chart
CPU Usage Under Windows NT
Valid type of files to be imported and exported
Defining where to store Temporary Files
4D Mac OS Pop-Up Menus and their Object Methods
Generating random test data
Managing the @ character
Choosing between the CT Chart selection and CT Chart data commands
Sending Text with SEND HTML BLOB command
Integers and number overflow
Entering a Serial Number into version 6.5
Setting the Colors of the v6.5 Ruler Control
Using the new 6.5.x Find Feature to Update Commands in a Converted Structure
"WR Direct find" : a useful new 4D Write command
Removing externals embedded in a Windows 4D database structure
Using the Compatibility Resource in Customizer Plus
Using command POST CLICK to simulate a Mouse click
Checking for externals embedded in a Windows 4D database structure
Implementing a conditional access to a tab control page
v3.x.x Compatibility Settings
Little known fact for procedurally saving an RTF file type in 4D Write - Mac
Compacting, Recover by Tags & Completely Delete
Removing WEDD resources using 4D Customizer Plus version 6.5.2
File Types of 4D Database Files
Configuring the Automatic Generation of Forms in 4D version 6.5.x
Moving Windows using Keyboard Commands
Changing the default button on a CONFIRM
Automatically Registering Clients at Startup with 4D Server v6.5.x
Customizing 4D Write 6.0.x vs. 4D Write 6.5.x
Using Sets correctly in 4D version 6.x
Using the log file to correct a user error
Obsolete commands
New indexing mode in 4D version 6.5
Retrieving the properties of a picture stored on a hard disk
Using the command SEND HTML FILE in contextual mode
USB floppy drives and 4D Expansion disks without the filesharing
TCP/IP addresses for local web testing
Sharing 4D plug-ins (4D v6.5 and greater)
Named Selections - A behavioral summary
Removing legacy resources from a 4th Dimension database structure (MacOS)
Validating an E-Mail address
Using Tables and Field Numbers in 4D
Maximum Number of Resources in a File
Working with 2D Arrays
Time Display
Comparing Time values in Long Integer “Time” Arrays
All about Triggers
Specifying the network path for the ODBC Driver for 4D Server
Why you should use a custom error handler
Connecting with 4D Open for 4D via TCP/IP
4D for Oracle on Windows: The Oracle DLL & 4D for Oracle Preferences
NT 4.0 Service Packs
Dealing with corrupted Forms and Methods
How to use Union / Difference / Intersect with the Userset
Sending E-mail messages quickly from 4D
4D v6.5 Syntactical Help
4D v6.5 Tools - New Features in Version 6.5
New Commands in 4D v6.5 Products
4D 6.5 Help Files
Built-in 4D 6.5 diagnostic checks structure files
Range checking
4D 6.5 new default port number with version 6.5 Network Components
Converting numeric values to boolean and boolean values to numbers
4D Draw lite
How to get the "on clicked" event to work in 4D View
Creating and opening a 4D data file on the fly using version 6.8
Building a Web Services Client using 4D: The Fed Ex® SOAP serve
Reasons why a plug-In may appear to be missing in 4D v6.8
Missing pictures in 4D Business Kit
Avoiding Semaphore Gotchas
Where is all of the portlet code stored for 4D Portal?
Creating a Table and Field Alias System for Multiple Users
Transferring Pictures and Plug-in Documents Using the 4D ODBC Plug-in
Automatically update method name in header
Does using a subtable effect the maximum number or records in a table?
What is the “Allow 4D Connect” option?
Web page updating "gotchas"
Using Selections in 4D Business Kit
4D Plug-in Wizard and Mac OSX (redraw issue)
Importing items into 4D Business Kit
Creating a Bind in 4D Open for 4D
Path file security
Create document and Test path name GotCha.
Swapping elements within a scrollable area and Hierarchical List.
Missing pictures in the picture library after transporting a database from Mac
Contextual Menu in the Method Editor
Creating a custom splash screen for your 4D application
Obtaining a user ID
How to prevent having a duplicate record when importing a file?
What you should know when downloading a 4D v6.8.x application to your Mac OS X
How to execute a stored procedure with 4D Open for Java
Creating and using Private data in a Plug-in Area
Pointing to a variable
Displaying localizable static text in your 4D interface
The 128th Byte
Replacing a Library in Codewarrior
Post Key command made simple
Creating a CodeWarrior Pro6 Carbon Project for plug-ins
Locked status when updating data via 4D Open
Programmatically set or get the alignment of an object
Populating the path to all subdirectory levels
4D and iCal
Getting the Network Component ID for 4D Open for 4D
How to combine multiple fields into one unique primary key
Replicator Library (Part II)
Implementing compound keys in 4D
Where are the three plug-in folders created on the client machine?
Changing user login without restarting your application
Customizing the About dialog
The command "New Process" and passing parameters
How to procedurally control the splash screen
Mac OSX permissions and 4D
Compiling a Database with "PV ON EVENT"
Applying single-page settings to multiple print jobs
Why referencing a pointer to a local variable doesn't work
Two ways to retrieve the path to the active 4D folder
Shipping with 4D Business Kit
Creating a Generic Web Form Data Processing System
4D Business Kit for OS X
Searches in 4D View
How to send more than 32K in an e-mail body
Declaring a shipping option for your store in 4D Business Kit
Creating a quick Report Wizard
Information on 4D Handles
Passing custom functions as parameters
Deriving a table name from a field pointer
New parameter behavior with "TCP_Listen"
Form Markers Tips
Using LDAP with 4D
Retrieving the type of 2D array
Applying a command to several form objects using the "*" parameter
The On Close Detail Form Event
Setting up window preferences in 4D Business Kit
4D for Oracle in DataGrid’s Enterprise Data Module - Beta 1
Selected element in an array
A simple method to clear the contents of a 4D Write area
The LOG EVENT command
How to extract text from a 4D Write document and paste it in an e-mail body
Moving an array element from one array to another array
4D records can be stored in blobs
Time difference between two "timestamps"
The drag-and-drop of one array element from one array to another
How do you procedurally detect available memory?
Using PV GET CURRENT CELL and detecting cell control coordinates
Inserting a comment to a specific item in your order
Customizing a 4D View Area with "PV Set Area Property"
Prematurely copying methods between database structures using 4D Insider
Handling a Large Number of Records
Assigning a Menu Bar
Tokenization of "//" and "\\" in the method editor
Printing pictures in labels
Displaying a marker for an item in a scrollable area
UDDI Client as a SOAP Example (API inquiry)
Adding and Modifying Filters in 4D Insider
Display variables vs. fields when using DIALOG or ADD RECORD
Ldap4D.c and distinguished name variable correction
Implementing the primary key for a table
Using the 4D API Query Commands
4D Business Kit: Shipping charges according to weight
Creating a desktop alias
Retrieving the group IDs of the groups to which the current user belongs
Saving a document icon into the Picture Library
Old or Modified: Which command should I use?
I installed a 4D Demo version and now my serial number does not work.
Generic method for managing drag-and-drop between scrollable areas
Executing Structure File command on 4D Client vs. 4D Stand-alone
4DBK goes Flash (Part I)
Placing your favorite picture or company logo in a 4D Chart area
Making changes to an item's picture
Query and order by array limits
4D View cells shifting
Confirm Stream Loss message when copying to a floppy disk
Record to BLOB
Taking Advantage of Execute on Server
Saving Data from a Non-Contextual Web Page
How to convert an old Mac OS database to 4D v6.8 for Windows
Getting started with Combo Boxes Part 1: Choice Lists, Drop-down lists / Pop-up
The Command "Last Object" under Windows
Implementing the foreign key in a relation
4D Draw's default area
Customizing wallpapers of input forms for your users
Using the Post Key command to simulate a keystroke
Using the OS X Dock to navigate windows in 4th Dimension
Event Manager
Deleting a store in 4D Business Kit
4D Portal: The Auctions portlet
Converting an object type for an FTP directory item into the text description
Creating a 6.0-style Pop-up in 6.7 using Layered Objects
Under the Hood of the GenericEval Database
WebSTAR: Front End for 4D Business Kit
4D Search
Using Cookies with 4th Dimension Web Server
Installing the 4D 128-bit SSL plug-in under Mac
Migrating from 4D for Oracle to 4D for OCI using OCI Mapper
Why are multiple data structures necessary and how do you use them?
Positive or negative numbers when retrieving variables from a different process
Tab Control Tips and Tricks
A conceptual framework to assist those beginning to code in 4D
Creating an expanding and collapsing window
Basics of List Form Objects
SSL made simple with 4D Business Kit
How to display quotes through the language
Debugging 4D Open for 4th Dimension Built Searches
Exporting table properties to a text file
Transactions in 4D
Code which extracts all records from an Oracle table
User and user groups with the 4D Business Kit Server
Retrieving the browser's IP address with the setup of 4D, 4D Link and 4D WebSTAR
How to filter duplicate records
Getting the Reference ID of the selected list item
Upgrading to a new version of 4D Business Kit
What are processes and why would you use them?
Setting default values
Creating a quick Report Wizard (part II)
Referential Integrity
Optimizing Searching on Related One Files
4D Open: Deleting records
4D Business Kit Goes Flash (Part II)
Preventing Web Users from Downloading Pictures
The concept of atomicity in table design
How to determine whether a list item contains a sublist
Renaming files
Generic coding technique: Using RESOLVE POINTER to check for nil pointers
Updating the Codewarrior or Visual C++ project inside the Plug-in Wizard
String comparison
Debugging Layout Procedures
Integrating 4D and Office 2003
4D Write, Programming Styles, and Entry Control (part II)
Wildcard choice field
Getting the path to the 4D Client folder
"Built to Order" Stores with 4D Business Kit
Using a generic method to create cross tab reports
Exploring the Loan Tool Database
Keyword Searches with 4D Insider
Web Services and 4D Internet Commands, the client
4D Macros in Version 2004
The 4D remote FastCGI Component
Preventing Web form data from being truncated
How to hide forms or methods in the label editor
Pasting 4D View cells with PV PASTE FROM BLOB and PV SELECT CELL
Accepting / Verifying Payment Information
Determining the System Level Date Format
Searching in Arrays
Manually Changing Database Creator Types
Creating Database Templates
Naming Conventions to Simplify Component Development and Use
Setting the font style to a selected list item on the form
Resizing a 2-dimensional array
Operations on Arrays and Selections
Deletion control with relations in 4D
Troubleshooting 4D Open connection problems when using "OP Find 4D Server"
Getting the correct field to use in 4D Open
Index Control Panel
4D View Style sheets
Using Recursive Code
Redirecting URLs permanently
Searching a Hierarchical List
4D View Events
What do you do when you want to delete a field?
Printing Barcodes
Using a Map in a Form
Upgrading your older databases
The 4D Business Kit IP Component
Parsing XML Documents
The Blob Analyzer
Using LDAP with 4D part II
Using Project Methods to Return Values to a Quick Report
Linking Multiple Addresses to Multiple Tables
From Area List Pro to 4D View
A simple styled text area using 4D Write 6.7
A different way to display data
Adding Records to the Current Selection
Understanding Processes in 4th Dimension
Converting Arrays to HTML Tables
Setting the Default HTML Root
Complex Input Types with Web Services
Changing program priority with the OS X terminal
Replacing Diacritical Characters
Changing the entry order on a form
Using a thermometer to show a job's status
All About Help
Tab Objects within Tab Objects
4D 2003 and RSS
Enhanced Tracing
"Command can't be used" Error with PRINT SELECTION
Working with 4D Dialogs within a Plug-in
Automatic Telephone Dialing from 4D
Optimizing Output Layout Display
Using Structure Resources for Initializing a Database
4D WebSTAR API 2003.1
Limiting Access When Using 4D Client Across the Internet
Web Assistant for Dummies
Introduction to 4D Open
Hard Disk Browser Example Database
Installation of 4D Server as a Service on Windows 2000 Server
Enhanced User Environment Wizards
4D Open: Updating records
Simple Applications for Choice Lists
4D Chart on the Web in Non-Contextual Mode
Exploring 4D Portal’s Postcard Portlet
Understanding the 4D Data File
Helping Date and Time Data Entry
Creating and Administering 4D Portal
Inherited Forms in 4D v6.7
The Enterprise Data Module: The Videos2000 Example Database
HTML root folders and Web pathnames in 4D v6.7.1
Authenticating Access to a Secure Area within a Web Site
Contact Manager II
Connecting to a 4D Server Using an Applet
Skinmaker: Creating an Interface
The OPEN WEB URL Command
Data File Log
Using 4D HTML Tags in Version 6.7
Mainipulating Selections with Sets
Importing From a Watched Folder
Handling Multiple Item HTML Select Inputs with 4D 6.5 Handling Multiple Item HT
4D Web Serving Using Perl CGIs
Exploring the Chord Tool Example Database
Talking 'Trash' – Understanding the Trash and the Recycle Bin
Checksum Calculation – CRC32
The 4D Web Auction Example Database
Contact Manager, Behind the code, Part I
Student Reports
4D Table Backups
Storing Binary Values in Long Integers
At the Core of the Data: The Address Table and Bit Table
Keyword Indexes, Part 1
XML based Export/Import for Archiving Data
Inside the Report Demo Database
Creating Referer Logs with 4D Web Server
Sample Web Query Form
The ButtonMaker Example Database
4D Backup Commands and Scheduling Techniques
HTTP Client with 4D and 4D Internet Commands
The 4D Portal Contact Manager
Managing the Setup of 4D Chart Areas
Progress Message System
Creating a Basic Store Using 4D Business Kit
Open Window Vs. Open Form Window
Creating Customized Dynamic Store Front Pages
The Ins and Outs of Insider
Basic Principles of Menu Bar Design in 4D
Printing Graphs from 4D Chart, Part 1
Progress Indicator
Taming The Splitter For Printout
Making the most of BEST OBJECT SIZE
Enhanced Print form Capabilities in 6.8.1
Image Maps
Connecting WebSTAR and 4D Business Kit using Rewrite
Showing the Alpha Field when the Detail Row is Hidden
Implementing the 2003 Quick Report Editor
Hierarchical List Palette
4D Open in DataGrid’s Enterprise Data Module - Beta 1
List Forms in 2004
Creating your own constants in 4D
ACI’s 1998 FAQ Pt 1: Fixing Problems
Inside the Spinners Demo Database
FTP directory Download and Upload
ACI’s 1998 FAQ Part 2: Common Questions
Introduction to 4D for MySQL and 4D for PostgreSQL
Interaction between 4D 2003 and Microsoft Excel® (Web Services)
Sending Multi-Part emails Using 4D Internet Commands
Understanding the ASIFONT.MAP File
Setting the HTTP Header to prevent HTML page caching
Tracing and Troubleshooting TCP/IP
4D Blogger and SOAP Part II
Customizing the Home Page Automatically Created by 4th Dimension 2003
Sending the Menu Bar from a Non-contextual Home Page
Displaying Graphs from 4D Chart on the Web
Writing Boolean Functions to Increase Code Readability
Preflight Checklist
Resetting a PostScript Laser Printer’s Default Timeout Settings
Localizing the Textual Representation of Numbers in Various Languages Using STRt
Maintaining a Web Site with 4th Dimension
Displaying and Hiding Tool Features Inside Plug-in Areas
Clusters: Using Saved Sets Effectively - Part I
Data Formatting
Some Common Problems Encountered When Using 4th Dimension on the Power Macintosh
Using 4D's password system in the data file
4D, iCal and Web Services
Using ListBoxes as Subforms
Open Data File
Creating Contextual Menus
Preventing a hidden, off-screen object from being shown
4D Chart
QuickTime Container: Plug-in to display and control movies and audio using QT
Highlights of Web Database Examples
Networking 1: Open System Interconnect (OSI) Reference Model
4D Quick Report Editor Source Code - Part 1
4D Quick Report Editor Source Code - Part II
The 4D Business Kit v2.x IP Component
4D View Splitters
Using 4D 2004 Assimilator
4D Quick Report Editor Source Code - Part III
Customizing the 4D Form Wizard
Fields in 4D Business Kit
Determining the Name of a Requested Web Service
Addendum - GDIPlus Plug-in Version 1.1
CPU, Scheduler and Processes
Are You V6 Ready? Are You V6 Ready?
Tricks and Tips for Using the Form Wizard - Part 1
Accessing COM Objects within 4D
Save Money with a new feature of 4D V6 Server
An Introduction to Drag and Drop
Using 4D to Manage eBay
New Form Events in 4D 2004
Making Labels More Dynamic
Tricks and Tips for Using the Form Wizard - Part 2
Color Codes in 4D, 4D Chart, and the 4D Productivity Modules
Cross Platform File Transfer Via FTP and Web Browser
Dynamic Translation of Fields' Labels
Disabling Tab Controls
Free Form Object Storage
XML – An Introduction to Extensible Markup Language
Web Services – An Introduction
4th Dimension 2004 Allows New Freedoms in Form URLs
4D 2004 Advanced ODBC
Included Lists with 4D View
Client Self-Upgradable
Building a User-Definable Report/Function Interface
Exchanging Data Between Processes
Detecting the Presence of Externals in a 4D Database
Breaking the Rules to Improve Performance, Part 2—Using 4D's Built-In Relational
Using ACI_PACK to read and display pictures
Logging Off an Inactive User
Addressing BLOB contents
Programmatically Moving Objects in 4D
ACI_Pack commands removed from 4D_Pack
Using 4D version 6.5 Browse and Download Files via FTP
Removing Win32s
A Module for Managing Recursive Relationships
Creating a Program Item with a Custom Icon to Launch Your Executable File on Win
4D V6 Language Part 1: New Concepts in Version 6
Detecting Parameter Passing Compiled Runtime Errors While Executing Your Code in
New Entry Points in 4th Dimension 3.5.3
Developing with 4D Server Part 1: Advantages of 4D Server Multi-User Development
Developing with 4D Server Part 2: Setting Up a Multi-Developer Password System
4D V6 Cross Platform Strategies
Installing & Configuring Mac & PC Remote Access to a Windows NT-based 4D Server
Backup and Recovery Strategies for Mission-Critical 4D Server Databases—Part 1
Optimizing Record Selections - Part 1 Under the Hood of the 4D Data File
The Text Parameter Passed to 4D Methods Called via URLs
Powerful Uses of the On Keystroke Form Event
Automatically Updating Deployed Database Applications
Maintaining User Modifiable Choice Lists
Import and Export Data From Related Tables
Record Loading in 4th Dimension - Part 1
Storing User Created Queries in the Datafile
Colors, Palettes, 4D 3.x.x and 4D V6
Filtering Methods and Forms in the 4D V6 Label Wizard
4D Web Serving Revisited
Understanding the .RES File
Transparent Audit Trails
Adding a Styles Palette to 4D Write
Modifying Resources with 4th Dimension
Using Send/Receive Record to Recover, Replace or Update
Building Graphs with 4D Draw
Multiple Programmer Projects Using 4D
4D Indexes - Part 1
Filtering Out Illegal Characters
Simplifying and Optimizing HTML Construction
Keyboard Shortcuts for Multiple Instances of 4D
Understanding Cyclic Redundancy Check
Converting 4D Expressions
A simple client timeout technique
The Hierarchical LIST TO ARRAY Command
Designing a "Mouseless" Interface
Keyword Indexes, Part 2
The DataGrid Spreadsheet - Beta 1
Creating a Custom Report Using a Dedicated Form
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts in 4th Dimension/4D Server v6.5
TCP Networking FAQ
Emulating the FileMaker Pro Book Object in 4D, Part II
Macintosh Keyboard Shortcuts in 4th Dimension/4D Server v6.5
4D ODBC in DataGrid’s Enterprise Data Module - Beta 1
Introduction to 4D Open
Keyword Indexes (Part 3)
Using MOVE OBJECT During Printing
4D Mixed-Mode Web Serving Techniques: Crossing the bridge between Contextual and
Insuring a continuous highlight across grouped scrollable areas
Cruising Newsgroups: Accelerated Text Parsing with BLOBs
Getting the current cell vs. Getting the current selected range of cells
Multi-level Clipboard in 4D
Avoiding problems with 4DACTION in compiled databases
Using the Compiler_Web method
Returning Data Through SOAP
Getting started with data cleansing or character referencing
4D GDIPlus_Image Plug-In that uses Microsoft Windows GDI+: Part I of II
Clusters: Using Saved Sets Effectively - Part II
4D View Helper (Source Code, Part II)
delete password
Returning Pictures Through SOAP
4D Pack 2004.1's New Utility Commands
Reading a Full SOAP Response
Spreadsheet to 4D 101
Using Command Select Document (2004)
Reading a Full SOAP Request
Installing EDM into an Existing Application
A Platform Independent Window Management Module
Setting cell borders in 4D View
Building Interactive Graphic Interfaces with 4D Draw, Part VI Implementing an In
JDBC Connectivity for 4D Server
The XML_Utilities Component
Connecting 4D Databases through SOAP
Three-State Checkboxes
Introduction to 4D for OCI
Authenticating Web Service Requests
4D GDIPlus_Image Plug-In that uses Microsoft Windows GDI+: Part II of II
Working with Hierarchical List in 2004
4D and
Working with 4D and iCalendars
Introduction to XSLT
Optimizing Writing to the Cache with 4th Dimension
Creating an HTML File with the Report Editor
Building Interactive Graphic Interfaces with 4D Draw, Part V Graphing a Picture
Reading a Full SOAP Request with 4th Dimension 2004
User Defined Forms
Mirroring in version 2004
Advanced Method Editor Macros
Object Libraries
Building Interactive Graphic Interfaces with 4D Draw, Part IV: A Color Palette D
The new EDIT FORMULA dialog in 4D 2004
Using 4D with TerraServer USA Web Services
Native ODBC in 4D
Server Processes
Recovering a Damaged Data File
Introduction to 4D for ADO
4D 2004 Integrated Backup Module
HTML Emails
2004 ODBC Primer
User Changeable Output Form
Spell-check and Dictionary
Handling Pictures
Case-Sensitive Operations in 4th Dimension
Building Interactive Graphic Interfaces with 4D Draw, Part III
Building Interactive Graphic Interfaces with 4D Draw, Part II Validating a BMP P
Building Interactive Graphic Interfaces with 4D Draw, Part 1
Syntaxia - A Database of 4D Language Components
Validating XML Element Names
Upgrading Older Databases
cURL - HTTP Client, Get and Post, FTP and Much More, Using 4D 2004
FAQ - List Forms in Version 2004
Scanning Text and BLOBs Efficiently or Testing Performance Meaningfully
User Preferences
4D Internet Commands - Net Commands
HTTP Download with a Single Method
Optimizing Searches with Hashes
How to avoid generating incompatible private keys and certificates
Process HTML Tags and more!
When installing v6.0.6rX applications, what version of NC are installed
problem using pointers to assign values to a fields
Duplicate Plug-In Error Converting 1.5.4 Mac database to 6.5
AppleEvents don't work properly
Web server in Contextual mode getting error: not enough stack space
Stored procedure updates not propogating to client display
using different versions of network components
Automatic Related One Input Form from Included Form not Working
Included forms
Server doesn't appear to utilize memory before creating .SEL files
LIST TO ARRAY command not always working
Setting up multiple instances of 4D Server under Mac
Corrupted database
can server license be used for multiple servers on the same computer
Handling popup interface in a web form
Getting Started with ODBC Driver for 4D Server
How to add a Windows Client to their currently all-Mac 4D Server 606r8 system
clients getting disconnected -10001/-10002 errors
Newly assigned Help tips do not appear
Using Events in a database converted from v3 to v6.5
Test path name returns 0 when passed an empty string
Error running compiled database with 4DMethod & 4D SQL Server calls
How to configure two copies of server to run on same NT machine.
Command to find out name of local hard drive on Mac
How to remove 4D Backup from 4D Server
Cannot include TAB characters in variables on form used with EXPORT TEXT
Seemingly Random Type 2, Type 11 errors on 4D Server
Saving Print Settings across print jobs.
Using DSL and wireless connections to access a 4D Server
4D Write Licensing / Plug-In Access
Button not staying disabled after returning from sub-form input
Will the Apple AirPort work OK with 4D Server 606?
Very Slow Re-Indexing
Error -9939 with Internet Commands
alert window appearing under currient window(not allowing it to be accessed)
Last object command does not work when a subform is clicked
Full Backup won't initiate, Scheduled Backup causes error
Line endings in windows documents
Setting the default directory shown by ACI Pack AP Select Document command
How to update field in form from subform
Records repeating in Output Layout
Returned negative value for free space using the Volume attribute command.
Upgrading to version 6.5.5 from 606: error: wrong version of the server
How to implement a backgound process that checks the current time.
Database crashes on trigger when compiled
How to set a field background to transparent in version 606.
Cannot make a connection to the server with a dialup connection.
How do you install 4D SQL Server 6.5 on a Mac
Event Viewer is giving a message that looks like a type 2 error.
Text data from modem is corrupted when 4D is upgraded beyond v2
With different subnets client does not see the server.
Alias in startup folder will not launch server on Mac
Query by formula
Can you workaround the Password system when connecting through a browser in 606.
How to create a Subform that is Selectable, Double-Clickable & Allows editing
My database is close to 1.9 Mb, should I segment it?
Upgrade from 6.0 to 6.5 merged application quits after being double-clicked.
I'm having a problem communication from PC client to Mac server
How to connect to a server when client and server are not in the same subnet.
Question about which network component should be used for Mac Client and Server
What does Convert Case command do?
write bug
Can't override MacOS to display date in the short format
Can you run 4D standalone and 4D server on the same machine and connect w\4Dopen
Can HTML from 4D be modified with Claris before being sent to web?
How to get fields to show in order of creation in form wizard
Cannot access 4D Write (privilege issue)
How to print a unique header on each page of a 4D Write document
Delete in a text field acting up with compiled merged app
Query using @a@ returns different values each time
Type 2 Error crashing 4D Server 6.5.6 on G4
How to apply a border style in 4D Calc
Crashing with compiled 4D App under Windows using AreaList Pro
Getting out of memory when setting up arrays for import in win platform
How to make a path file start 4D Client automatically on Windows.
Cascading trigger works for adding records to child but not for deleting.
Version incompatible message on Windows 2000
Getting -10001 and -10002 errors requireing the restart of the database
How many client licenses does 4D Open use for connection?
4D tries to dial up when launched. Turned off web serving and now won't launch
Set Top Margin doesn't work with 4D Write 6.5.4
Getting a line 0 error in on web connection with compiled database
Getting message to save current print settings when use print settings command
Client getting error 30705 when choosing database in connection window
How to use the on after keystroke event?
How to trap for the user clicking the 4D Application's Close box under Windows
How to set up client so you do not have to choose the database to be launched.
How to prevent JavaScript Rollovers image swaps from initiating new connections
Error -50 with 4D Tools.
Copying resources takes too much time.
Could not get the aci pack to download properly from the web site.
Server shut down unexpectedly during the night and a logevent was noticed.
Would 6.0.5 Backup work with 4D 6.0.6r8
In version 6.5.x, how to move objects by jumps of ten pixels.
Is the data input into a subform saved immediatly without hitting the save butto
Does 4D tools select fast indexing mode for tables oer 10,000 records?
How to change the icon for a merged application ?
Heavy 4D Server load on an NT machine
Windows terminal server could not see the network components
How to insert a drop-down list in the form editor.
Internet command TCP listen locks up version 6.0.6 of 4D
Why is it that my method continues to print after CANCEL is chosen?
Customer modified user access properties and cannot find it anymore.
One table was not allowing users to modify, priviledge error.
How to install 4D version 6.5.x expansion packs
Is the named selection cleared when it is used
Customer is planning on using DHCP, what are the requirements for 4D Server.
Can a customer ID be modified from the user environment
Identical applications running in different customer sites, one uses 100% cpu
4D Server becomes non-responsive when run under Mac OS 9.0.4
How to read the first two shorts in a packet from a Unix box.
How do I display a text when I move my mouse over the button?
License Error with 4D Server.
Problem getting export with related values to work using Output form
4D Write: problems with blobs.
displaying different menu bars for differnt client connections
4D backup not seeing the whole external hard drive.
Does e-mail out of 4D support mime encryptions
Trying to change the numbers in a uniqueID field and it stops at about 37K
Database was converted to PC and now has some bad indexes.
I can't find 4D Web Assistant on the download site
How to send HTML in the body of an e-mail
Can't see pictures that were compressed on a Mac when running 4D under Windows.
Can 4D be used as a WebSTAR CGI on two separate machines?
Problem with Backup
How to access a database structure and data without entering design mode
How to fix damaged data file
Can I use "Enter in List" feature in the Custom environment?
Moved 4D Server to a new CPU, can no longer see it listed in 4D Client dialog
Problem with 4D backup
How to create a Text file similar to a printed report
Where can I get the Web Assistant component to install into an existing database
4D Server as a services won't launch when restarting the machine
Problem updating Paradox tables with ODBC and 4D
Error: -10001
Can I convert my v2.2.3 database to v6.7?
FONT command no longer works under Windows after 6.0 to 6.5 upgrade
Why are my form objects moving and changing size on their own?
Error #-50 Data Base could not be created compacting the structure
How to run multiple servers on the same machine
Can I move the fields in the structure editor (order them)
Converting a string to a date doesn't seem to preserve the 4 digit year
The method editor will not show the syntax.
Can other backup software be used other that 4D bu
How to read text from a blob one character at a time
4D Client is crashing when it is being launched.
Incorrect print layout
Tabbing in the field but the field is not highlighted
Does 4D have any problems going through NAT/Firewall?
How to allow many users to log in to a 4D Server without entering IP address
How come database doesn't ask me for the password?
Can 4D Server run with Netware communication (IPX)?
How to buffer HTML code.
How to use a backup file in a seperate structure running in 4D standalone
Customer has database that quits when merged with engine
Spellchecker is not adding words to the dictionary
Can I use 4D Tools version 6.7 with 6.5 databases?
How to process Multiple Item HTML Select Inputs
How to connect to the server across the internet
Can I trap an On Double Clicked event in the subform?
How to get the To: to automatically input in an e-mail
Error: No more room to save a record.
I cannot perform a query on a field that has a choice list associated with.
Can I retrieve the expansion license from without an expansion floppy disk?
How to limit privileges to some specific users.
tokenized method names
Trying to use the edit menu item for a modal dialogue box
Query giving incorrect results.
Next Record command different than automatic action next record.
How to access 4D Server 6.5.4 from outside the LAN?
choosing input/output forms for subforms with object properties or property list
Trying to import SYLK files from Mac Excel 98, not showing up as correct type.
How to have the web return records in managable numbers
Cross version compatibility of 4D Open for 4D Plug-in
Error message "There is no more room to save the record [-9999]"
Bad Image error with plug-ins
Getting "need QuickTime and a photo JPEG decompressor" message in web browser
Unable to edit field data after opening record once from web browser
OEM problems, able to run on only one machine
Database is sluggish after crashing
Problems with caching on the browser side.
Can't open a window that is 14 pixels high under Windows
Required list will not work with an item containing 35 characters
Change in behavior for web form when moving from 6.5 to 6.7
How to install ODBC driver and get data from 4D server to Excel
Has a sound resource that plays fine on Mac but sounds garbled under Windows
Would like to be able to set the default folder for Open Document dialogs
Window Reference Number for SET WINDOW RECT
How to switch printers on the fly.
does 4D use the customizer settings or the db property settings?
Getting -10002 error on one Mac that worked yesterday.
Appears only one of two 4D write licenses are working
DR Get text width
How to install the Network Components for 4D Client under Windows
Trying to use insider to create a database from a SQL description file
Localization for German Swiss doesn't work
The selection file 14 has been swapped to disk
Client is downloading resources for a long time and then quits.
How to import pictures into a database
Can we run the 4D Server on a G4 with 256Mb RAM with Appleshare IP 6.3.1.
TSI 1562 - USB printer problems with 6.0.6
Structure File command not giving full path name to the structure file.
How to print selection and have the header only print on the first page.
How to pass a boolean value and a date value over 4D Open
Problem with installation not working on Win machine
Why can I set more than 29 default character in the text field?
how to select all methods and their contents at one time
How to redraw the text after it is brought back to the frontmost window?
How to run 2 servers and clients
How to run two 4D servers on the same machine.
On Event Call code "4D was expecting a text expression"
Is it possible to connect Macs to 4D Server running under Windows via a DSL VPN?
How do I install the Network Components in the NT Terminal Server?
When database is compacted, does it create new indexes?
Passwords are not working.
Query problems.
sending HTML with IT commands
Cannot connect 4D Client.
Clients not seeing server that is a different zone
Use a custom splash screen in OEM build Client application.
Need help with the Time format.
How to use 4D as a CGI with WebSTAR
Options for linking 4D with Apache & OSX, IIS & NT or WebSTAR & Mac
How to force 4D Client to display the most current data.
Can you reset indexes in a compiled database using set index command
4D Server not starting up as a service due to no default printer
Question about using the 4DVAR in the Web design database.
What products can I use to transfer data from 4D Server to SQL Server?
Is there something to replace calendar set
Customer set up web page for adding and modifying records but cannot add
How can I open a text document within 4D?
After compiling, SMTP Quicksend generates error.
internal error -7
How to install client on Cytrix Terminal server, Win 2000.
How to run an asychronous communication with 4D Oracle?
Need to know more about 4D ODBC.
I can't get back to the Design Environment.
Can I have more than one version installed on the same machine?
How do I open the Web Browser in 4D?
Can I add a menu item in the Help menu?
Are there any conflicts between OS 9.1 and v6.5.7 or 6.7?
How to place a pointer to a field into a variable to be passed to a method
4D Web Assistant not Processing 4D Tags
Any issue regarding the upgrade of 6.0.6 to 6.5.7?
Trigger that calculates a unique compound key doesn't seem to work under Server
-10002 Errors trying to connect to a 4D Server over the Internet
Path document on then window doesn't work
How do I disable the Content option in the help menu?
Changes made to a database were lost.
Can 4D create a document from based on the report?
Getting runtime error in line 0
Wants to upgrade from 3 to 6.5 server
How does 4D work on Linux?
Problem with multiple developers on server suddenly seeing other windows open
Can 4D Standalone be used as a 4D Web Server?
QuickReports calculated columns not appearing properly compiled under 4D Server.
How to resize an object?
How to set the IP Address that 4D's built in web-server listens on in merged app
Error when trying to enter a new entry
Has a Quick Report bug been fixed in v6.7?
Where do I install the NCs in the NT Termincal Server?
4D client has stopped working on old centra mac
Is there a way have apache communicate with 4D?
Windows 2000 Server can't find the Network components
AP SET PICT MODE doesn't work.
How do set the default home page in 4D?
Can 4DCGI work in context mode?
Is it possible to configure 4D Client/Server to handle Multi-Homing?
4D Chart fonts displaying differntly on mac and win
Nonsense errors returned after Query By Formula
Questions about reindexing fields
Where to put the code to contrain a selection in a subform.
Need help with the Obsolete commands in 4D Write v6.5.5
How to increase the number of records previewed in IMPORT TEXT dialog
Is it possible to retrieve the current method and line number from ON ERR CALL?
server hogs the CPU time to the detriment of other applications and 4D Client co
"Cannot initialize 4DX folder properly" error connecting Mac Client 2 Win Server
How to create a background image on a form
How do I get the field name from a pointer to the field?
Tech Support Issue 1662(sound files buzzing while a UI is opened)
How to I launch multiple instances of 4D Server on the same machine?
Invalid Parameters on Line 0 Error executing 4DACTION in Compiled database
Fonts don't 'stick'; Style sheet mixed two fonts together
Does 4D Sql Server work with OS 9.1?
Upgrading to version 6.7, can't assign background/foreground color to buttons.
I need to know if by using 4D write we can generate '.pdf' and/or '.hlp' windows
How to send a boolean update with 4D ODBC Driver?
How to enter a serial number in 4D Runtime.
How to add a subform in the Master form?
How to rescale the form in the Design environment?
PDFWriter creating new documents for each page
Form does not fit on screen.
Displaying a selectable and enterable subform.
How do I get rid of the phantom client connection?
Compiled and merged with engine application crashing
How to update a variable's value when the form is loaded?
How do I write a generic procedure for all table?
Buttons on the import template. What are they and what do they mean?
Using command APPEND TO FILE 4D seems to overwrite portions of the file
4D Write will not open the save dialog box.
plug-ins not appearing in the plug-ins menu of the User environment.
hierachical list
creating and opening a 4D Write document
Spell checkers with 4D Write
Customizer won't open 4D, gives "file is already open" error, only one machine
How to use Semaphore to prevent a conflict in process?
Compatibility issue between 606 and Win2000.
4D Tools error "this file is locked" trying to create 2nd segment Recover by Tag
Using SpellChecker with 4D Write.
How to map the ASCII character?
Error 9947, "The "Allow 4D Client connections only" check box has been checked i
Replace String command(case sensitive or not?)
Error #-2804 "The plug-in method cannot be executed." with 4D for Oracle
Error - an attempt has been made to read or write beyond the end of file
Running 4D Tools, says it is finding some lost methods - where are they?
How to assign a scroll bar to an object?
How to distribute records to multiple sets evenly?
GET HIGHLIGHT command the return value is -1
How to display records in a READ ONLY mode, besides using DISPLAY SELECTION
Server Crashes without an error message.
Web Serving question.
How can the IP Address of 4D client be obtained from 4D Server
Do 16000 items fit in a list?
Error: Not enough stack space to complete the procedure.
Message, Needs at least one Network Component.
4D Backup Question.
Unable to display pictures even though Quicktime is installed
"The type of an array cannot be modified in a compiled database"
Running 4D Client remotely.
Question about memory settings.
Is there a way to change the table attribute from visible to invisible?
table names not being set with Query by formula.
Can I print a form with 2 pages?
How to automatically print pre-formated labels ?
How to set-up 4D Server as a service that would run with no users logged in.
An incorrect display of the date separater.
Out of memory when trying to save the content in 4D Draw area.
How to create blinking text on a 4D form
How to make the background of the output field transparent?
It is possible to change the Username "Designer" to something else?
Java ORDER BY not working correctly.
Trying to send e-mails with no SMTP relay.
Compiled/Merged application complain about 4D Write license.
How to assign the IP Address to the compiled database.
How to set the CPU utilization for 4D Client 6.7.1 under Windows
Export Text problem
Why don't buttons in header or footer of an Output Forms work?
4D Client does not connect through WAN.
Try to compile and merge my DB with 4D Engine, but 4D ask for Engine License.
Problems installing 4D Server.
Form Fonts and Print Preview problems in 6.0.6r8 to 6.7.1 upgrades
Unusual results using the "Set User Properties" command with userID set to -1
6.5 Subform On Display Detail Event more frequent than 3.5 During Phase was
Menu Bar behaviour?
Creating a GIF image from a 4D Draw document with Client-Side Image Map HTML
How to activate Menu Bar in v6.5?
Where does the setting in the database properties save at?
Where does the Server IP and name saved on the Windows and Mac?
Can I change users on the fly with no human intervention
Windows Client quits when an array is loading to a list.
maximum segement size of a datafile
Unless a user is logged into the 4d Server, automatic backups will not take plac
read-write / read-only questions.
Problems after upgrading to version 6.7.
4D Server crashing with no error message
Where do I enter the license for 4D Engine?
Rotating pictures in 4D
Get error message when running 4D Client in OS 8.1.
How can I change "Start up Table" when 4D database is started?
Error: Resoource Cache File cannot be created
Replacing variable names throughtout a structure using 4D Insider
How do I procedurally display a print preview of a 4D Write document.?
CPU usage with 6.5.8 build 2
MOVE OBJECT does not work with PRINT FORM
I there any way that I can speed up Client /Server connection over the Internet?
Do I still need 4D Transporter?
How to declare a combination key mask in the command POST KEY?
How to type a local variable in the object method?
label editor only working on one table
Printing labels using the Label editor.
Problem with 4D Backup: invalid license number
4D opneing a document that is not fully copied over
picture fields become distorted and backgrounds noisy after transport to Windows
Error -2804
Do transactionsin v3 behave the same way in v6.x?
DISTINCT VALUES returning zero elements in array when there are two records
Detail Form with Subform that is double-clickable, results in non-enterable form
4D is displaying "<<<<<<<<" instead of a large number
Limiting access to tables
How to make WebSTAR talk to 4D Client instead of 4D Server?
How to implement a download a file from 4D to a browser.
What version of 4D v1.5.x compatibles with MacOS 9?
4D Draw 6 crashing under Windows
Problem manipulating Text in 4D Write.
form losing tabbing option
All fields in the Detail subform are not enterable.
How to ensure a spcific menu bar is selected for contextual Web serving.
Own 5 4D Write Expansion license but only 4 can access it.
After reinstalling Windows 2000 Pro, 4D Engine Unlimited License not working
Resource Cache cannot be created
How to send and receive Apple Events with 4th Dimension
Making a subform not enterable procedurally
Error Type 2 and 3 when switching between tabs
Query editor and relations
How do I make a an Enterable subform a Selectable and double clickable?
How to make a Pop-up menu that won't activate if user doesn't make a selection
Error: Type 1022 when trying to open 4D Write doc in an offscreen area.
Client and Server using about 40% of cpu, why?
How to allow windows client access to 4D Pack on the Mac
Using Technique in TN197 re: replacing record delimiters with spaces
I am already web serving from ports 80 and 8080, what port number should 4D use?
Export problem with the Send Packet commands>
How do I prevent the web browser from reading the page from the Cache?
Blank squares appear in the print preview.
What kind of picture resource do I use for the windows splash screen?
ODBC Connection drops right away.
"Current date" command returning one day in the future on two different clients
File not found error trying to use SET DOCUMENT TYPE under Windows
Form scaling options.
How to run multiple servers on the same machine
4D Client crashes before any attempt to log in.
Are 4D ODBC queries synchronous? It seems that two processes have to wait
How do I read a picture from the SQL Server using ODBC Plug-in?
How do I invoke the debugger in 4th Dimension 6.5?
4D Client takes 100% of CPU time.
Can 4D Client access an Interprocess Set created in Stored Procedure?
How can I print a report to a disk file using PRINT FORM that I can e-mail
4D Chart commands are not tokenized on the method editor.
Can I use Open Window in contextual mode?
Menu Bar become invisible after the window is closed.
Can I create a blob variable on the fly?
a disk error occured when opening file (208) when attempting a restore log .
What is the syntax to query a date with the ODBC driver
I defined user groups but the password system does not activate.
Does a picture field compress when housing a Plug-in area?
SMTP Error: Requested action not taking mailbox unavailable.
After running 4D Tools on structure the picture library disappears.
How do I install 4D Backup?
Error: 10042 with the SMTP_Send command
Cannot register the 2nd 4D server as services
Cannot run 2 instances of 4D Server on the same machine.
Does the RSR file share between both interpreted and compiled Structure?
Problem with DLL wizard
Corruption in structure file.
How to prevent users from connecting through ODBC to a database
How to automatically have check boxes be check
4D ODBC Plug-in used in Compiled & Merged application giving Demo Timeout Error
How do I set up SSL with 4D Web Server?
Given a selection of records in the Many table, how can I get all related Ones?
Customer has v6.0.6r8 data file segmented into 12 segments accidentally? How cou
What is the minimum requirement for MacOS to run with 4D 6.7.1?
How do I perform an import procedure on the Server machine?
How to programatically update a chart with 4D Chart.
What do I need to give to my Client after I re-compiled my database?
How to suppress an error dialog box on the Server machine?
How to setup and print labels using the Label Wizard
How do I rejoin the data segment?
How can I get rid of some old externals in an older, converted database?
How do I turn off the Manditory Logfile option?
How to add a related record in the printing header area?
Is there an example on how to use 4D Open of Open for Java?
How to install Macintosh versions of Plug-ins onto a Windows NT Server?
Customer wants to run two instances of 4D Server on the same machine.
How to manipulate the object on the form?
How to I increase the size of the data cache under Mac OS?
4D Server is using up the CPU.
How can I display the list form of two tables in one single form?
How do I load the page settings programmatically when printing multiple forms?
How can I test for the presence of a plug-in.
Many to many relations
4D Write prints with "4D Write" accross the page.
Where does 4D write Runtime Serial numbers get entered?
How to serve Adobe Acrobat PDF Web Forms (FDF files) from 4th Dimension
4D Insider 6.5.4, timing out connection after a period of inactivity.
What do I need in order to use 4D ODBC?
Problem connecting to 6.7 Server from 6.5 Server with 4D Open.
General questions about Web Serving in 4D.
Privilege error when going to stand alone version
How to check to see if the data in the field has been changed ?
How to create the header in the Export file?
The Merge application doesn't recognize the correct datafile.
Do I need the desktop CD to install the 4D application, compiler, and engine
Where do I enter the serial number for 4D Engine deployment?
How can I connect 4D Client through the Server if the IP address is a sub IP?
Problem with export
Is it OK to call Execute on server in a process running on the server?
How do I use triggers in the new version of 4D?
My Tab control disappears when I compile my database
Can I install multiple copies of 4D Server on one machine
4D Server License question
Where does the plugin license get return to when the User logged out?
How to assign a value to the field using Self command?
How to delete every record in a table programmatically.
Want to have smaller database that just contains a copy of the data from main db
How can I add a Boolean field to a table and set all existing records to True?
In the 4D Tools errors what does TF 4D means?
How to assign a different choice list from the custom menus.
Page not found and Runtime error when running the Web Database in compiled mode.
Trouble web serving with SSL out of Compiled & Merged Application
In version 6.7 tab controls take more space than in 6.0
How to install 4D Backup?
Can I programatically know if an object is invisible?
Problems on Windows client.
How do I assign the total number of records in selection in a variable object
Sequence number doesn't increment in the subform.
I am Looking for a site log analysis tool. Which one does 4D reccommend.
Where can I get a copy of 4D Engine and where is the license entered at?
How can I display two subform in one single detail from?
Error when compiling for cross-platform
COPY BLOB does not behave as described in the docs
Is 4D Server 6.5 compatible with Window 2000 Prof.
How to make 4D database recognize Arabic and English system at the same time?
Mac OS 9.1 and Tab Control
How can I run two database on a single Server?
Cannot get SSL to work.
QUERY command doesn't work properly with Date comparison
How to search a string in a large block of text?
Veterinarian office has one computer running a 4D database, want to expand to 2
Sending out 500-600 e-mails, getting OT errors on every 3rd message
Mirroring problems
Does SEND HTML FILE stop method execution immediately?
Post key
How to procedurally name the postscript file?
How to web-enable a procedure that previously required a paper form & process?
No more room to save the record
Trouble connecting 4D Client via TCP network components
Memory problem when reading a picture
Menu bar not active in Compiled application, works ok interpreted
Problem updating value in subform for display
What do I need to allow my Non-4D Server application to access 4D Server?
Is there a way to format a variable and put the results into another variable
Import data command doesn't work with the Import project file properly
Database structure, establishing relations, noticed a two-ended arrow between
When Users log into database they do not get the custom menu
Error after installing "Need at least one Network Component"
How can I hide the margins in my 4D Write area display?
How can I automate downloading and parsing files from the Internet?
What is the default TCP/IP port number for 4D Server
Can I create a user with a compiled application?
Multiple instances of 4D Server
When I click the text area over the button, nothing happens.
Problem with the distribution of the plug-ins.
How to display the Field's type in as an Icon?
Unable to see the server from 4D Client.
Where can I find the Backup.hlp?
How to change the datafile without losing 4D Write template?
Is there a way to slim down the data form of a compiled & merged 4D Engine app?
An import into 4D of a CSV file
4D Server is running at 100% of CPU time.
Problem with 4D Open for Java
When I reopen method editor windows they don't retain their on screen position
Replace String command doesn't replace all string in some cases
4D Backup is launched when the structure file is double clicked.
How can I export data from FileMaker Pro 4 to my 4D Server database?
How come 4D for Oracle doesn't work with my merged app on different machines?
Problem using the Web Password
What is new in 4D for OCI?
Is there any documentation that talks about upgrading from 6.0 to 6.7?
Can not get SSL certificate to work with 4D
Unable to see the Server from the TCP Network Components Dialog
OP SINGLE QUERY command always return 0 record found
Is it possible to change the Logo and Title of the main window?
Need help generating expansion serial numbers
Is there any way to dynamically change the Tool Tips displayed by form objects?
outputing text in chinese language kit....How do I properly get it to display in
Compiled & Merged web serving database crashes when passed a long URL
Finding out whether the string of one object is a substring of another object
-10001, -10002 and -10030 errors with 2 developers accessing 4D Server
How to block the user from changing the field value on the fly?
My database worked fine under 6.7.5MC1 with Mac OS X, but it stalls under 6.7.5
How do I freeze the document?
The rest of the procedure is terminated if CREATE FOLDER returns an error.
4D Server complains that the data file cannot be found.
Corrupted .CMP file causes NUM command to return a wrong result.
No longer work after upgraded to 6.5.9
How to stop stored procedures on 4D Server in an orderly manner
Nimba worm seems to crash 4D Server in Contextual Mode under Windows 2000
Database stop working after it has been compiled.
Getting an Out of Memory Stack Space error pulling up multiple DISPLAY SELECTION
Unable to test the ODBC datasource.
How do I add the Reports menu to the custom environment?
Reinstalled Win on a 4D Client, getting a missing DLL message from 4D for Oracle
Can run a stored procedure in the MS SQL 2000
4D Tools and compacting. Does Compacting rebuild indexes?
What is the Number of Uses field in the password dialog?
How do I detect which key if a specific key is being pressed?
a form containing a subform crashes when a subrecord is double-clicked
How to an object at the bottom of the last page?
4D Server 6.5.5, Windows NT, CPU Utilization goes to 100% for 4D Server. Both co
How do I make my app machine specific?
TCP.OPT & ADSP.OPT files in the root of my hard drive instead of the ACI folder
Error -199 trying to open my database with 4D Server or 4D Tools under Windows
Save dialog box for the Quick report doesn't show up.
Can 4D serve a quicktime movie?
Summation of a Real field in Quick Report always returns 0.
-10002 errors on the clients
How do modify the Recent Used Server list in the Connect to 4D Server window
Problem with the memory settings on Windows 2000
4D ODBC for Macintosh, want to connect to MS SQL Server
Can 4D Draw open a JPEG?
Can 4D Backup work with a tape backup drive?
Can I encrypt the communications between 4D Server and 4D Client?
Unable to delete a record from one of the table
variable has not been explicitly declared errors trying to compile under 6.7
The licenses window doesn't have Add Serial Number button
Does 4D ODBC driver for 4D server prompt for a username and password
Where do the more choices entries save at?
I am trying locate the Fast CGI component?
After the SSL certificate is upgraded to 128 bits, SSL connection stops working
How can I most easily export all the data from my database and import into new
QUERY SELECTION returns an incomplete number of record.
Does 4D support a 1-character 'positional' wildcard?
How to change the size of the windows?
Incorrect display of the currency
How can I change the window size base on the form size?
The version of 4D client 4D Server is not the same.
How can I get the Fixed width and Fixed Height checkbox to display?
Problem spliting a blob
Remote client get a error that the record is locked by someone else
Has a picture field in a 4D write area, want to take that picture and store it o
4D Write 6.7.1 types significantly slower than version 6.0.6
Getting a -43 Error running a Stored Procedure
Getting error "index file is damage and cannot be used."
I can't tokenize anything
Launching a structure and getting the error "File not found"
Permission Error 5 trying to start 4D as Service under Windows 2000 Server
OP Count network components command always return 0
Can I use subform in the contextual web page?
How can I set up 4D server so it opens a specific database?
From Web
Will 4D 6.7.x work with Win 2003
scrollable list
Corrupted rsr file
When I execute a saved report on the client, it doesn't work
Unable to create a new form.
How to stop the popup list from automaticall getting a focus when loaded?
How to create a form inheritance?
Error in compiled mode
Web process error
Can the RESUME PROCESS command be used to resume the stored procedure?
4D Server quits while openning a compiled database.
copy document does not work
Can I use the command Old or Modified in the Trigger?
How to detemine which IP address that 4D Server will use to broadcast?
How to rescale the form size?
How to set the 4D timeout programmatically.
How to bring a modal window to the from within the same process
Error 10002 with FTP_GetDirList
The list for Standard Label codes in the label wizard is empty
How do I suppress the warning messages in the compiler window?
Bad behavior of window type 1984 in 4D v6.7.x
Error: Unknown Error when the compiled database is being built
Install maker problems on the PC
Is it possible to keep track of un successful login attempts?
From Web
Unable to send the PDF attachment through the Internet Command
Documentation for AP Read PIcture file
How to add the 4D Engine License into the system?
Design concept
How do I prevent a text object from being cut off when printing?
The standard menu action "User" is deactivated while in the custom mode
Command "Current machine" & "Current machine owner" don't work in merged DB
How can I use the ALERT command in ON ERR CALL with the trigger method?
With 4D Chart, how do I delete an object once it is created?
Redraw issue for all 4D application
Where can I find the 4DISAPI.DLL?
What setting takes precedence when it comes to allocating Main App Memory.
Are there any tech notes that describes security features/aspencts of 4D?
4D engine and 4D write
4D Client Web Extension License keeps timing out.
From Web
How to check if the datafile is being used by the other application?
How to update the variable on the form?
When trying to contact the soap server, I get a authentication required
The command Alert will not tokenize.
Does the 2Gb limit apply to the log file?
Where can I find the cerification matrix?
How to comment a block of highlighted code?
Is there a way to create a new field or modify a fields name in a program/method
When I compile with 6.8.3 compiler, it gives me an error
4D Backup problem
How to obtain the last 2 characters of the string?
How to create a new record procedurally?
How do I find out what is the type of the application is running/
How to replace a specific string in my data fields?
Need suggest on how to create a related table
Error -1 when attempting to use the ODBC driver
Problem reading text into the database.
Trigger does not add to set
Compiler cannot find the plug-in after I replace it with a newer version
How to make a user list modifiable
Unable to get the QUERY command to produce the result reliably.
External Area of 4D Write will not display an updated field value.
How do you put the 4d write area in read only mode?
Unable to discover a SOAP Method that was created
checksum in a record
What is the use of the CLOSE WINDOW command
How to convert the reference field to a static text?
Looking for an example of code for generic drag&drop between scrollable areas.
Is it possible to open a 6.7 datafile with 6.0.x structure?
Where do I install the plug-ins to my merged application?
How to end a store procedure from the Client side?
Trying to open a QuarkXpress document in 4D Draw
4D Client Windows is getting an alert (that database cannot run on Windows).
form hierachy list....form event single and double click
How to disable close box?
copy the clipboard into a variables or
Can 4D Server automatically recognize interprocess variable created on 4D Client
Getting a syntax error when trying to append several fields.
Error -199 Can't open the document
How to avoid getting stuck in the field that has Required List option turned on?
I am getting error (-42, Too many files open at the same time)
Unable to get the test datasource to work (error -10002)
Error: Database cannot be published
Unable to install the Network Component because I can't find TCP.OPT
Unable to get OP Find 4D Server to work
How to mark a message for deletion off the pop3 mail server?
How can I send and SSL page to the browser from 4D?
I cannot use the debugger in the "On web connection" Database method
Can't launch 4D Server because the log file is missing
I want to run 2 4D servers on the same machine.
runtime explorer
Error: File not found - Database can't be used
Which suffix mapping do I use for Quick Time movie?
Client/Server encrpytion under NT 4.0 SP6 not working. Gets -10002 errors.
4D Server sops responding after the application window is minimized.
error "This database has been made with a newer version of 4D"
Hierarchy list returns the wrong drop info when dragging from the first array.
which resources do I need to keep and which one can I get rid of?
From Web
Version 6.8 will not create a database
Several methods will not tokenized
4D write crashes 4D when it is in a plug-in area.
When I launch 4D Server, I get an error publishing the port.
Converting currency value to words.
4D Server crash when attempting to perform a query
Client time out setting from server is not working
I keep getting an error -10002 each time I tried to connect to it.
How do I disable the 4D password system?
Compiler is crashing on Windows XP.
Can you use 4D Backup with a standalone 4D database?
My test database is crashing when I am going to page 2.
Repairing 10 GB data file takes longer than 3 days
Getting error "This database cannot run on the PC"
4D Compiled keeps complaining that I cannot find 4d Write Plug-in
Clients not connecting to server
When printing in 4D Write I get an error on some printers.
Need help with the installation of the Network Components on PC
How can I send a message to all clients?
Question about the relation
I get an error "argument types are incompatible."
How many records can 4D 6.7.4 hold per table?
Installing Mac Plug-in on PC Server for Mac Client
How to add my own font into the Structure?
Error: Unable to publish or broadcast the database.
Command SENT HTML FILE doesn't return 0 when the sent file doesn't exist
get process variable not returning the correct value
How to make 4D Web Assistant to work in v6.8
Backup Mirroring doens't work properly
Is it possible to change the color of an individual bar in the bar chart?
What is the limit number or condition that can QUERY SELECTION can handle?
Problem opening a database
Using BLOBs in Transactions
4D Server 6.5 and NetLink
Can a 4D database be tied to a web site?
Pop-Up menus with more than 47 elements don't appear in Win95/98
Is 4D Backup still a separate application under v6?
How to run user interface testing
How can I improve the alignment of objects on web forms?
how to clear a picture
Getting message "The evaluation period has expired."
error -9939 plug-in method cannot be executed
Setting Page Margins under Windows NT
How to configure multiple port IDs
Can you upgrade a v1.5 DB to v6.5?
How to compute a variable line by line in a subform
How can I use OLE Tools with a compiled database?
How to automate installation of 4D clients on Windows
How to compute a variable in an output form
How can I send PDFs file as a fax attachment?
Empty data file after compaction
Default Record Missing Error
Multihoming Setup for 4D Server (multiple IP addresses)
Gets message "Please convert the database"
Expansion Serial licenses
Form editor very slow in 6.5.4 Mac OS
Do I need to type the button variables in my code.
4D Backup log file restoration error 202
Where is the conversion tool to convert to v6?
4D and webstar
Installation rejects number
Moving Mac database to Win
How can I get the 4D Server to automatically start up with the computer?
how to update another process in a database
PRINT RECORD triggering automatic relations in converted v3 database
OS9 Compatibility
EXECUTE ON CLIENT from Stored Procedure
Menu has stopped working in 6.5 database. Cannot select a menu item with a form
No Backup Module Installed / 4D Open Module requires Expansion #
Can I display the Query By Formula window procedurally?
What are the latest versions of Insider/Compiler/Transporter/Network Components?
clients crashing during startup
"Resource file cannot be created" error connecting client
Importing large amount of data
Change Access command doesn't seem to stay changed
Tech Support E-mail - Subtable Field Names
How to assign a background color to a button
How to display an Open File dialog box from 4D
What USB drives work with the Floppy Expansion disks?
4D Crashes when exporting variables in a form
When database started to be used in client/server, stack overflow error
Problems with 6.5.1 Structure under OS9
How to format fields using Mail-Merge documents
How to move an object 10 pixels at a time in the form editor?
Can you have the data part of the 4D app on a diff computer than user interface?
Installation rejects serial number
Looking for scheduling demo database
How to set the margin in 4D Write?
Does v6.7 support windows 2000 clients?
Installing v6 expansion serial number
Using ODBC to replace 4D Backend with MySQLServer
Transferring 1.5.4 servers to G4's before upgrading to 6.5
Privilege error with a method.
Where to get Transporter?
Automatic 4D WIldcard selection Dialog got Smaller in v6
Upgrading to 6.5.4 from 6.5.1
606 client does not see server after installing 6.5 on client machine
error: can not find plug-in command, do you want to localize another plug-in.
How to query for a date/reassign a date.
Customer call Back - Licensing errors with Compiler and Engine
Getting error: You are not allowed to convert this database.
I would like to import TIFF files. Is there a plug-in or command that I can use
Form design too large for users' monitor resolution
Installation rejects serial number.
No 4th Dimension install option in product installer
Inserting text (including Tab characters) into a 4D write area
Displaying a date that includes the century.
Query failing when comparing variable, succeeding with static text
Wants filemaker data to be replicated in 4D, what plug-in to use?
When using a blob to store a 4D Write field, how to replace WR picture to area
Is 4D cluster aware?
Doc bug Internet commands
Serving GIF/JPG/MOV's via HTML from 4D
How to display two records in the same input form.
Engine quits after being launched.
On the client machine one of the form is displaying an incorrect font size
backup log files are not being incremented
Database transported from a Mac to a PC now crashes when a record is modified
-50 error when running tools
4D Client ceased to see the two server databases.
Wants to upgrade from 3 to 6.5 server
How to get a check box to save on data change
Error: At least one network component need to be installed
How do I install the expansion license?
Just upgrade Server from 6.0.6 to 6.5.5 and now Clients can't connect
4DACTION not working 2nd time
Client crashes when try to connect to the server
When deleting a menu item through code, the method's order is messed up.
Can you know which data type is being used from the object props.
Trying to Recover by Tags, 4D Tools combines data file into a single segment?
Certified printer with 4D.
How to store VB scripts in a structure.
Order by formula executes on the client side.
Cannot access a server via ADSP on Windows NT Server
Error: At least one network component is needed
Need help with 4D Runtime Classic installation
Creating an ftp link on a html page
Client crashed and cannot open server from any client
Does 4D take advantage of a dual processor on an NT machine
Error: at least one network component is needed
How to use Open Web URL to open an emailer
Is there anyway that I can change the print setting procedurally?
How to get a boolean value across ODBC
How to allow a certain group of users to use 4D Write.
How to launch multiple instances of server on one machine.
What form event can I use with a check box?
How to set up a TCP connection for client/server
How to programmatically resize a picture in a 4D Write.
In the Custom environment, can I directly enter data into a List Form?
How to put a button in an output form.
Error: At least one network component is needed
4D Client receiving error -5 when trying to connect to 4D Server via ADSP
How to print a report on the browser?
New firewall, not able to get through to our ftp site
I want to capture data directly from the USB serial port
Customer wants to use clent/server on same machine to read data.
Save and load user groups.
Mac is hanging up on shutdown and Rescued Items contains 4D Write file
How to code a query for a contain
Can't reopen the saved database
Problem with records not being added to a set
RE: 4d Open Case Number 10
Converted database crashes on startup
Wrong use of Local and Process Sets
Error -9939 after compiling database using Internet Commands Plug-In
Upgrading to a new version of 4D & A4 Accounting
Variety of Error running newly Compiled Database
The "Current user " function is not working
4D Backup - Server quits
AreaList Pro 7.5 with 4D 6.5.2, crash upon updating contents of arrays
Client quits randomly
Can't compile and merge with Engine
How to count the records in each break level of a PRINT SELECTION report
Why isn't form page "active" after you change the page?
4D web users gettng out-of-stack-space error
Has to re-enter his license info every time he starts 4D v6.5.4
How to kill a web process that is hung up.
Progressive slowness with 4D Server 6.5.4. on G4
Compiler error - variable being retyped from Long Int to String
4D Client app locking upon -10001/-10002 error (Quit button doesn't work)
Alternate way to set Entry Order on form
4D Server process problem with GET PROCESS VARIABLE
Mail Transfer Agent using 4D Internet Commands
Per-Incident TS - Totals won't print out
Queries return duplicate records
How to use ACI Pack in a cross-platform database
Where are 4D Client manual connection settings stored?
Using the "Get Pointer" command to function with an array instead of a variable
How to change the default button on a CONFIRM from OK to CANCEL
Hierarchical List
Attempted to open structure with 6.5.1 in OS 9 and experienced a lockup
On sequence array does not seem to work the same in 6.5 server as 6.0 server
Need 4D 3.5.4 Key Disk
Questions about Printing
Server 605 moved to an OS9 machine (does not recognize licenses).
Error: The number of users has exceeded
4D Engine is not working with his serial numbers
Can you run Client and Server on the same computer?
4D automatically generating .sel files.
How to run 4D Server and 4D Client on the same machine (same database).
Cannot reinstall 4D
When two clients are connected, cannot connect with ODBC Server.
If a record is accessed by ODBC, is it a read only while being modified?
Upgrading to G4 for 4D Server 1.5.3
Query on date/time fields gives result but query selection gives 0 results.
Can't open a new database with 4D Runtime Classic
How to optimize the memory settings for a specific application.
PC client is not loading the entire form
How to implement a Web QUERY function in Non-Contextual Mode
how can I get the serial number for my 10 user expansion license
4D Engine license
How to limit the load of the index builder process
How to remove all the triggers for a database
Client /server connection is returning a -10002 error
Mac clients are giveing an out of memory message on query
How to limit the access to a plug-in programmatically.
Only in Compiled Mode, defaul home page - Browser returning Error -20008
Client/server was working yesterday and does not work today.
Creating custom help files
Import issue
Problems installing 4D Write & 4D Draw Plug-In onto Windows 4D Server
Database Crashes when AP_Sublaunch is called
Do you need to cache the whole data file?
How to give ordinary users access to Custom & User environments but not Design
4D Hangs after call to MODIFY SELECTION in converted 3.5 -> 6.5 database
On an all Mac network, having trouble getting a PC to keep TCP/IP operational
Is there any way to pass a variable in for use in the header of a Quick Report?
"Phantom" area within 4D Write area
Menu items tied to methods no longer work after upgrade
Viewing related records
How do you remove an old external that conflicts with a new one.
4D Insider: When connected through 4D Server local variables cannot be replaced
My database lockup when the command ORDER BY is executing.
Serial Barcode Scanner giving false reads
4D Write area is a variable area needs to be fixed area
CPU Utilization with 4D Server
Access privileges are scrambled when database is compiled
What is the purpose of a "Compiler" method?
Average count not working in output forms with break levels
Does 4D's built in import/export options also include subtables?
How do you use cookies with 4D web server?
Synchronization & Invalid Page Fault Errors
Error -9939, this plug-in can not be used.
Serial Number dialog for 4D Calc showing up in Converted v2.x database
After Copying, Pasting and then Saving a picture as a file it looks bad
NET_Ping creates a lock up on Windows
Unable to send e-mail to one person using SMTP_Send
OP Get Process Variable command failure
Clients are not being dropped from the server when logging out.
How to install 4D Server version 6.0.6 on a Mac G4 with a USB Floppy Drive
Problem with BLOBit sample database?
Show toolbar is off in database properties but still shows.
Multi-homing with 4D Server & 4D Client
Is there any way to change the data files programmatically?
Drag and Drop Button
Protecting a 4D Write Field
How to run two 4D Servers on one CPU and two 4D Clients per desktop
How to run multiple users of a compiled 4D application with different datafiles.
4D Engine Licensing
How do I assign a new user to the group?
How to call AP Sublaunch to open another 4D Database
Double copies of 4D Write merged docs after 6.0 to 6.5 Upgrade
How to get passwords to work on a web connection
Expression: hInstance != NULL Assertion Failed Error Message with NetLink and 4D
How to perform case sensitive searches through Lasso 4D
Indexing Text fields for use with Lasso 4D and WebSTAR
Using < in If statement when values are equal returns true value and executes If
Kernel32 DLL Page Fault Error when trying to add a record on an Output Form
How does locking records work?
How to set a timeout for the Web
4D Draw "DR Get text width" command crashes
Report formatting - how to layout a form to print multiple columns
Unable to back up (keep getting 103 errors)
Why can't Client and Server run on the same machine.
Compile/merge gives a -199 error.
Getting a not enough space in memory message when merging selections.
How to change a subtable into a related table
How to disconnect Client after 15 mins if there's no activity.
WebStar Crashes after recursive url is sent
How to set the CPU usage for 4D Server under Windows NT
Upgraded from 6.0.5 to 6.0.6, expansion disks are refused by 4D Server.
Questions about Users and Groups
What is the advantage of using 4D backup?
Primary has left the company and the Administrative password is lost.
Register as Service could not be done because of spaces
Looking for list of file types
How come the Open command is not showing in the method editor?
How do I set the size of the splashscreen window in custom menus?
Added a new iMac to network and it freezes or unexpectidly quits.
Spells Well has been dicontinued? Now what should I use?
When do you need to increase the Kernel memory setting?
Problem with pages dropping out of printouts.
Problem with having to restart server after a backup with retrospect.
Compiled with Engine 6.5: getting a 4D for Oracle license error.
PC client does not see the server on an iMac Indigo but the Mac clients do.
How to allow file downloads from 4D Web Server
AP Sublaunch command in ACI Pack
4D Oracle plug-in licensing
The form events On Load and On Unload do not work with my output forms
Background appearance.
Attempt to send packet to an open document then open in excel > sylk error.
Questions about upgrading from 4D Server v1.5 to v6.5
How to set up an ODBC connection from an Access client to 4D server
What generates the "Keep_Alive_Proc" on the server in some client connections?
4D compatibility with Windows 2000
How can a form include a background picture extracted from local disk?
4D Web Server seems to return wrong results to HTTP requests under heavy load
Can client/server be run across a Novell network?
Bitwise operations for CRC
How to connect a client to 4D Server through the Internet?
Problems compacting with 4D Tools.
Customizer Plus quits when I try to open 4D or 4D Server
NT server crashed and now getting -10002 errors
Can't save data after changing to new Mac Cube
QUERY on indexed field returning wrong results
Connecting to 4D Server from 4D Client across the Internet
How many 4D Client licenses are needed to support Lasso 4D under WebSTAR
Can multiple instances of server run on the same machine.
How do I add the serial number for 4D Calc
Done button needs to be clicked one more time than number of queries made.
How to control the Add Line Feed option in the EXPORT dialog programatically
On an NT server, CPU Usage reaches 100% and stays there for a prolonged period
Onscreen List Subtotals
How can a message be sent to a client while a transaction is running.
How to access Basic files on an HP9000 with 4D server on a Mac G4
Can't get Plug-ins to show up after installing 6.7 from the Product CD
Dragging and Dropping into 4D Draw
What plug-in should I use for cross platform client server.
On data change, not executed.
Can two clients located on the same machine access the same server?
Graphic on a form is clear on one platform but fuzzy when transported to other
4D Runtime explorer displaying loaded selection when selection is unloaded
DIALOG not drawn properly when called repeatedly
4D Write do not appear when I logon to the Server
Can 4D v2 run on Windows 95/98/NT
Lost serial numbers
Insider loses connection with the server after 5 to 10 minutes.
How to assign a name to a print job?
How to display objects from page 0 of a form.
Installing v3 on a G4
Computer freezes printing 4D Write 6.5 document to Brother MFC8600 USB printer
How to delete orphan records
WebStar Mail and 4D send commands
Cannot print to a disk file
Registering as a service: how to make sure one specific database is selected?
How to use ODBC to move data from an old database into an off the shelf program
Hiearchal list problems - no 'child' choices
I receive a real slow response when I ping my server machine
Won't take serial number
Pre-sales questions about upgrading to v6.7
Error: -2804 Plugin method cannot be executed
Selecting another printer other than the default printer
4D Write Picture field is not saved
How to install and use 4D Engine
WebStar Rebound!Assist:Could not contact Rebound!
When executing process on server, processing time drops for all Users.
connecting over the internet by typing a URL in the client
Mac4DX folder no being recognized
Line in the picture variable.
How to install 4D Server as a service in Windows NT
Using Perl CGI's with a 4D web application
4D Client "Attempt to read or write beyond EOF" for REX file connecting to DB
How to return a variable value to the client from a method running on server
Crashing and Wrong Results printing from Windows clients
unable to execute method from another method
Error: Stack is full. The method cannot be completed.
Open a Server database with the Insider.
4D Server will not accept the new TCP port number
"The 4D.EXE file is linked to missing export SHELL32.DLL:SHGetPathFromListW"
How do I by pass 4D Calc installer?
Customer wants to upgrade and wants to know how
How to install the ODBC driver on the Mac OS 4D server
How to delete Help menu items under Windows
How do I add a drawing Utility in the input form?
The compiler bombs without reasons
Accessing 4D datasource on a RAID-5 server with 3 4D servers
How to create a custom password dialog?
How to display a Popup/Dropdown List automatically?
How to get a record to display in read only when it is locked with modify record
Import command doesn't recognize the file name.
How to access Context ID number from inside a web process
How to create a popup menu for a text?
Finding duplicate fields in records with user specified logical permutations
How to read a picture into 4D?
How to programmatically print a report to a Word file.
How to send HTML body in an e-mail using Internet commands.
How to dereference a pointer?
4D client connecting through a dial up connection
Cancel action doesn't override the On Data Change event.
How to add Apple Event support to 4D?
How do you create a Database from an SQL Description File with 4D Insider?
Is there any side effects using the New Memory Allocation Scheme?
How to allow the web browser to connect to the database?
4D append menu bar when launching the second form.
poweroutage looses expansion clients
6.7.1 Delete Document command doesn't work the same.
How to install the new 4D 128-bit SSL Extension "4DSLI.DLL"
How to use ODBC Driver for 4D Server
HP LaserJet 2100M intermittent printing problems with 4D and Windows 98SE
Email Case# 1714(multiple servers on one machine)
How to set-up multiple instances of 4D Server?
ODBC Driver does not operate properly.
cache memory settings
Using Network Component 6.7.1 (tcp/ip) with Client/Server 6.5.8
OP Get Process Variable command doesn't work in the compiled database.
Can a scroll bar be assigned to a picture object?
How to set the Splash Screen size?
How to increase the performance of 4D Client of Terminal Server?
4D client is not recognizing the TCP network component
Engine install/licenses
Compiled merged application quits on startup
Downloaded Mac files won't decompress
How to start sequence numbers at values other than 1
4D 606r6 Hangs printing to Epson Stylus 740
Can the built-in List Editor be called from a Method?
Connecting from Mac to MS SQL Server 7
During Phase in converted v3 forms not Executing properly
Mouse Pointer Disappearing on Certain Layouts
Version/Upgrade questions for 3.5.4 and 6.0.6
Licensing: 6.0 & 6.5
Handling Window Sizes on Output/Input Layout Pairs
After converting v3.5 db to v6.0 form backgrounds are white
How to control access to an included layout's input form
Should a Tab control Frame the objects on a Form?
Is it possible to modify the Sunken appearance border?
Why doesn't List of tables doesn't appear in user mode?
Does typeahead work inside of Combo Boxes?
4D Server 6.5.4 on NT lost power, auto-shutdown & 1st db segment set to ReadOnly
Confused about number of client licenses displayed in Update License
Upgraded 4D Write areas now show a margin in picture preview mode
Options for 4D Backup
Gracefully shutting down 4D Server on Windows NT
Dual Mac Servers - Clients getting data from both?
Getting usernames and passwords passed in On Web Authentication
Output Layout Footer Buttons Key Shortcuts don't work after Print
Win Compiler Crashing while copying database structure
Converting 4D Write documents
Connecting 6.0&6.5 Clients on WinNT to 6.0&6.5 servers via TCP/IP
v6.5 Engine Import Problem
Upgrading a 4D 3.5 data file for use on 4D Server 6.0.2
Memory settings & 4D
Internet Commands FTP_Send
Can you use one machine to mirror two databases.
message: 4D chart can save document automatically in pic field "[tablename]varn
4D Clients 6.5.4 Mac & Windows intermittently quit.
4D Backup - Limits on what volumes you can mirror to?
What information is stored in the backup project file?
Is 4D Backup 6.5 the most recent version?
how do you move a window so you can see it.
record unlocking issue
what network components should be used with 606?
Unable to run database compiled and merged with engine
How can I use Imation's SuperDisk on G3 to install licenses?
How to display a large picture in a small field area so you can scroll the view
Recommended hardware for an installation of 4D Server
Problems with scrollbars
Styling of long popups changed in 4D v6.0.6 for Windows.
Insider Searches by Date fail if Show Century not selected in Mac OS
Bug with AppleEvents in v.6.5
Error 10075 on FTP_Send to specific server
Accessing 4D from Visual Basic 6
Running out of stack space error using the push command
How to install 4D Write expansion pack
Problem connecting to 4D Server with ODBC Driver
How to install expansion packs on a new server without floppy drive?
What are the size limitations on a 4D database?
Out of memory error when displaying a form
No unlimited license installed for 4D Write for engine
Window showing attached clients cuts off names
4D crashing when writing to tape using Optima Desktop
Problems with 4D Client getting disconnected from the network
Are there known problems running 4D v6.5.4
Where are 4D v6.5.x settings and licensing info stored?
Does Client / Server work over DSL?
Does 4D Backup create segments on its own?
Losing Client Licenses under 4D Server 6.0.6 on a G4
Running 1.5.4 client on Win NT 4 w/SP 6
Data file segmenting limits in v6.5
4D ODBC plug-in crashes 4D when query results in an error
How to remove one corrupted record, Windows 2000
4D Write v6.5 spellchecking problem
Memory settings on Macintosh
What is the port number for server 6.5?
How to make resizable form with tab and splitters
How does an outside web user connect to a 4D database?
ODBC Driver vs. 4D ODBC Plug-In
Backing up a running database, and various short questions
Sending email with Internet commands slowing server.
How do you make objects not enterable
Limitations on 4D Internet Commands SMTP_Bcc command
Error 59 Trying to pass 3 MB file from Client to Server using Execute on Server
Text Cursor not showing up after ADD RECORD initiated from floating pallette POS
How to get the index to rebuild after import
Ways to display pictures
Interprocess messaging
Getting errors -10001 and -10002
How to Disable Keyboard Shortcuts in a 4D Chart Area
Is there a way to generate a Picture Preview of a 4D Write Area?
Is there a way to generate a Picture Preview of a QuickReport?
How to keep the current setting in the debugger?
How do you access 4D server over DSL?
Accessing a database over the internet via 4D Open
v3 application locks up
How to get to the Design Environment without using menus.
Limiting the size of of data segments
How do you install 4D Backup?
What tech note describes how to set 4D Server to automatically restart?
Why don't keydocs (path documents) work on Windows PC?
Cannot get a structure developed in 6.0.6r8 to launch in 6.0.6r8
4D write is crashing with a "general program fault" when attempting to print
Files are being created in the 4D structure folder with .sel and .trs extensions
Keystroke to bring up v6.5 license entry dialog
Reinstalling 4D due to problem with automatic dial-up
Unable to see the server over the internet
How to make 4D more tolerant with TCP/IP
Can't run 4D Server v1.x through a firewall
What is your strategy on supporting the Windows 2000 OS?
How do you get 4D server to shut down as an NT service from a script.
"Unknown entry point requested by a Plug-In."
Corrupted structure file - list of forms
How can I find out the number of Clients that the Server allows to connect?
Trying to install 4D Client but the installer wouldn't take my Serial Number
Server Comparison: dual-cpu system or a faster single cpu system for 4D?
Will 4D Client work under NT Terminal Server?
Kernel32 error on Win 95 Machine w/ 64MB RAM when trying to print
Unable to create a resource cache file Error
What are the most recent versions of 4D
Can I run several copies of 4D Server on the same machine?
4D standalone keeps losing the license information on NT machine
How to set the Display Format of a Boolean field using STR# Resources
Error Type 2 running 4D Tools on Corrupted database
What can be done to make 4D execute a Recover by tags faster?
PDF file sent with Internet Commands Plug-In arrives corrupted
Customer application (compiled and merged) quits printing to HP w/Mac OS9.
How to set up a situation where deleting from a many to update parent
Can't get built-in help to work
When runnning 4D Server as a service and performing a shutdown of the service.
Tab objects are disappearing when structure is compiled
Received error -109
How to store a blob in a resource on the windows side
Is there a way to generate an On Load form event from an Object Method?
How to print a Quick Report without the printing dialog boxes
How can I submit a form in Non-Contextual mode and Return a Contextual result?
After modifying an HTML form submitted via a 4DACTION started getting an error
Y2K issues in v3.5 database
How to install the ODBC driver and configure it
Can't access 4D Write in a multi-user database
How to Auto-Initiate a File Transfer from a web page
How to handle an error inside of a Trigger
How to use resources to set Help messages
Stack Size settings via Customizer Plus (Case 2281)
Network Component Timeout Settings
Using 4D 3.2.6 on Mac OS 9 on a Mac G4
How to install help files on the Mac
4D Client crashed while connected to server across Internet
Explain the Scheduler section of "System settings" page in Database Properties
Using 4D Calc and 4D Draw on the web
When compiling a web server application get "error at line 0"
How many web users can 4D web server v6.5 handle?
How to stop client from timing out?
Customer noticed strange behavior in table, ran tools and found problems.
How to export comments for several methods.
Cannot enter serial number with version 6.5 CD.
How do you provide a way to display a 4D Calc area to any user and allow any use
Accessing records from another table inside a PRINT SELECTION report
Are there any limitations on locations for 4D Backup mirroring?
Where is the information about the 4D Backup increment number stored?
Wants to run 4D Client and 4D Server on the same machine
Where can I get the bug fix list for 6.0.6r8?
Can I run 4D Client 6.0.6r8 and 4D Server 6.0.6r7?
Problem using VARIABLE TO BLOB with SEND HTML BLOB in On Web connection
How to display the cursor always at the bottom of a text area.
Installed the client expansion number, but can only connect 2 clients
Server shows the expansion license accepted but only connects 2 clients
When about 15 clients log on the server gives an out of memory message
Can you add new records to a READ ONLY table?
Can you use 6.5 version of ACI Pack with a version 6 database?
Trying to connect to 4D server with 4D standalone.
Problems running 4D Client 1.5.4 under Mac OS 9
Can you save a 4D layout as an HTML page.
Limiting access to ODBC clients
Database works under Client-Server but gets memory errors in Standalone
Do Plug-Ins get copied into an application that has been merged with 4D Engine?
Line numbers on Development screens: an option?
Accessing 4D Stored Procedure via VBA
All 4D Clients getting -10001 errors "While request being sent to server"
What is error -9951?
How can I go into Contextual Mode and return the results of a QUERY?
How to install 4D Server 6.0 and update an old v1.5 database under Mac OS 9
Win NT Service issue
How to run 4D web on a win2000 server machine
Are the Internet Tools compatible with v3.5.4?
What are the maximum number of records per Subtable?
Why does 4D version 6.5 require so much more RAM than version 6.0?
How to limit browser access to 4D to a range of IP addresses (Realms)
4D Server is crashing on a new computer
installing client licenses on 4D server.
How do you procedurally create a hierarchical list?
Converting 4D v3 to v6 with plug-ins
Is client/server communication plain-text or some 4D proprietary format.
An attempt has been made to read or write beyond the end of the file
WR Save Document will not work with file type rtf
How do you get the day month and field values out of a date field?
At least one Network Component must be installed to run 4D Client
Query pulls up all records rather than those after 01/01/00
Can't get Web Photo Album demo database to work
How to create a window that always stays in front
How to open a resource file in a compiled version.
Having issues installing ODBC driver.
How to Reinstall the ODBC Driver for 4D Server
Folder created for new database, but new database is not created.
How to determine programmatically if a license for a 4D plug-in is available.
How do I connect to a 4D Server with 4D Open for 4D over TCP/IP?
4D Client's list of servers keeps changing with 4D Client 6.5.5 on Windows 2000
How to create a file under Windows with NO three letter extension
Creating a custom icon for a compiled and merged Windows 4D application
Entry Order tool with multi-page forms
How to save a user defined QUERY and then execute it later programmatically
"Set does not exist" error when referencing "LockedSet" after DELETE SELECTION
Database crashes when attempting to access user mode when merged with engine.
How to stop the Toolbar from showing up on 4D Client with Compiled database
How do you save a file as a jpeg in 4D?
Dialog says you haven't entered a basic registration code
Kernal32.dll error when attempting to open a database
Why won't print jobs from 4D print 2 sided?
Same line Item records show up in several users' invoice entry screens
How to use an enterable area in a list form so that users can search its content
4D Tools 655 trying to check structure and gives 'internal error -7'
Getting 'cannot write record out of available memory' with 2.2GB datafile
How to use OP Selection to array with Time Fields
Getting message "4D Server Application can only run compiled database"
Can the client be served through an application server.
How to save an array to a variable
Kernal32.dll error causing one client machine to crash
4D server lost client licenses and is now unusable.
Getting a -10002 error upon attempting to open client/server
Stange behaviour with the data file.
PC client won't let me connect to the database
How to I install my expansion pack through PC Anywhere connection?
What controls the memory settings in 4D on the Mac, the customizer or get info
How can you get a PC client to hook into an all Mac network
Printing problems on one machine
When switching between Design Mode and user mode 4D "hangs"
Values returned for a query are not consistent (indexed/not indexed).
How do I uninstall 4D?
Inconsistent query result.
How do you create and populate variables using a loop?
Is it possible to call an outside program from within 4th Dimension?
What is size difference of compiled app under 6.0 vs 6.5?
One specific field cannot be entered.
Pop up is not behaving the same in Windows as in the Mac
If we download 4D Client 6.5.6, do we have to use 4D Server 6.5.6 also?
With no one logged in, can 4D Server start automatically as service?
Why am I getting an error that 4D ODBC requires a serial number?
Do I have to change the name of my database structure under 4D Server to update?
Engine serial number not working
web server runs fine uncompiled, compiled, it has problems.
Can't view subform input form when subform is in a dialog form
What products are there for working with PDF files in 4D?
Unable to to "option F" on powerbook G3 with firewire
4D write prints double sided but cannot get it to print double sided from 4D
How do you find the headers of an outout form?
Optimizing CPU settings on the PC.
"Cannot find Plug-In command" compiling with ACI Pack 6.5
Client -server is fast on NT but slow on 95/98
4D Write documents stored in a BLOB field don't work right on a PC
Error: This method can't be used because record of [table] is in a form
Grouped arrays not no longer working after upgrade
How to drag a window in a pc environment when the window bar is off screen
Error -10501, what is it?
Does the "Fixed(Multiple Records)" option work with Subtables
Can you have 2 relations between tables?
When using it with 4D Server version 6.0.6, an error is generated
Placing AM/PM on a time field of a quick report.
Using 4D Backup mirror machine as a server
Problems after using SET FIELD TITLES
How do I manually type in the field that assciate with choice list?
Error -108
How to associate different menus with different pages on a tab form
What causes a network slowdown in client server
Used custom code to export data, but exported file doesn't have extension I want
Getting an extra form feed at the end of the print cycle on HP 4500
Bad indices: How can we fix them?
Clicking on the Submit button saving multiple copies of same record
Tech Note about terminal server and Cytrex
How to connect to server across modem
Running 4D Tools, Recover by Tags, after 3 hours it crashes with Type 11 error.
4D Insider: How to retain same table numbers when copying a structure's tables
Testing ODBC Driver connection, getting "Option for 4D Open Connections is OFF"
Getting an unusual amount of -10,001 errors in 4D Client
Error -2804 "The database cannot be used."
Is 4D certified for use on Windows 2000?
Getting a type 3 error when web serving a compiled version
When moving a table 4D Insider does not copy the child objects
Is the subtable data type compliant with ODBC?
How to launch 4D server automatically
How to distribute new structure file without overwriting custom password system
Upgrading 4D Server from 1.5.4 to 6.0.6, cannot see Server from 4D Clients
Is it OK to run other processes on the 4D Server machine?
How to install 4D client on a windows machine
4D Client freezes after login.
4D on a multiproccessor machine.
How to download files to 4D Client machines using the Mac4DX and Win4DX folders
How to move a data file from the pc to the mac for viewing.
How to add a field to the database.
Entering incorrect password on web browser, resulting in blank screen.
Date operation on 00/00/00 gives a wrong result.
How to share information between 4D and another application under Windows
"your attempt to connect has been denied, error -12, the db can not be used"
How to print Check Box variables on Output Forms
Debugger showing wrong boolean value
"You must have at least one network component installed" error
Database crashes when record modifications are saved.
Formatting US dates to European dates
How to do a print selection from a browser using 4D sever as web server
Checkmark changes to 2 from windows to mac
Is 4D v6.0.6 compatible with Windows 2000?
Are 4D Server and 4D Client 6.5.4 free upgrades to v6.5.1?
How to set up 4D to work on Token Ring.
How to make an ODBC connection when 4D password is activated on server
Customer has database that was converted to 6.7 and can't open old version now
Export is giving an error array cannot be modified in a compiled database
What Port numbers are used by 4D Server?
I cannot get 4D compiler 6.5.3 (WIN) to run without a serious lockup of my PC
How to play a sound stored in a resource on a Mac client on a PC
End of file with the receive packet command
Migrating from Lasso FMP to Lasso 4D: Recommended resources
Trying to do a full backup "Backup Failed - Err ID 103"
How to install 4D server client expansions on a G4 Mac
How to share variables between copies of 4D using 4D Open for 4D
What resources are containd in the .4DR file?
Does a transaction effect logging into a database?
Strange colors showing up on Windows ME 4D Client machines
Included forms scroll too fast
Merged application sent to customer in New Zealand is bringing up blank calendar
How many licenses does 4D Server come with in version 6.5?
Reimporting users: they do not get reimported.
4D for Oracle License does not translate into merged application.
How do I eliminate a table that I don't need?
How to trigger a form method from another process
How can a client switch back and forth between network components.
Problem with grouped scrollable areas after upgrading from version 6 to 6.5
One particular 4D Client machine gets a corrupted form
How do I spell check text field?
How to get a header to print on the first page
Out of memory error locked up system, now cannot open structure w/4D Tools even
My license would not install plug-ins.
Copying picture to a picture filed is losing resolution
Win 2000 terminal server client is asking for network components.
Can't find Chapter 15 on Binding in 4D Draw Reference Manual
Configuring port IDs to run two 4D Servers on the same machine
How can you get scroll bars on large picture fields?
Where can I get more information about the MenuTools plug-in?
Upgraded from v6.5 to v7.0 of SQL Server and now cannot get a connection
4D Draw area turns up as a button
Where do you install the ODBC plug-in
Error trying to handle multiple incoming requests with TCP_Listen command
Query button in the query editor is no longer enabled
How to create a pop-up palette to select patterns from in 4D Draw
On Err Call is not trapping an error.
I'm getting a form "cannot be loaded message" from 4D Client
Why are the frame and break lines in quick reports dashed rather than solid?
Problems entering a value over 31 character.
How to access image files stored on a central server from 4D Client
Coverted database won't save in the compiled database.
How to get DISPLAY SELECTION to show a single record in Input Form
Under Win 2000, the database is not launching as a service
SMTP_QuickSend works with standalone but not Client/Server
Upgraded to 4D 6.7, not recognizing the 4D Write Plug-in when compiling DB
Using FTP_GetDirList gives an error 10002, invalid array type
What is the keyboard shortcut for adding new subrecords to a subform in Windows?
Problems with Web assistant.
How to programatically determine if a field is empty or not.
IMPORT TEXT command with Form not importing records
Runtime error occured...
Exporting data from 4D
How to print a report for number of invoices per customer per year with address
Is there a way to get all of the Tech Tips in one download like the Tech Notes?
How can I export the data the file with the selected output layout?
Trouble installing the client software on a windows platform
Two browsers acting as one when connected to 4D server
How to best create customer constants in client server
4D backup mirroring not working.
Password table keeps getting corrupted
Automatically quitting 4D Server with Okee Dokee or Applescript
Version 6.7 not showing proper serial numbers
Can I call 4D Write command to perform a task in the Write area?
Can a variable be placed in the header or footer of a quick report?
Problem with background color.
4D Draw background redraw problem
Compiled and merged app displaying a dialog box for 4D Write serial number
How can I change the field icon to a letter?
How to make sure a TCP/IP connection is available for Internet Commands
transferring methods form one db to another not working
Getting -9939 error in compiled database using 4D Internet Commands plug-in
Changing platform expansion licensing issues
Attempt to compile with Web Assistant component fails
6.7 not compatible with Win95(TSI 1575)
Email case 1593.
Problem with SMTP_Quicksend not working compiled
The Edit menu disappears.
Opening an external from within 4D
choice list problems
v6.5 compatible with Windows 2000
How do you keep the popup menu to stay open with the Post Click command?
How to save a modified image to the disk?
What is the correct way to upgrade a client on Windows.
How to reopen a file without closing it first?
How to change the background image in the structure window?
How do I trap the IP address from the client's IP?
How do I add the Serial Number for 4D Calc?
problem launching compiled & merged application more than once
How to install a 4D Runtime application from CD-ROM
How to convert 6.0 Mac database to 6.7 PC database.
Deleted records appear after Recovery By Tag is performed.
System Error 126 trying to use ODBC Driver for 4D Server
Error: Resource Cache file cannot be created.
Is 4D Write Unlimited license the same as 4D Write expansion license?
Adjusting the CPU Utilization for 4D Client
Can I design a form that has both vertical and horizontal objects?
Backup works first time but does not clear backup log after that
Is 4D 6.5.4 compatible with Mac OS 9.1?
Error: 1 Plugin method cannot be executed.
How come my compiled database doesn't work with 4D Runtime?
Question about accessing previledge.
Where does the ODBC Driver for 4D Server need to be installed.
Resource cache file cannot be created.
Structure file command under Windows
The Back window doesn't redraw
How to enter control or command codes from a bar code reader
Would 4D Client recognize the database if I change the name?
ODBC This data source contains no visible tables.
4D Server uses 100% of CPU time.
Fonts enlarged on forms when opened in 4D 6.7.1
Corrupted structure after upgraded to 6.7
Is 4DClient v6.5.6 compatible with MacOS 9.1?
How to use a Password font on a 4D form so that typed characters do not appear
Problem with Client and Server connection over the Internet.
How to keep 4D Server running with ot without having to login?
Goto area behaviour
How do I Import or Export records that contains picture field?
How to make 4D Server automatically launch a specific database.
How to display the total value based on the records in selection in the Listform
Where can I download 4D Pack?
Deployment issue
How to implement the equivalent of show subset in custom menus.
Compiler displaying several warning when the DB is merging with Engine.
Printing a 450K JPEG on a 4D Form blows up spool file to 80MB and takes 6 mins
Crash after there is no activity for 30 secs
As the Database grows in size, the proformace drops.
4D Client loosing connection when it is the background application.
When click on the close box, 4d goes to the user environment.
How to convert Mac database to PC
Installation of 4D Client 6.5.6 under Windows
4D ODBC client on a Mac connecting to Windows 2000 SQL Server
Error An attempt to read or write beyond the end of file.
How to use auto-numbering
White rectangle flashes on screen when CT Area to picture command is called
The Other button is deactivated in the network components screen
4D Server crashing when someone logs in
Error: 10001 and 10002 when trying to login to the ORACLE Server
How to print a variable sized Scrollable Area with PRINT SELECTION
Font problem when connecting from a Client.
Problem with a manual relation
Can I move Forms and Objects from 6.7 database to 6.5 database?
Command Create document doesn't work on Windows.
Is it possible to choose where the label editor's window opens?
how can i find a file size of image pasted on the "image field".
How does the Folder List command work?
How to implement a scheduled full backup of a database running on 4D Server.
From Web
Copy Array command doesn't work properly with a scrollable area.
From Web(4D Plug-in licenses for 4D Server)
4D ODBC timing out after one hour
Where should the Network Components be installed?
Problem with a query performed in the On Exit database method
Error: Resource Cache file cannot be created.
4D Server application not running after running it through OEM Maker
Do I need to have a Web License if 4D is serving as a backend to MSIIS?
What is the maximum number of client connection to one Server?
Where can I find information on converting an FMP database into a 4D DB
any way to use 'drag and drop' commands to select and move more than one item
4D Tools structure check "Internal Error -7: Allocation Map Damaged"
Can't find the term execution cycle in 6.5 Lang Ref Manual.
Web form didn't display correctly after converted from v6 to v6.5.
6.7.1 Network component on Win2000 corrects problems w/ 4DOpen
4D Transporter refuses to transport a data file.
Getting error that database cannot run on the Mac when connecting.
Hide/Show Process command behaves differently in v6.7.1.
How to import a picture in 4D.
How to installed PC plug-in into Mac Server from the Partner CD.
Syntax error when exectuing the command SP REPORT
Problem with Object redraw.
Do the 6.5 Network Components work with v6.0
I can't get the ODBC Driver for 4D Server to work on Win2000
Can I use On Err Call to prevent range checking errors from displaying a dialog
Placed a 4D Write Plug-in Area on an Input form, won't save record automatically
Java Script doesn't appear to work when the page is send out by 4D Server.
Trouble seeing 4D Server to connect to in 4D Client dialog via TCP/IP
Where to add the Web Extension License
Is it ever OK to change the current record inside of a Trigger?
How to set the memory on a Windows.
When doing a RELATE ONE with a wildcard display is not the same on Mac and Win
How do I obtain the "From" address from an email?
4D Server doesn't accept 4D Write License.
How do I install the System 7 Pack plug-in?
How to connect to a 4D Server with a customized Port Number in the TCP.OPT file
Using Set channel slows down the machine
How to adjust the Cache memory for 4D Server 6.7.1?
Is it possible to assign stylesheet to objects programmatically?
Is it possible to build your own platform specific interface elements (widgets)?
Serical number is invalid
4D starts and grabs a huge amount of memory.
Problem with the picture library.
Need serial number for beta version of 4D Server 6.7.x for Mac OS X
What kind of machine should I buy to web serve with 4D?
How to change the form size?
What is the error code 10030?
From Web (How can I upload files greater than 2 MB)
Hidden Modal window blocks keystrokes to the visible window within process
If a Modal window is open in the frontmost process, it blocks floating palettes
Making the flush buffer window the front most window?
Accessing a 4D web server running under runtime classicm via a Browser
Type 2 Window is now Modal application-wide
Pop-up/Drop-down List always returns value of last selected item when activated
Font changes to a tiny unreadable font for values in Object Property list
Does 4D take advantage of a Dual Processor
Should I setup a 4D Client-Server system or a Web browser-http based system?
Want to save a Write area as an RTF document programatically but it doesn't work
How do I request 4D form through WebSTAR?
Cannot enter expansion license
ODBC timing out after an hour
How to import pictures into 4D.
The tab created by choice list do not show the tab.
Can 4D Server run on MAC OS Server?
Error -5 trying to open v3 database in v6.5
Problem with preventing users from resizing a window.
Does too many Passwords and Groups have an effect on performance?
How to dial the phone using a modem from inside 4th Dimension
What is the port number I need to open, when connecting through the Web
Error -48 when attempting to move a document.
What does the "Auto Spellcheck" option in the Entry Control section exactly do?
Why can't I print from the Server?
Which approach should I take to create a page group of the selection?
Server quits immediately after it displayed the 4D logo.
upgrading your database from v3.5 to v6.5
Want to use a Hierarchical Pop-up Menu to fill a value into a field.
How do I convert v3.5.4 Mac to 6.7 Windows database?
Error -10002 on Client when performing a scheduled backup.
Error "The 4D Insider and 4D Server version do not match".
How to prevent the end user from accessing the User Environment?
Slow initialization at the startup.
Error -2: database cannot be opened.
Error after moving and upgrading 4D 3.5.3 database to a Windows 2000 and 4D 6.7
How to save 4D Write document into a blob field with the SAVE RECORD command?
How to set-up two servers on the same machine
HTML file will not be displayed unless I trace my code in the Debugger.
Problem with GOTO AREA
Memory error on the Server.
When I double-click on 4D Runtime Classic I no longer see my database listed
How to print a report with PRINT SELECTION
4D does not accept my serial number
How come On Web Connection isn't running for some html pages?
Can I run two copies of 4th Dimension and web serve from both of them?
MAXLONG as endpoint of for loop doesn't work, loop =
4D Server on Windows missing Network Componet
Can 4D access ActiveX or COM objects under Windows?
Citrix MetaFrame with 4D Client, having trouble with needing to triple click
How to duplicate a record?
How to make a subform in the dialog selectable?
Error reading past end of file trying to upgrade from 3.5.3 to 6.7.1
Trouble upgrading from 6.0.6 to 6.7.1 with externals installed in Proc.Ext file
Data entry through subform
How to accumulate a value in the header of a list form
How do I check whether 4D Server is up or down?
4D Write 6.5, how to select a programatically inserted picture for resizing?
Used CookieMonster 4D to generate cookie ID's, [WebVisitors] running out of IDs
How to limit how far a splitter can go inside a form window
Trouble getting 4D Write expansion license to work with 4D Server 6.7.0
Dialog is opened in a Modal window and in version 6.7 loses the focus
You need at least one Network Component installed to run 4D Server
Using SEND and RECEIVE PACKET to import tab delimited text on Mac vs PC
The Method Editor font will not reset itself to the new one.
IMPORT TEXT command won't recognize the file I'm trying to import
How to specify a certain group of users to have access to 4D Draw?
Is there an easy way to get a list of users currently logged into 4D Server?
Associating a menu bar in v6.5 and 6.7
Out of memory when trying to load 4D Write document with picture.
Error: You need at least one Network Component
Error -5
In the Relations property dialogue, deletion control buttons are dimmed
How do I properly "end" a process? I noticed that aborted process stay in list
4D client quits on a display selection
can I make a subform enterable programmatically?
If I want someone to use my project on Windows, can I simply copy file structure
Getting the error -9986 when trying to delete a record.
Crashes with error type 1 and 2 when the form is opening
email codes in 4D
Transport give me an error when I try to transport my database.
pdf writer w/4D....print a record to pdf....
How to trap an error generated by 4D for Oracle?
Where is PDF version of the 4D Server reference manual?
What is the URL to access PDM's MonkeyWerks searchable mailing list archive?
Printing a 50 page 4D Draw document, it is coming out as 50 separate print jobs
When I updated from 4D version 6.7.1 to 6.7.2 I started getting privelidge error
How do I allow 2 4D Servers to talk to each other?
automatic relations
How do I select another Ora.dll file
How to get a text value from the Text Object inn 4D Chart?
Non enterable object on top of three of the objects is preventing clicking
Getting error -9947
Problem with the radio button
Timeout error starting 4D Server as an NT service automatically
on pc....adjusting margins are not reflected. They revert to the defaults.
How do I get my expansion serial numbers for 4D Server client users?
How to initiate a password challenge for odbc driver for 4D server?
How can I customize my compiled & merged applications icon?
How to create and user picture button with 2 frames?
how to put leading spaces in front of a string
using get form variables. getting junk one of the submitted values
Database locks up after call to START TRANSACTION in Invoice table
What is the different between 4D Runtime and 4D Runtime Classic?
Can the command PLATFORM PROPERTIES detect Windows ME?
4D for Oracle keeps giving me an error message at the startup
Trying to use TCP_ReceiveBLOB command from Internet Commands Plug-in
SEND HTML BLOB with 3MB BLOB doesn't work under 6.7 but it did under 6.5
Possible lagacy resource in the structure.
4D Server v1.0.2 crashes on startup every time
4D Server cannot startup as a service - default printer requires.
After upgraded from 6.0 to 6.7 PRINT RECORD command no longer works.
Picture imported into the picture library doesn't display correctly.
Date command is not reconized by 4D
Converted from v6 to 6.7 and some object methods are executing automatically.
4D Server is using 10% of CPU when there is no user logged on.
How to add a 4D engine license?
How to display all related record after adding a new new record?
What files does 4D Client access outside of the \Windows\4D folder?
Does the command "Is new record" work with the included form
How to prevent the user from entering and saving the null date?
Error: This application has performed an illegal operation.
Error "Blob cannot be created" when trying to generate encryption keypair.
Backup inteval increases after the machine clock has changed.
How to change the icon displaying in the Web output form?
4D Server reports "No plugin module installed" when I have the plugin
Web request after the timeout crashes 4D.
Error: Not enough stack space to complete the current method.
The form size will not change when click on the zoom box.
How to get around the way window type 1 and 720 work?
Transporting a multi segment database.
From Web
How to automate the creation of a Chart.
Does the behavior of the popup dropdown list change in 6.7?
Serial number does not work.
What does the "proper access privileges" mean?
Allocation map damaged.
How to pre-order the selection when the form is loaded?
Why do I still have 4D help after I compiled and merged my database?
Get an internal error (-194) when I ran 4D tools.
Order by and triggers
How do I keep the move the more choices entry to the new Client machine?
When printing a record with a subform in it, detail area repeats every page.
How to send multiple part e-mails: what is the correct SMTP syntax
How to run multiple instances of 4D Server on the same machine?
How to get rid of the Line Feed character in the text?
How to set 4D up as a backend to the WebServer?
trying to get the path to a document
Can I create a set on th eserver from the client?
Trace not working on the server when the process is initiated by 4D Link
WebSTAR mail with multiple hosts
From Web
Unable to multiply 2 longint number together.
Error -1 when installing the ODBC driver for 4D Server.
Unable to launched a compiled and merged database.
Need help installing the Client expansion serial number
compile and merge-4d write...overseas
Is it possible to delete a list procedurally?
4D Chart background color.
Window type.
How do I select the detail form for a subform
Sorting is actually Case sensitive.
Selection in an output form. highligh
Problem with ftp _login
Error when calling the method from the Web in the Compiled database
How to clear the content within a picture variable?
Getting error "A record of global is in the form" cannot print form
How can I get started with non-contextual Web serving.
If the user selects print preview, is it possible to retrieve that info.
Attempting to use 4D Backup, and it tells it is not installed.
Can I change the name that appears in the taskbar for 4D Server.
How to install the Netowork Components in the PC?
How to relocate an array element?
I get message "No backup module is installed" when I try to do a full backup.
From Web
Insider asking for a serial number when I install it on the PC.
-10002 error with 4D Open for 4D
Upgrading 4D Server machine to Windows 2000, is it compatible?
SMTP_QuickSend Not sending through the mail server. Getting the error 551
"You need at least one network component " Error when running as services
Does JRun handle JSP?
How to force a new template to an existing record?
Can't find the plug-in when trying to compile.
How to abort the Backup Process that is triggered by the Backup Scheduler?
How to populate a distinct value drop-down list
How to delete the prefix and postfix space character in a string?
What are the text justification codes for the 4D Draws "DR Set Text Attributes"
How to deselect all selected items in the scrollable areas that are grouped
Where are list created by the list editor stored?
WR insert styled text does not insert text.
What is the version of 4D Client that I should use on XP?
Mail problems
How come when I log into the database, I'm not prompted with a password dialog?
How to force combo box to select a default value?
Why can't I drag and drop a form into a form to create a subform?
Unable to reinstall 4D Engine Serial number.
Error: Resource Cache File cannot be created under OS X
How do I add a picture as a background for the print form?
Programmatically control Query Editor, Order by and Label Editor window
Is there a way to detect what 4D Version you are on?
I cannot send with SMTP_QuickSend
How can you reset a picture variable to 0kb?
4D does not accept my serial number
Upgraded from 6.5.8 to 6.7.3 and 4D Server 6.7.3 is crashing
Tab disappears when going into the input layout and back to the output form.
how to have my 4D application call a method or service from another app?
Need help with a design of a quick report
How to get 4d to open a web url
Where is the license agreement for 2003?
Can you create a mac database and use it on windows?
The command PRINTER LIST returns 0 array when executed from 4D Client.
How to procedurally switch from the Custom menu mode to the User mode?
FTP login problem
Can I create a Realm to trap a match string for 4DLINK connection?
I'm getting a Runtime error from a web form.
I installed 4D Engine license but engine doesn't find it.
How to replace two carriage return with one.
How do I assign a help file to my database?
Resource cache cannot be created under OSX
Error: database cannot be published
Vertical concatenation when printing labels
How to utilize plug-ins
Is 4D v6 compatible with Mac OS 9?
Is 4D AppleScriptable?
How can I find out the number of a table?
How to create a compiled & merged 3.5.4 database on Windows
Upgrading compiled DB
How do I find out about which of the Serial number I've entered in?
How do I restore a backup independently from the server?
Will he have problems converting from Mac 606 to Windows 606?
6.5.5 engine not working
Y2K problems in 4D First
Using 4D Runtime
4D v6.0.6 Mac OS 9 compatibility
Would 4D Back up create a full back up everytime or just an update?
What is the best way for a Foxpro DB to access 4D?
Does/will 4D support unicode? if not, when?
Client & Server on the same machine.
How do you setup 4D Server?
Upgrading from v3 to v6.5
Intermittent problem connecting to 4D Server, -9939 Error
Where is the documentation for 4D Runtime?
setting password font
How do you add support for SSL for 6.5 vesion of 4D?
Licensing lost after upgrading System - Mac OS 9
Error when printing
Is it possible to delete a field or a table?
What other network protocols can they use beside TCP?
What products should you buy to develop a compiled multi-user database?
Where should you put the SET DEFAULT CENTURY?
How to install expansion pack if your floppy drive is broken?
4D Client install rejects ID number
Serial number rejected when installing 4D Server
Can I use the 4D Internet Extension with 4D standalone?
How can he intercept a Print Merge in 4D Write
How do you select the output form for a subform area?
How to install Network Components on Mac
ODBC Driver for 4D Server v6
v3.5.4 and Y2K
SEND HTML FILE with 4DVAR comments that are not being processed by 4D
Lost Server Client Licenses
Will combining dual 4D Server structures improve performance on 1 CPU?
Problem entering a serial number
Can I run 4D Server 1.5 on new Macs?
How can you open GIF or JPEG files?
List modifiable attribute
How to delete a table
Can't connect client to server
Database quits as sson as started under 4D Runtime Classic.
On Server Startup method doesn't seem to be working
Unexplained '-' character in a field
License for 4D Engine
Do you need a new version of client after installing Server 6.5?
Lost entry order after moving forms with Insider
What is the ASCII code for a "soft return"?
Trying to run 651 on G4 Server & iMac client (both OS 9)
Do we support Unicode in the database?
An object can't be edited on a form
Why is the server showing just one license?
Where is the documentation about radio buttons?
Some users cannot see a subform
Does the 4D data file self-expand to accomodate new records?
Where is the 4D Design reference manual?
Where can you find documentation for customerizer plus 6.5
Date command not being recognized
Trying to reinstall v6.5, it rejects his ID number.
Can you install 4D Server v6 & v6.5 when an earlier version is on the machine?
Trying to use 4D on Arabic version of Windows
Invalid page faoult error in kernal32.dll
How can you get the coordinates of an object?
Can't copy UserSet into a local set on 4D Client
Where do you set the min and max number of 6.5 web processes?
Installing Expansion Packs
What version of 4D is compatible with OS 9?
Is 4D Server 6.0.6 compatible with Mac OS 9?
How to intercept MDI window close box
Problem Entering Serial number
Is 6.0.6 is Mac OS 9 compatible and are there any issues in upgrading 6.0.6?
Where is documentation on WML
Can 4D Runtime be networked?
How to use ODBC driver
Can't find the 4D application following installation
Does 4D 605 run under OS 9?
How can you migrate a 4D database to a SQL database such as Access?
Can you programatically set the titles in a subform?
Error: At least one Network Components is needed
Y2K issue
Getting AP Sublaunch to work on windows
Can you run 4D Server 1.5.4 on a G4?
client upgraded to 606r8, need to upgrade server too
How can you hide the tool bars in a 4D Write 6.5 area?
Where can I download the latest ACI Pack
How do I install 4D Calc (v6) License?
How do you convert a database so it will run with 4D Runtime?
Printing Blank Pages after v3->v6 Upgrade
Needs help generating IEL serial number
Problem setting colors in the Method editor
How do you use an Imagewriter with an iMac?
What steps need to be taken to convert a db from v3 Mac to v6.5 Win
4D Compiler 6.5.1 crashing during copying layouts phase
Client getting a Kernal32.dll error when connecting
Where is the documentation?
Is 4D 3.5 compatable with Mac OS 9?
How can you open a URL through a 4D command line.
How to switch printer trays?
PostScript VMError when printing layouts with large pictures
Cannot get data from a specific table using ODBC
Licensing 4D Server for Web access via ODBC Driver thru IIS
What is most stable version of 6.5?
Message "You need to convert this database" on one client
Can you use an English/International Compiler with German version of Engine?
Installing 4D SQL
Can the license he purchased for 4D Server Mac be used on Windows NT?
Getting invalid serial number error
Are the actions of Trigger initiated within a Transaction considered part of it?
What version of 6.0.6 must be used for Mac OS 9 compatibility?
Bad font used in Expansion Serial Number
Are forms and methods stored in the structure?
In a quick report, how do you remove 'Page Break' from a break?
Using TCP/IP instead of ADSP with Mac Server & Clients
Working with drop down lists, returning a value
How to hide ACI copyright information at top of About Box
Does server run on a multiprocessor platform and does it run in UNIX?
How can you disable the keystroke that opens User Environment?
Why can windows clients, see 6.x or 6.5.x servers
How to add a field in a format.
Upgrading to v6.5
How to use AP Sublaunch to open a PDF file without specifying Adobe
Not receiving pop-up selected item back from browser
How can you highlight an item in a scrollable array?
How to install the demo version of 4D
Where are the discover 4D sample files ?
Can't get the CLOSE WINDOW command to work
Getting expansion serial numbers
"This field is not indexed" Error
How to get the "Enter in List" feature in the Custom Menus environment
How to keep from having to swap different versions of Windows NCs
will 4D Client automatically see multiple servers on same computer?
just upgraded db to 6.5, now macs cannot access server
Does the "set table title" command need to be used with "set field title"?
What products to purchase to develop a database for someone
Have to re-enter expansion pack licenses each time Server is started
Is there a compatibility problem between 4D Server /Client 153, and Mac OS 8.6?
Can a version 6 server use a 1.5 server 4D Write license?
Mac OS 9 compatibility
Are there any big hurdles I should expect in converting from 4D v3.5 to v6.5?
Upgrading an old database
4D Backup: why do I get message saying the backup module isn't installed
How to Import data from Text files into 4D v6
One table data not saved with Many record
When do you need to split the datafile?
Do lists have a limit for the number of charaters?
Does SET VISIBLE command work the same on Windows as on Mac.
Unable to access database properties
On Windows, how do you get the application close box to work?
6.5 Server says it has 1 license but really has 2
Why does a terminated process still show in Runtime Explorer?
What are the minimal requirements to run ODBC Driver for 4D Server?
The first segment of the data file has reached 2 Gb
How to lower the system (on NT) load with 4D Server
Exporting text: EXPORT command does not work.
v6.5 Installation
What do I have to do to install the help files so they work?
Where do I install the Network Components (NC's) on a PC?
How to prevent 4D from dialing up the Internet
Serial number rejected during installation.
Importing a DBF file.
How does 4D know which data file to open
Getting the http header information
How do you get a string to always display a date which includes the century?
How to get value out of Drop-Down list via Web
Removing v6.5 licenses
Installing 4D Write plug-in for cross-platform use
Copying methods and forms
Problem with segmenting data file
Password for the "Summit Membership" database on the 1999 Summit CD?
Serial number rejecting when trying to install 4D Client
Looking for "4D External Mover"
How many clients can connect to server?
How can you limit use of the same username & password to one user?
Getting error message saying the database is damaged when upgrading a database
error message in the backup scheduler
How do you unfragment the memory programmatically?
Which Windows service packs are required?
Keeps getting asked to enter license numbers on Windows 98
Check box does not update in an output form.
Is it better to run 4D software on Mac OS 8.6 or OS 9?
How to reset the Print preview.
How do you download files with 4D Web Server?
Copying resources to client machine creates a gigantic file
Cannot load 4D v3.5 or v6.0.5 on my iBook
Does doing web sharing with 4D Server increase the server requirements?
Is 4D Write v6.5 unstable?
Is there a way that you could write information to a SQL database from 4D?
GPF errors on Windows 95
Can't open database on Mac OS 9 client machine
Is there any way to replace / update a 4D Structure running under 4D Server?
Date import is not working
How do you initiate the syntax help in the edit method window
Can't create a new database
Changing printers inside 4D
Automatic dial up connection.
questions on selection to array and array to selection
Is there any way to run version 3 on a G4 Mac with OS 9
Trying to move objects on a form when printing
What's needed to run 4D Server with 4D Draw
After updating the expansion licenses additonal clients cannot log in
Prototyping with 4D demo version
6.0.5 database will not open with OS9
How do I install my 4D backup on the Server
What is the preferred syntax for specifying the field in a method?
Does 4D open use a client license?
Why does his expansion pack say it's already in use on another server?
Is it possible to make fields enterable in an custom menus output window?
Error -2 Database Cannot Be Used after Compact
Going fom version 651 to 655: password issue
Installing 4D Compiler under SoftWindows 95
Error Message: Invalid Serial Number
Can I add an e-mail to partner account?
Trying to get a 4D Open connection on the same computer as the server
Can't open compiled v6 database in 4D v6.5
Cannot get a Query by Formula to work in Custom Menu mode
How do I get rid of all the registration stuff on NT?
Is it possible to use 4D Assimilator with version 6 of 4D Server?
Problems with ADSP networking
Where can you find the latest version of ACI Pack?
4D 3.5 and y2k dates
How can I set up my 4D Write area so it doesn't display all the menu bars?
Problem logging into ftp site with 4D Internet Commands
annoying space in an associated menu bar
Which installer should you use: 4D Server Installation or Installer? Which insta
4D Server is not saving the license entered
Custom help file isn't available in v6.0.6 Help menu
How to print multi-column reports, like in a phone book.
How to open a specific version of an application when openning a database
4D SQL Server License entry
Date fields aren't getting imported with the rest of the record
Pre-sales: converting to a multi-user system
Where can the latest design reference manual be found?
Automatic Register Server not always working correctly.
How to prevent a tab control from being displayed based on some field values.
Form can't be loaded
Can I convert my single-user 4D application to run under 4D Server?
Can different versions of 4D run on the same machine?
How to change picture on splash screen
How to reduce 4D's polling of the operating system
What is the best way of generating PDF files from 4D?
How to create a form that's like a graph, but interactive?
4D Server will not accept my Web Extension License.
problem sending email
How do you remote debug a web server database?
Linked List
On a subform, how do you get the desired detail form to show in the Form Propert
A trigger does not execute.
Converting from v3 to v6
Getting message cannot upgrade this application
Error #1 Database Cannot Be Used w/ Compiled & Merged database
How to put an enterable area in the headers of an output form.
Can't install expansion packs on USB SuperDisk external floppy drive
Status of 4D AppleScript product
Is it too hard to install 4D Server yourself?
Updating expansion license with the special license with v6 Server
4D Backup to the Iomega Zip 250
How to set a font for windows clients when the server is a Mac.
How to keep from losing connection when laptop goes to sleep mode.
Odd number and date formatting on one client machine
Will 6.0 compiled database work with 6.5?
How to install 4D client?
Should you use 4D SQL Server, or 4D ODBC plug-in to access MS SQL Server?
Database converted to v6.5 crashes on startup
4D Backup locks up the computer
Info set with SET HTTP HEADER command doesn't appear in web page header
How to convert v3 (Mac) to v6 (PC) database?
Can't open a PICT containing a JPEG in Windows 4D
Is 4D v6 server compatible with 6.5 backup?
4D Open issue, error 9971
trying to install an expansion license on G4
Does 4D support HL7?
Cannot access the "allow 4D Open connections" database property
How can I set up an entry filter for a field?
Extensions conflict
Labels aren't printing in columns
Invalid expansion serial number
Is it possible to export in the custom menus environment using the std dialog ?
Text being erroneously appended to /4DACTION link somewhere in code
Can you use Combo boxes in subforms?
Save a Set to the Server and Recover the Set
Clients are giving the error message not enough memory.
Is there a way to force a web browser to go to server instead of cache?
4D Client 6.0.6r8 hangs on Mac OS 9.
How to get the enter key to validate an entry on a web form
Queries are giving unusual results
4D Server crashing in database converted from v3 to v6
Using 4D Compiler
How do you make 4D act as a web server vs. an intranet server?
A system error 2 occurs when dubugging.
How to allocate more memory to 4D Tools and 4D Client v6.5 on Windows
Client immediately quits on connection to server
How does 4D accomodate the use of bar code technology?
Scrollbar drawing anomalies on multi-page forms
Running two databases on the same machine.
Confuse about which is the number to be put in
Server crashing when trying to use IPX
No More Room to Save the Record
How to get expansion pack licenses installed w/o floppy drive
4D Insider to connect to a 4D Server v6.5.4 via IP which has Port Number changed
4D Server freezes the computer when selecting the data file.
How to use the Quick report editor to export data?
Import DBF to array
What books are there about 4D?
How can I select the volume and folder where the backup goes?
How to set the size of the type in a 4D Chart graph's legend
Can't connect to my web server. The evaluation period has expired
Getting error -61 when creating a new method
Not saving serial number.
Can you send information to a new web browser window from 4D v6 or 6.5?
Installing 4D 6.5.3: license number rejected
Installed Internet Expansion license for v6.5, but web stuff still times out
Client can't connect to 4D Server
Where is OLE Tools on the Partner CD?
Making records in a subform read/writable
4D crashing on clearlist command
Upgrading version 6.0
Compiled database running before crash, out of memory message after
IT SETPROXY command.
Internal error 25 with 4D compiler.
Is it OK to use the v6.5 network components with 4D Server v6.0.6?
4D 6.0 & Windows 2000 Server 4D v6.0 work on Windows 2000 S
Installing expansion pack
How to find out if an Array exists already
installing engine
Installing Server 1.5.3 on a new G4
Server displays 3 write licenses
Creating a post key for the "Enter" key
Clients aren't getting logged off Server
4D Client can't log in
Pointing to a table if you start with the table name
Stack is running out of space.
How to set the margins for a 4D write area
Error message, "No more room to add records"
User license registration problem.
Can he purchase the 4D Open Suite by itself, without purchasing 4D Advanced Kit?
How do you post to the NUG?
Different versions of Mac OS using different fonts
Is it possible to access a database running on 4th Dimension with 4D Open?
Is it possible to call 4DACTION from within JavaScript in an SHTML file?
Everytime I try to connect to the Server, I have to trash out the pref file.
Error: "Invalid license" when try to install 4D Server
How to pass a variable to a trigger in client/server
"Open Data File" and "New Data File" commands
How to detect and read cookies from a 4D Web Server
4D client taking 20% of cpu
External floppy drive not recognizing v6 expansion disk.
PRINT FORM command not printing variable values
Error -10002 when 4D Client attempts a connection.
Are all the capabilities of 4D Chart available in the demo version of 4D?
Getting Error -9951 during a QUERY Command
How to launch multiple instances of 4D Server?
Is it OK to run Appleshare and 4D Server on the same computer?
How to connect to multiple v15 v60 & v65 Servers from Win Client
Can I expand the maximum draw size?
How to display the version number on Windows
What version of 4th Dimension is required to run under Mac OS 9.0.4 on a G3?
Just upgraded to G3's and G4's and now are crashing
Client crashing during searches
Can you create separate folders within the Project Methods folder?
What do you need to do to publish a database on the web?
Alert says you need to convert the database
Using AppleScript in 4D
When should you use 4D Tools?
How to get variables to export when exporting text
Problem with subform: losing data
Is there any data encryption between 4D Client and 4D Server.
How can a client connect from the internet?
Where can I find the 4D External Kit?
4D client is giving a message to install a network component.
Expansion license upgrading
4D Server on NT giving Out of Application Memory please quit ASAP
Sorting alphabetic rev codes
Ghost clients on server, doesn't allow users to log on
What is the error message "can't create resource cache file"?
Stack running out of space following a trigger
Is 4D Write freely distributable with a compiled application?
How to switch to the design environment?
Can you recover a 4D file that has started to be written over with the backup
What is the port number used with 6.0.x?
How to create a balloon help / tool tip type pop-up
How to see the 4D write plug-in
How to send a web browser to another site
How do you modify the highlighted records in the output window?
How to fill empty space between fields in Label editor
How come you don't have any pricing information on your Web site?
Error when trying to call "Freeze Selection" menu item for 4D Write Area
Can't access records because they are locked
Is there a way to resize a form on a client based on platform?
Error Web Serving a Compiled Database
Error -3162 on Internet Commands SMTP_QuickSend
Does a merged runtime with the 4D write plug-in need a license for write?
Are there any known conflicts with version 6.0.6 and OS 9
How to delete tables
How to set up data entry to repeatedly add new records?
Lock user out of File menu if page not available in webserver mode.
Installation of server 6.0.6 does not work
Quit on 4D Client leaving Process on Server and license in use
4D Client 1.5.4 and Mac OS 9
Is it possible to modify the stack size for a web process?
Mac OS 9 issues
Why does compiled application crash with runtime errors?
"Resource cache file cannot be created" error.
4D for Oracle licensing and packaging issues
How do I install the Network Component on Windows 98?
FTP upload halting after several 100 k
How to download and install an upgrade from 6.0.5 to 6.0.6
Cannot open a database converted to v6 in 4D Server 1.5
How to install client expansion license
How to disable WebSTAR Mail so EIMS runs on same Mac
Wants to install 4D open for 4D and it will not accept a serial number
How do I install 4D client on the windows?
Using 6.0.5 client with Mac OS 9
Where can I find the docs for the entry points on the product CD?
Database exceeded maximum size of the segment when an index was added
What's the latest version of 4D Open for 4D? Where can I find it?
Delay process is not timing properly.
Can I use a Mac computer without a floppy drive for running 4D Server 6.0.6?
Converting a database from v3 Mac to v6 Win w/ Plug-Ins
Making a variable enterable or non-enterable.
How to declare a variable type for an object?
Update license window won't update the number of client connection
How to transport users and passwords from one database to another when upgraded
Is there a maximum number of client sthat can simultaneousely connect to Server?
What does it mean when a table is underlined in 4D Insider?
v6 does not remember the desktop
Can you use the newest 4D 6.5F20 Network Components with 4D Server 1.5.4?
How to generate a selection given an array of key values
List to blob on shutdown and blog to list on startup, turns list to non modify
4D launches a connection to the internet when being started on OS 9.
Is there an advantage in using an Apple Server computer to run 4D Server?
Can you go over the limitation of two levels for hierarchical lists ?
Stack Space Error.
How to transfer 4D server and expansions to a new machine.
4D Client -10002 Error over Internet
Dates defaulting to 1900
Upgraded to 6.0.6 from 6.0.5 and structure is no longer launching
SMPT_QuickSend returns the error "Internet Tools commands unavailable"
How to import a picture to make a custom splash screen
How to display 4D Write in an external window.
Does 4D support Informix blobs through its ODBC connection
How to get the password for the free academic booklet
Can you connect 4D Client via TCP/IP by specifying the domain name?
How can I preserve the spacing of objects on forms converted to HTML?
Do I need to save the backup parameters in a project?
How to get started learning to do data entry on the web?
Do we still have a Chicago office?
Can I run 4D Client and 4D Server on the same computer?
How to create labels that skip empty lines in the data
How to declare a Pop-Up Menu to avoid Compiler Errors
Serial number rejected when installing 4D Server
Using 4D interpreted Runtime internationally
4D Client crashing on Mac OS 9 G4
Relationship problems
How do I create a pop-up menu and assign actions to the items in the menu?
Y2K compliance
Building a relation based on two fields
How do you capture the text typed into a field of a subform?
Is there a Windows installer for 4D Runtime that configures the Registry?
On Validate form event
Servers are slow (multiple servers)
Updating to 6.0.6r8 loses expansion users.
How do I add a plug-in license into the Merged-Compiled Application?
How to go from the Custom menu to the Design environment.
Out of Memory Error exporting 12MB of data to Text file
Should I keep the 4D v1.x documentation after I have upgrade to v6.5.5
ODBC Driver no longer working
How do you start the debugger?
Backup questions with large data files
Converting old database files to v6.5
Unable to access menu item
How to install license for internet extension
Trigger not working
What do I have to do to run 4D Client and Server on the same machine?
Compiled and Merged database hangs on Quit
iMac doesn't recognize an external drive when installing an expansion license
Issue on data transfer from version 3 to version 6/6.5
How does the close client connection setting work? (from database properties)
4th Dimension Error Type 2, 6 ,10 and/or Freeze while printing
Records are not saved correctly: Code error
Problem with user getting privilege error before getting to startup
Printing labels sideways
Getting error -3170 with the TCP_Open command
Web server slows down as day wears on.
How do I check to see if a Picture variable is empty or not?
Do we have any new manuals for 4D 6.5.6?
Can't connect all their licensed client users
Selecting data file nested on another computer behind a firewall
Installer does not install 4th Dimension.
Cannot use a scrollable area to store boolean data.
Have a Mac structure file that was moved to a DOS volume, having a problem acces
Recommended barcode software?
Where do I declare the variables used in an object method?
How to detect a double click event in a subform to go to a different layout
What is the best way to create forms that will look right on both Mac & Windows?
Changing Database Properties settings under 4D Server
How do you disable the user modifiable in a list in 6.5.5
Expansion Pack serial number rejected
Installing Fonts on Windows 95 for labels
Distinct Value seems to be causing crashes on windows machines
Is it necessary to install OpenClient on every machine to use 4D SQL Server?
How can you display a 2-D array of pictures?
How to make sure fonts are consistent between two platforms.
4D backup license issue
What is the error code for a duplicate unique id?
AppleTalks can't find the new network component
How do you make a list not modifable by the user?
Can 4D enter authorization codes to open data file behind a firewall?
Command 0 does not work for associated menu when menu is associated woth forms
Saving a 4D Write doc: Mac txt or rtf, selecting the path
How can you have "variable variables"?
4D Write v6.5 Unlimited for Mac or Windows doesn't work on Windows
How can you launch two clients on the same computer?
Losing client licenses when opening application in standalone
What picture formats are recommended when using 4D Chart v6.5?
MacAlley iSweetNet scroll mouse crashes 4D on iMac OS 9.0.4
How do I add messages for use on Object Properties Help tab?
How to get a count of the number of items per break level
4D Server crashes when certain tables are viewed in output form
Can you open a 6.5.5 database in 6.5.4?
How to downgrade a version 6.5.x database to version 6.0.x?
How to disable an autoconnection to the Internet?
What is the asifont.fon file and can I remove it from the application's folder?
Cannot exit custom menus to design or user mode with example databases
Compiler crashing during compile
Need to register the Expansion ID to get an Expansion number
How do you get the background in the structure window blank again
Cannot connect with 4D Client running under VirtualPC on Mac
Getting a command not recognized in version 6.0.6 with PIT plug-in
On 4D ftp site, where do I find the files for Discover 4D?
4D Internet Extension for Academic Edition
How do I install the expansion license?
Error on the Server: "User can't logon quit the Database"
How to select a different data file when starting the 4D application.
Can't connect to the database: -10002 error
Why don't the On Load and On Unload form events run during PRINT FORM?
"Interface" product
How would you stop people from accessing the data file directly?
How do I install the Expansion License?
Will version 3.x of 4D will work on a iMac using 9.1
Does 4D take advantage of a dual processor
Can't log in with WebSTAR Admin
is there any way of deleting or disabling the edit menu of custom menus
Problem with modem wanting to dial up every time database is launched
Where do you put the network components on a windows client
Upgraded to 6.5.6 and labels now do not fit properly
Error 100026 with smtp quicksend
The application is running very slowly.
How to assign a set of users authorized to use 4D write
List on a form remains editable even if the editable box is unchecked
Can Insider do a global search and replace?
Getting a missing file error with the 4D Server 6.7 Beta
TRACE command in ON WEB CONNECTION database method
Can't connect to webstar 3.x using a new Verisign certificate.
Why is 4D sending the translated Menu Bar instead of Default Home Page?
Using the TCP protocol, how to limit which clients see specific servers?
How to force Internet Explorer 5 to empty the browser history and/or cache
Can I run two copies of 4D on the same machine as web servers?
How come I can't buy 4D directly over the Internet?
How does query by formula work
How to install 5 pack expansion license for 6.0.6?
A table has close to 8 million records.
Buttons on forms were crashing database that was upgraded from 1 to 6
Does the highlight command work on an included layout
Will version 6.0.6 client access 6.5.5 server and reverse.
Got an error when try to connect to 6.5 server with 6.0 server
Where are the new 6.7 temporary serial numbers located?
2nd call to OD Execute SQL gets bus error
Is ther any way to map the fonts to keep the forms size the same cross platform?
4D Write 6.0.6 crashing under Mac OS 9
I transported my Mac 4D Draw to PC and now my PC Client can't use 4D Draw
Problem importing in database upgraded to 6.5
Query returns the wrong results
Can't open a 4D DB they used five years ago.
How to double click on item and add to set without leaving the layout
How to move server application from one PC to another
6.5 and web serving
Kevin McGill with HTM Sales. Trying to switch server computers. Has Mc FX, switc
encryption of data on the server
Problems entering serial numbers
Is there a way to run 6.0x and 6.5x without having to change the NC each time?
Gets "stack full" error
Trying to communicate with a barcode scanner via USB to Serial converter
Can you disable the startup message about "no default printer"?
4D Client screen is the wrong size after server crashed
4D Open will not connect when 2 instances are running on same machine
How to create a button to print a 4D Write document
Losing data when crashing
What's the keyboard shortcut to display the debugger?
How to retrieve a Table/Field number.
How to launch multiple servers on the same machine
Can you display an array horizontally?
Multiple instances of server on the same machine.
Recommended memory settings
Error: Not Found - Requested Page Not Found
How do I prevent the Tool Bar from showing up on my 4D Clients?
4D Client version won't work
Problem with change access
Which ASIFON.MAP file is used for a compiled/merged app?
4D Server running very slowly
CHANGE LICENSES command does not operate under 4D Client
How does the license for 4D Server and Client works?
Cannot find the Plug-In Command Compiling with 4D Write 6.5.4
How can you make 4D CGI not send anything back to the web browser?
Would ODBC Driver for 4D Server work with Microsoft Project?
Client is not seeing the server
Multiple instances of server on one machine?
appending a 4d write rft document
How do I install the Internet Extension License?
What is the keystroke to bring up the v6.5 license entry dialog on Mac
Trigger that assigns a sequence number doesn't work via Subform automatic Add
Re-installation of server is not taking the serial number
Is 6.0.5 compatible with windows 2000?
Searching 4D Write area contents for Text
Is there an easier way to upgrade 150 clients from 6.0.6 to 6.0.6r8?
How do you connect a web browser to a 4D Server database?
What does "no more room to save the record" mean and how to correct.
Request for documentation for MenuTools.
Objects inside subform don't expand as main form is expanded
Error: At least one Network component is needed
How can a client connect to a server remotely?
Problem downloading from 4D web site
How do you loop through 4D write areas and add field to them procedurally?
How to open a database on PC that was originally created on Mac?
How do you convert a database from Mac to Windows?
Trying to Export with 4D Client 6.5.5 and getting "there is no selection" error
I need to create a folder so use can upload but not download
What is the Standard Code feature in the labels wizard on the layout tab?
How to run 4D server on NT server in backgrnd so will not quit on console logout
How do I delete a User or Group from the Passwords Access Editor?
will changing a field name update everywhere
Server crashes when a relate many selection is executed
How to get the Free Space on a Volume > 2GB with VOLUME ATTRIBUTES command
Client is getting a type 1 error on opening then crashes
Server application crashes in server but not standalone
How do I install 4D Backup?
How to make a demo version a full version, once I get the serial number ?
Why doesn't the sample database work nor can't I open up a new database?
4D Client licensing
Bar codes with 4D
How to find out Programatically if 4D is running low on memory
How to convert from PC to Mac
Can the 4D Internet Commands access a Microsoft Exchange Mail Server?
Unable to enter v6 licenses
Abort command is used in legacy software. How to work around it.
UNION("UserSet";myProcessSet) doesn't work under client-server
IE 5.002 not compatible for webserving on PC.
How to make the printer settings save with a series of print records.
Is it possible to import a file with type xls?
Do we have a training course for 4D database administrators?
How do you avoid getting a window asking you if you want to create default forms
How to set this year date format to 2 digit and previous years to 4 digit
Problem installing 4D Server.
Apply to selection issue
"The Plug-In Method Cannot be Found" Error after installing 4D Internet Commands
-10033 error when trying to open server with insider across the network
Runtime classic will open database and can look at records but not add or delete
How to make added records appear at the top of a subform
Downloaded 4D for Oracle, now 4D asks for the serial number
Getting an extra Line Feed character in data exported with SEND PACKET
Presales question about 4D Open
Log needs to be integrated message after buss error crash.
Why doesn't my search form work when selecting items from Pop-Up Menu?
Error message: "not enough room to save a record"
How do you export a report to send as an attachment in an e-mail
Where do I enter the licenses when first installing my client/server setup.
Is 4D multiprocoss or single process application?
Tabbing out of an Integer field leaves a left-aligned "ghost" image of the num
Tab Control disappears after Compiling Database
Can 4D automatically mirror data to another non-4D database?
What has the command PROJECT SELECTION changed to?
Defining IP address for manually selecting 4D Server
What port number should be let through for allowing access to clients and Web?
How to implement a sort when clicking at the top of the columns of an output for
How do you get the date of the last time someone logged on?
Trouble getting correct output form sent to web browsers
How to find out procedurally whether a process is running on the client or serve
4D Write WR PRINT command doesn't work
Crashing at print setting dialog for USB printer
Installing ODBC Driver for 4D Server v6 Windows
Upgraded application from 6.5.1 and now get error structure may be damaged
What network components can I use between PCs and Macs
Installing 4D Server
How to add tables and fields to a structure when datafile is not available.
Getting "File not found" Error when launching a copied database structure
On Plug-In Area event doesn't seem to be activating during drag & drop operation
My computer freeze when I tried to install 4D.
4D Insider disconnect with "The connection with 4D server has been interrupted."
Is there a documentation of the differences in v3.x and v6 User Mode
How to set up specific users to have access to write w/o using 4D groups
Move object does not work when used with printed forms.
Where is Insider 6.5.2 on the ftp site or website?
How can you display a picture with more than 256 colors on the web?
Modify selection / stack space issue
How come my developer license doesn't include Compiler and Insider?
4D Server shows a message at startup that TCP/IP is required for 4D Web Serving
How to import text using carriage return and line feed as delimiters
I need help installing the expansion serial number for 4D Draw.
Mac version, never installed it, need to move to PC instead - can we install it?
How do you run 4D on Metaframe?
4D Chart: Bubble charts? Modifying Spike charts?
How to get a windows client to find a mac server
Can't print one particular report from one client macine
How to connect a client from a different subnet
Compiled version gives a -199 error when opened
How to run the Scheduler.
Displaying number for records in selection
What is the key combination for the Time symbol in Windows NT?
4D Freezes when I try to delete 3.5 Million records
How to force a picture to display at a certain size on the web
What Ports does WebStar FTP need open
How to keep tabs from disappearing in a compiled version
4D Assimilator asks for ODBC License Number and won't function
How to set up a formula in Quick Report
Error -10002 when trying to connect to the Server.
Invalid Serial Number
Where do the plugins go on 4D Server?
Do recover by tags change the sequence numbers?
Need help with installation
HP 840c printer is not printing properly.
Is it better to run 4D on NT Workstation NT Server version of Windows?
Storing a limited number of characters in a field
Change ID feature doesn't work anymore
Can 4D Server respond to multiple IP addresses on a multi-homed computer?
What is the 4D Server.GID file?
How to do a USB floppy expansion on a new G4.
Can I convert my v3.x database to v6.5 database?
Sporadically getting -10002 error
Default Input/Output layouts not "sticking" between connections to 4D Server
Alert box is showing up behind modal window
Client quits when attempt made to choose database properties
Should I upgrade 4D after I upgraded Mac OS to OS9
How to format a date or time field via print merging
Radio Buttons on HTML forms
Does the US version of 4D work with the Japanese version of the Mac OS?
Should I combine several database into a big one?
What should I install on the Client machine?
At least one Network Component is needed
What has become of the command: SUBSELECTION TO ARRAY?
DDE Initiate command of DDE Tools freezes 4D Client
Can I use the picture name in the command GET PICTURE FROM LIBRARY?
How to concatenate fields vertically & creating custom label sizes
Database methods are getting corrupted after a few days running.
Is there a limitation in the way colors are translated (web contextual)?
How exactly does the command Set RGB COLORS works?
How to check the state of the backup when using schedular
Which of the three Macintosh 4D Calc plug-ins should I install?
Where to put the 4D.hlp file?
How to replace the dollar sign with something country specific to currency
Installing expansion pack
When 4D Server launches "Connect to the file server" AppleShare dialog displays
Is there anyway to automatically size a 4D Write Plug-In Area to fit the text?
How to set up a help message for an object on a form.
Cannot draw a relation between 2 fields in 6.7.1b1
How do I install the temporary expansion serial number?
Problem installing 4D Calc and 4D Draw v6.0.5r7 under 4D v6.5
How to move licenses from the dongle to an expansion pack diskette?
Problem using 4D with OS9
Everytime I close the database, it becomes corrupt.
Bad or incorrect search results
password box not showing deigner or administrator
ODBC driver was not installed properly.
Commands replaced in ACI_Pack version 6.5
Trying to create a Quick Report column showing current date
SSL Certicate requirement
Can 4D Write import or export RTF documents?
error -4
Version 6.5.4 does not open my version 6.0.x database.
How to do a keyword style search on a Text field from the Web
WR Text alignment does not apply justified alignment.
What mode does 4D Tools rebuild the index with?
CT Set X Date Scale does not work.
Is there a way of changing users created by the designer to administrator?
Changing margins on a 4D write offscreen area
How to implement a navigator type interface in 4D.
Wanted to have webstar's log display the browser's color/monitor info.
How does the licensing work for 4D open connections.
Cannot create an included layout in 4D 6.0.6
How to make a connection from client to server across the internet
How to set the document margin procedurally?
How to edit a list in the custom menu environment.
Can I use the command MOVE OBJECT in the printing event?
Wanting to do AppleScript from within 4D.
How to make lists not modifiable?
How do I install 4D Client for PC?
How to install 4D Client 6.7 on a PC. Are there some additional files needed?
How to get data sent to a parallel port
On server startup and execute on server is not working in compiled mode
Can you use the "Get pointer" command to get a pointer to an array?
How do I include date in the form?
4D Calc Cells turning out with Black background after 1.5 to 6.0 upgrade
4D Server won't accept 4D Oracle expansion serial number
What is the file responsible for the display of the syntax in the method editor?
Compiler crash halfway through a copy of the database for compiling
How to upgrade to use a windows client on a mac network
Is backup incorporated into 4D server package.
Developing on 4D server
Customer using 4D Runtime and 4D open to connect uses 100% memory
Datafile approaching 2 Gbs: Need to go to Oracle?
Is 4D server 6.5 incompatible with Mac OS 9
How do I run my 6.0 Mac database on the 6.5.4 Server for Windows
Developing Cross-platform forms for Label Printers
How to create a database with 4D Server.
Is 4D SQL Server going to be dropped?
concerns of expansion users being lost if the hard drive crashes
Getting error 5. Database can not be used.
Can 4D select tray from a multiple tray printer?
4D uses up all the CPU time
Cannot get 4D Draw to activate using Dev serial number for 6.5.x
Managing ODBC licenses
How many 4D Server licenses do I need?
When transporting to a p c * change to ^
4D does not recognize database after transporting from the Mac
How can I switch output form while in a modify selection?
Will 6.7 Internet Command work with 4D 6.5?
How to relocate the report project from one machine to another?
Can 4D take advantage of the dual processors machine?
Need help with v6 installation
How to install 4D Client 6.7.1 over 6.7.0?
Wants to import a file.
Where can I find the serial number in 4D?
Trying to use NetFinger from Internet Commands Plug-in
Sorting produces unexpected results
How to sort the related selection?
Customer wants to include quotes in exported data
Is it possible to delete users from the password dialog?
Is there a problem with FLUSH BUFFERS?
Easiest way of displaying records that are associated to a person?
Web 4D, do methods run that are attached to objects
How do I install the 4D Backup?
Cannot open a 4D database
Trouble installing the client expansion for 4D server
Installing Expansion Pack
exporting issues
Customizer Plus Error: File already open
Is 4D v6.7 compatible with Oracle v8 or v9?
Does v6.5 run on 68K machines?
Display in subform
Is the internet command plug-in included with 4D
What is the default port number that is used by 4D Server?
Can I run WebStar and Mac DNS Pro on the same machine?
4D Client's Exporting doesn't work.
Gets error message saying no network components are installed
4D Write does not register on the client
How do I remove an expansion license?
How to run a demo of the ODBC plug-in
You need to install at least one network component.
system requirements for 6.7
How do I convert my DB version 1.1.1 to version 6.5
WebStar Admin wont Log on to the Webstar Server.
Hierarchal list duplicated and modified, is the parent effected?
Updgrading from 6.0.6 to 6.5.6 on a customer's system
Have a client with OS 8 and OS 9 computers. Is 6.0 compatible with that?
How to prevent 4D from opening the input form when double-clicking a record.
How to get the passwords to work in web serving.
How to create an automatic path document for connecting to 4D Server from 4D Cli
How to edit text in the form editor.
How do I install the expansion pack without a floppy drive?
Wants to access a database remotely.
Out of Stack Space Crashing Error in Contextual Mode DB
Is there a way to run an external program from within a 4d program?
How to reinstall client expansions
How to read a picture file in version 6.0.6
When compiled and merged, application begins to start then quits.
How to copy field and variable names into the debugger expression panel
How can the CPU utilization of 4D Client be tuned?
Font (barcode) does display the same font when connecting from 4D Client.
How can I save a report in PDF format?
What port number is used for connection across the internet
release dates of 4D 6.7 beta products
How can I use 4D Backup?
How to import FoxPro Memo (Text) fields
Conflict with SHELL32.DLL
4D Tools installed with 4D Server or 4D, is extra serial number required?
Sheduled backup does not work with JAZ drive.
How to install 4D Oracle
How to get the name field to show in a quick report with the detail row hidden
Activating passwords in 6.7 (contextual web serving).
Is there a length restriction for creating document names under Windows?
How do you delete a relation between tables
Problems printing to HP840C via USB under 4D 6.0.6r8 on Mac
I can't log into Partner Central
How to move the window so the buttons can be used
How to save a selection of records created in a transaction
Break Level processing with Subtotals doesn't work
How to get splitters to work with group arrays ?
Running multiple instances of 4D Server.
How can I run both 6.0 and 6.5 Client on the same machine?
How to I launch 4D Client to connect to 4D Server over the Web?
How to hide the tool bar on 4D Client
4D Engine app freezes
How to install windows clients for a mac server.
Error: Resource cache files can not be created
How to change a field in user mode
Mac plug-ins not recognized on an NT Server
Can 4D Server serial number for the Mac be used on a PC
How to use highlight records.
How to run 4D tools when password system is invoked.
Error plug-in installed twice.
How to quit a 4D client automatically when the connection is lost.
4D Open for 4D: Trying to maintain a connection.
Is there a "On mouse over event"?
Compiled and merged application is connected to Sybase, where to put plugins?
Can multiple instances of server be launched on the same computer.
How to allow users access to User Mode
New window is hiding behind new window that pops up
How to print the structure?
How to move a server app to a different machine.
Is there any way that I can print a PDF file directly from 4D?
How to activate the clipboard in a windows environment for cut & paste options.
Connecting to 4D server through VPN
"The file already exists" error printing to Epson Stylus Photo 700 via Serial
How to install 4D Engine license?
Compiled merged application quits when launched.
Can't see the 4D Server in the 4D Client Connect Dialog but can connect manually
Error: "Alert procedure call" on all 4D Clients
Errors -10001, -10002 Using TCP/IP protocol
Cannot execute the on close box event
How to print the List?
Handling subform event
Creating SSL keypair on a mac gives a blob cannot be created error
Printer dialog box shows, but not the writing within the box.
Why don't you have to put in the name of the database to connect in 4D open
4D Open for 4D does not connect (local DHCP net)
Is there an easy way to pick the location where a single label will be printed?
Why do I get your website when I go to my site
Problem with the Edit menu.
I need some information about how to use Web Assistant.
How to increase the data cache?
Tech Support Email - Can't install on Windows 2000
Can I use my Expansion serial number on a different 4D Server
How to hide the tool bar on the client machine?
How to control the size of the splash screen window
Cannot get a window to Not display the scrollbars
Compiling with version 6.5: proc.ext does not work.
Will 4D v6.0.5 work with Sybase open v12? If not, which verison of 4D will?
Where can I find the "rgnmaker" utility mentioned in Technical Note 98-17?
If I change Integer to Boolean field, what would the result be?
Customer wants to install 4D Server from 4D Web edition.
Memory settings: Minimum flushed.
How can I highlight several records in a subform.
Web* 3 comes up slow after changing my isp.
How do I get a form from one database to another database?
What is the keyboard shortcut for exiting custom menus under 4D in Windows
4D Clients can't use 4D Write
How do I move the serial number from one PC to another?
How do you make a list modifiable
Database has suddenly started crashing last Friday.
Problem with client license expansion under 4D Server 1.5.4
Problems using pointers
How to insert information from a selection of records to a 4D calc area
Message need to install at least one network component to connect
I have installed 4D ODBC, what do I need next?
What are .sel files, and how can we get rid of them?
Can I upgrade from v6.0.5 to 6.0.6 r8?
Space Not allowed in path name when registering 4D as a service
QuickTime issue with 6.7
Compatibility questions
Can I exchange data between 4D running on a server/client and a palm pilot?
Problem connecting Windows 4D Client 6.0.5 to Mac 4D Server, Mac clients can con
Tech note 00-33 not displaying entire document.
Picture is not being saved in client server/windows but is in standalone on Mac
Are 6.7 4D Backup, 4D open and network components backwardly compatible to 6.5.x
Looking for documentation on the 4D Oracle Plug-in for 4D Server
Are both 4D Server and Client required to run at least under MacOS 8.5?
Can 4D tools be run without the uncompiled source file?
Problem with 4D Write area.
dialog box opening in the upper left corner of the screen instead of the center
Thermoset doesn't work after I upgraded to version 6.7.1
Install v6.5 with v6 serial number
How do I make the form display with a specific size?
How to embed a picture in an HTML page.
How to make an internet connection with client server.
Where can I enter the 4D Draw license?
Losing barcode font setting on form object between printings
Moving server machines: move expansion pack as well?
Port number error when trying to launch 4D Client.
Pre-Sales call: 4D Write Licensing issues
Is it possible to open up a 4D datafile without the uncompiled source?
Pictures are not printing out with a good quality
4D's BLOB compression techniques
How to set the limit for Web display (contextual.)
Font setting reverts to system font
Upgrading v2 database to v6.5
Why 4D keeps telling me that the document is already opened when it is not.
email issue 1363. Set channel command
How many fields can be in a table?
Pop up drop down list: how may items can be displayed?
After upgrading the structure, one specific client makes the server crash.
4D ODBC: Error/code:200/1043
Time field display formats
How do you procedurally determine the size of the cache?
Do 4DVAR Tags work with related data.
User Set bigger than selection after REDUCE SELECTION
How can 4D Client plays the sound file?
How do I hide Tool bar from the Clients?
File is invalid or does not correspond to the specified move
What is the procedure for upgrading to 6.5?
Upgrading to version 6.5 what do I need to pay attention to?
Upgrading from 6.0.6r2 to 6.0.6r8 and will not take license number
4D Write requires a serial number when used with the Engine.
Can I run 6.7 Client and Server on the same machine?
Want to use a Hierarchical Pop-up Menu to fill a value into a field.
Invalid serial number for 4D Server
ODBC and Date Format
What do we do for support if we decide to stay with v6?
Not enough storage space message on attempt to open file in ole area
How can 4D Client connect to the 2 defferent databases at the same time?
What does the Timeout setting do?
Getting a type 11 error after upgrade to 6.7
How to prevent the border between grouped scrollable areas from being displayed.
Where does the NC store the ipaddress and DB's name?
How do I set the connection timeout?
What bugs were fixed in 6.5.8 build 2 and 6.7.1 build 2?
Request for password to partner section of
Does 4D write have a command to set a footer and header?
How do I display an asterisk instead of the character that I typed in?
Can I get the 4D Help file.
Upgrading and converting to 4D Server 6.5.1
I need help installing 4D Client.
Error "You need expansion license for ODBC driver"
Client and Server on the same machine
How to set up the ODBC Driver
Does the APPEND MENU ITEM command work in 6.5.8?
Problem installing the expansion license.
What version of 4D should we download to work with OS 9?
4D Server won't accept 4D Calc expansion serial number.
How to force the database login dialog to appear after setting a default user
Getting an error "Unable to save record." when trying to save a new record
Error: An attempt to read or write beyond the end of file.
Database is not running in 1.5 and OS 9
Print report to disk not working in 6.7
Error 128 on WinNT 4D Client?
How to run client and server on the same machine. Literacy Pro support
Can you get the name of a document opened with "Open document"?
Why does the related table is recommended over subtable in v6 or above?
The compacted v3 database won't open with 4D 6.0.1.
Problems entering Expansion Serial Number
Simba error.
I get an error when typing in my serial number on my client machine
Can the Header and Footer of 4D Write Doc be combine in one document?
Client says you need to convert the database
What 4D, inc. plans for incorporating synchronization w/ handhelds into 4D?
Mac install is asking for a library to run 4D
Corrupted method
How do I run 4D client and server on the same machine?
How to move/upgrade a 3.x Mac database to version 6 Windows.
PMP error when connecting to WebStar Admin
Is it possible to run multiple 4D databases in one 4D Server?
Merging the compiled database with 4D engine doesn't work.
Should I upgrade to 6.5 or 6.7?
Executing a stored procedure through an ODBC call
I am attempting to use Set Cursor in an On Timer event based on the mouse positi
Is it possible to delete a field or reorganize fields in a table?
Licenses are wiped each time the machine restarts.
Can't see network drive from within 4D Backup Plug-In
General question for new 4D user.
4D Demo will not launch under MacOS 9.1
Distinct value command stop working after upgraded to 6.7.1
I can't connect more than 3 Clients at the same time.
What is the v6.5 Port ID
After reformatting a client's machine, problems reinstalling.
Does WebSTAR have CGI capability
How to quit 4D?
4D help is not working
Can 4D Server run on Windows NT Workstation, as opposed to NT Server?
Where is the Default Font option located in Customizer Plus?
Dr Watson error on connection to 4D server application
I cannot find the 6.7.1 installer after downloading
Can I run 4D Write in Demo mode
ID number rejected
4D server is not allowing to register as a client
Error -9939 with AreaList Pro 7.5 and 4D 6.5.2
How can I pull live data out of 4th Dimension into another Mac application?
Setting Field & Record Delimiters for Importing
Transparent field is showing white background when tabbed into it.
4D quits when saving a form
Is it OK to create a unique record ID in the trigger?
Problem when upgrading to version 6.7
If you run a report from a web browser running 4D, where will it print to?
Does 4D server support database journaling?
Doesn't my upgrade include 4D Server?
Error 32.dll displayed when 4D Client select to open structure
4D Server Installation issue
Problems connecting a Server
How to get 4D write to choose SpellsWell for spell check
Two of the three Clients get -10002 error when try to connect.
4D will not take my serial number
4D server will not create a new database.
Lost their Designer password, how can they salvage their data?
Installed MacOS 9 on Client Mac and now can't run 4D Client
Crashing in Database Properties dialog
Upgrading from 2.2.3 MAc to version X on windows
Upgrade from 651 to 655.
Windows opening in different postion as did with last version of 4D
New iMacs running MacOS 9 can't connect to 4D Server 605
Stuck with a 3.2 database.
How to set the output form for a subform?
Client does not see server (-10002)
Is there a 6.7 beta for Mac OS X? What is the quality of the release?
What is the password for partner web site?
What serial number is needed to use 4D Backup 6.0.5 with 4D Engine App?
Are sets present on the server or on the client?
How to set up 4D Server as a Service
How stable is 4D under OS 9?
Where can I find MenuTools documentation?
Server loses expansion pack licenses
Need help with the installation process.
Installing 6.0.6r8
Is there a help file for 4D Runtime, for end-users?
How to install 4D Engine License and 4D Write 10 User License
Using v1.5 Write and 4D Calc expansion packs in Server v6
Where can I download 4D 6.0.6
How to save reports in a file that can be attached to e-mail
6.5.4 Crashing on Win NT during startup on computer that runs 6.5.2
How do I run 4D Client and Server on the same machine?
Out of Memory error when opening database transferred on a removable drive
Type 2 crashes with OS9 and 4D v6.5.1
How to convert from 4D 6.5 on Window NT to 4D 6.7
Ran into network protocol issue when installing Client/Server
OS 9 / 6.0.5r7 conflict, suggested upgrading to 6.0.6r8
How to add expansion packs to get 4D Backup to work
4D Write document gets transferred from BLOB in one record to another
Not able to install 4D Client for Windows - Bad Serial number
Change License command not working in v6.7
The same plugin has been installed twice
My database will not convert to version 6.7 Server
Data corruption problem
4D Server crashing without any error message on NT Server
Type 1 and 2 errors on MacOS 4D Server 606r7
is 6.0.6 compatible with v6.0.6
Setting up multiple instances of 4D Server under Mac
Tech Support E-mail - Memory settings, and Database Properties settings
Error compiling 4D Internet SMTP_Sender command
How to remove serial numbers from a Windows NT Server
Will 4D Server run better in the Dual Processor machine?
How to connect to both v6 & v6.5 DBs from ODBC Driver for 4D Server
Expansion Packs not recognized
Problem Installing Runtime Classic
Problems exporting to an HTML file.
Can a 4D DB compiled for Mac be run from Windows 4D Server?
4D Server forgets licenses
How do you install licenses via an expansion pack for an iMac with 1.5 server
How to find a record with a particular record number
Installing expansion pack
4D Server freezing
Simulating FileMaker behavior
Can I hide or show a counter based on a which machine hits webSTAR
File Force and Y2K
Scripts in v3 included layout run during printing in v6
6.5.2 web server interface frozen, web serving is working fine
Printing problem from 4D.
Mac server / Mac Clients, can we add Windows clients?
How to select the specific structure and data file to open?
Displaying a selection so he can open a document in 4D Write
Trying to get 4D Client to work with Win NT Terminal Server: Getting NC error
how to create a grouped array in 6.5
Entering expansion pack serial number
Structure merged with Engine quits immediately when started
Accidentally deleted Win Network components folder
4D Chart Get Area Boundary returns wrong value on 1 Mac
Running out of Stack Space
Log on to a ODBC driver without getting password dialog
Loosing data because of crashing before data is being saved
Stability Problem: Client unexpectedly quitting
Lost user licenses when switching server computers
Getting error "the plug-in method can't be executed" only on one client
How to programmatically delete a List from database structure
Questions re Active Objects & Form Events via HTML/Web Browser
4D initiating PPP connection
Handling the associated menu bar
How to do a search for users that are members one month and not another
Substitute for 4D Remote?
Installed 6.5 client/server but 6.5 client can only see 6.0.5 Server
Cannot open a transported database.
Problem Printing Labels
Problem Copying 4D Write Unlimited License to Engine Compiled App
Why is only one NC available to his 4D standalone?
Dual 4D Servers Client Licenses
A user claims that when a date like !01/1/00! 4D will convert it to !00/00/00!
Error -192 when trying to use PRINT FORM command
Crashing when executing button's object method
Images imported with DOCUMENT TO BLOB + AP Read Picture: BLOB appears corrupted
4D hangs when sorting
How to enter expansion serial number?
Resource Cache File cannot be created
Wants to move an expansion pack from v6 server to another
Computing sub-totals for a related many field grouped by years
How to configure NCs for 4D Server
Drawing a rectangle in 4D Chart
4D Insider: Structure has too many resources
not getting automatic relations to work in an Input form
Product information for Upgrading from v3 to v6.5
Licensing for 4D ODBC plug-in
What are the benefits of the new versions of 4D?
Slow response in Form editor moving a line
Overlaying a title over a picture in a subform
Trouble connecting to 4D Server via Apple Remote Access
Problems displaying a picture on Windows
4D Client quits on Startup when logged in as the Administrator
Lost expansion pack licenses after restoring hard disk from backup
Converting 4D v3.0.2 to v6.5
Wrong password error after compile and merge.
Cannot enter in 4D draw expansion licenses
4D Server v6 and Mac OS 9
4D Calc not available to a 4D Client
Reading compiler warnings
Updating expansion pack licensing
picture formats to use to display continous tone images on the web
error 5, "the database cannot be used"
Is Windows or Mac Server better for ODBC Driver for 4D Server?
Comparing 4D for Oracle, 4D for SQL, and 4D ODBC
Problem sending records from v3 on Mac and recieving records on v6 Win
How to display a scrollable area on the web?
Using 4D v3.5.1 application on Mac OS 9
One client gets runtime error, others don't
need to flush buffers after crashing during flushing buffers
Getting an "Invalid License error" message when trying to connect with 4D Client
How to edit the status line of a web header
1.5.4 on a few of my iMacs
Handling sequence numbering: multi-user record contention
Transferring expansion licenses
How to retrieve the size in pixels of pictures stored on a hard disk
Opening pictures in 4D
Problems with "connected menus"
Compiling with Engine for Windows
New install, user copied client app to WinNT, getting error
Compiling results in 14 warnings, that don't show up in an error file.
Installing 4D Server v6
Installation fail half way.
ODBC Driver for 4D Server installation bug
Error in On Web Authentication Method
Preventing browser from caching pages
Conflict with Global Village' fax software
How to export version 3 4D Write documents to import into version 6 4D Write
Changing so Enter key doesn't accept the record
What happens to a record when several clients update at the same time
Shutting down 4D Server with a delay doesn't work
4D Write problem, WR Get Doc Property
HTTPS - secure socket
Installing network components
Cannot resize forms by clicking the full screen box.
4D open is not making the connection after upgrading from 1.5 to 6.5
Upgrading a 3.5 db to 6.5 for web serving
Exporting / Importing is changing his sequential numbers
ODBC and 4D
How to set it so that when you enter a two-digit year, you get a year in 2000s
How to pass variables and references to a method
Client gets message saying the number of licenses has been exceeded
Looking for form event: On Close Detail
Connecting to 4D Server using 4D Open calls
Upgrading 3.5 to 6.5, appending new structure file while upgrading old datafile
Printing canceling out with different data
How do I use 4D Backup to perform a Full Backup?
4D Web serving pre-sales questions
Does the LOAD RECORD command always load the record?
Changing Choice List Dialog
Relate Many Selection broken in Client Server
4D Server Type 2 & 11 Errors after 606 -> 654 and Mac OS 9 / G4 Upgrade
Selectable & Double-Clickable Subform
Problems with sending an attachment using 4D Internet Commands
How windows are opened effecting Choice lists
How to code same actions as web aware default buttons
Trouble installing 4D backup on Server 6.0.5
How do you get out of user input on the input form?
Serial communications buffer size limit - RECEIVE BUFFER
4D Backup incorrectly reporting available space on 9GB drive
Data corruption issue, 2 gig limit
A database is upgraded from v6 to 6.5. Now write and odbc do not work on server
Password dialog problem on 4D Client
Locked record issue
Screen Drawing problems
Included layout losing information
Error -9939 when starting Client
PDM Internet Commands
Resource Cache File cannot be created.
Converted database corrupted in version 6.
Client and Server on the same machine.
Getting a new iMac w/ OS9 to run 4D Client 6.0.6
Launching 4D on the network takes a long time
Optimizing database performance
Troubleshooting compiling problems
Insider crashes
Accessing pictures in a digital camera
Will 1.5.4 work on a G4 w/ OS 9
Can 4D Server initiate contact to a web browser?
Per-Incident TS: Using 4D Backup to restore a backup
Upgrade of Write from 6 to 6.5 was not saving conversion and changes
When using custom password system on the web, how to change a password.
Corrupted structure file
Consequences of large record deletions on record sequence number
4D Write document formatting - columns of unequal width
4D Write 1 User Expansion Disk not recognized
Is the character "0" in the serial or product ID number a letter or number?
Label Printing
4D Client Freezing Intermittently on G3s and iMacs
Server crashes
4D Server 6.0.5 on NT4SP5 showing poor performance, hiccuping
4D sending double HTML file upon form Submit
Interested in products to facilitate synchronization between 4D databases
Can I automate the entry of similar records?
Per-Incident TS: 4D Draw
6.5.4 Clients get disconnected when 4D Backup runs
Installing 4D on a Mac without a Floppy Drive or SCSI Port
Upgrade from 1.5 to version 6.5, problems with operation with user set.
4D Insider crashing during start up
Y2k Date Format Issue
Moving 4D Server from Mac to NT
Client is crashing and bringing the server down
How to move the Explorer window into view if it's completely offscreen
How can you automatically delete Child records with a Parent record?
Alignment on web forms
Running multiple 4D Servers on the same computer
How to store a 4D Text field into an Oracle CLOB
Serial number rejected
Gets Type 2 error while running the database
Can you install across the network?
2D bar codes
Do you need to copy the network component installers to the server computer?
Identifying set document with table it came from
FTP_Send not working to one site
New client / server install is slow
Reading & Writing Mac EPS files with PICT preview from 4D
Locked record set issue
Difficulty connecting to server from 4D Open
Can't open methods or forms in converted database
"Client/Server Connections Timeout" setting in Database Properties
Client crashing during startup
Clients are receiving -10001 error and being disconnected tech support issue 912
Getting web variables to 4D
How can you disable the << translation in 4D Oracle
Setting Web Display Limits
Automatic Internet connection when launching 4D
Failed to print .PDF files
Running Client and Server on the same computer
Do internet connections count against the number of regular 4D clients?
How to avoid connection problems / Network Component errors
Optimizing queries on 10 million records
Reconfigured network and now running slower.
Spell checkers for 4D write.
Tries creating a new log file after Full Backup and gets flashing gears no LOG
Getting -10002 error after upgrading one of two 4D Servers running on NT4 CPU
Is there a full installer version of 4D 6.0.6r8?
Where are manually entered server addresses stored?
Problems printing methods from 4D 606r8
Link from homepage to static html page
Built pc's are experiencing lockups while running
Opening a new window causes the window underneath it to shift
Cannot get 4D write to work at one particular machine
How to code a default button to go to next record or option to finish existing.
Windows client giving an invalid page fault in server compiled mode
Need info on conversion from FileMaker to 4D including training options
Upgrading 4D works for a few days then error occurs "data must be converted"
4D Limitations and Optimizations
Pre-sales question about 4D Write
Connecting to the internet via DSL
Illegal operation kernel32.dll error
Trying to install a user expansion license.
Error -9939
How does SAVE RECORD work?
What does "Use V3.x.x File Procedure Scheme" in database properties do?
Problems Installing Licenses
Illegal operation errors when clicking buttons or other form objects
Cannot write to the Data file
Windows clients are giving an internal page fault, all Macs running ok
Getting an error "connection reset" with I.E. on the PC across the internet.
Are 4D Server and 4D Client 6.5.4 free upgrades to v6.5.1?
Running 4D Client on a multi-homing server with two NIC cards in it.
4D ODBC error
Field value printing as Zero, even though it displays on screen Non-Zero
Switching from Contextual to Non-Contextual mode
Web licenses not installed
Fields not being copied going from Output Form to Add Record in a related table
Why can't I get into the User Environment, even with the Designer password?
Damaged lists
Why do Fonts appear different under Windows?
How to install 4D Write Plug-ins
How to run multiple copies of server on one computer.
Web form crashing after 6.0.6 to 6.5.5 upgrade
Code does not execute
Compiled and merged database is not running on the windows platform
I would like to run 4D DB on Windows
The expansion serial number he got from our web site doesn't work
Can't save a new quick report
Detecting which platform is running
4D Write Licenses not being managed properly by 4D Server
Recommended hardware for 4D Server
Changing the Not Authorized Display
How to allow access to 4D Open
Client get kicked out when try to use Query option.
Installing 4D Server v.6.5 on Windows
How to customize the behaviour of the automatic "Delete Subrecord" button
Can't connect browser to 4D on the same machine
How to select a data file.
How to run 4D database on Windows when it was create on the Mac OS
When upgrading the server from 1.x.x to 6.0.5, Costar ext. no longer functions
Integrating 4D with Dreamweaver or AGL into a client web site
Upgrading from v2 Mac to v6.5 PC
4D doesn't display more than two levels of a hierarchical list in a pop-up menu
Why doesn't SEND HTTP REDIRECT command work?
Epson printer 900N will not print from 4D
Scheduled 4D backup returns "an Error has occured" with no number.
A calculation in the form method isn't updating field values during data entry
Error message 9991-224 when integrating log file with 4D Backup
User license lost on upgrade
How do you create custom web form with navigation buttons etc.
Is my 4D Backup creating all the files it should be?
Why can web browsers and robots see the directory structure of my site?
Try to import data but 4D limit the number of records to 20
Can't use Insider to move objects to a database running on Server
Exporting records with carriage returns inside a text field
search not indexing on an update.
Why is a record modified during a transaction still Locked?
The Serial number is not accepted by the installer
AP Sublaunch not completing until Form w/ Button & Object Method is closed
4D Open for 4D: "OP Find 4D Server" gets error -10002
"Error #-5, Action: The structure of the database may be damaged."
The Server won't accept more than two client connections from at a time
Installing 4D v3 on a PowerBook G3 - problem with license key disk
How to detect if a document is already open?
windows 2000 NT terminal server not finding NC's
Can't decompress JPEG on Windows
Client expansion number will not take.
Do the 2 client licenses show up under add license that come with server
When attempting to convert data, structure is damaged.
I have a problem using 4D version 3.5 with Mac OS9
Would 4D First Runtime run on Windows 2000?
Exporting a structure
General Installation questions
Trying to convert a v1.3.5 Mac data file to v6.5 PC data file
How to improve the performance of 4D Clients running on NT Terminal Server
Is there a 4D Open for AppleScript or a 4D Open for VBA?
Database is not asking for a password even though it has passwords set up
Old "Cancel" dialog and listing buttons do not cancel but goes to printing mode
4D for Oracle 6.0.3 with Oracle 8i
Tech Support E-mail - real number precision
How to get an export to set double quotes around the field items
Automactic spellchecking within 4D
Where to install the ODBC plug-ins for a Mac Client to use?
Server freezes up when attempting to input data
4D ODBC client fails to connect to 4D server
Installing 4D Draw update from FTP site - won't accept v6.5 Dev. Edition Serial
4D Client does not run.
How to force the header to display at the top of the next page when the printing
Can't set the color of a popup menu with the SET COLOR command
Table name and Field name commands
Strings are cut off at 62 characters (also e-mail case 1106)
Selecting Database in SQL Server
How to get the pc client to use 4D write license.
Behavior of popup menus in v6.5 different than in v3
Installing 4D Internet Expansion
Attempting to post a double-click on the first line of an output form.
How to cancel a choice list entry with the keyboard
FONT SIZE does not work on Windows
Can I use 4D Client across the internet?
4D Document saved remember the page setup from the pass settings.
Not able to set Paper source for a HP LaserJet attached via USB <-> Parallel
What version is right and how to download and install version 6.0.6r8
Why can't you open a quick report saved on Windows on the Mac?
Transferring expansion pack licenses
How to create a picture button in the output form?
Error: database is corrupted in iBook
Tech Support E-Mail - Error -50 on COMPRESS PICTURE FILE
Does 4D support a Server version for Windows NT Server for Compaq-DEC Alpha.
How to repair the list of forms with tools
Using 4D Write for saving "letters" stored by a 4D database
Font set in database properties changes after a few days.
Repeating elements on an output form which has a Variable Frame object
Upgrading 4D Draw
Running two copies of server on a single machine
Printing problem with a non-certified printers.
How to Vertically concatenate label fields
Error #5, "Database cannot be used", trying to open v6.0.6 database w/ 4D v6.5.4
With the New process command, can I pass pointers to the process method?
Converting v1.5.4 database to v6 Server
4D Server upgraded to v6.5 crashing with Error Type 3
Not all instances of 4D Server have a Backup Scheduler window
Error on Line #0 with compiled web database upon HTML form submission
4D's CPU Usage
Server crashes when clients attempt to access a Set at the same time
How is the QUIT 4D command supposed to work.
4D Internet Commands FTP
4D Chart and print set up
Database transported from Mac to PC, field on List form for Printing is resized
Transferring a 4D Server 1.5.x from Mac to PC v6.5.6
Quick report will not allow me to print to Disk File
Error "that value is not allowed" when trying to enter anything into a field
Is there way to select the "fast" index mode?
How can you select a particular destination folder for 4D Backup
Error # -1 The database cannot be used
Values in fields disappear after tabbing out of the field
Want to attempt to use 4D Client over the Internet via TCP/IP over DSL
How to get appleevents to work in 4D
Wants to use 4D Open to generate a selection of records
Data enry variables in subform area can't be entered
Why can't 4D v3.5.2 work on iMac?
On deactivate, close window does not work on PC but works on Mac
How to read a JPEG file on Windows.
Sent e-mail arriving as HTML format even though its supposed to be plain text
Can't access 4D Write plug-in
The Tab Control doesn't show up in the compiled database.
Problems connecting to v1.5 4D Server database
Can't connect 4D Client over the Internet
How to find commands for a plug-in
Reading server variables from client
Converting from v3.1.1 to v6.5.4 Windows
Trying to move a compiled app over to a new Mac G4, asked for original disk?
Server broadcast does not reach the client.
Clicking on a form in either of two tables in the 4D explorer window Quits 4D
Runtime is taking all extra memory, printer has no memory to print
Email support ( error -9939 )
Multi-page tabbed form with 3 AreaList Pro areas crashes 4D / -9939 Compile Errs
Is the software upward compatible from the MAC version 3.5.3 to the NT version 6
I'm having a strange problem with 4D SQL
How to call a 4D Method from a 4D Calc cell
Graph created with GRAPH command won't print in 4CD v6.5
How to translate a real number into text
4D fails to attach the Context ID number to URL's and every call sends home page
Is it neccessary to run 4D Tools before the conversion from v6 to v6.7?
Replace 4D Command in 4D Insider does not work
MS Office 2000 spell checker not working with 4D Write
Tech Support Issue #1175 - Crashing while exporting to FileMaker
Message cannot convert database showing when attempting to log in.
Error message "mutiple buffers of size greater of 4000 in the bind list."
How to keep a choice in a list when return from an input window
Error: The resource file cannot be created
Does 4D 6.5.1 run on Windows 2000
Application compiled and merged will not launch on windows
Error "the server and the client are not the same version."
Running 6.5.5, part of a method does not appear.
Upgrading from Mac2.2.3 to Windows 6.5
Problem extracting files downloaded from
Error -199 when trying to open a database
Tech Support Issue #1171 - 4D Server crashes
Error Resource cache file cannot be created
Enter key closes the window
Client freezes when it has been minimized and brought back up again
Upgraded computer with MacOS9, and now DB is having problems
4D Open connection gets dropped when there's no activity.
PC Client cannot see the server.
How to migrate from 6.0.5 to 6.0.6
Can't import more records
Can I customize the number of Tick between calls to OS for each client.
How do I connect to 4D Server from my house?
Trouble upgrading 4D Server 6.0.5 machine to Mac OS 9
How can I automate installation of 4D Client to machines on my network?
Will 4D open connect to a c++ application on a win CE device
TCP_Open command keeps giving me an error.
Understanding caching on the client machine.
IE 5.0 does not take the no cache pragma value.
Printing 4D Draw External Drawings from an input form via a Button
Print dialog box for quick reports not displaying
Query is freezing.
How do client licenses work in 6.5.x
Out of stack space
How to get rid of the "About 4D", "About Internet commands" help in custom menu.
What is the 4D Open equivalent to 4D's Relate One (ManyField)?
How to change the splash screen
Looking for a user manual for an application written in 4D
How to create a radio button.
problems with object methods executing.
How do I install 4D Compiler?
Web serving for the first time.
Is 4D WAP capable?
Fonts are not showing up correctly in Runtime on a different machine.
How to create an entry in the connection dialog.
Connecting to 4D database usinf C++ application(email# 1191)
US dates changing when database is used in the UK.
connection failed error: -1
Where do I install the 4D write plugin
4D compatible with Mac OS X
How to compile database for both platforms and only one platform plugin
Order by and Query are not working properly.
How to add items from a Pop-up menu to a text field in an input form
How to install plug-ins on the server (4D Write).
Does 4D take advantage of the dual processors?
How does the contact manager work.
Error: Incompatible type for RELATE MANY([TABLE];[TABLE];Seq_Number)
Problems connecting a client.
Toubleshooting an export method
How do I find out about who is locking the record?
How do I upgrade my client and server?
Compatibility between 4D v2.2.3 and OS 8.5.1
Problem with losing licenses
How to get different users to get different menus on log in
How to know which printer is selected in the chooser
How do I get to the design environment using 4D client
User press the enter key 4D client closes abruptly and generates type 2 error
How do I use the choice list on the Web Browser?
How do I connect to a 4D Database using access and 4D ODBC.
Import text files is slow and stops sometimes
Mouse over on link on html page not matching html source.
Relate one selection in the one table is returning 0 records
WebStar log formats
How to remove a Page Break from the Detail area of a Quick Report
Can the port number for SSL be changed
How can I move the Expansion License from Mac to PC
Does 4D take advantage of dual proccessors
-10001 error
How to change the name in a field for a certain selection of records.
Upgrading from 6 to 6.7 and compiling gives error method not found
How to prevent certain records from being modified by any process
Why doesn't 4D always update modification date for folder containing database?
Attempt to launch multiple instances and clients will not drop
Is speed affected when you put the data file on a mounted network volume?
Would my database in v2.2.1 work on OS9?
4D Crashes when going from User Mode to Design Mode only as Administrator
Forms containing a Subform crashing in database converted from 1.5.4 to 6.5.6
Getting message resource file cannot be created.
4DCLIENT caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL
How do I move pictures in the picture library from one database to another?
Missing CTL3D32.DLL
With five specific tables, data entry does not work.
How to display the External Window?
Predefined button with code isn't always performing the action desired
Timeout with Web connection.
trapping an error for the EXPORT TEXT command
FTP_Send stalls when sending a large file.
Is there anyway that I can use the NT Username and Password with 4D?
How to create a shortcut key for a button?
Problem with proxy server.and a contextual database.
The Order By field is not printed.
Is there a 15 character limit on the names of arrays of 15 for use with 4D ODBC?
How do I modify the user password in the compiled database?
Problem with display format
I can't find the Expansion Serial Number on the Reg card.
Can I use Choice lists on the Web (contextual).
Upgrading to version 6.7.1: database will not compile.
Need help setting up Client and Server.
Does 4D support Apple Script?
Converting older recipe database into 4th Dimension v6.7 format
Total Client connection is 8, but the actual maximum is only 6.
How many tables/fields am I limited to in 4D?
Error -5 when opening structure file.
Erratic behaviour when copying/Pasting within 4D.
Windows went off screen, All buttons are not accessibe.
The 4D Alert box is opened behind the current window
Do I need to upgrade Client's MacOS to match the Server's?
Problem with query
Is Disable Menu(1;0) the only way to disable an entire menu?
How do I pick another Oracle dll file.
closing all windows in design mode when starting up 4D
Error -10002
Why can't I get the On Validate Form Event to run when I edit a record?
How to jump from one field to another when a number of characters is reached?
How to print one value at the end of a report.
How to convert a time difference into a real number.
Printing of chart does not finish
4D Server 6.5 starting as a service, getting a no default printer error message
What do I need to do to make 4D Link work the same
How to open a detail form from an output form?
This database cannot run on PC machines.
Under v6.0 they had 4 users, how do I get set up under v6.7?
Using Print label the form gets truncated.
Sometimes the process on 4D Server does not disappear from the list.
How do associated menu bars work v6.7?
What can I do with the demo?
The Userset doesn't contain the correct subset.
I just purchased 4D Server with the Web Extension, but I don't see the serial #?
Under Windows 4D 6.5.6, any way to get the scrolling mouse feature to work?
Compatibility issue with 6.5.4 and OS 9.1
Problem with Windows 2000 Restricted Users running 4D Client
Mirror and transactions
How to run multiple copies of 4D Server on one Windows NT machine
Installing the 4D Help files for the 4D Method Editor
Can I change programmatically the list form used in a subform?
How can I restore the related many records displayed in a subform after editing
Cannot open a regular interpreted database with my copy of 4D Server
Is there any 4D Client installation package?
How to send HTML mail from 4D
Pictures do not display
SEND HTML BLOB with MIME type set not working with embedded JavaScript
How to renumber a field for a selection
Default behaviour: negative numbers are displayed in red.
How to recover a mistakenly deleted data?
Unable to get the On line Help file to work on the Web Browser.
Filename problems with export text.
From Web (tabbing no longer takes me to the OK button)
How many characters can be in a set name
Problem when printing
opening a 4D write area as an external window.
What is the correct syntax for QUERY SUBRECORDS with multiple conditions?
How to make the beach ball appear again
Problem with the way database in 4D Client and Web Browser.
Picture button doesn't display the picture correctly
Compiled and merged application quits immediately at the startup.
UsingGet pointer and RESOLVE POINTER to manage a button grid on a form
Using FONT LIST to populate a Drop-down list under Windows, list shows up empty
after connecting from 4D Client gets a Type 2 Error.
Problem with forms in v6 database converted to 6.7.1
copying and pasting picture library
Security issue under Windows NT/2000
Can I run multiple 4D Server with a separate IP Address on a single machine?
Is it possible to view a pop-up menu when I'm searching with the Query Editor?
How can I protect the key.pem and cert.pem from being access by the web user?
Error -10064
How to run Mac compiled database on the PC?
Do you have a demo of the 4D odbc driver?
In Custom Menus, how to avoid showing the Splash Screen?
Can 4D interface with MS VBA? (Visual Basic for Applications)
How to store and retrieve Macintosh files inside a 4D database
How do I manually move an object off the form?
Trouble downloading and installing 4D Client
How to implement the arrow keys(up/down) to move the current selection
The save button in 4D Write doesn't work
Is the communication between 4D Client and 4D Server encrypted?
4D Open works one day and doesn't the next.
How can I move the selection to the Server machine?
The destination string is smaller than the source error compiled
4D write 671 print preview does not open in full window.
My PC Client cannot paste a bmp picture into a picture variable.
I'm getting frustrated with PRINT SELECTION, BREAK LEVEL, ACCUMULATE etc.
Error: License or privilege error when logging in with 4D Client
How do I install the 4D Web Extensions? Using the 4D Product CD?
How to suppress the Save dialog when trying to save a report to the Disk?
On an input form, how to make the Enter key NOT accept a record but instead tab
Cannot create resource file.
How to transport Mac Database to PC version?
Problems with plug-ins: they are not loading on the Client
How to upgrade from 4D version1.5 to 4D 6.0
Querying not resulting in the correct results.
Problem with the conversion of longint to date.
How to install the Advanced Kit to use the 4D Compiler
Why can't I put the Tab Controls on the left, right or bottom in Windows?
4D Server crashes after upgraded from 6.0.6 to 6.5.8
What is the difference between switches and hubs?
Error:SHELL32.DLL SHGetPathFromDListW on Win 95 4D Client machines
How to restrict access to menu items for certain users
How can I save the modified List if I'm recompiling the database?
How do I tell 4D to do something at a specific time?
How to maintain context in non-contextual mode.
How can I override the display of a Pop-up/Drop-down List and accept clicks?
I can't get logged into Partner Central
How to append text to the end of a 4D Write area?
How can I add the 4D ODBC license to the Merge application?
Printing unattended
Windows are hidden behind the menu bar and I can't resize it.
Is there any reason to use Integer instead of Long Integer data types?
How to implement a multiple-appearance button.
Where do I enter in a 1 client expansion license?
After upgrading to version 6.7.2 the database is slow
selection to array causing stored procedure to die
4D Client 6.5.2 has inconsistent behaviour after being reinstalled
"Error -5 There is a corrupted password table" when trying to compact database
Running multiple 4D Server databases
How to convert v2 Mac database to v6 Win database?
How to emulate On Timer & Redraw for page refreshing in Non-contextual Mode
Displaying a logo with the Web Assistant
Running different versions of 4D Server on the same machine
Transferring licenses,and 6.0.6 vs. 6.0.6r8
Setting registered users with the 4D Web Assistant
Can I run 4D Tools 6.5.8 on a database served with 4D Server 6.5.4?
Options for setting up a remote system based on existing 4D Server database
Pop-up menu Object Method does not execute in web browser (Contextual Mode)
How does 4D support multiple platform interface appearances?
Does 4D support Object Oriented programming techniques?
Trying to connect to 4D Server via TCP, can Ping but can't see server or connect
4D Server CPU resource utilization on Windows
4D Client seems slower on a new Windows 2000 Pro machine than it did under Win98
Can't see the 4D Service using TCP only ADSP
"File Not Found - Database Cannot be Used" trying to run compiled & merged app
4D Client gets stuck copying resources from server, adds 500K to drive per 5 min
On server startup we experience a "freeze" of the server for about 5 minutes
From Web
Wants to upgrade from 3 to 6.5 server
How to delete the arrows of the entry order
How do I connect to the server with the TCP/IP protocol?
Modifying fields from another table with DIALOG
4D Client crashing during Invoice Printing
Compiled merged database crashes during startup
Interfacing 4D with TAPI
Error: Application is linking to a missing DLL
How to use a 4D Mac serial number on a Windows machine
How to copy 4D Write areas into offscreen areas while keeping page setup.
Three instances of server running yesterday, one replaced will not open w/mac
Is it possible to save the Log file outside the Log folder.
How to make sure memory allocation is fine
-10001 Errors
4D Chart commands do not work on the server.
Getting a -10002 error on client after selecting database and clicking OK.
Error: Invalid Index structure
How to make an event happen on load of an included form
How to replicate data from a subtable to a a new table
What is the different between 4D Open for Java and 4D Open for 4D?
How old is v1.5.4 / Can it be upgraded?
Can't Log into 4D Server!
Double-Byte Character Sets and 4D
Enter key directly validates the entry, how to I execute some code.
How to prevent a process array from being accessed by other Web request?
Problems with database program imported from File Force into 4D
Problem printing 298 pages under Windows 98 w/ HP960c printer and 4D 6.5.7.
Ghost clients on the Server after compiling.
How can I use a 4D write Document inside of the body of an email?
Moving an application that utilizes the Modem (Serial) Port to a PowerMac G4
Querying on the SubTable doesn't work properly.
Server was crashing until extensions turned off
Remote mac with runtime classic crashes on "import"
-10030 and -10001 Errors with 4D Client
Trouble converting from 4D First to 6.7
How Can I print or add "page number " on the bottom of the form when I am using
Select Folder and Structure File commands give different results under Windows
NT server iMac clients have a slow download of resources then lock.
How to transfer user licenses from a floppied Mac to a floppyless Mac
Data exchange/synchronization options with MS Exchange, Windows CE, or Palm OS
How doesn't the ODBC Driver for 4D Server work?
What is the BLOB in the second parameter to EXPOR DATA used for?
Can I trigger a script running behind the Popup list on the Web?
Sending attachemnts using the send SMTP Attachment command corrupting files
Cannot execute PRINT SELECTION on 4D Server.
Using the all option in the find tool in design environment crashes database.
WebSTAR 4.3 with 4D standalone 6.5.6 freezes upon launch
How to check whether a picture variable is empty?
DIRSTYLE not supported sending to WebSTAR FTP from 4D Internet Commands
Does a recover by tag repair indices?
-9986 Error trying to delete record
Web Browser 'left a form that requires data validation' message
Getting an out of memory error when attempting to open application
How to display an alert when a pop-up menu is empty?
Blank records are being created spontaniously
How to access resources stored in the database structure file from 4D Client
Problem with contextual database.
How to add an element to a selection
When attempt to print, all we get is a blank outline of the printer dialog
How to manage a record set other than the set in the output form.
File not found: when using AP Sublaunch
Can't cut, copy and paste in the custom environment.
Is there a way to use two different Network Components versions at the same time
How to create, modify and delete a record in one method?
Error: SHELL32.DLL:SHGetPathFromDlistW
Problems with Entry and Display of dates in Y2K
Client-Server Connection Timeouts and hung processes
Populating a hierarchical pop-up menu.
Upgrade with 4D Write
cpu utilization reaching 100%
How to enter and display data
What are Event ID's 2, 3, 4 in the NT Server Event Log for 4D Server
ODBC command questions
Problem with create document.
Lost of relate many relation when switching between tabs
I want to be able to trap the "Esc" key and execute the method "uExit"
Problem importing the text field to the Excel
Customer telling him he is using poor business practices on his web site
Invalid data address: array cannot be used
How do I migrate a database a database from stand alone to server
What options are there for connecting 4D with a Handspring Visor?
How can I access the server using a modem from a remote location.
Can I use buttons / popup menus in the header section of a subform?
The CREATE RECORD command doesn't always work
Is there any voice recognition software that works with 4D?
How to change web database properties from client
Where can I find the sample database for the quick start manual?
Cannot find the TCP.OPT file on windows 2000
How to Save a document selected on a client on the server machine?
Error "Not enough stack to complete the task"
Changing the TCP.OPT file port with customizer plus does not save after 32000
Problems with Queries for a date range
4D Backup does not save settings
Error: "No backup module is installed"
How to link a help file to a form/database
Other ways of installing 4D Client other than the CD
How can I trigger the creation of a document on the server.
Compiler error: Cannot open the destination file - Disk is full
Error -43 upon SMTP_Attachment command second time through loop
After converted from 3.x to 6.7, PRINT RECORD begin to send out an error
How to dereferece the pointer to array?
Unable to edit the sub record after it has been created.
How can I find out whether the left or the right mouse button is clicked?
Background and library picutures are missing on forms
Trouble setting top margins from a method in 4D Write 6.7
How to install 4D server 6.7
Can I set the property of the 4D Write document in the offscreen area?
Very erratic printing results from 4D Write to HP LaserJet 2100TN
Double clicking on a structure file opens up with 4D Backup and not 4th Dimensio
Getting error connecting to a server with insider.
Print selection command is ignoring the asterick to suppress print dialog box
4D keeps asking for my serial number every time I open it.
In Client/Server mode, ALP not displaying array. Works in standalone.
Can you use Mac OS 9 with 4D 3.5.1 databases?
Why is there no more SQL for v6.7?
Losing selection of records in many table displayed in a Subform
Copying related fields inside a Save New/Existing Record Trigger under 4D Server
SEND PACKET causes an error "ID 28 communication interupted"
4D Display doesn't display the dynamic content correctly
How to install 4D Engine License
How to print from the Server computer
Unable to resize the window continously
Is there a way to turn the change the color of a specific record in the subform?
How can I implement a link list in the current version of 4D?
A message displaying educational license
The Event View reports many warning message (type 8) of 4D Server
A custom external no longer works in 6.5.8
Parsing to build queries
Problem enabling and disabling the menu item.
How to install On-Line Help on Mac OS X?
4D doesn't accept serial number entered through the Welcome dialog
Operating 4D Business Kit with OSX, OS9.x and WebSTAR
ProductType and Price fields, want to show an Alert if certain condition exists
Routine that use to work no longer works
How do I assign a foreground color to the text of a radio button?
Mac Client doesn't recognize any of the plug-ins
How to display a certain number of objects in the form?
4D does not switch to user environment when quitting.
Backup use
How to setup multiple instances of 4D Server under Mac OS 9.2?
Installing Expansion Pack serial number on a Mac with a floppy drive
How can I display the command syntax on top of the method editor window?
How does using 4D Backup affect my consideration of what server computer to buy
How can I set the number of pages to print from within 4D without showing dialog
4D Client Crashing when selecting a page
Move document won't move the same document twice.
4D Compiled won't recognize 4D Engine license under OS X
Upgrading/Convertig: Mac 6.0 to Win 6.5.6, copied database doesn't work
Syntax error when trying to print
The external scroll bars of the active 4D window do not work
Error "Only 4D client connections allow"
Deletion Control are grayed out after structure is moved with 4D Insider
What causes a field to give a double image on an upgraded database
How do I install 6.8.3 on Mac OS X?
Error: Database cannot be published
After I downloaded the Network folder and extract it, it is empty.
How to go from Compiled Mode to Interpreted Mode
How can I turn on and off the check box procedurally?
Windows management (MDI)
Avoiding Automatic HTML conversion when sending data to Browser
How do you test for both the Click and Double click form events
Wants to be able to update a scrollable array in another process.
No more room to save record. Record cannot be written
Unable to enter text in the 4D Write area that is opened as the External Window.
How to segment a data file
How can I find out if the document that I created actually exist?
How can I create a two frame picture in the picture library?
Where is the file that contains all the servers 4D client has connected on?
How do I run multiple instances of 4D Server under mac OS X?
4D Open get an error at "OP Load Network Component"
Error 4D Server is unable to publish the database.
Will a form event be triggered in the form method of the inherited form?
Unable to get the subtotal field showing up in the report.
How to check for required fields on an HTML FORM before accepting
After shutdown 4D client and relaunch, the font goes back to default.
After I do a calculation, in a subform, 4D Doesn't refresh the window.
Installed on a new Mac G4 and have a message indicating not compatible versions
Trying to do a distinct on the record
Is it possible to change the title of a group box object?
4D quit when attempting to close a method.
-10002 error when connecting to 4D Server, using 4D Open
ODBC connection to Access is giving an error buffer is too small
What is 4D arithmetic precedence?
I want to set up a bunch of checkboxes using 4D View
Can 4D Save a set in a blob?
6.8 client/server are interchangable
4D crashes in compile mode
How can I execute the menu item of 4D View menu bar procedurally?
(email case# 1712) Accessing QuarkExpress and EPS files.
Compilier Asking for license
Customer has v6 on one server and v1 on another, wants to upgrade v1 to v6
ODBC - How to log into a specific database on MS SQL Server
4D Client won't launch.
Installing 4D Internet Extension for use with 4D Engine DB
The scrollbar of 4D View doesn't appear.
Where is the "compile for both platforms" option for the comilier
Web Design for context and none context mode
4D Client seems slow over our 384K Frame Relay WAN
slowdown issue after a few hours of operation
Loading a Picture field into 4D Write area
Is it possible to add more than one attachment into one email?
How do you design label printing forms?
4D Client can't connect to 4D Server?
4D Server on NT crashes silently upon launch
How can I load a menu bar to form with MENU BAR command?
code needed to write a string resource to a file
What is the newest version of 4D Open?
Syntax error dialog appears repeatedly
Problem with 4D Write when doing a Print Merge.
4D Open timing out with TCP/IP NC
Problem with compiled merge app crashing on Novell network.
Trying to compile using a 4D Engine and it crashes.
How to print a variable in a quick report footer or header.
4D application taking to long to quit.
Queries with numerous conditions
Which of the Chart graphing commands should I use?
Javascript & 4D Web question
Can't read expansion packs in Superdrive external floppy drive
Lost Internet expansion licenses
There is only one license instead of two with the server software.
my custom menubar disappears after the corresponding method opens a new window
4D write license gone
How to initialize a blank data file automatically
Damaged structure
List field on form has lost its connection to the list when upgraded
Can you use different NCs on two 4D Servers on the same computer?
Should he continue to use code to freeze the process when in background
Fields are printing on the wrong page of a report
Corrupted Indexes
How to design cross-platform Forms
Pre-Sales question - Mandatory log file
Several related data fields stopped appearing on a printed report
Getting error -10502
Will different versions of client and server connect to each other?
Accessing a BLOB via an External Routine
How to specify the IP address and port number for an ODBC Driver connection
Data file is corrupted when the database crashed during Quit
2 instances of Server running, but Client can only connect to one.
4D Backup questions
Win 95 user gets a GPF when completing information in a particular field
What are the limitation for converting a stand-alone to web database.
Exporting data from a compiled structure without access to User Mode
Updating thermometer/dials
How to prevent a read email from being downloaded again.
With two-dimensional arrays, the value is not kept properly.
Web password dialog
Emedded 4D write from new upgraded structure file - Case 292
How to automatically save records after client user inactivity
Can converting from 6.5.x to 6.7.x restore deleted records?
4D Insider v6.7 Lost References Problem
Server crashes when flushing buffers
How to construct a search condition on a date field?
What options are available for synching with Palm Pilot device databases?
using Application File, Structure File, or Data File functions under 5.8
Error: Invalid character value for cast specification
Login Properties
When upgrading to 4D v11 SQL Release 2 rebuild Keyword Indexes
Creating Composite Indexes
Enabling a method to become a component method
Storing Text Fields Outside The Record
Resources: 4D 2004 vs 4D v11 SQL
Using Methods As Form Objects
Video Tech Tip: 4DAF Personal Planner
Video Tech Tip: 4D for Flex: A Quick Intro
Video Tech Tip: 4D Ajax Framework: Mashups
Video Tech Tip: 4D Ajax Framework: Data Validation
Video Tech Tip: 4D Ajax Framework: Preset Queries I
Video Tech Tip: 4D Ajax Framework: Preset Queries II
Video Tech Tip: 4D Ajax Framework: Preset Queries III
Video Tech Tip: 4D Ajax Framework: Preset Queries IV
Unexpected results from STRUCTURE FILE command
Video Tech Tip: 4D Ajax for Dreamweaver
Is QuickTime necessary with 4D v11 SQL?
Adding Resources Just Got Easier!
How to deselect objects within a 4D Write Area?
How to get a listing of a Javascript object's properties
ACCUMULATE Supports Interprocess Variables
Is it possible to compile a host database and matrix database at once?
Finding a method's "Callers"
2D Array Elements as Parameters
How to Duplicate a Database in 4D v11 SQL
Troubleshooting why the Windows Event Viewer logs are missing Descriptions
Google Chart API and Web Area Integration
Starting Web Server on Mac OS X
UTI specifies file types on Mac OS X
My First Web Grid
How to get Table and Field numbers
Pointer dereferencing with §
BLOB commands perform range checking
Auto Increment
The New Welcome Wizard
Reading any type of Picture file
4D (Is There) for Flex
XLIFF Resources with the same name
Hidden Rows Option in List Boxes
Reject new connections option in 4D Server
Renamed Commands in 4D v11 SQL
Where can I find "4D v11 Client" application so I can connect to 4D v11 Server?
License File is Invalid
Learning Curve question about upgrading to 4D v11 SQL
Is 4D 2004 certified for Vista 64 bits
How to make "Connection to 4D Server" default 4D v11 SQL startup window
4D Backup is no longer blocked by transactions
XLIFF Resource files and the element
Rebuilding Indexes after Importing
Using DIALOG with the new * parameter
NULLS in 4D v11 SQL
How to display value along with the chart
How to have Records/Show Subset in a subform
Server port numbers in 4D v11
How to compile for all platforms in v11
Wants the event that fires when returning to original form from detail form
Targeted Macros in 2004 not working
Cannot paste using CTRL V in 2004.7r3
Command for printing page numbers on a printed form
Programmatically Handling Indexes In 4D v11 SQL
Changes to ports in 4D Server v11 SQL
Is 4D 2004 certified for 10.5.4
Using the Bridge Object to Update Records
Hide 4d logo from displaying when a database is opened
How do you query a 4D v11 SQL database from sql
4DIC Lets You Send Messages Encoded In UTF-8
v11 questions - registration and compilation
Receiving errors when trying to log into 4D v11.3 through a Firewall
Error - The expansion needs to be registered on the same machine as the product
Keeping Keyboard Shortcuts Across All 4D v11 SQL Releases
Web application server not allowing multiple IPs
Square Buttons in Mac OS Leopard
Where is 4D Tools in 4D v11 SQL?
Can you get Table Properties for a subtable?
Questions about Users/Groups export.
Converting to v11 questions
How to install plug-ins on Windows?
Does 4D 2004 support Intel Macs?
Cannot access 4D Server
Where is unlimited desktop
Can't register on second machine
How to open compiled database with 4D Tools?
Issue running 4d v11 on win 64 bit os
Trouble getting started with Web Services
4D v11.3 SQL LOGIN failing and return SQL errors
How to add a segment?
How to run 4D on machine with no internet
Questions about merged client/server applications
Can min/max values for a Ruler indicator be set programmatically
Need to post back a HTTP 200 OK status message to verisign
What is the latest mac OS that 4D 2003 server is certified?
How to upgrade a merged server?
Dialog disappears
Error -1 cannot publish database
Can 4D open files larger than 2GB?
Not Enough Stack Space error
Error 10509 and more running client/server over WAN (firewall, ports)
Would like more info on managing users, USERS TO BLOB and BLOB TO USERS
Problem with clients timing out, -10001 and -10002 errors.
How to resize the Query Editor programmatically
Security mechanisms for 4D databases.
Unable to activate expansions on new server.
Version 11 Method Editor No Tables or Fields showing
Unable to get 4D Server v11 SQL beta product ID.
Add field to a table
Unable to renew 4D Web 2.0 Pack subscription.
Exporting data to new database generating unique data error
Subtotal not showing as a command in a method
When typing a statement in a method 4D does not flash to indicate matching
How to access tables inside a component
How to specify a different port for POP3 auth in 4DIC
Why only the designer can access a specific table?
4D Server crashes compiled under Win 2003 SBS
Cannot delete a table form
How do I get the coordinates of a button?
How to change default size in form editor
Record number is out of range, table subsidy record cannot be written
Add a Help Tip stored in a xliff file to an object
Using the compiler to check for coding mistakes
Determining if a file on disk is open or locked
How to find the 4D version (build) number for 4D v11 SQL
MD5 Algorithm Implemented in 4D v11 SQL
Compacting your data file from a remote connection
How to connect to 4D Developer to 4D Server 11.2?
looking for the download link for Web 2.0 Pack
Unable to find 4D Client and 4D Tools in 4D v11.
Cannot find the installer
Unable to add tables to the database.
Export SYLK format to an Excel file from User Mode
Message "You do not have the license to use 4D Insider."
Automatic Update of clients in 4D v11
Why will my merged application return a license error?
"cannot associate with product code"
How to connect remotely to my 4D Server using 4D Client
How do I set printer paper size programatically?
Why is 4D Server in MAC OS X broadcasting twice?
Group Permissions not respected
Changes to character referencing
Method History Component
TRUNCATE TABLE can bypass triggers
Are your transactions nested?
How to set up Automatic Connection in a merged Client/Server App
Handling the new Command Syntax Errors in 4D v11 SQL
How to add comments in an SQL statement
How to insert an item from a list to a field at the cursor position.
Why TCP_Listen only recognizes its delay parameter once at a time?
Which version is Windows Vista Certified?
Can a semaphore be cleared by a process other than the process that created it?
The expansion needs to be registered on the same machine as the product
Defining XML type when using Web Services
Why can't I build a merged application on Mac?
Enhanced Storing and Retrieving BLOBs in Pictures
4D v11 SQL Pass-Through without ODBC
Copying and pasting tables
INSERT command now supports insertion of file contents
Maximum number of records has been reached -9997
How to highlight records from a set?
Crash when clicking the 4D drop down menu
How does the licensing of 4D Client work?
How to specify the size of the display column?
How to find the Webfolder location for Client?
"4D Ajax for Dreamweaver" extension errors at line 125 or 181
How to move 4D Client expansion on different machine
How to call QR REPORT without QR Editor
Rejecting new client connections with 4D Server
The Structure Window
Using the Bridge Object to Retrieve a Single Record by Record ID
Formatting Date to String Results
The ARRAY STRING command in 4D v11 SQL
Converting to version 11 more than once
Database Schemas and Security
New behavior for TRUNCATE TABLE command
Where is the 4D Web Application Server Software?
Compiled Application not launching on Windows Vista (DEP)
The new SQL LOGIN command
Saving Passwords and Accessing the Saved Connection
Rearranging the order of fields
Drag and Drop picture resources
INSERT command now supports multi-row inserts
4D now supports SQL Schemas
How to find the 4D version (build) number for 4D 2004
Updates to Document Size Commands
License Order matters in OEM builds
Using 4D HTML Tags inside of JavaScript
4D Ajax Framework, -10508 error, and 4D Server v11 SQL
Testing for success: SET QUERY AND LOCK
Recovering a lost Catalog.xml file
Microsoft Security Update 953230 may interfere with 4D
New Preferences option to set Flash Player security automatically
Utility Method: Wrapper for the Random command
Troubleshooting the LOG EVENT output from 4D 2004 in the Windows Event Viewer
Cannot select license from the BUILD APPLICATION dialog
Troubleshooting the LOG EVENT output in the Windows Event Viewer
Troubleshooting why the Windows Event Viewer logs are missing ID numbers
How to set permissions (per table) for ODBC connections
Using 4D Team Developer, getting an error "4D Write cannot be used", #9949
Records that appear to be saved during a session disappear after shutdown
Running application in different languages
error -43 when upgrading dax component
List Boxes and exporting arrays built from an SQL query
4D v11 SQL List Boxes and dynamically assigned arrays
Using the Keyword INFILE in the 4D v11.3 SQL Command INSERT
Saving an XLIFF file (.xlf)
Importing DATETIME values
Upgrading 4D and registering your database as a service
Common Localization gotcha
What is the "Catalog.xml" file?
Easier ways to set keyboard shortcuts
Backup the Index files in 4D v11 SQL.
Mashups with 4D v11 SQL Web Area
How to run 4D Server as a service on Windows Vista
Add a Help Tip stored in a xliff file to an object
Using Stunnel and OpenSSL to encrypt SMTP commands
Multi-line entry in List Boxes now available on Mac OS
Execute on Server Method Attribute
After I replaced my hard disk I cannot back up my database
Got an error message that file could not be saved because volume was full
Converting a 2004 data file
How do i skip the onstartup method?
How do I get the point boxes on line charts not to print?
Build application running as demo
Is 4d chart capable of creating a graph with multiple data bars?
can you programatically turn triggers off
Using Object Views
Collapsible Lists with Web Area
4D Server broadcasting UDP Port
Accessing Client Variables on Server with trigger methods
Setting up 4D's SQL Server to use SSL protocol
Get Indexed String compatible with XLIFF
SQL function CONVERT
4D Plug-in Development Guide - Part 1
Bringing up the connect to server dialog
How to find a table in 4D 2004.7r3
Creating a stacked chart using 4D Chart
Security/OS login options in 4d v11
How to Export subtable data
4D v11 SQL ISO compatible Date/Time Stamp
Saving Field and Table Names to a Two-Dimensional Array
4D Plug-in Development Guide - Part 2
What is 'Server Core'?
Substituting CHOOSE for the "Conditional Expression Operator"
The New "Contains keyword" Operator
Meta Characters now allowed in 4D v11.3 menus
New Selector for SET DATABASE PARAMETER (54) as of v11.4
Using Export Text command, fields and variables are being truncated at 1024 char
Unable to download 4D v11 SQL using FTP
Problem using 4D Write with Hotfix1
How to automatically update Global Variables in a form window
Exif and ID3 Metadata
Optimizing File Parsing with Match regex
Installing 4D without internet access
4D v11 SQL alters default relation paths
Relations are not required in 4D v11 SQL
Getting a picture from a SQL database into a 4D BLOB variable using ODBC Pro
Understanding Get last table number
Reviewing String comparison in 4D v11 SQL
Guidelines for SQL compatible field names
SVG 'textArea' Element Now Supported
List Box Boolean Columns and Highlighting Rows
Database Access and the SQL Server
File Transfers using Execute on Server
Limit Table Access for SQL Server users
Maintaining a selection of records in a List Box while highlighting a new record
How to return a custom 404 page
Windows Server 2008 also uses DEP
4D v11 SQL Assimilator
New functionality of the "Old" command
Using LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS to launch VBScripts of JScripts
Standard Form Window has been renamed to Plain Form Window
Type and Creator codes in Mac OS X
Multiple levels of components
The new functionality of the Get 4D folder command
The new functionality of the Replace string command
Windows UAC and the "Program Files" directory
New Compilation Notification
4D Office Library
Is there a way to bypass the 4D Server shutdown dialog?
Deactivating startup methods during database conversion
Advanced Keyword Search
Sending messages from 4D Server
How to Delete the list of Recently used servers
The new GET LAST ERROR STACK command
The new SQL GET LAST ERROR command
4D Gantt Chart Component
Basic Memory Management Techniques
How to serve 404 file not found when page is missing
Key references a duplicated record number (24;126)
4D Pop: Developer Components
The new SQL SET OPTION command
New Selectors for SET DATABASE PARAMETER (50 and 51) in 4D v11.3
Organizing Macros
The EXECUTE command from 4D 2004 has changed to EXECUTE FORMULA in 4D v11
Responding to a User Click on an SVG Image
Casting Boolean values in SQL statements
Adding a background picture to your Structure
A quick way to get the platform-specific folder delimiter character
HTML Email Component
SVG Find element ID by coordinates gets the top-most object
Can I run multiple instances of 4D Server v11.3 SQL?
How to invoke 4D Client from a link in an email sent by 4D Server
Cannot run 4D server runtime past loading the data file
Changing the name of the data or sructure file and its impact on backups
4D Pop Constants Migration component must run in single-user
4D v11 SQL Components and the Scope of 4D System Variables
PR4D Resource Damaged Alert Dialog
Converting Databases that used "User Mode"
Bringing off-screen windows onscreen
Pointers Revisited
Interpreting the Structure Editor: Many-to-One or Primary Key-Foreign Key?
How to display SVG pictures on the fly
Internal storage max size option (Updated)
Drawing arcs with 4D SVG in 11.4
4D Splash Screen
Why does my 4D v11 SQL Release 4 application still require a DEP exclusion?
Why does my client cache folder have two sets of plugins?
Controlling the way 4D v11 SQL starts up
How to disable Javascript in a web area?
Efficient 4D Queries
A shortcut is not working, how can I fix it?
Programmatically showing the 4D Client Database Folder
Using Application Preferences to open the 4D Client Database Folder
Do not use Local Variables and EXECUTE IMMEDIATE in SQL with a Compiled DB
Web Design - HTML and CSS Demystified
Vegetables Are Good for You - Adding Eggplant to 4D
Using List Boxes as a Replacement for Output Forms
Upgrading to 4D v11 SQL
The Trillion Dollar Opportunity-Exchanging Data Between 4D and Mainframes
Successful Sales and Marketing Techniques for 4D Applications
Speech Interface Overview
Presenting - Plug-ins
Multimedia Marketing-How to Make And Market with Video
Multilingual Applications
Merge Print Jobs in 4D v11 SQL
Marketing the Web 2.0 Way
How 4D-Soap-XML Saved the Day in NASCAR and F1 Racing
Getting Ready for Unicode
Developing for the iPhone
Developing a Marketing Plan
Using 4D v11 SQL Hlists to Manage Your Objects
Turbo Charge your 4D v11 SQL Database
SVG in 4D
Selling your Application Overseas
Selling to Large Accounts
Security Issues in DB Design
Outsourcing 4D Projects
New Menu Management with 4D v11 SQL
My First Web Grid
Mirroring with 4D v11 SQL
Manipulating MS Excel from 4D v11 SQL
Introduction to XML
Introduction to Web Services
Introduction to the 4D Ajax Framework
Introduction to JavaScript
Indexes in 4D v11 SQL
How to Use 4D for a Vertical Market Application
How Fast is Client-Server
Hands on hmCal 2.0 the Calendar Plugin
Handling Unicode with the Right Set of Knowledge
GUI Design
GIS-GPS-Geocoding Maps and More
Designing Database Structures
Data Exchange with 4D v11 SQL
Converting a Web 1.0 App to a Web 2.0 App
Converting 4D Draw to SVG
Components in 4D v11 SQL
Building Real World Applications with Web 2.0 Pack
Building Applications with 4DAF Bridge 2.0
Beginning SQL
An Expert System Shell in 4D
4D Web Area
4D v11 SQL Resources Architecture
4D v11 SQL Components
4D v11 SQL as a Reporting Engine for a Backend 2003-2004 System
4D Server v11 SQL Architectural Overview
4D for Flex
4D Developer Network
How to control the visibility of the Splash Screen in 4D v11 SQL
How to skip over HTTP and redirect to HTTPS
How to create a Scrollable 4D SVG Image
Displaying updated listbox contents with Current Selection as source.
How to restart a 4D database programmatically
Mirroring with 4D Server v11 SQL
Debugging your Client/Server 4D application
On Clicked event in Picture Variables
Use the "Truncated (non-centered)" setting for SVG Pictures
Using the On Timer form event to implement dragging SVG images
Aborting Stored Procedures
String comparison using wildcards
Sending and Receiving E-Mails in Unicode
Alternative way of automatically starting your app on Windows Server 2008
4D v11 SQL Triggers vs 4D 2004 Triggers
SEND HTML FILE not working in v11 that worked in 4D 2004
How to make 4D v11 SQL always start in "client mode"?
How to socketpolicy.xml for flex
Available License is required msg after registration via Online Activation
How to use 4D Tools
Why does my 4D v11 SQL Release 4 application still require a DEP exclusion?
Debug Log location and Client Server
Exporting a method as text programmatically
Two SVG_SET_ID Techniques
Using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud for 4D Benchmarking and Testing
Components: Test if you are running as a Matrix database
Open the v11 Runtime Explorer in a Floating Pallet Window
Web Session Management: Tracking Your Web Users
Printing your structure using SVG
Debug Log difference: Client vs. Server
How to skip over HTTP and redirect to HTTPS: Part 2 (The Web decoy folder)
Avoid a blank On SQL Authentication database method
License errors and Evaluation Licenses
Automatic Drop of External Files into 4D
Multiple ways of hiding compiler warnings
How to find the index type when you use Automatic indexes
How to repair a structure or data file using 4D Server
Publication Name and Custom Client-Server Applications
Forms Revisited
The Debug Log setting must be explicitly set while the database is running
Character Sets and 4D ODBC Pro
How to handle 4D v11 SQL's changes to RELATE ONE SELECTION
Creating a Real from an Integer or Decimal
Replace string may "lose" characters
Use "Keep the cache in physical memory..." for troubleshooting
Maintenance task "Restart Server" not a full restart
UTF-16 versus the Char command
Programmatically Managing an SVG Object's Response to Mouse Events
User Mode Component
4D Server giving a "Database cannot be published" error message.
How to deploy 4D Client in version 11?
Control attribute order in a XML element
Radio Buttons in Converted 4D v11 Databases
SQL Data Types in 4D v11 SQL
Cannot open structure of database
Cannot access "Users" table from a MySQL database from 4D v11.3
Unlimited Desktop?
How to register when you do not have internet?
Is there a 2 Gb limit for the LogFile.
Use the 4DPop Constants Editor
Using Open resource file, The Mac File System, and forks
Custom Variables using DAX_DevHook_OnQuery
The List Box Selection, The List Box variable, and Multiple selection
Web Security 4D v11 SQL Component
Sets of Different Scopes
Adding the "Shaking window to say No" effect
Making Sure 4D Displays the Current Version of Help Files
Acquiring Pointers to Converted Subtables and Subtable Fields
If you plan to Repair, skip Index Verification
After a repair, use caution when dealing with the log file
Process Stack Size: One size does not fit all
Using an invisible button as a speed counter
An Approach to Preferences
Exporting a list of all 4D processes
Duplicated plugins in 4D
Executing Component Methods on 4D Server
How to programmatically return 4D's build number
Performance Test: 4D Web Server and Static Documents
Using assertions to produce error free code
Using Launch External Process to run applications asynchronously
Database Performance and Flushing Buffers
Simulating Sub-Pages on Multi-Page Forms
Tech Tip
Multiple ways of Referencing a Boolean in SQL code
Displaying a blank value instead of Null Dates or Null Times
Quickly find database location on disk
How to programmatically get the forms for a given table
How to send non-html files using SEND HTML BLOB
How to Save and Restore 4D Hierarchical Lists
Using PLATFORM PROPERTIES to get Mac OS version
Another way to disconnect clients
Using LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS to open a file with the default application
Custom field order
Sorting fields w/NULLS changes the current selection
What is the minimum stack size for my process?
4D V11 SQL's MSC and the "The method resource CC4D..." message
Using DOM COUNT XML Elements on Elements using a Namespace
4D Server Administration Users and Processes Search
Quick Report Wizard - Part I
Form Object Names are Case-Insensitive in 4D v11 SQL
Carriage Returns in an SVG document
What is the smallest stack size 4D allows?
What is 4D's minimum recommended stack size?
A method to test for NULL Date or Time Variables
4D v11 SQL
Data type match matters when calling 4D methods from SQL statements
Why are my field types grayed out?
Using the MSC to do a Partial Restore
Objects as Templates
Finding all tables that have a Primary Key defined
Embedding Maps in 4D using Google Maps
"Find Same" in the method editor
Convert Indexed Color to RGB
Geocoding Using Public Data
Installing a new version of 4D does not update the previously installed version
Using the Copy button in a Syntax Error window
How to populate records in a list box based on selection
Using the 4D v11 SQL Pasteboard as a Debugging aid
Copy and Paste tables in the Structure Editor
Web Services Server on 4D Client using SSL
Dynamic Detail Forms
Converting a 4D color to an SVG compatible RGB string
add's random number!
Printing Variable Frame text next to Non-Variable Frame text
Moving Menu Bars between databases
Automatic Synchronization of 4D Software
Using 4D Server to Verify Data
Stopping a Verify as a Remote 4D User
Resetting Sequence Numbers in 4D v11 SQL
How to generate a UUID
A wrapper for Random with added functionality
How to programmatically disable the use of 4D's Log File
Triggers in 4D v11 SQL
Location of Preference files
Form Event Constants in Numerical Order of their associated value
Why do I get two Print Settings dialogs with PRINT FORM?
The power of Style Sheets in your application development
The Get indexed string command and String Resource loaded from an XLIFF file
Multi-Keyword Search
4D SVG and the "user coordinate system"
How to parse a string into multiple array elements
The Query Editor and Choice Lists
Customizing the 4D Pack External Clock
How to create alternate color rows in an output form
A routine to hide or show objects in a form
Calculating the first and last day of a Week from a Date
Where is the source code for 4D Pop Components?
When Serving an SSL Website from 4D where should the Certificate be installed?
Why am I getting Error 1002 during conversion?
Use Match regex to fold or split text into strings of a maximum length
Parental Control can block 4D
How to get record numbers via SQL
Sending Quick Reports to a printer without user interaction
Breakpoint moves with method changes
How to save images in a folder (Client-Server or 4D Single User)
Quick Report Wizard - Part II
How to get index types programmatically
How do SVG Groups work?
Fixing Compiler Errors: "This function has been called as a procedure"
Registration error, "The connection failed"
Logging out when running 4D Server as a Service
Copy and Pasting Fields
Embedding Maps in 4D using Open Layers
Why can't I see all my licenses?
How to produce a UTC Date-Time Stamp
Calling 4D Methods From SQL Statements
How to distinguish macros, 4D commands and methods in type-ahead
How to create animated buttons in 4D
How to print a web page form a web area
Hungry programmers make more mistakes
Troubleshooting which process is taking the most resources
ALTER TABLE takes only one SQL Clause
TEXT TO BLOB, Unicode, and Text Greater than 32K
How to get the MAC address
Apache, Mod_Proxy, & 4D
Moving the cursor between tokens
4D ODBC Driver on a 64-bit OS
ODBC Administrator Tool on Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard
Disabling SSLv2 when using Apache as a front-end for PCI Compliance
Web Area Tips: Variable Names, Windows, and JavaScript
4D Debug Log Analyzer
UNICODE and ASCII code equivalents
Converting Text from one Character Set to another
Naming a Custom Help file on Mac OS X
Troubleshooting Backup Error 1409
Using the DIALOG command with Web Server Contextual Mode
Web Account Registration
Unicode and Recieve Packet/Buffer
Merged Server and the "ALT" key
Avoiding problems when transferring 4D files from the Mac OS to Windows
Opening The MSC with no Data File
Dragging SVG Objects: Version 2
How to do console redirection when using LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS
Method to change between UNICODE and Compatibility modes
A nifty way of organizing your database objects (forms, methods, tables)
Converting tick counts to milliseconds and vice versa
Using the Amazon Product Advertising API with 4D
Export - Import and Invisible Fields
ZIP Codes in 4D v11 SQL
The 4D v11 SQL Data File Cache
Hex to RGB Color Codes
Filtering on a DATE field through ODBC in Excel
Sorting Strings in 4D v11 SQL
RGB to HSL colors, and Back!
Floor and Ceiling functions in 4D
Finding Plug-in Versions
What is the .Match file?
Using Simple List Forms for Debugging and Troubleshooting
Shading colors lighter and darker
Quick way to find out which platform you are on
Finding the path to the parent folder of a given file
Chat Integration in 4D v11 SQL
Finding if you are "In Selection"
4DVAR HTML Tags: A Quick way to update your Copyright footer
4D Plugin SDK is not included in 4D v11 SQL Release 5
Licenses are tied to a platform when registered
Enforcing string length during data entry in 4D v11 SQL
The 4D v11 SQL Scheduler
Bypassing startup code
How to get the filename from a path (v11)
SAVE RECORD and Triggers
Reopen database shortcut
Single-click editing list box cells
QuickTime and YouTube movies in Web Area
Using the 4D Pasteboard as an SQL debugging aid
Supporting Guest login to a 4D Ajax Framework supported web site
Shortcuts in 4D v11 SQL
Invoking TRACE on demand from the keyboard
Extracting hours, minutes, and seconds from a Time value
String Overflow Errors in 4D v11 SQL
Determining detailed Operating System details
Using 2048 Bit SSL Keys
Flushing inactive memory on a Mac OS X system
RECEIVE PACKET receives bytes not characters
How to register a database as a service on Windows
DAX Support folder is moved when launched with 4D Server
My merged application displays "4D Volume Desktop" in the FORCE QUIT dialog
Variables On Demand
2048 Bit SSL CSR and Keypairs Can Now Be Generated From Within 4D
How to interact with a 4D Server service on Windows
A tip for reading MSC Warnings
Why are indexes grayed out for your text field?
Why don't I see all Open options
Hiding all Compiler Warnings
Closing Design windows on startup
Running 4D Server as a Service on Windows
Use LIMIT 1 in an SQL Query When Getting a Unique Row
How to display only the Text Area with 4D Write
4D and Web Services protocols
Avoiding SELECT * for better performance
Dynamically Creating Tag Clouds with SVG
Accessing the Language Reference from within 4D
Skip Loading of the Watch Expressions
Whitespace matters in SQL
Disallowing "Stop" Backup Button in Non-4D Password Applications
Getting process list from another app?
Change in Truncation behavior
Unicode and exporting text, USE CHARACTER SET
Quit menu item on Mac
Using Bitwise Operators on BLOBs
Internal Optimizations to SELECTION TO ARRAY
Enforcing Standard Password Compliance
Getting a List of Server Processes from Client
Getting the State of Server Processes from Client
Convert an IP Address string to a Longint
Convert an IP Address stored as a Longint to an IP Address string
Use NOT NULL If You Can
Cannot return to Design Mode in Compiled Client/Server Merged App
How to display in apple help viewer
Removing all indexes
Core Image Pack
Finding Form Object Information at Runtime
Array Utilities
Differences with Select RGB Color on Mac and Windows
Avoid using deprecated form event commands
Always wrap Form and Object Method code based on Form Events
Consider Your Variable's Role When Choosing Its Scope
Using ON EVENT CALL to Manage Page Up and Down
When is your data saved in an enterable list?
Displaying Vertical Text on a Form
How to compare version numbers between Server and Client
Checking for open ports in 4D v11 SQL
The Structure is a Database!
Changing 4D Server stack sizes in 4D v11 SQL
Maximizing Available Memory for 4D
Maximum Available Cache for 4D
s flag in Match regex and line breaks
The New Multithreading Model in 4D v11 SQL
sample for rudi
What application do my .4DLINK files open? Setting file type association
Checking for subsequent logins in dax_loginSuccess
Changing the server port requires a restart
New "Database Settings" and "Preferences" Warning
Disabling SSLv2 in 4D v11 SQL Release 6
Supporting special characters in a Match regex search pattern
Scope of JavaScript Object Variables and the 4D Ajax Framework
How to get the server IP address from a client machine
How to write double quotes within a string value
2048 bit SSL Keys and the NEW Cipher List in 4D v11 SQL Release 6
Why can't I see my 4D Server?
1033 error, check the client server port
Merged client can be upgraded from 4D v11 SQL to 4D v12
Using jQuery with 4DAF
Do not modify 4D system tables programmatically
Using Unicode property names in Match regex patterns
Generating Weighted Lists in 4D
Using PHP's rand() function to generate random numbers in 4D v12
Generating random passwords or string values in 4D
SVG For Developers: Beginner and Advanced
Idle Connection Timeout and Use Auto Client Reconnection
in progress
How to distinguish indexes with the same internal type
4D Ajax Framework's support folder and 4D Server v11 SQL
Reading an entire system document with one call to RECEIVE PACKET
SSDs and 4D v11 SQL
Using Sun's JDBC-ODBC Bridge to connect to 4D v11 in Cold Fusion v9
How to strip out the leading spaces from text
How to strip out the trailing spaces from text
Why Composite Indexes are Faster
Trimming white space with Match regex
How to display a blank value instead of zero for NULL numeric values
UUID Generation API's used in 4D v12
Building menu bars for component forms
Naming Indexes and Relations in 4D v11 SQL
Using the new Doc Center ( with the F1 key
Forcing other languages to be used with the new Doc Center and the F1 key
How to retrieve all MAC addresses for a Windows machine
All About XSLT
TCP_Listen and timeouts
Subscribing to a 4D Web Pack 2.0 11.5 Cal4D Published Calendar
4D v11 SQL Component for the Creation and Management of Passwords
How to retrieve all MAC addresses for a machine running Mac OS X
Using PHP for email with SMTP Authentication & SSL
Understanding Rename, Prefix, and Replace in method
How to save the content of a WSDL file with 4D
PDO_4D Driver
Documenting regex patterns with comments
Thinking Outside the Box: Data Compartmentalization
How to use array parameters with Match regex
Asterisk and 4D via PHP in v12
Printing in 4D v12
Selecting and editing multiple fields
Using the .Match file
Using SVG to create List Box cells with images and text
Using 4D SVG to capture signatures
Using 4D Web Services to Publish your Dynamic Website
Regular expression to search for URL address
Creating Macros that work regardless of 4D Localization
How to check if the 4D Ajax Framework is loaded
How to sum a time field
Monitoring 4D Memory Usage
Understanding Idle Connections Timeout
Cannot allocate the desired cache memory
Understanding 64-bit Support in 4D v12
Recommended Windows Server Performance Settings for 4D
Programmatically creating 4DLink files
Rich Text in 4D v12
Testing the Documentation URL
Renaming a Windows directory with LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS
Renaming a Mac directory with LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS
How to Create and Use Callbacks in 4D
Custom Quick Reports and Character Sets
Tips for using Debug Log recording
Generating UUID's in Converted Databases
Avoiding direct manipulation of List Box arrays' size
PHP Execute: 'failed to open stream' on Windows Vista & 7
Editing list box cells with a single click
Dynamic Object Printing
NULL values and Querying on programmatically created fields
Managing properties for the different parts of List Boxes
Running 4D Server as a Mac OS X "Faux" Service
New file extension for 4D Object Library files
4D Write document type code "DOC6" deprecated, replaced with "DOC8"
LDAP and 4D v12
Removing a component can cause a -10509
4D v12 Widgets: Returning Values with the DatePicker
Avoiding 10054 Disconnection issues on Windows Server 2003
4D Debug Log Enabler
License order matters when building an application
Hash Examples in 4D
Understanding the DOM Get next sibling XML element command
Why can't I modify or apply styled text in a form field or variable in 4D v12?
Text containing style tags in a Quick Report
Removing style tags from text fields in an output form
New connectivity errors in 4D Client/Server
Accessing SVG Images in Picture Variable Objects
Changes to Numeric Format strings
Editing SVG Pictures in 4D v12
Decoding BLOBs in XML elements
How to find one object on a large form?
Converted databases and the .RSR file
Assigning DOCTYPE to XML documents
Find text height and width with SVG
Converting Reals to Strings for International SVG/XML use
Important rules for XML ID attributes
Important Windows Server Issue
4D Worldwide Websites Support Legacy Logins
Enhancing an error handler method in 4D v12
How to undo the "Remember password" setting
Troubleshooting PHP Scripts for 4D
Auto-completion works with system tables
How to ignore repeated errors from loops when testing
Using the LIKE predicate in SQL with LONGINT values
Flush Dialog in 4D Remote?
Suppressing TRACE command
PhotoAdjust Plug-in
Keep the Administration Window Closed on 4D Server
The departure of ASCII mode in 4D v12 Server (64-bits)
Querying Rich Text fields
Setting all items in a Hierarchical List to Collapsed or Expanded
Programming Rules are Enforced More!
Using External Databases for Speed, Simplicity and Security
Find All Unique Fields With No Index
Keyword Indexes vs. SQL
Multiline statements do not break tokens
Getting Unicode text into a Non-Unicode Database
Version of OpenSSL used in 4D v11 SQL and 4D v12
Comparing Client Deployment Options in 4D
Retaining NULL States with INSERT in External Databases
Run Set Database Localization as Soon as Possible
Find Unused: Another Case for Typing Everything
Pinpoint Coding problems using 4D v12 Assertions
How to Find the Version of OpenSSL used in 4D
How to identify composite indexes
Using Autocomplete with variable parameter lists
A relative path name is not always based on a 4D structure file
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE Supports Embedded Variables
Determining which drive is boot on a Windows machine
Smart platform document path strings in 4D v12
How to Build the Table Definition for a Replication
Programmatic Table Definition for Replication
Image Manipulation with SVG
Use the Home tab to Drag and Drop structure objects
Quickest way of finding the folder separator (or path delimter) in 4D v12
Rotating Pictures in 4D
Recommended Usage of SQL LOGIN for 4D-to-4D Connection
Comments Within SQL Statements in 4D v12
Type types in structure.xml
How to detect the "stored in record" field property
What are the 4DSyncData and 4DSyncHeader Files?
The Last Step in Replication: Touch Your Data
Use Caution When Changing Primary Key Values
Compacting Address Tables
SQL comments in a built SQL statement
4D Server / Remote Mode Timeout must be LOWER than router timeout
How to Identify Ignorable Characters
Macro for block commenting SQL code in v12
Mastering 4D Timeouts & Connectivity Settings
Quick way to compile your own PHP interpreter on Mac OS X
Launch external PHP interpreter from 4D

New license alert for building applications
Passing arguments to AppleScript using LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS
Using External PHP Interpreters in 4D v12
Web server TCP port for server and client
Opening multiple channels with SET CHANNEL
Repairing orphan blobs
String command now accepts a third parameter (addTime)
Using the String command for GMT timestamps
Code Sample: Finding processes matching a search term
Comparing timestamps spanning midnight
Be careful naming variables!
How to use SMTP_Send and SMTP_QuickSend with SSL
How to Detect an IP Address Using Match regex
Use Match Regex to validate an email address
Using 4DIC 12.1 to send email via Gmail
How to calculate the difference between two ISO DATE formatted strings
How to get the timezone offset from GMT
Idle User Detective
Get the current users Short Name on Mac OS X
Terminology for technical problems
Replication via HTTP
Calculating machine uptime with Tickcount
Graphing in SVG and Adding Text to the Graph Output
Using SQL LOGIN to connect with SSL
Styling in the method editor
Getting the current machine owners short user name
testing stylez
Create Clean Archives for transferring files from Mac to Windows
Force legacy IE7 web pages to render properly in IE8+
Localization in 4D v12
Image Manipulation with GD

A better technique for developing 4D Database Methods
When NOT to use the ABORT command
How to effectively manage Static Variables
Edit preferences without opening a database
Setting up notifications in the 4D Forums -
Customizing the display of sub-forums on the 4D Forums -
Running dynamic PHP scripts
Character encoding in HTML5 pages
Detecting if the OS is 64 bit or 32 bit
Make sure you have 4D v12's new SQL Macros!
4D v12 and Exchange Web Services

Rich Text Tutorials
Skipping conversion to 4D v11 SQL to go directly to 4D v12
4D for OCI - 2004 versus v12
Reporting bugs for PDO_4D through PECL
Slow RDP connections may be caused by RDPCLIP.EXE
Web Storage
Working with Degrees and Radians
Method detecting invalid sql names
Why does TRIM matter for SSDs?
Making code changes to your live application
How to unregister your 4D Product
Checking for weak passwords of your 4D Users using VALIDATE PASSWORD
Menus in 4D v12
4D v12.1 provides more help converting subtables
Proprietary browser CSS tags
Querying text fields with more than 1024 characters
Building PDO_4D on Linux
4D Credentials Manager: JavaScript Injection Using Data from 4D
Managing the check mark for menu items
Dealing with Orphan Methods
Using 4D Database Name Syntax with SQL LOGIN
Resetting a List Box to a blank state
Why does my 4D Server show 0 available SQL connections?
Changing the SQL Server port
Convert to PDF with 4D v12 and PHP
How to write a Getter/Setter method
Overriding inline CSS
Non-obtrusive CSS modifications
Using RegEx “Lookarounds” with 4D Match regex
Built Application complains the data file is incompatible
What does Postponed Session Expired mean?
What is the true Application server timeout?
Alternative to using the Auto-spellcheck form object property
Converting Pictures to Remove Quicktime Dependency
Branding Web Apps: Customizing CSS primer
Method for capitalizing the first letter of each word
Why was the default Flush Data Buffers interval changed in 4D v12?
Shorthand Hex Colors in CSS
Troubleshooting SQL Query Problems when connecting with PDO_4D
SVG Graphic Noise Images for Form Backgrounds
Merging PDF's with PHP
Changing the splash screen
How to get a Pointer to a Table via SQL
How to get a Pointer to a Field via SQL
Implementing Advanced SVG Gradients
Method for capitalizing the first letter of each word with Regex
Hierarchical List Boxes
Get all form names
Programmatically detect how many composite indexes exist in a database
Root Syntax with URL's and Form Actions
Installing different language versions of 4D
Simulating list box headers for more control
Proxying to private servers when using ISAPI_REWRITE as a front end to 4D
User Defined Constants and Compiled Applications
How does autoincrement work?
How to enable replication
Ensuring Structure Changes are Saved
Always check SQL syntax against the SQL Server you are connecting to
What is the Effect of Calling FLUSH BUFFERS from 4D Remote?
What is the Unit for Values Returned by GET CACHE STATISTICS?
What are the Memory Values Returned by GET CACHE STATISTICS?
Understanding the SQL LOGIN "dataEntry" Parameter
Introduction to Build Automation
PHPExcel Library with 4D v12
Three "L"s to a better programming technique: Limit Line Length
Saving a screenshot of a form to a file
How to Determine if a Command can be Executed on 4D Server?
4D SVG Dashed Lines - The Basics Part 1
4D SVG Dashed Lines - The Basics Part 2
Why does 4D Server quit when a Windows user logs out?
Troubleshooting ODBC Issues
Performing a partial database verification
Using catalog.xml for parallel code bases
Regex can act like position
Setting current position on large arrays
Reusable SVG — The Power of <defs>
4D SVG Dashed Lines - The Basics Part 3
Generic method to resave (massage) all data
Text alignment and the SVG_New_Text command
Checking for valid dates based on regional settings
SQL Dumps in 4D v12
SVG attribute preserveAspectRatio and 4D SVG
Converting Hexadecimal values to Integer values using 4D Code
Converting Integer values to Hexadecimal values using 4D Code
Using PHP to convert Decimal to Hexadecimal
Using PHP to convert Hexadecimal to Decimal
SVG Text can be a Defined Symbol
The 4D v12 Rich Text Area Component
Utility Methods for retrieving HTTP Headers and a HTTP Cookies
Compacting and How Much Free Space is there?
How to control what shows in the Task Bar?
Handling errors with DOM GET XML ELEMENT
Grid Layout with SVG
Drag and Drop - Determining if a disk file is being dropped
A utility method that returns the last date of the month
Popup menus and 4D v12 Listboxs
Groups of commands on the Doc Center
Introduction to Synchronization and Replication in 4D v12
How to Automatically Login with Merged 4D Remote
System table column OLD_DATA_TYPE
Programmatically set a relative Default HTML Root
Requirements for Replication
Remote vs. Local
Why are UUID's so Powerful for Replication?
Displaying Replication Progress
What's in the Cache?
Binary Field Data is Stored in the Cache
The Value of FLUSH BUFFERS(*)
Utility Method: List Box to Pasteboard
SVG Coordinate System
SVG Technique: Converting from Cartesian Coordinates
Web URL Tracking
SVG Technique: Two ways of drawing a grid background
Code Snippet: How to get Windows Environment Variable Values
Programmatically finding the Client Cache folder
INSERT Time values using SQL-compatible text formatted arrays
Simulating Button State for PREVIOUS and NEXT RECORD Command
Understanding the 4D v12 Cache
Line breaks in 4D SVG TextArea
How to get a listing of all relations in a database
Update Client Build Procedure Changed in 4D v12
New 4D v11 SQL MSC Warning "Index is flagged to be rebuilt"
Records on the Record Stack cannot be modified or saved while on the stack
ICU in 4D: Impact on Queries, Sorts and String Comparisons
A utility method that resizes List Box columns to an equal width
Commands that set the OK variable
Dynamic Variables in 4D v12
The 4D SVG Method SVG_SET_XY does not affect SVG G elements
Convert RGB Decimal values to an RGB Hex value
Multi-System Data Access - SQL is the Key
A utility method to list 4D Server running on a Network
Using the OBJECT SET ENTERABLE command with dynamic SQL queries into a List Box
User Colors and what they represent
Changing the "pinned" name for Built Applications
SVG Coordinate System – Part 2
4D SQL Query Browser
Archiving Data to an External Database using SQL Export
Cross-Database ARRAY TO SELECTION with SQL
Extracting blocks of picture metadata
The Ins and Outs to using a User Startup Method
Always include the PDF extension when printing to PDF
Many Ways to SQL
List Boxes in 4D v12: Hierarchy and Printing
Simple way to keep track of the last change to forms or project methods
In Interpreted Mode be aware of late declaration of form variables
Accessing data from a "Local" process
New 4D v12 MSC Warning "Index is flagged to be rebuilt"
How much memory can 4D use?
SVG: Objects with negative height and width
Remember that UUID formats may differ when using external data sources
Check if a process with specific name exists
Requiring licenses
4D Client Database Folder and Mac OS 10.7 (Lion)
Running 4D Applications from the "Program Files" Folder
How 4D Server Handles Licenses with ODBC Connections
Create Finder-equivalent zip archives from within 4D
Getting all XML attribute names and values into arrays
Use Offline Compacting to Reduce Downtime
A utility method to determine current UNICODE mode and option to switch
PHP Parameter Size
How to remove the save password feature
Allocation Table Size in 4D v11 SQL and 4D v12
Why Compacting may not Reduce Table Fragmentation
Index Icon Colors and what they represent
Command line interface and 4DLink files
New 4DLink conversion options
Utility method to set an IP address for Web Server to listen on
Best Practice: Avoid backup to external locations.
Breaking Down SQL Command Performance
Using the MSC to check Journal file Activity Analysis
Understanding SQL Compliance
Utility method for converting numbers to text
Keep users from logging in multiple times
How to run more than one 4D Remote Session?
Determine the type of variable stored in a BLOB in a UNICODE application
Changing the webfolder or web port in 4D requires a database restart
The Effects of Set Scope on Application Performance
How to use UNC paths in 4D?
How to access "record numbers" in a SQL query?
Language differences when testing string Equality Conditions with Wildcards
Coding differently in 4D V12
Using the "On Mac toolbar button" event
Understanding how the command DOM Create XML element arrays works
Copying Objects with Help Tips from One Database to Another
Utility Method: Convert HTTP Status Code to Text Message
Utility Method: Get HTTP Status Code Type
Interactive Charting with 4D SVG
Global Search and Replace
A utility method to find how many duplicates are in a table using SQL DISTINCT
Database Setting Allowing Access to Commands in Formula Editor has Moved in v12
Being able to compile and support the use of an optional 4D Component
Flush vs Purge
Troubleshooting issues with ODBC Driver on Mac OS X
Terminology for Mac OS X application types
CPU Priority and default settings
Closing a window opened by a different process.
"Failed to calculate 4D function call" Error when Calling 4D Methods in SQL Code
Wrapping methods for 64 bit deployment
What to do when a 4D Window Title bar on the Mac is hidden under the 4D Toolbar
Integrating OpenSearch with 4D v12
Utility method that returns the path to the data (.4DD) file
Understanding the creation and uses of the "Datafile.match" file
A reason to leave methods open
4D Plug-In SDK and DEP Compliancy of Custom Plug-Ins
Opening the MSC of a Stand Alone Application
Partial Data File Verification
Utility method for capturing GET CACHE STATISTICS
Converting Subtables to Standard Tables
How to clear Database Mehods
Trigger execution on same table
Quickly determine if you are using Web Services Server
Moving Multiple Lines of Code Up and Down in the Method Editor
Tracking the movement of a Splitter
What order does DELETE SELECTION delete records?
Utility method to perform "Get 4D Folder" on the server machine
Flickr API Integration with 4D v13
sFTP options from 4D
How to programmatically change multi-style text attributes
Determining what pages the user printed
Convert Time Field into Text Format for SQL Data Results
Error when logging into 4D Server while a Backup is running
Utility method to return the path the data file on the server
Quick search saved for Find in Design
New lines in Expression window
4D v13 REST Tester
A Utility method that returns the server folder paths from the client
A utility method for converting RGBHex to RGBDecimal
Code Snippet: Quickly test if a string or text variable is a number
Using code folding to improve method readability
Using built in PHP functions with flags
Determine the OS of a file path string
System Date vs. Internal Date
Change to adding items to the Watch Pane
List Box Footer
Double-click a list box to add a row and enter the edit mode
How to display a Popup menu with Icons
Using Conditional Breakpoints
Dynamically Set Help Tip Text
How to check the size of blobs via SQL
Managing Backup Preferences and Files
Completely Removing the On SQL Authentication method
Using Multi-line List Box Headers
Replication Administration Tool
4D Chart in 4D v13
How to speed up large exports and imports.
How to reveal a hidden Title Bar on a Multi Screen display
Moving form windows on MS Windows when the title bar is hidden
Design Object Access error codes
Changing the Data Entry Order Changes the Levels
Using Design Object Access commands from compiled component
Change Page of a Subform
Installing 4D with the Administrator on OS X
Encoding HTML characters
Code Snippet: Case Sensitive Comparison of Strings using Generate Digest
4D in the Cloud
Object-Oriented Framework in 4D
A Matter of Convenience
Advanced Data Compacting
BBBase: Treasure Chest of Goodies
Dynamic Layout and Standardized Web Content (WebKit)
Enhanced List Box
Managing Your Minions: Enhanced Process Creation and Control
Expert Systems and 4D
Uncharted Waters: New 4D v13 HTTP Client
HTTP Session Management
Interactive Charts
Introspection: Journey Inwards
Using Issue Tracking to Improve Development
Many Ways to Web Serve
Mastering 4D Tags
A Picture is not Just a Picture Anymore
Optimize Your Data Access
PowerShell and 4D
Temporary break point replacement
Quick Reports for the Web
Introduction to Replication
Great Power, Great Responsibility: Tackling Big Challenges with SQL
Spice up Those Old Reports with SVG and JavaScript
Mastering Widgets
Useful Unix Commands & Scripts That Every 4D Developer Should Know
Code Snippet: Identifying if a List Item is a Parent Item with Children
Using the RECEIVE PACKET command with binary data such as ZIP of PDF files
Use LISTBOX command instead of ARRAY commands for resizing listbox arrays
PDFCreator options
Using the '@' Character as a Literal in a Query
Build number is everywhere
Build Application HTML log file
Music Player Integration
Static Web Serving 101
Do not install to Protected Folders if using Automatic Client Update
HTTP Post: Don't forget the Content-Length
Coding an image path for cross platform compatibility
How to check the size of a table using SQL
Contextual (Right-Click) Options in the Debugger
"skip_onstartup_method" also skips On Exit
Finding a corresponding Form Object when you know the Variable name
Creating Explicit UTF-8 Text Files
Understanding 4D Field Validation
Using the Global Find and Replace
Hierarchical List Boxes
Practical Subversion with 4D
Practical Uses for List Item Parameters
Viewing PDFs in a Web area
Calculating Averages with NULL Values
Ensuring old backup files are deleted
Form Widgets
Method Editor Improvements
Selecting Users from the Login Dialog using the arrow keys
Be careful when using TEXT TO BLOB without specifying a Text Format
Creating a case statement with 4D Tags
Benefits of running a Repair versus a Verification
A quick tip for how to view off screen windows
Use a global Error Handler to help diagnose system problem
An advanced technique to give a compiled database application a bump in speed
How to call methods on the parent form from a subform
Records locked by the Client Manager process
Using Multiple Widgets on the same form.
Add a favicon to a website
Self-Quitting Background Processes
Help Tips for 4D commands in the Explorer and list area of Method editor
How to preformat a dynamically built List Box object
Utility Method: Get Highest 4D Command ID
Utility Method: Get All 4D Command Names
Utility Method: Get All 4D Constants
Defining User Constants for Currency Symbols in v13 with XLIFF
ODBC Column Name Length and third party vendors
User Configured List Forms
4D Google Translate
Cell level entry control for list box
Formatting a number to save as a text variable
A utility method to detect if a file is an alias or a regular file
When are blobs moved to be 'in the record' ?
How to create a Separator Item in the Macros menu
Serving a custom 404 error page
Logging website errors
Ensure that the Logging Method chosen for the Log Event command is active
How to obtain the value of a selected cell in a selection based list box
METHOD GET CODE Uses Carriage Return
Automatic Client Update has a Log File
How to add a hint to an input field
Utility code to show and hide the List box horizontal scrollbar
Understanding Design Object Access Stamps
Programmatically Enabling Auto Spellcheck
Convert RGB String to RGB Decimal values
Avoiding Disconnection issues from 4D Server running on Windows 2008
Download pictures from the Internet
How to close out of a List form from the Close Box of a Detail form
Image Browser
How to service multiple Menu Items from one Project Method
Querying Boolean Fields in SQL SELECT Statements
Adding quotes inside of a string
Timeouts: Database Settings vs SET DATABASE PARAMETER
Dynamic Web Serving
4D ODBC Pro Error Handling
Utility to retrieve an object variable name from point in a List Box
Table numbering
What is data type 26
Utility method that set the grid size of a button grid
Using CSS with 4D Tags to create stylized HTML tables
Utility Method: Validate 4D Identifier Name
Exporting a table to a CSV file
Selected Item Highlight Color
Enabling Edit in Cell in a dynamically built List Box
Resaving all 4D Write documents in a table
Viewing the WSDL File in Safari
Help users report bugs accurately
Highlight new records in a selection based list box
The little used abilities of the 4D Num function
Highlight Color of an Inactive Selection
Programmable and Portable Component Subforms
Multiple Web Servers on a Single OS
How to reintroduce the login Users list to a built Client Server application
How to move a window when the title bar is hidden
Make sure the On Web Authentication method is removed completely.
Changes in text rendering in 4D v13
The HardLink XML Key is now enforced.
Quickly determine the difference between two dates
Convert string to character array
How to programmatically compare forms in 4D v13
How to fix duplicate form object names in 4D v13
Automatic Client Update - Updated for 2012
Problems with duplicate fonts and how to fix it
Minimum System Requirement for a given Database
Case sensitive utility method to compare strings
Use a pointer to pass an array as parameter
How does 4D optimize Set storage?
How does 4D optimize Selection storage?
The Building Blocks of 4D.
A utility method to reduce the selection of all tables
Calling 4D methods inside SQL code
When is the Standard Set encoding used?
Reduce potential conflicts with Web Area
The importance of consistent encoding when Web serving.
How to assign a Shortcut/Command Key to a 4D Macro
Programmatically Import/Export Data with Settings
Use Match Regex to verify password complexity
Utility to check if sequential is the same as max value of a field
Executing Shell Tasks with LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS
Understanding Pointer Dereferencing
3 things to remember when deploying multiple 4D Servers to a single Win box
Client Cache folder using an IP versus FQDN
Utility method to resize list box columns proportionally
Viewing the value of a variable in the debugger
Difference between OBJECT SET Enterable and OBJECT SET ENABLED
OBJECT SET FORMAT can be used with static pictures
How to remove the BOM (byte-order-marks) from a Blob
Type Ahead Suggestions
How to reopen in Design Mode with all windows closed
Synchronizing an HTTP client with 4D Server v12
Order in which methods are executed on a form
A technique for deleting a subset of records in a selection based list box
Resize a List Box column with a double-click
Shortcut to selecting a button on page 0 of a form
Importance of having Visual C++ Redistributable installed
Make SQL Macros visible
Salt your password hashes
Using GET HIGHLIGHT on multistyle text object
Build a Web Service Iteratively (XML-JSON)
Programmatically changing the color of rectangles
How to create a local DTD for v13 Macros
Code Snippet: Utility method for comparing blobs
4DLink file location
Code Snippet: removing BOM from a document or blob
Loading HTML content with 4D tags and external JS files into Web area
An alternative method to calling Current time(*)
Horizontally resize the SearchPicker object
Detecting if the Server is running as a Service
Delimiter for Quick Reports
Using large form on a smaller screen resolution
When your database is getting large
Size a 4D Chat Object
Verify on the data checks pieces of the structure as well
Send SMTP using Office 365
REST Web Services with 4D (Part 1)
Which 'not equal' SQL comparison operator does 4D support?
Which SQL implementations does 4D support?
How to certify a 4D standalone application with Gatekeeper?
Files to ignore for revision control with 4D.
4D Summit 2012 Welcome Keynote
4D Summit 2012 Technical Keynote
4D v13 Upgrade Training Highlights
Monitoring 4D Server with Enterprise Tools
Revealing 4D Commands You Never Knew Existed
Taking Revision Control to the Playoffs
Data Exchange between 4D v13 & Wakanda
Web Area Mash-Ups
Creating Custom Widgets
Use Open Web URL to open the default mail client
Detecting if the PDFCreator is available
Tokenize code in a method
Update picture format
Sending email using MS Exchange
Google Apps Integration
iOS, Android & 4D
Benchmark Your Storage System's Performance
Fraction strings using UNICODE
Finding Uniform Type Identifier in OS X
A hidden gem: Rapid 4D window navigation from the Mac Finder Dock
Making printers available for printing from a Windows Service
Using CAST does not alter the structure of source data
Quick network switching
Scaling an image to fit in a picture object
Cropping in 4D
Getting a list of SQL Reserved Words for a particular version of 4D
How to submit a feature request
How to vote for a feature request
How to detect if the Web Server is running in v12 and prior
How to detect if the web server is running in v13
Key-Value Pair Dictionary
Master Web Data with 4D v13 & JSON
Calendars, Reports & Graphics in 4D with hmCal & hmReports - hmPlugins
Phoenix: 20 Years at Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Macros for Developer Productivity
Time Machine for 4D
Customizing the style and color of rows in an array based list box
Customizing the style and color of rows in a selection based list box
Web Basics (Static, Semi-Dynamic and Dynamic)
Sending e-mail from a Gmail account
Impact Marketing for Small Business
Utility method to remove duplicated elements from an array
Relative path names are not always relative to the same starting point
Customize the menu bar
Which to use -- Inherited form or Page Subform
Consistent UI for Cross-Platform Development
4D v13 Upgrade Training Highlights Part II
Why 4D Over Filemaker?
Mastering List Box
Get Configuration
A Tale of Scale
Marketing Round Table
How to return to a search on Knowledge Base
Changing the terminating condition of a for loop
Easy way to enter the full path of a file in 4D's method editor
Utility to test if a string is a numeric
'Map NULL values to blank values' also applies to external ODBC connections
A tip for reading dates from 4D using Visual Basic via ODBC
List Box keep record in highlight
Installing Plugins for Windows and OS X
Utility to test if a string is a Longint
Temporary breakpoints in v13
Using a password font for a text variable
Paypal Payment Integration
How to find the SQL Reserved Words from within the Method Editor
Advanced List Box Printing
Integrating Facebook with 4D
Utility to return the position of a character from the end of the string
Restrict Design Access Running Interpreted Mode
Restricting Access to a 4D View Document
Starting 4D via a batch file
About the default Edit menu items
ROT13 encoding and decoding in 4D
Ways to filter numbers in an object variable
Entering totals without having to enter the decimal place
Creating a .4Dbase package for older databases
A utility to convert PICT images to PNG images
How to use the updated Attributes in 4D Macros
Utility method to get distinct values and its number of occurrences in an array
Check the status of a backup
Setting HTTP Headers in a 4D v12 Web Area
How to set HTTP Headers when using a Web Area in a 4D v13
Utility method that returns the primary key's field id
A utility to empty and initialize one or more arrays
Resources Kit
Querying records with the literal "@" character
What fonts in OS X use Italics
METHOD GET CODE May Return Error -9768 for Duplicate Objects
Downgrading a 4D Data File
The importance of early declaration of variables
FTP filename length limit
Setting help file path
Utility method to convert and export 4D Write documents to RTF
Leave a backdoor into a database
Scalability: Global Processes in 4D v13
Cloud Sync and 4D database
Setting Form and Object events with minimal mouse-clicks
Utility method that checks for user access to a specific table
Adding type suffix to variables as a memory aid
Typing Variables and Arrays for Active Objects
Moving or changing the visibility of a group of objects
Utility method that selects and scrolls to a List Box row
Capturing variables using HTML Form Action 4DACTION
A tip for clearing the client cache folder
Date Manipulation in SQL using 4D Function Calls
Efficiency in naming Forms, Methods, and Variables
Changing the behavior of menu items in a 4D Write area
How does 4D v13 optimize static requests?
Compatibility issue when using JQuery on IE9
Setting OS X default application per 4D database
A tip for disabling triggers
Utility method for getting the ceiling of a real number
Utility method to display only the 'head' and 'tail' or a long string
Quick launch and login technique for 4D and 4D Server
DATA_LENGTH of Alpha fields when using _USER_COLUMNS
A utility to return a properly formated date regardless of OS Region setting
Changes to command Version Type
Using Volume List to see Windows Map Drives
Relocate the Journal file
Client cache folder location for built client
A utility to acquire the external IP address of a machine
Remember to uncheck 'Use Log File' on mirror server
Check number of occurences in a string
Beware of using DOM PARSE XML SOURCE with an HTTP source
4D and Web Pagination
Sending PDF using SMTP_Attachment
Sending database to Technical Support
Data Reconstruction
How to test and sever different Home web pages
Launching 4D Server with a batch file using 8.3 filename format
Error "No 4D Volume Desktop license number has been found"
Utility method to get the file name of a given file path
Use the "better" command to preclude user errors
Use single macros xml for v12 and v13 in OS X
SMTP Component
Error when executing an EXECUTE command
Start and Stop External PHP Interpreter within 4D
Utility for checking for leap year
Getting the path of a selected list item in a hierarchical list
Use the 4D HTML Tag 4DINCLUDE to Refactor HTML files
Tips when creating cert.pem for SSL
Progress Indicator when Loading Pages in a Web Area
Utility method that returns the resized width or height of a form
How to request a read receipt using 4D Internet Commands SMTP suite
Using Windows Task Manager to see which 4D is open
Using Windows Task Manager to create dump file for 4D
How to detect a click or double-click beyond the last row of data in a List Box
Use SQL commands with 4D fields with space in name
Utility method to get all table and field names
How to customize the default 4D Write stylesheet
Deploying a structure update with a re-purposed blob/picture field
Steps to repurpose a blob or picture field
How to Build a Window Menu
When do methods entered in List Box Property List get called?
A utility to return an age string between two dates
Execute On Server Synchronously
Tips for Client/Server ODBC connection to external database
4D Pop Collection
Utility method that list a list item for a given path
Using widgets on page 2+
Avoid adding tables to multiple copies of a structure
What to do if you added tables in two copies of a structure
Quickly checking for table fragmentation
Tips for validating XML using DOM Parse XML SOURCE
Clearing access groups created by Administrator
A utility to launch any process into a new process
What does 'Unidentified destination' when performing Recover By Record Header
A utility to synchronize sequence number for a table
Rollback Any Log File
Real time formating of the input data
Adding transparent rectangles to forms using 4D Pop
Sample Code: How to drop or disable all indexes
Choose an appropriate version of ODBC Driver for an external application
Search 4D commands using 4D Pop
Using SET ALLOWED METHODS and Groups to assign methods for Formula editor
When was the last fire drill completed on your 4D backup system?
Utility method for directional string searching
Alternative use of the 4D HTML Tag "#4DHTML"
4D and Google Charts API
Utility method to use as an Error Handler that is Server and Client friendly
Utility method to return a complete ISO date-time-string
4D and Google Charts API - Part 2
Troubleshooting the 4D Web Server "database cannot be published" error
Preparing text for multi-style
PR4D Resource Damaged
Utility method that returns the list of all objects on a form page
Invoking the Spell Checker from the On Clicked event of a button
Using 4D Write commands for Print Settings and Blobs
Form event On Load and On Unload dependency
Required property for On Activate and On Deactivate event of a subform
Repair versus Restore
Preventing update notifications when printing to PDFCreator on Windows
Simple configuration to enable virtual hosting in 4D
Converting relations to subtable fields
Generate CAPTCHA text in SVG
Launch External Process on changing Windows registry in x64 Windows
Using SQL LIKE operator
Switching between interpreted and compiled modes
GET HIGHLIGHT command with Variable text box
Selected Listbox Rows in Listbox array
Code Snippet: Count All Records in Database
Dynamically manage a Picture display format on a 4D form
Upgrading to newer versions in 4D
Show visibility of objects selectively on a form
Setting Scroll Position to bottom of the Listbox
change in the field type of table in structure
Extracting hardware attributes using Launch External Process in Windows
Automatically closing the 4D Server Administration Window on the Server
Moving contents of blob outside datafile
Brute Force coding vs Centralized Coding
Programmatically Determine Form Dimensions
Ways to connect to 4D database using PHP
Designating a Primary Key will enforce uniqueness
Queries and Selections
Encryption using XOR Bitwise
Avoid confusion when getting the dimensions of a picture in a form object
LOCK TABLE is only for the current SQL session
Where is the installer for the 4D ODBC Driver?
Move objects on a form at runtime
The 4D Login System now displays user icons with color
Conditions for Primary Keys
Reading the AUTOINCREMENT and AUTOGENERATE field attributes via SQL
Ways to use the invisible button
Differences in 4D Commands' label in v12, v13, and v14
4D window edges are treated as splitters and why it matters
Change Font size in method editor
Default menu bar is required for application mode
Using Variable Object with Lists for data validation
Windows XP SP3 and XPS Print Preview requires update
Preparing External Databases for Components
Using Alter Table to create Auto Increment/Generate in a new Field
Essential Web Security
Reducing the 4D application folder size on Windows
Querying for NULL values with QUERY BY FORMULA
Looking for the Primary Key Manager for v13?
Image scroll utility
Advanced Cropping in 4D
Default Requirement for Copy and Paste Shortcuts
Obtaining monitor screen number of a focused form in SDI mode
Virtual User Mode
XPS Print Driver is required to run v13 on Windows Server 2003
Using pointers to refactor your code
Clickable fields and variables
Full screen mode for a window on Mac OS
How to dynamically load a Subform and instantly display data
Creating a Ribbon-Style Toolbar in 4D
Importing file into 4D write
Using the 4D Explorer to check Plugin version numbers
Determine which copy of 4D/Server is running in the Windows Task Manager
Enabling the 4D Password System but not 'using' the 4D login system
A menu bar is visible and interactive, but menu items do not execute
Incompatible Plug-ins can cause an ordinal error when using 4D Server
Using 4D and the HTML5 sessionStorage Web Storage API
Port scanning adds extra verification for clients to connect to 4D Server
URL Encoding and Decoding in 4D
Selectively ignoring trapped keys
MS Error 9900 "System resource exceeded" when using ODBC
Installing HelperTool on Mac OS X
Passing 4D variable to external SQL server
Find the position to all occurrences of specific character in a string
Database Normalization
A utility that returns the number of Key-Value pairs in a 4D v14 Object
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Awesome UX in 4D v14
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Interactive SVG
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Need for Speed, Web Edition
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Subforms
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Automatic Updates
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Structure & Data Analysis
[4D Summit Europe 2013] jqPlot Integration
[4D Summit Europe 2013] SVG Charts
[4D Summit Europe 2013] A New Journaling System for 4D
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Tricks & Tips
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Building the bridge between 4D & Mobile
[4D Summit Europe 2013] JSON & C_Object
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Technical Keynote 1
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Technical Keynote 2
[4D Summit 2013] Inside the 4D Factory
[4D Summit Europe 2013] hmReports 3.0 & hmCal 5.0
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Modern Interfaces
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Q&A Session
Export SVG to file
Floating window type with OPEN FORM WINDOW and OPEN WINDOW
Embedding arrays into a JSON object using new 4D v14 commands
v14 and auto upgrading merged apps from v13
Adding elements into 2D array
Preparing for 4D v14 Journaling Code Samples
Learn how a field is defined without going to the Structure editor
Web Inspector as an undocked window on Windows
Reopening a v13 data file after it has been opened in v14
TimePicker LCD widget in v14 with a background
Setting a Row or Cell Color in a Listbox
Writing text directly to a disk file
How to parse a string into multiple array element using PHP function
Installing offline 4D documentation in v14
Query Editor in 4D v14 generates ".4df" in JSON
Automating a font distribution and installation for an application
Speed up a batch operation on a table with indexes
Option/Alt key magic in 4D v14 Method Editor
Display Notification for Mac in v14
Auto Update Feature 4D v14
How does 4D manage the journal in terms of storage performance?
How are LOB’s journaled?
Which thread writes to the journal?
Understanding the display of UUIDs
Passing data to a Javascript function in the Web Area using 4D Object
Trailing Spaces
Information Component startup based on external file
Determine two files are the same using MD5 digest key
Primary key manager assignment on a table is only one time
Your password does not allow you to use this form
[3rd Party Tech Note] Sending HTML Emails
Expanding 4D write/view plugins in v14
Utility method to modify the SVG graph created from GRAPH
Caution in checking journal file's date modified property in Windows Server 2012
Deleting files programmatically by the oldest modified date
Generic method to handle multiple menu items
Clear text sql queries from server to client by default
Code to create indexes for all non-indexed-unique fields
Code to generate a log of all non-indexed-unique fields
Deleting files programmatically by days ago and later
4D v14 Preference file changes
Returning Multiple Data Types from a Single Method
Using Placeholders
Creating "Highlight Buttons"
Reactivating QuickTime in 4Dv14
Adding a Icon to a Drag-able Object
JSON Date Conversions
Quickly Highlighting in the Method Editor
Sending title to the print spooler
On Picture Scroll event
Build a Multi-View Planner with SVG
4D Toolbox Users and Groups conflict with Set user properties
Programatically make listbox cells non-enterable
Connecting to a specific 4D server when running multiple 4D servers
A utility for Sorting an Object Array
"File already exists" error when creating or modifying a document
Generating Test Data Easily and Quickly
Getting Started with Language Objects in 4D
A utility to convert a Relative path to an Absolute POSIX path
Server's Resource Folder Location on Client
Tip for Creating Table Relations
Toggling AUTO_INCREMENT for a long int field via code
Toggling AUTO_GENERATE for UUID fields via code
Restart Application to Apply Cache Setting Changes
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Technical Keynote 1 (FR)
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Technical Keynote 2 (FR)
[4D Summit Europe 2013] jqPlot Integration (FR)
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Analyse de structure et de données (FR)
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Très Haute Disponibilité des Base de (FR)
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Mise à Jour Automatique (FR)
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Sous-formulaires (FR)
[4D Summit Europe 2013] SVG Interactif (FR)
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Une meilleure expérience utilisateur en 4D v14 (FR)
[4D Summit Europe 2013] JSON & c_Object (FR)
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Trucs & Ficelles (FR)
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Graphes SVG (FR)
[4D Summit Europe 2013] Q&A Session (FR)
Time command accepts Longint
Indexes must use a unique name when created via SQL
Index is invalid or missing when saving a record
Web Area Inspector
List Box Vertical Scroll Bar Width Tip
Using Expressions in 4D Styled Text
Preserving display state with Save Geometry
Extracting the field names and corresponding types from a table
Styled text vs Plain text vs Raw text
The importance of the Type parameter of WEB SEND TEXT
Creating Boolean Buttons and Check Boxes
Simulating a Two State 3D Check Box
Updated Utility method that returns the primary key's field id
Enhanced Debug Log recording in v14
Improved validation for the Date command
Signing merged applications on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
How to add triggers to tables
Hidden Folders and the Open dialog of Mac OS X
ODBC Connection Pooling and 4D
Finding Table And Field Numbers
Correct practice when sending JSON to a web client with no data
Determine if a web request contains JSON or a Query string
Submitting JSON data to 4D using AJAX
A utility to extract the URL from HTTP GET and POST requests
String Formats and Relations
[4D Summit 2013] Demystifying Regular Expressions
[4D Summit 2013] Forms? Where We're Going You Don't Need Forms!
[4D Summit 2013] The New View Review
[4D Summit 2013] Charts with jqPlot
[4D Summit 2013] Jump on the JSON Bandwagon
[4D Summit 2013] Making the Move to 4D v14 Part 1
[4D Summit 2013] Making the Move to 4D v14 Part 2
[4D Summit 2013] IPv6: the Next Y2K
[4D Summit 2013] Awesome UX in 4D v14
[4D Summit 2013] List Box: The Evolution Continues
[4D Summit 2013] Optimizations for Big Processing
[4D Summit 2013] High Speed 4D Web Applications
[4D Summit 2013] Using Markdown in 4D
[4D Summit 2013] Configurable Entry Forms Using hmReports and Object Duplicate
[4D Summit 2013] Creating Dashboards
[4D Summit 2013] Drink from the 4D well using REST
[4D Summit 2013] Dynamic JavaScript Charting
[4D Summit 2013] Sync using Web Services
[4D Summit 2013] 4D iOS Server
[4D Summit 2013] 4D Super - Achiever: How to Work Less and Accomplish More
Current selection and Named selection list boxes on the same form
Allow-Deny Configuration Table
Convert ISO GMT date string to local time, date and ISO date string
External Data Storage
Validation of Client Build Version
[3rd Party Tech Note] A Practical Approach To Record Locking and Data Entry
Removing "Learned" words from the User Dictionary
An object method's code is accessible with METHOD GET PATHS
Changing a Field's Stored Location From External and Retaining Data
Time Command String Format
Utility method to retrieve the listbox row the mouse cursor is currently over
Distinguishing the assignment operator and OB Copy when copying a 4D Object.
Things to be aware when creating a table relation programmatically in SQL
Accessing 4D server window when ran as a service on Windows
SQL Select query with array parameters
Hierarchical List can be transparent
Mount or map a network path using LEP
Stringify arrays using php implode
A utility for prepending 4D escape "\\" on special characters
Copying Forms to another Database
Globally change Style Sheets starting in v13
Check Box and Radio Button object can take other data type values
Windows' Task bar displays Forms as separate 4D icons in SDI mode
Method to retrieve names of listbox columns, headers, or footers
How to check if a Named Selection exists
Disable the client access to the backup process of the 4D server
Highlight Listbox cell on mouse over
Unregister a 4D Service in windows using the command prompt
Be careful which files you store as PEM next to the structure
An approach for getting the number of records in a named selection
4D Server as a service on Window Server 2012
Cannot open database because data file (or segments) is locked error
Opening an external database requires both a structure and data file.
Dynamic Placeholders
Stripping HTML tags from Text in 4D using PHP
Quickly view documentation for 4D commands
On Picture Scroll Event
A 4D "Balancing" utility for finding paired closing character(s) in a text block
Getting image tag source locations from a Web Area
Creating New Primary Key fields for existing tables
Listbox Get Column Coordinates
Show/hide lists in the method editor
Print screen shot with LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS
Different ways to validate execution of 4D Write plugin commands
Sample Method for generating a percentile range from an Array
Multiple ways to disable App Nap on Mavericks
Sending Blobs Larger Than 32K
Use 4D method coloring to help limit use of Global variables
Enable Auto-spellchecker in 4D write
Dynamic Interface using Object Set Data Source
Style List Box Cells for Clarity
Actions, Events & Taking Control of the List Box
Generating Outliers from data sets
Exporting and importing methods
Creating Uniquely Shaped Buttons with SVG
Preparing for 4D v14 Journaling
Create custom size images with Transparency
Finding the filename of a given path
Specify SVG Embedded Image area span with transparency
Working With the Spell Check System and Dictionary in 4Dv14
Getting Started with 4D Mobile (Part 1)
Getting Started with 4D Mobile (Part 2)
Copying the "Find in Design" Results
Using wildcards with QUERY BY SQL
Exporting Structure Definition
Gradient image making utility
Multi-style and "Stored with default style tags" properties
Enabling and Using User Settings
Web Area Callbacks in v14
Danger of using 4D method Parameters as Variables
Utility method to find files
Optimizing Memory Usage by Saving Data as a Reference
Scaling graph pictures with SVG
Removing X and Y labels from a graph picture using SVG
Technique to open files in another application from v14R3+
Moving folders using LEP
A utility to get a string's dimensions using SVG
[4D Summit 2014] Easy Visualization with hmReport and hmCal (EN)
[4D Summit 2014] Extending the Backup Concept (EN)
[4D Summit Europe 2014] Extension du concept de sauvegarde (FR)
Completely Deleting a Field
Find position of the last occurrence of a substring in a string
Finding Unique Data in an Array
[4D Summit 2014] 4D Product Line Native in Cocoa 64 bit on Mac OS X (EN)
[4D Summit Europe 2014] Ligne de produits 4D en 64 bits (FR)
[4D Summit 2014] 5 JSON Tips That Will Change Your Life (EN)
Combine Arrays
Working with the List of Recent fonts
Using SQL in a 4D Database Application
4D Log Analyzer v1.0 Preview
A Modular Approach to Building a User Interface
Method to save a 4D Write Document as a PDF file
How to Modify Column positions on a Quick Report
A comprehensive Send Email as HTML method
Sort Array based off length of element
Camera Interface - Revised
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE is only for internal database connections
Using 4D Passthrough versus using the 4D ODBC Driver
Turning off the SQL Server does not close the SQL Port
A utility to return the time difference between two ISO DateTimeStamps
Method to determine if a field's data are automatically generated
[4D Summit 2014] R-releases, the New 4D Development Cycle (EN)
[4D Summit Europe 2014] Nouveau cycle de gestion de produits, R-release (FR)
[4D Summit 2014] SQL Pass Through (EN)
Please use "R2" of the OS when using Windows Server 2008
A utility to convert straight double-quote pairs to curly quote pairs
Get path to all sub-folders
Creating a status bar in a List Box
A Method to see if a Table or Field is exposed to 4D Mobile
Programmatically output a print job to PDF file on Mac
Method to correctly insert a value in a sorted array
Guidelines for writing good 4D methods
Clearing Project Method comments
Applying a Simple Calculator to A Database (v14R4+)
Getting submenu references
Getting Gravatar Images from Email Addresses
Using PHP to check a date for validity
Use the Explorer "Home" tab to organize your development environment
Breadcrumbs in 4D
Starting the debug logs
Authenticate 4D Mobile Users in 4D and Wakanda
Helper Method to locate and open method for editing
Utility method to obtain list of objects and Help Tips on a form
Utility method to Convert Data to a Text Type
Utility method to return the name of a given process number
Utility method to return a random letter (A-Z)
How to get 4D out of Full Screen mode in Mac OX Yosemite
Programmatically disable sorting in listbox
Utility method that check if an external process is running.
Find in Design Icons
Method to Generate a Random RGB Hex Color
Values inserted into 4D write using WR INSERT EXPRESSION can change
Inverting a Long Int number
Inverting color example
TLS Support in 4D
Programmatically hiding the splash screen
Two utilities that will count occurrences or fields contained in a string
Metacharacters and Match regex in the 4D command
Inverted 4D color palette in SVG
4Dv14R5 Custom Toolbar and Auto Hide
Using PHP preg_quote function to escape a string
DataAnalyzer V1.0
Utility Method to Obtain an array of links from an HTML
Capturing multiple clicks on a form
Isolating plugins to narrow down odd behavior
Adjust font size on a form in run time
Refactoring with 4D Transformation Tags
Getting started with 4D Transition Tags
Methods for Roman Numeral Conversions
Viewing breakpoints in the Runtime Explorer
An Alternate Technique to Display Records
A utility wrapper for the CLEAR VARIABLE commande
Find records with duplicate values in a field
Sorting Roman Numeral Numbers
A utility method that tests for a NIL UUID
Changing the default ID field's name
User Friendly Naming Form Widgets and Vars
Utility Method: Factorial Function
Finding table name/pointer given a field pointer
Rollback on any log file
Stringify Array into elements using JSON Commands in v14+
Query Editor not displaying an invisible table in application mode
Managing Server Files from the Client
Determining if character in a string is a vowel
Utility Method to Modify the Colors of Graph
Split text by lines
How to Apply a Grey Scale Effect to an SVG Image
Defensive Programming 101
Utility Methods to Convert 4D Object to XML
A utility to return the month name, full or abbreviation, for a given date
Displaying different data types in a single column on a listbox - revised
Setting the 4D SQL server port
Utility Method to Get Related Many Fields
[3rd Party Tech Note] SQL Lookups without Tears
Utility to test a phone number as a valid North American phone number
Recording Sound in 4D
Displaying numeric values as hexadecimal
Determining if a number is a prime number
New Network Layer and the ^ symbol for encrypted connections
Setting a field to invisible through XML structure
Utility method to set 4D Mobile attribute on a method
Project method attributes' icon distinction
Utility Method to Set the Attribute of Multiple Methods Simultaneously
Preview a 4D Write file to a Web Area
Maintaining Web Access from Non-Static IP Addresses
Customize contextual menu for enterable text objects
A utility for padding a string on the left or right side
Prompt about robust logging even after choosing Ignore from the PKM
Getting a list of field names from a table name
Setting SQL Server Port Value by Code
Reorganizing Fields in 4D's Order By Dialog
4D iNUG mailing list: switching digest mode on or off
Utility Method to Check if a Method Name Exists
Using converted v15 Data Files in v14
Asynchronous LEP and file-based Communications on Windows
Native 4D code to get External / Public IP address
Unsupported Image Icon
Shuffle array order
Understanding when 4D displays form updates
Opening the 4D web services wizard
Avoid a blank On 4D Mobile Authentication database method
Adding Window Snapping to 4D
Bulk editing table and field attributes
BuildApp.xml Path Naming Convention
Remember to increase List Box row height when enabling wordwrap
A Method to Hide Data in Listboxes
Creating CSS Image Sprites files in 4D
How to set/get Unicode mode of the database
Pitfall in Compiler Compilation Path
Default data file for merged applications
Clearing all List Box Columns
Using PROCESS 4D TAGS and Local Variables
How to unzip file using php
Utility method to find parent directory of a file/folder
Map Integration with Data Cluster Display
Handle Date and Time through 4D Mobile
Controlling Carriage returns when using 4D Tags
Utility Method to Find Global Coordinates of an Object
Enabling and disabling triggers of a table at runtime
The Database Cannot Be Published Error
Unique fields are automatically indexed in v15
[4D Summit 2014] Troubleshooting at the Engine's Core (EN)
[4D Summit Europe 2014] Résolution de problèmes au coeur des moteurs (FR)
[4D Summit 2014] Advanced Concepts and Uses of 4D v14 Language Objects (EN)
[4D Summit 2014] Unit Testing (EN)
[4D Summit Europe 2014] Tests Unitaires (FR)
[4D Summit 2014] SQL By the Master (EN)
Debugging and the 4DIF Transformation Tag
Verify Errors After a 'Recover by record headers'
Additional details about On Scroll Event
Using escapes for syntax characters on styling text tags
Utility Method To See if a Field is a Related Many
Changing font size in a listbox can also change the row height
Create a field in a table dynamically with SQL
Return Get process activity in a single 4D object(create another one)
Pitfall of versioning a Built Client-Server Name
Inserting text in a array object based List Box
Additional information about SET UPDATE FOLDER and automatic updates
Changing Application Icons in Mac
Creating Composite Primary Keys
TLS and SSL support for Web Areas
Allowing users to edit forms
Populating 4D arrays using 4D Tags
Setting a default button
Extended Functionality with Object Get Coordinates and Listbox Sub Objects
Introduction to Object field in v15
List Form Font Color Highlight Tip
Variables and the 4D Transformation Tag 4DEVAL
Setting the update frequency of the server's Administration Window
Converting constant color to an RGB value
Updating Rollback and Restore Location
Firewall Settings
Clearing the Web Area contents
TLS 1.2 Support in 4D v15
New v14 formatting of Debug Log
New Network Layer and Encrypted Client-Server Connections
Opening the Font picker through a button
Web Security Issue addressed in 4D v15 R2
Avoiding feature Regression in 4D DB Applications
How to lock a Windows OS from within 4D code
Remember to hide printing progress before debugging print commands
PDF creation on Windows 10 (without PDF Creator)
Using color constants in 4D color commands that use RGB
Method to retrieve all forms in an object array
Exploring the Power and Versatility of 4D Tags
Transmit Base64-Encoded Content in 4D Mobile Method
Build with an R version
Checking List Box column size
Utility method for searching within an object array to find a value
Displaying and interacting with JSON in a Variable form object in v15
R-Licenses Number of Features
String Types, Constants, and Unicode Mode
Utility method to find all indexes in an array that equals a given value
Controlling your processes when using RESUME/DELAY PROCESS commands
Utility method to receive all child references of an parent xml element
Verification in MSC for saved Object Field records
App Nap Automatically Disabled
31 characters is the max length of table and field names
Where to find 4D Command numbers
[3rd Party Tech Note] Improving Program Quality with Custom Error Logging
Single Sign On with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Using LEP to determine Windows OS version
Server and Client Database Settings are Independent
How to include comments in a 4D Transformation Tags Input Template
Automatic Backup Behavior after Errors
Utility method to get all attributes in an xml element
Adding a background image in 4D Write Pro Area object
Saving a document in a Object field record
Understanding the ways to employ SQL in 4D with using an external data file
Code snippet to check if a time is between two other times
GET WINDOW RECT returns top offset when Application Window is maximized
Setting the expiration of a cookie
Checking if 4D application is in full screen mode
Return Main Screen number
Acquiring a Web Area screen shot
Utility Method to Find if a Table is Journaled
Utility Method to GET the 'Map Null Values to Blank Values' state of a field
Conversion between XML and JSON (Revised on May 22nd, 2019)
Exporting the Smart Way — Using Smart Templates
Converting Multistyle text to document
4D Transformation Tags and 4D Constants
SQL Engine Case Sensitivity
Selection to JSON converts Time type field to milliseconds
Finding all expressions in a styled text
Controlling the Number of Logs Saved
v15 honors Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1) regarding web requests
Text to Picture Conversion
Deploying 4D Server 64-bit for Mac
What does Error -19191 mean?
Utility Method To Get Command Number
Listbox Single-Click Edit
Maximizing forms by double clicking on the window title bar
Utility Method to Capture all 4D Commands with Command Numbers
Error 1088 Index is Invalid or Missing in v14+
Saving 4D Write Pro documents to a text field
QUERY BY FORMULA and its Execution Location
Retaining control characters in a text variable
Locating the Recent Items List via Code
Deferred Activation
Recent Applications List Ordering
Why and how to avoid using 4D URLs and Form Actions keywords
The 4D OK variable does not always indicate an error has occurred
Web Services Wizard and Complex Types
Resizing ListBox Height Based on the Number of Elements
Variable Types In The Debugger
Truncate with Ellipse listbox option
Using the 'Microsoft Print to PDF' feature of Windows 10
[3rd Party Tech Note] Migrating Away from the 4D Picture Library
Make sure to use the proper return value when using PHP EXECUTE
How to find 4D Documentation no longer available on
Unique Log File Names
Encrypt/Decrypt blob algorithm
Query Editor not using SQL Joins in v15
Setting the starting sequence number
ListBox Row Level Control
Accounting for Leap years
Determining the view level of a form object
Setting rows in a listbox to fit the height of the listbox
Saving a 4D Write Pro Area object in a object field
4D Write Pro Area object image attribute containing one image only
Malicious code injection explained and how to guard against it.
Determining the picture type
Change selected picture(s) in 4D Write Pro
checking if the 4D application is maximized
Utility method to set Preemptive attribute on a method
checking if the internal 4D window is maximized
Getting the OS DPI setting on Windows
New Location for Last Data File Path
Data Linking Mode & Running Multiple Built Applications with Different Data File
How to select and highlight all rows in a listbox programatically
Calling Project Methods from 4D Transformation tags
Determining 4D and 4D Server apps are 64-bit or 32-bit on Mac
Maintenance log file names with timestamps
Querying for the character "@"
Using Open Query from a MS SQL Server linked server
Why is the Used Virtual Memory statistic so important?
How much swap space is 4D using?
Converting Number Bases
How to determine if your application has outgrown 32 bit architecture
TimePicker widget can only be modified if placed on page 0 or 1 of the form
What are the Memory Values Returned by GET MEMORY STATISTICS?
New Listbox Capabilities in v15 R Branch
Find number of times a pattern is found in a string
Typical Windows That Encounter Display Errors and Their Preference Files
Looking inwards: How many lines of code are found in the application
Looking inwards: How many characters of code does this application have?
Looking inwards: How many methods exist in the application
Utility to Remove all comments from a 4D method text
Longint Division in 4D Server 64bit Compiled requires SSE4,1 CPU instruction set
Starting the Secure Web Server without a SSL Certificate
Utility method to quit or restart 4D's internal php interpreter
Removing SVG item from Help menu in a built application
Dom Create XML element creation from root vs child reference
Server Connection Dialog Control
Utility Method to Get Tables' UUIDs
Set or clear Breakpoints in the 4D Explorer
Preview the 4D Write offscreen area into pictures
Copy text from the 4D Explorer Preview area
Client executing a method as a process when displaying on 4D Server
Convert RGB to Hex
Handling the updater tool's manifest error
A utility to validate 4D method and object names
Utility Method To Combine Multiple Arrays into a Single Array of Objects
Utility method to insert specified value into an array
How to Fix Activate Licenses Permissions Error
Number of seconds between two ISO date timestamps
Inserting Icons in the listbox header
Error formula system variable
Where is the Hunspell dictionary file stored on Mac OS X?
Preventing design windows from opening on startup
Order in combining Query by Attribute and Query commands
Secure Cookies - What are they, when to use and how to set in 4D
Utility Method to Find the Number of Times a Value Appears in an Array
How to populate and self-document an Array with a Form Object's Default Values
Utility method to programmatically determine the number of lines in a method
4D Method Explorer
A utility that facilitates a clean shutdown on server, client and standalone
Simple Media Player with Web Area
Utility method to determine if path is posix, windows, or mac
Utility Method To Return the Statistical Mean of an Array
Does 4D's Web Server support SHA-2 certificates?
How to detect "Reject Null value inputs"
Hiding sheilds when opening forms
R Release Licensing, first time registration & extending a existing registration
Duplicate Object Layer Position
Utility method that copies a folder from one location to another
Working With Audio Files in 4D
Interpreting the result from APPLICATION VERSION command
Picture Collage in 4D
A utility to turn Debug logging on and off
4D Server Administration Window Request and Debug Logs
TLS 1.2 support in the Web Area in v15
Prevent Listbox row from moving programmatically
Application-specific firewall rules versus Port-specific firewall rules
Resetting the 4D Debugger window bounds
Form's Background Color Codes
Integrating Facial Detection and Recognition in 4D - Revised
Unable to view Quicktime images
Proper syntax when using 4D Transformation tags with Dollar Sign ($) Syntax
Utility Method to get Current Time in Microseconds
Mac screen shot creates unsupported PICT file 4D to use
Removing a Menu from the Menu bar
testing image attachment
Beginning with 4D v15 R4 Regional Settings decimal separator is "." only
Handing stragglers of unsupported PICT files
Important requirements for using 64 bit version of 4D Remote
Toggling the visibility of the paper indicator lines in the form editor
[4D Summit 2016] Inside Multi-Threading and 64-Bit Architecture (EN)
[4D Summit Europe 2016] Au cœur du multithreading et de l’architecture 64 bits (FR)
[4D Summit 2016] LDAP and SSO – 4D is now integrating the enterprise more seamlessly than ever (EN)
[4D Summit Europe 2016] LDAP et SSO – 4D s’intègre en toute transparence à l’entreprise (FR)
[4D Summit 2016] 4D Write Pro (EN)
[4D Summit Europe 2016] 4D Write Pro – une interface 100% prête pour une intégration 100% simplifiée (FR)
Auto-Repair Mode on Mirror Server
Utility method to split sentences in text
How to check if TEXT is an OBJECT / JSON
Activating 4D Copy and Paste
Combining columns in hierarchial listbox
[4D Summit 2016] 4D managed to deliver v15, our most stable .0 version ever! [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Object Fields: Appropriately Use the Flexibility of Dynamically Structured Databases [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Secure Your Business by Mirroring Your 4D Server [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] 4D and SQL languages – Get the best of both worlds for your application [EN]
Efficient and maintainable List Box header method
[4D Summit Europe 2016] Comment a été réalisée 4D v15, la version.0 la plus stable jamais livrée ! [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2016] Sécurisez votre activité avec le miroir logique de 4D Server [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2016] De l'usage des objets pour gagner du temps en programmation : la méthode Lego™ [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2016] 4D et SQL complémentaires, quand les utiliser ? [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2016] Champs objets : utiliser la flexibilité des bases de données à structure dynamique [FR]
[4D Summit 2016] 4D Mobile with Angular-Wakanda [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Miyako on Github: Guide to the Ever-Expanding Collection of Plugins and Components [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Brand New Quick Report and Label Editor to the Rescue [EN]
Utility method to get primary key field pointers of a table
CodeTracker Component
4D Mobile Return Custom Selection
Assigning a valid UUID to all blank UUID in a given table
How to query for blank / empty or Null UUID values
Find and fix all Blank or Null UUID fields in an entire database
[4D Summit 2016] Upgrade phobia? How to get to v15 the easy way [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Transformation Concept with 4D Tags [EN]
Utility method to check if word ends with a given pattern
Counting the amount of Distinct Values of a Field
[4D Summit Europe 2016] Démystifier la signature électronique [FR]
[4D Summit 2016] Practical Use of Objects to Save Time in Programming: The Lego™ Way [EN]
Utility Method to Toggle Automatic Web Session Management Programatically
Built Client and Server Custom Icon issues
Utility Method to get all field pointers to a given table
Resetting the 4D Explorer window bounds
4D and SQL Parameters with Non-4D Databases Errors
How to open 4D structure in read only mode
Utility to determine if a DB is running in HOST or COMPONENT mode
Utility Method to Apply Unique Property Removal With A Changed Datafile
How to change system highlight color
Importing XML Structure Definition Programatically
Filtering Project Methods in the Query Editor
Utility method to get structure file name
File path organizer
Sliding Tab in 4D
Cookie-Based Authentication for the 4D Web Server
[4D Summit 2016] Automatic Application Updates & The New 4D Application Architecture [EN]
Management for Sleeping Remote Clients
[4D Summit Europe 2016] Maîtriser les problèmes réseaux [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2016] Anticipez pour une application 4D Server toujours sous contrôle [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2016] Anticipation: Keeping Your 4D Server Application under Control [EN]
Utility to get minimum value given a set of values
How to copy a 4D SVG Picture for transfer to the OS Clipboard
What is a Cyclic Structure in JSON and why is it unable to be stringified?
Getting Server Folder Paths From 4D Client
Activating New Features for Converted Databases
Using PHP Execute in v14 and newer from an upgrade
Utility method to Combine 2 or more arrays
Stemming Algorithm for Query Expansion
Enhanced Graph Component
Publishing Component Form in Host Database
Determining tab order using FORM GET OBJECTS
Utilty method to get substring given start and end position
Folder Locations with Components
Using the * parameter with the DIALOG command
Finding the longest common substring between two strings
Using the * parameter with the DIALOG command (v15 R5 and beyond)
Creating a Range Slider in 4D
Manage 4D Mobile Session via 4D Language
Querying the same column multiple times
[4D Summit Europe 2016] Editeur d’états rapides et éditeur d’étiquettes une interface codée avec… 4D [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2016] Mise à jour automatique des applications [FR]
[4D Summit 2016] HID Integration [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Understanding Networking Problems [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Take a Journey into Record History [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] 4D Mobile Access Control [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Building a Faster Deployment Platform for 4D [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Leaflet Interactive Maps [EN]
How to set Background color of a List Box cell and stay in sync with Alternate Background Color
Web Area does not accept URL path of unencoded folder names
[4D Summit 2016] Building Customer Facing Documentation [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Virtualize Your Data Structure [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Scaling Processes: Getting More Done Faster [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Summary of Various Ways to Send an Email from 4D [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] PDF Creation Without Driver nor Plugins [EN]
[4D Summit 2016] Personalized Forms Using Language Objects [EN]
How to get more custom colors in the Personalized Color Properties Palette
Enabling and Disabling Preemptive Methods
Convert UNIX Epoch time to a ISO Date Time String
Require users to enter 4 digits years for dates
Calculate Time Difference in SQL
Utility method to count the number of properties found in a C_Object
Custom Shadow for Object Focus
Not so common use of the String command
How to obtain the MacOS version number
Data files opened in 4D v16 can still be opened in 4D v15
Highlighting logical blocks in 4D method editor
Highlight same text in method editor
On Mouse Up Event
How to check whether a file is base64 encoded or not
Three configurations of handling User Settings
Multi-state button images, a 4D utility to create your own
Converting Hexadecimal to Decimal in native 4D code
Displaying a variable object when hovering over a List Box cell as a help tip
Converting Decimal to Hexadecimal in native 4D code
Utility method to check if a named selection exists
Camera Security Surveillance System in 4D
4D v16 Single Sign-On
Setting or getting cache flush time programmatically
Commands that can be used in preemptive processes
SVG and Decimal Numbers
Quickly enable or disable replication for all tables
4D reports duplicates in field declared as unique
Base64UrlSafeEncoding with 4D
rtrim in 4D
Shaking a form
Reverse DNS Lookup via HTTP GET using
Deleting a folder in v16
ACME Client Component for 4D - Part I
Template Maker Component
Query Expansion using Simple Edit
Displaying popup message when highlighting method in the method editor
ListBox Row Height Control
A generic method to calculate time difference
Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts in 4D
Finding the product and build version of Mac OSX
Tip to Maintain associating Array Orders with Listbox
Utility to scroll variable to the bottom
Date validation in multiple formats
Use a wrapper method to add efficiency to ON ERR CALL
On Column Resize Tip
Import 4D Write data from picture/blob field to 4D Write Pro form object
Access Files in 4D using 4D Mobile
Utility method to determine if variable is an array
Utility Method to Get a Field's Index Type
Changes to Gatekeeper in Sierra when running downloaded applications
Utility Methods to Round Down and Round Up
Data file conversion to v16
Get plain text from Write Pro object
Get contents of Write Pro bookmark
Utility Method to Obtain List of All Form Object Methods
Exporting picture field formats on disk
Converting characters entered in a field/variable to uppercase using entry filter
Using the Number of Elements in an Object Array Attribute
TABLE NAME can also take in a field pointer
Permissions Error When using System Document Commands
Default Shortcut to open explorer
Indexes Will Be Rebuilt Going Between 4Dv16 and Earlier versions
MSC Verify Warns of Existing PICT Format Images
Converting 4D Write documents to 4D Write Pro
Shortcut to View Form Object Information During Form Execution
Resize static picture to original size in the form editor
Setting the preemptive Web processes setting for 4D Server programmatically
Getting UTC time in ISO format in 4D
ACME Client Component for 4D - Part II
Opening multiple instances of 4D now possible in v16 64 bit (Win only)
Colors with User Interface in 4D
Utility Method to Disable Adobe Reader Protect Mode
Select/Deselect all events in property list
Converting a Static Picture to a Library Picture
DISTINCT ATTRIBUTE PATHS command requires an indexed object field
Ways to Access Definitions of Items In Method Editor
Shortcut to display login dialog when opening database
Acquiring distinct attribute paths in a 4D Object
Preserving hyperlinks in 4D Write document
Form Editor Shift Key
4D v16 OpenSSL version
Finding number of occurrences for distinct attribute values
Preventing clickjacking from 4D Web Server's 404 page
Graphing the number of occurrences of distinct values
The Comments feature for the Documentation Site .
OB SET ARRAY accepts single non-array values
Toggle Switches in 4D
Label Wizard 64-bit in 4D
Open multiple instances of 64-Bit 4D stand alone in Windows
ListBox Row Height Control Priority
Converting IPv4 address to IPv6
Avoid closing a 4D Form after clicking on Enter in the numpad key
Setting indentation in method editor
Differences between exporting data from Application mode and Design mode
Change in Bring to front operations on Windows with 64 bit 4D
Limitations of displaying text in a variable on form
Using a custom SSL Certificate for Encrypted Client-Server Communication
License or Privilege error using 4DIC with v16.0 4D Developer Preview 64-bit on Windows
Utility Method to Obtain Hierarchical Listbox Information On Mouse Move
Automatically renumber form variables
Using Color Picker to Return the RGB Value
Using keyword to autofill a search for a command
Setting the image attribute in Write Pro with or without a range
Editing Items in a list during runtime
How to compute the execution time between 4D operations
Accessing embedded Web rendering engine settings in 64-bit Web Area
What is the 4D SQL Expansion
What's the difference between a nightly build, a hotfix, and the final release?
Availability of release types
Reordering with Row Property Arrays
Get cursor position to set Write Area Pro attributes
Utility to set elements in an array at specified index
Disabling Listbox Highlight
Implementing HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) in 4D's Web Server
Format Data For Display in 4D Mobile
Data encryption and decryption between 4D and PHP
Use Find in Design When Changing Method Names
4D v16 64 Bit not able to set print driver to PDFCreator
Utility method to remove duplicate elements in an array
Extracting the standard action info constant status
Prevent primary key dialog from coming up in converted database
4D Size Increase is Due to New Blink Engine
Utilizing the moving dialog box than copy-paste in moving objects between databases
How to organize open windows in development mode
Mouse enter and mouse leave picture effect with a picture variable
Comparing two arrays of any types
Selection To List
Prevent blocked property list of a 4D form object during screen share session with Team Viewer
An Approach to Implementing a Panel Bar in 4D
Quick Comparison of Deployment Hardware for Mac vs Windows
Latest version of PDFCreator supported by 4D
New Standard Actions for 4D Write Pro
Upgrading Databases that are running as a service requires re-registering the database
Utility Method for WR GET WORDS in 4D Write Pro
How to format y axis of the SVG generated using GRAPH
Get quarter from given date
Tip When Using Tokens in Method Editor
Random numbers above 32,767
4D Load Launcher
Utility Method to Sort Text Array by String Length
Query by picture weight
Finding the week of a specified date of past, present, or future
Give one line at a time with #4DCODE when using PROCESS 4D TAG
Converting PICT images with Transparency
Checking malformed JSON in text
The 4D Password System must be enabled in order to use the "Default User" feature
Query file integration in 4D
Object Columns in Listboxes
Using Find in Design with Custom Filters
Control time clock changes
On Server Open / Close Connection Database Method Execution Context
Hovering over results in the search window provides more information about the result
Find and count occurrences of a particular word in a 4D write pro zone
Utility Method to List Tables Log Status
Detecting which form objects are directly under the mouse
Exporting Find in design Results
Method events and macros
Utility Method to get Windows UI DPI
View highlighted search result and auto scroll in the List Box
Utility Method to Check Mac Laptop Battery
Declaring Tab Controls
Setting List Box last column width to prevent text overflow
Retrieving Project and Database methods code sizes
Automatic variable assignment compatibility setting
Using COPY DOCUMENT or MOVE DOCUMENT command with built app from Mac OSX
4D Mobile Customize Data display using Locale
[3rd Party Tech Note] Managing Custom Constants with Code
Adding Help Tips for Tables in Method Editor
Object Property Identifiers
Utility to clear listbox
SDI application splash screen will open as its own external window
Dot notation can change the type of the value without generating an error
Collections are 0-based
4D v15.4 Hotfix 3 XML Parser Security Enhancement
Utility method to search for a string in a 4D Write Pro area
Using the DISTINCT VALUES Command to Find Duplicate PK Values
Utility method that replaces a highlighted text in a 4D Write Pro area
Tabbed Windows in 4D on macOS Sierra
4D R-Release Auto Activation
Exporting SVG picture to XML
A Look into Tailoring the 4D Write Pro Interface
MSC Removes Applied Non-existent Entry Filters
[3rd Party Tech Note] Using a Custom Component to Patch Deployed Data Files
Copying an Object from one variable to another
Activate dot notation in order to use bracket syntax for collections
Comparing 2 email addresses
Utility Method to Check if Server is Ran as a Service
Skype can prevent publishing of Web Server ports
Interacting With a Non-Enterable Field or Variable
What to look for when Build Application does not generate files
Replacing the deprecated command AP SET TIP STATE and AP GET TIP STATE
Purging inactive memory in macOS Mavericks through Sierra
Utility method to restart 4D Web Server with current Web Processes termination option
Using Timestamp for Data and SQL
Managing web content for multiple languages
Checking for parameters passed to a method
Reason behind Error #1515 while using Single Sign On (SSO)
Convert IPv6 address to IPv4
Check number of 4D Write/Write Pro current users on 4D Server
Always make sure your Stored Procedure is able to gracefully quit
Standard actions in buttons for Styled text are focused on Multi-style text areas
Copy/Paste within a Request dialog
LOG FILE TO JSON file names
Cache and RAM planning for 4D Server 64 bit on macOS
Key Value Pairs Using Objects vs. Arrays
Accessing Collection array index containing a 4D Object type
Entering an object representing an array of values in a collection
Consider disabling "Interact with the desktop" when running 4D Server as a Service
Range checking error are not caught ON ERR CALL in compiled mode
What is a Range Checking Error
Determine SDI mode programmatically
Behavior of JSON Parse with Arrays
Intricacies JSON Validate Command
What to do when code signing fails?
What to do if you get SSL Certificate in P12 format?
Changing Default "Open with" Programs
List Box for Output form
Build Infinite Scroll of records with 4D Mobile
Important requirements to run a compiled structure on a 64-bit server
Shortcut key to open an Object Method
Utility Method to determine if the process is Preemptive
A simpler way to manage method parameters of the same type using curly brackets
Mac Web Safe Color Value Discrepancies
What to do when the titlebar of a 4D window is no longer accessible?
Installing and deploying an HTML help document
Executing an JavaScript expression in the Web Area
Getting the pointer and name of the clicked Listbox header
Dot Notation with 4D OB commands
Process when 4D assigns table numbers after deleting tables
Deleting a Table in 4D
How to set a hyperlink to a text or picture for 4D write pro
Refreshing the current selection in a List Box
Utility Method to Get Table Pointer From Table Name
Utility method for deleting selected records in a selection based list box
Determining the network layer usage in the 4DLink file in v16
Sorting Numeric values in an Alpha field
Clearing a picture field programmatically
SHA-2 Information with Generate Digest
Nested Begin/End SQL not allowed Error
Running a REST Server from 4D
New Log Parser
Determine if a 4D Write Pro object contains a header programmatically
The new Collection data type and enabling Object notation
Upgrading Mac OS Resets Energy Settings
Checking if methods sent to CALL WORKER are preemptive or not
64 Bit Label Wizard with Concatenations
Adding Help Tips to Fields Globally
Custom Log Component (R2) - Revised 5/7/2018
Inexpensive Wireless Status Display Solution with 4D
User Settings for Data file has precedence over User Settings
Use QUERY WITH ARRAY to Clean Up Your Code
Creating a opaque effect to a picture
How to use the web preemptive processes
Loading and Unloading Records
Utility Method to Return Windows Border and Title Bar Thickness
Approaches to rendering the Web Area when using the Blink engine on different form pages
Plugins and Components Included When Building
Utilizing READ ONLY mode
Write Pro Commands WP Get Paragraphs versus WP Create Range, and WP SET ATTRIBUTES
PHP Execute Results
Utility Method to Insert in a Hierarchical List AFTER a Selected Row
What's new with TLS in 4D v16R5?
Importing and exporting project methods
Displaying PDF in Web Area on Windows
Boolean Field Display Option
Use SET MENU BAR to enable Copy and Paste in the New Query Editor
Verify password hash can be interpreted many ways
Output Subforms and Object Get Subform
User Forms and the .4DA and .REA files
Custom Sequence Number
4D Mobile Unit Testing (Revised)
Displaying Youtube Videos with Web Areas
Determine if a Object Property is a picture
Impact of Indexing
Generic Methods with Obsolete Code
Creating a New User Programmatically
Summing up a Field
Avoid changing primary key values
Removing a primary key field and adding it back at the structure level
Quickly find which tables are not being logged to the journal file
String, Num, & Time can handle undefined expressions starting in v16R5
Getting Listbox Cell of Mouse Cursor Position
Activating Object Notation in DB cannot revert to prior 4D versions
Using JSON Pointers
Determine if a database uses Object Notation (duplicate)
Component Methods and Host Methods
Utility Method to Convert Bytes
Duplicating selected records
Analyzing and Monitoring 4D Web Server
Elevated Privileges on macOS using sudo
Interacting with a Service in Windows 10 and 2016
Date Data Types in Objects
Image Compression with CONVERT PICTURE
Button Grids for Custom Actions
Check if the Record is Locked
Splitting Strings with Collections
Utility Method to get Table and Column Information
Taking a selection and creating a 4D Array Object of field names and record result
What does the process status "Postponed" indicate?
Checking JSON to Parse
Utility Method to Implode Array into String With Native 4D Code
Grouping Dynamically Generated Radio Buttons
Simple NGinx configuration for proxying to a 4D Server
Checking the size of all tables
Understanding Transactions
Exporting a Collection as text
Passing Data to new Forms
Folder Separators and Escape Characters
Utility Method to Highlight Rows in Array Based List Box
Easily find all methods that are available via SQL
Using Get 4D file command to list all log files in database
Image Pixelizer
Determine Object Method JSON is corrupted
Generate and verify a hash collection
Adding a Help Tip To Invisible Buttons
Customizing the amount of cache to unload when the cache reaches 100%
Compacting Live Datafile
Clear the contents of a record
Finding the number of characters containing a alpha text and text field of a record
Exporting a record into a 4D Object
Importing a 4D object to a record
Convert PICT images from Picture Library to PNG while preserving the Transparent background
Debugging a Web Process
Applying New Ciphers to Web Server
Export a Collection to a array based List box column
Inserting and reading back pictures as base 64 text in a Collection
Creating headers and footers programatically in 4D Write Pro object
Calling the Current default table command from a component
Generate banner picture from banner command in Mac OSX
Text to speech in Mac OSX say command
How to find Partner Licenses
Exporting Database parameters to text
Another approach for issuing shell tasks on MacOS
Utility Method to Obtain Relation Name Between Two Fields
Kiosk Mode on Windows 10
Reporting Frontmost Status Tool with 4D
Stepping Through a Collection with a For-Loop
Using the Equal pictures command
Take a record selection and export to a Collection
Generating a Hex Dump from string of data
Valid Objects for Form Object
Verifying If Object Notation Path Exists
Apple warning regarding 32-bit applications
Extracting a Field Help Tip
Extracting a Field comment from the property
Method Editor Dot Notation Auto Complete
Retaining the Backup Settings when upgrading a merged application
4D Mobile Generate PDF From HTML
[3rd Party Tech Note] Fuzzy Matching Algorithms for Sets and Binary Properties
SVG containing images require visibility to be hidden when opacity is at 0 for printing
Add gridlines to 4D Write Pro document
Implementing Spike in 4D Write Pro
Collection Member Function orderByMethod
[4D Summit 2018] 4D for iOS [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Advanced Troubleshooting: Slowdowns in 4D Applications [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Automating Internationalization [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Building Interactive Maps and Data-Visualization With SVG [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Custom Document Building with 4D Write Pro [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Design and Run a Scalable 4D Cloud Application in AWS [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] 4D and Wakanda in the Enterprise Environment [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] A First Peek Into 4D View Pro [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] 4D Write Pro Tour [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Combined Technical Keynotes [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Master Class: ORDA [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Advanced Training: ORDA [EN]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Formulaires Dynamiques [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Passez en mode SDI et supprimez la fenêtre principale grise [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Les objets ne sont pas du JSON [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] 4D pour iOS [FR]
Objects Are References
Use an Object Property to Swap Collection Variables
Getting the absolute range for each page in a 4D Write Pro document
On Column Resize Trigger Fine Points
Behavior with calling a method within SQL in 4D Server
Extracting pages from a WP document into a new WP document
Server Process Activity Component
4D Database Recovery Options – Part I
Cross Platform Text To Speech in 4D
[4D Summit 2018] Build Two Factor Authentication for 4D Web Apps [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Modular Form Design [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Defensive Programming [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Determining Minimum Requirements for an Application [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Dynamic Form [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] From 4D Write to 4D Write Pro [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Hidden Secrets of Subforms, Inherited Forms and Form Controllers [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Improving Control with JSON Schema Validation [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Making Client Server Workers Work: CALL WORKER and CALL FORM in the Real World [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Modern QA process for your application [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Move to SDI and Discard the Gray Background Main Window [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] MVC, Auto Binding, and Auto Layout [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Objects are not JSON [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Playing Doctor: Using Vital Statistics to Assess Your Application’s Health [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Pointers and References [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Preemptive Programming [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Professional Services [EN]
[4D Summit 2018] Modify or Customize 4D's Internal Dialogs [EN]
Review Methods When Enabling Object Notation
Create a dynamic form with 4D Write Pro object
[4D Summit Europe 2018] De 4D Write à 4D Write Pro [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] 4D Write Pro tour [FR]
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Hiding all forms in the 64-bit Label Editor
Window User List
Some commands use a different convention to describe a selection or range
Finding objects that have no fonts set
[4D Summit Europe 2018] One app to monitor them all [EN]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Une application pour les surveiller toutes [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] The button in all its states [EN]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Le bouton dans tous ses états [FR]
Open Recent File Path in Welcome Wizard
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Enhanced security for your business solutions [EN]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Programmation en préemptif [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Règlement Européen sur la Protection des données à caractère personnel [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) [EN]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Déterminez les prérequis minimums pour une application [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Services QA pour des applications de haute qualité [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Renforcement de sécurité pour vos applications business [FR]
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[4D Summit Europe 2018] Formulaire modulaire [FR]
XPS Viewer is the default Windows 10 Preview Application for 4D - How To Install
Utility Method to Get Version of MS Office Last Opened
Introduction to Form Data
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Impression List Box [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] Ajoutez une dimension à vos dashboards avec de la BI [FR]
[4D Summit Europe 2018] 4D Web c'est bien... avec du javascript c'est encore mieux !!! [FR]
Determine the Listbox Data Source programmatically
Using the FORM GET ENTRY ORDER command
Local Loopback with IPv6
Custom 4D Write Pro Navigation Panel
Waking up processes that are either delayed or paused
Shared Objects with Form Objects
Adding alternating text to a 4D Write Pro document via code
Object Property Null Value and its Type
Create dynamic form with View Pro
Getting the PID of 4D on Windows
Programatically set the Zoom in 4D Write Pro
Toggle the 4D Write Pro Ruler programmatically
WP SET TEXT Uses Style of Range
Shortcut to display client's individual processes in 4D Server Admin window
Application Privilege Level Drag and Drop Behavior
Internet Command's FTP File Name Character Limit
Create a dynamic form with a Web Area
Updated Windows Explorer Window
Using the SHIFT key to reset the window bounds
4D Mobile Exchange Data using Collection
4D Database Recovery using Backups and Mirroring – Part II
How much memory is being used by none DB Cache
Checking Keywords for a Keyword Indexed Field
Open a project form using dynamic form
64-Bit Quick Report On Load Behavior
View a form via subform with a dynamic form
Obtaining File Type Information
Replace text in between characters in 4D Write Pro
Setting the minimum TLS version in 4D v17
Save and restore the column position of all types of Data Sourced Listboxes
Object properties cannot be referenced by a pointer
Updating the OpenSSL library version in v16+
Windows 10 Print to PDF feature and using a comma in the file name
Adjusting the name of pinned shortcuts on Windows 10
Quickly deleting the Client Cache files
How to use Project Methods in 4D View Pro
Prettify your JSON Stringify in a Text/Field object
Store MultiStyle text in 4D Text
Managing Dynamic Lists
Preview printing in Windows may have a 4D freezing effect when there are numerous printing jobs
Data to collect before contacting Tech Support
Generic troubleshooting steps for isolating and narrowing down an issue
Application Signing with 4D
Generating a Listbox using Dynamic forms
Date Values In Objects
Transitioning between current selection and entity selection using ORDA
Querying array attributes of the same element using linked arguments
Restart 4D database to reload ORDA model layer after modifying database structure
Compiling For a Bit Version
Differences in Automatic Line Breaks and Text height/Width in 4D Write vs 4D Write Pro
Utility Method to Get All Relational Attributes from Table
Utility Method To Get Printers List In an Object
Determine two Collections' indexes that contain similar data
Ordered vs Unordered Entity Selections
Using NET_Ping and 10013 Error
Avoid placeholder syntax when searching for null values by ORDA query
Transferring keyboard shortcuts file between different computers
4D Mobile Exchange Records using Collection
Checking if an Object Field is NULL with the NULL command vs. Is field value Null
Datafile Compatibility When Converting to v17
Nested Comment Blocks
4D for iOS to 4D Server Uses HTTPS Port
If the 4D Server machines goes to sleep clients will have connectivity issues
What is the 4Dpeer.txt file
Enable 4D window tabbing (only on macOS Sierra)
Displaying an exported Quick Report in MS Excel properly
Printing labels from output form without label wizard
What does it mean when 4D is doing a sequential search on a table?
Antivirus Exclusions for 4D and 4D Server
JSON Definition Tool for Dynamic Forms
Make a 4D Write Pro form object read only
Utility Method to Get Dataclass from Entity
Accessing 4D Default Button Icons
Toggling letter case selection in 4D Write Pro document
Utility Method to Retokenize Methods
Storing 4D Write Pro object as a blob
Introduction to Using Collections and Entity Selections in List Boxes
Creating multiple methods programmatically
Distributing Applications via Signed DMG on MacOS
Always deallocate memory from a programmatically created list
Use placeholder to escape single quote when using dataClass.query() in ORDA
Ways to check Operating System Type Running 4D
Create folder hierarchy before exporting and importing table methods
How to handle entity selections with WEB SEND TEXT
64-Bit Only Commands
Mail Merges with 4D Write Pro
Clearing the Debugger's Expression Pane
Updating listbox entity selection columns upon data change
Methods for Alphabet Number Conversions for alphabetic numbering in documents
Remove unwanted suggestions from autocomplete list in dot notation
Avoid print preview errors on machines with fresh installs of Windows 10
Write Pro Tool Bar and Object Names
Use parameters object in ORDA query() to supply a collection of placeholders dynamically
Using PHP in multiple copies of 4D on the same machine
Remember to check the Power Plan used on your 4D Server machine
Using a slash character in a file or folder name
Compiling Object and Collection Values and Data Type
Wildcard @ in middle of string depends on database text comparison setting
Loading JQuery in a Web Area
Number data types defined in hexadecimal format are automatically converted to decimal
Power your ORDA queries with query options
4D Record Locking and ORDA Entity Locking
Different behaviors of "@" character depending on the side of a comparison
TAOW: Uploading a File to a Case
TAOW: Sending an Image
TAOW: Ordering of Case Updates
TAOW: How to Paste Plain Text
How to avoid "Undefined" and " ## Error # 48" when inserting expressions in 4D Write Pro
Toggling the expression reference programmatically in 4D Write Pro
Uninstalling the HelperTool on Mac OS X
Dynamically inserting project method names as text for New Formula
System colors will vary in appearance based on OS
Loading all project methods to individual objects which can be executed in dot notation
Setting Blobs in Objects
Retian Entity Data after Drop
Defensive suggestion when using Current client authentication
Blink Engine Supports HTTP/2
Remember to create authentication method when reloading data in 4D for iOS
Determine if a blob exported from 4D Write Pro is a MS Word ".DOCX" type
Loading all project methods to a collection which can be executed in dot notation
Loading all project methods to a Storage object which can be executed in dot notation
Two Methods to copy object/collection to shared object/collection
Processing Write Pro documents (faceless)
A Look at The Features of 4D View Pro
Simple ways to convert time data type to seconds
Use Placeholder to avoid issue with special characters in ORDA query() method
The New SMTP Transporter feature also has a logFile option
Aborting a process by number
Aborting process by name
Clearing an anchor picture in 4D Write Pro
Replacing an anchor picture in 4D Write Pro
4D View Pro Overflow in Cells
Renaming an anchor ID
4D View Pro Printing a Sheet
4D View Pro Save Image of Current Sheet
Entity queries will always return an entity selection even when there is one entity
Sorting time formatted string fields in an entity listbox
Avoid common errors when manually signing 4D app
Differences of OBJECT GET BEST SIZE Behavior
User This Keyword to access Object properties in Object Formula
Remove all attributes from child object to guarantee removal of all references
Toggling the contextual menu in View Pro
Setting the Zoom in View Pro
Resetting a sheet in View Pro
Updating Custom PHP Libraries used by 4D
Manage 4D Mobile sessions with $info parameter in V17
Merge one object to another with one method
Two different ways to set table object field to Null
Using Value Type instead of Type on form objects
How Check if Table and Field Names for Reserved Words
Be careful with previous 4DLink files & Recent Items after switching network layer
Get a collection of values from an object
4D Command History
4D Verify Process
4D View Pro Cell Alignment
Implementing Drag-and-Drop with Entity/Collection Listboxes
Install built 4D app within users applications folder to avoid macOS fast user switching privilege issues
A method to copy elements with the same collection
Mojave may require Full Disk Access to be explicitly granted for accessing some user-level files
Generic parameters with New Formula command
Port 4D View Pro to Excel
Be careful when replacing the 4DB of a 4D Server running as a service
Enabling develop menu in Safari to view MSC log files
Passing object formulas using Shared Objects
Store constant values and utility methods in Storage for global access
Programmatically setting the page orientation of a 4D Write Pro document
When to use the "Use (Storage)" code block
Effective use of SET FIELD TITLES
Passing entity form data to subform
Engaging Database Tests in your 4D Database
Communication Between Processes in 4D
Warning: OpenSSL Changes in v17R5 and RC4 Encryption Certificates
Case Sensitive File Systems and 4D
Get Text representation of a collection
Encrypted Data Files and Backwards Compatibility
Arrays contained in JSON string will be parsed and typed as collections in v17
Converting entity selections to collections before passing to new process
Get the best display width and height for the given text data
On Server Startup must complete before Clients can login
Write Pro Object Attributes
Store Date as ISO format String in Object
List Boxes Contain 4D View Pro Features
Code signing built applications on Windows
Sometimes a damaged application just means it is unsigned
An approach to using Custom Font Colors using system highlight)
Handling Unwanted Groups
Special object attributes are case sensitive
Registering multiple products on the same machine
Double Click to Display Property List
Sign a 4D App Package using SignTool on Windows
Query and Access Date-and-Time in the era of ORDA
What steps should be taken when converting a 4D application to a newer version
entitySelection[index] is a non assignable expression
Change in collection/entity based listbox behavior between 17.x and 17 R
4D For iOS is Reliant on Related Softwares' Versions
Utility method to check if a given text is the name of a project method
Using Procdump Through the command line on 4D
Auto Merge Results in Error with Object
Additional Expressions in Custom Expression Pane
4D Write Pro Subsection Inheritance Behavior
Preemptive Processes on 4D Remote
4D on GitHub
Passing an entity into form data attribute instead of direct form data
Distinguishing between null and empty objects
A Plugin can only be assigned to one group
Use On Clicked OR On Double Clicked not Both
Selecting Code Block Shortcut
Convert collection to entity selection comparisons
An approach to checking latency between 4D Server and 4D Client
How sleeping clients are handled between legacy and new network layer
Deep Flat Nested Collection
Using ORDA with Form Data and Subforms
Importing Data to 4D View Pro
Changing Listbox Insert Row Position
Dataclass Attributes
How to open Windows Character Map from 4D
Real vs Longint Typing
Avoid confusion between dataClass.newSelection() and Create entity selection
Postponed Sessions, Idle Connection Timeout, and Encrypted Client-Server Communication
Windows Server Core and 4D
Comparing two fields in a Dataclass query
Formatting time columns in entity selection listboxes
User's Input to Query on Combined Fields
Client and Server on Different Architectures (32 bit & 64 bit)
Using Split string to get specific string count
Method Editor Zoom
4D Write Pro controlling Page View Programmatically
Sending correctly formatted 4D Write Pro documents via SMTP_QuickSend
Form-Data-Object cannot be used in a context of printing
Open xml File in Web Browser
4D System Requirements and Certification Matrix
Project Mode Requirements
Creating a Search Bar with Dropdown List
Custom User Login
MacOS Catalina will only support 64-bit applications
Enabling Preemptive Web Server in 4D v17
Quick way to apply change to a property of multiple form objects
Enabling Spell Checking in 4D Write Pro
Datastore does not contain tables without Primary Keys
Avoid table field names that match 4D commands
Non-Shared Objects/Collections Can't be added to Shared Objects/Collections
Getting "This database must be in Unicode mode in order to be opened" message on start up
Index List Shows Primary Key Indexes based on Font Color of Type
What is the Apple Events Manager?
GET DOCUMENT PROPERTIES locked parameter returns a file's read-only property
Variable Custom Text Alignment
Unable to Start Web Server on Windows Server 2016 using Port 80
Object dot notation vs bracket notation
SQL access to 4D Record Number
Creating a Custom File Explorer
FullCalendar Integration
Get Locked Records Info on Client/Server
Accessing Objects Through SQL Engine
Take advantage of the IN operator in ORDA queries
Utility Method to Convert an Entity Selection to an Object Array
Using Command Catching to Trace large Portions of Code
Customizing collection/entity listbox to always have an existing row selected
Custom Color Style in Method Editor
Project Mode Feature Disabled in Official R-Releases
4D for iOS Compatibility
What happens when multiple print jobs are opened
Implementing a Recursive Relation with ORDA
Quick System Check Before Moving to 64-bit
Check whether app is signed and notarized successfully
4D Write Pro Table's Borders overlap
Utility Method to Convert Collection to Text
Administration options when running 4D Server as a Service
Custom File Drag and Drop Area
Adding Data Tables in a Write Pro Document
4Dv18 Beta Licenses
4D v18 file conversion
Capturing and Maintaining Data from Forms
Replacing the nth image in a 4D Write Pro document
What is a "Translocated Process"?
Behavior when assigning values to a new entity
Why Array-Based List Box May Appear Blank
Becareful when using SQL functions UPPER and LOWER with international text
Utility Method to Convert Web Variables to Object
Finding and removing page breaks in 4D Write Pro document
Re-create Index Files
Sending 4D Write Pro HTML emails may differ in appearance based on email application and OS
Saving User Uploaded Image from Web to Database
Send JSON Data Using REST API with ORDA
"Stack is Full" Error
Manage multiple 4D windows using Spectacle on MacOS
Counting Number of Elements in Object
Use SET REAL COMPARISON LEVEL for more exact comparisons
Unable to Reach Design Mode Due to Default User
Hotkeys to Bypass Restricted Access to Menus
Utility Method to Get Names of Choice Lists Used by Objects in a Form
4D on Docker
Error Handling with Call Chains
Default Data File Read Only by Nature
Fixing common MSC verify anomalies
Debugging in Compiled Mode
Prevent ESC Key from Closing Input Form Window
Using Runtime Explorer to find and remove breakpoints
Query for Records "Not IN" in Collection
Unexpected Growth in Data File Size
Error: This Compiled Database has Been Made with a Previous Version of 4D...
Using .remove() to Remove Multiple Elements at a Time
Quickly Find Methods/Forms
Programmatically Insert a Row in 4D View Pro
Notarizing a Built 4D Application in v17 and v18
4D Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS
Highlight Matching Variables
Two ways of accessing MSC
Manipulating Form Object's Sizes and Positions with the Keyboard
Importance of Tokenizing Project Methods
Reminder to setup .gitignore when using GIT for version control
Getting List of Tables
Using the New C_VARIANT Command
Reset Picture Library ID Counter
When notarization is required and not required
Obtaining List of Component Methods
Swift Backspace of Words/Lines of Code
Notarization terminal commands cheat sheet
Macros for Inserting If/Else, Case Of, etc. Code Block Templates
Accessing the 4D View Pro Workbook in JS
ORDA primary key calculated after save in client-server
A Technique to Rebuild a Data File
The Power of 4D for iOS
Installing your built app into the Applications folder to prevent permission issues
Using 4D Native Plugins
Changes to Form Event command in v18
Use folders to group and dim Structure Editor Tables
Two ways to force launch unnotarized apps in Catalina
4D v18 Developer Edition on High Sierra
Error: Files Are Corrupted. Please Obtain a New Copy of the Program
4D View Pro On After Edit Actions
Cannot save record because Mandatory field is Null
Unexpected Information When Trying to Obtain File/Folder Info
Windows 7 and Windows 8 is no longer supported
Localization issue with Date & Time expressions on macOS Mojave (10.14)
Compiler changes in v17R6 / v18
Running multiple instances of 4D Client without using ClientLocal
Using entitySelection.orderByFormula() with command Formula
Avoid using "3rd Party Mac Developer" certificates when signing
Allowing Duplicate Built Apps to Use Separate Data Files
Automatic Input and Output Forms in Project Mode
Rearranging Listbox Columns in Form Editor
Web Area and "Use embedded Web rendering engine" option
Users and Groups When Building in Project Mode
BuildApp XML key for IPAddress also accepts domain name
Multi-Splash Screen
4Dv18 MSC Logs Location
Setting an active cell on load of the 4D View Pro Area
Precautions when using 4D v17 in MacOS Catalina
Directly Open Form Editors in Design Mode
Project Conversions Are One Way
4D View Pro protect a sheet from edits
Spinner Form Object
Stepper Form Object
Determine if the Form Window was Closed with the Close Button
4D for iOS add custom table icon
Compact Regularly
How to check whether apple account is associated with multiple providers
Automating Notarization
Let’s Encrypt CERTBOT with a 4D Web Server
Toolbox Stylesheets Maintained as CSS Class In Project Mode
4D for iOS debug actions
Entity Selection Based Listbox Assembly Checklist
Project Mode Table From Folders
How to parse JSON that contains double quotes
Library Picture not Found
Listbox locked columns limit
4D View Pro Spreadsheet Instance for SpreadJS
Normal Font Theme In Project Mode
Avoid naming files with special characters to prevent resource sync issues
Project Mode as an Uncompiled Component
REST Requests Must Contain URI and Resource Parameters
Verify password hash only accepts hashes from bcrypt
Utility Method to Convert 4D RGB Color to CSS2 Hex Color
Automatically resize cell widths in 4D View Pro to remove cutoff
4D Write to 4D Write Pro Conversion Guidelines: Form and Off-screen areas
Implementing a Remote Datastore
Why Comment Blocks may not be Recognized
Accessing query information using queryPlan and queryPath
Specifying Which Client can Run a Web Server
Controlling the number of Columns and Rows in the 4D View Pro Area
Interacting with the Web Server Objects
Creating new object attributes from form variable will default as string
Simplified way to select rows in entity selection/collection based listbox
Using Class Functions
Class constructor special function
Class inheritance, Super command, and how to override parent functions
4D Components on GitHub
Listbox footer automatic calculation limitations
New Form Objects in v18 Locations Binary Mode vs Project Mode
Adjust sleeping client timeout parameter
How to run multiple web servers in a single 4D instance
When to Use Breakpoint vs Trace
Using Postman to test On REST authentication database method
Utility method to get info about clicked listbox header
WEB Server list may not list all web servers on start up
PHP Error: FastCGI has stopped working
Web server object properties that cannot be modified with settings object
4D View Pro Pivot Table Builder
Styling Freeze Panes
4D v18 MSC Log File location
Viewing signing errors in the build log
Use process variable when setting picture variable in OBJECT SET FORMAT
Transactions and the "Execute on Server" Attribute
Referencing Dataclasses and Attributes in Entity Selection
Enable user settings when using compiled project mode
Special character use in APPEND MENU ITEM
Naming certificate and private key for enabling the HTTPS server
Copying Methods and Forms to another Database
Unable to Rename Object on Form
Use Find in field to efficiently check for a value in record
Cleaning up a database's code
Assure a form is assigned an associated menu bar in order to close 4D from MDI window
Missing Components Error in a Built App
Reduce Server Requests with Optimized Queries
Quick code snippet for locating an object property via its property path
List of commands that can provoke memory leak
Avoid widow and orphans in 4D Write Pro
Indexes can improve On a Series functions
String Replacement Method for 4D Write Pro
Efficient Way to Count Records in Table
Minimize number of exchanges when using SELECTION TO ARRAY
How to gracefully quit 4D from outside of 4D on MacOS
Certain 4D Write Pro attributes must be set in a particular order
Saving and Loading Page Setups via JSON
Publishing a 4D Component on its dedicated Web Server
Who Has Runtime Explorer Access
Text comparison database settings are tied to data file
OBJECT SET CORNER RADIUS in project database
4D Color constants to RGB HEX
Avoid bottlenecks when working with Shared Objects
Trim Spaces in Data in SQL Server
Programmatically Create Multiple Forms with Custom Properties in Project Mode
How to submit a feature request (new for 2020)
Case-sensitive string comparison
4D Write Pro Range Length When Applying Styles
4D Write Pro Double Click Expression to Modify
Manually register database as a service for customized service names
Associating a Table-field to an Input Object in Project Mode
Datastore stays up-to-date without restarting in v18 R3 and newer
Legacy XML user setting affects comment block usability
Offscreen Web Areas in v18 R3
Create a Dashboard Programmatically in 4D View Pro
Applying and Managing Styles in 4D Write Pro
4D Write Pro Toolbar Paper Size List
Turning Objects into Shared Objects in v18R3
Logon Failure Error when Stating 4D Server as Service
Consider using For Each for Collections and Entity Selections
Adding a stop condition to a For Each block of code
WR Backspace Method for 4D Write Pro
Add/Remove Sheets in 4D ViewPro Programmatically
Querying boolean in collection is case sensitive
Quick tip on consolidating ORDA to reduce the number or server calls
Utility method to compare two collections
How to get new maintenance log locations
Code Signing Windows App with Apple Certificate and Vice Versa
Make sure the logs folder exists before enabling client-side logging
Cannot save new record in table Resources of database InternalDatabase Error
4D for IOS Development Must be on MacOS
Remember to double check the Automatic Restore option
Drag/Drop Multiple Selected List Box Items
Setting Up a PIN Authentication System
Setting Write Pro Attributes
Legacy compatibility setting may cause 4D Write Pro insert page number to not work
Applying IDs to Write Pro elements
Reminder about switching between Legacy and New Network Layers when using Encrypted Client Connections
Set Startup Type of Service with Command Prompt
Enabling Access to hidden folders
Utility method to find difference of two collections
Remote Compatibility Web Settings
Null Value Cannot be Assigned to Destination Variable
Opening input form in a separate window from output form
4D resources on GitHub
Search multiple fields in 4D for iOS list form
4D Write Pro Tabs
Downloading and Editing Custom Form Templates 4D for IOS
Adding relational table fields in 64-bit quick report
Running a repair more than once
Project Mode and Radio Buttons Grouped By Name Compatibility Setting
What happens to library pictures when exporting to project database
ORDA and Forms
Creating a Custom ORDA Query Editor
Two ways to set movable rows in array-based listboxes
Utility Method to Find Appearance Setting on Mac
Working with system files and folders
CSS Order of precedence at selector level
Possible cause of the error: "Invalid Application Name Error when Building App"
Make sure to save encryption key in root of external thumb drives
Difference in allocation of user & group IDs between binary vs. project mode
Getting the last record number via SQL
Database Folders can be Formed into Packages
How to override and overwrite form object properties in relation to CSS
Utility Method to convert RGB Values into Decimal
Stick with dot notation when using Storage
Replacement Method for AP Add Table and Fields
Call Entity Selection Class function via POST request
Project Mode Conversion "Compatibility setting 'CPU priority' restored to factory settings."
How to force a refresh of the current web page within a web area from 4D Code
Logs to submit when experiencing network issues
Introduction to Project Mode
Handling User Picture Inserts Into 4D Write Pro
4D REST API: Connecting 4D with ReactJS
ISP-blocked port may cause SMTP IC error 10064
Converting Scrollable Areas
Order of loading events between parent and child forms
Building a double clickable app with an R-release
Remember to Update Old Widgets
How to enable CORS in v18 R4 for all domains
Creating custom 4D View Pro Functions
Error: You do not have the license to use this product
Sending Un-Hashed Password with Open Datastore
Simple steps to check that 4D Server is accessible to public network
Distinction between * vs. > parameters in PRINT commands
Compiler Error: Method is not a Variable and Variable is not a Method
Obtaining code spacing with Regular expressions
Recommended 4D builds for MacOS Big Sur
Notarize plugins individually before notarizing the application
Session cookie must be included in header to maintain same user session on REST server
Email ID's Change After Moving to Another Box
Preventing errors from an undefined object's boolean attribute
Scope of 4D technical support
Possible troubleshooting steps for network issues
New Variable Declaration
Check 4D version supports OS before deployment
Where to download older versions of 4D
Utility Method to Get Web Area's Web Rendering Engine
Spaces After Semicolon in Method Editor
Converting folder to package using .4dbase extension
When more than one MSC repair is really needed?
Convert 4D Color Constant to Decimal
3 reasons you may not have access to Design mode
Get system info on Big Sur may return osVersion 11.0 or 10.16
Finding all relations that include deletion control
Keyboard to Select Contextual Menu Item
Datastore Object From Remote Datastore Command is a Cached Proxy
Method to Find the Structure Mode of Database
Be aware of performance limitations for virtual servers
How to upload to FTP server
How to quickly find obsolete commands
Targeted Verification of Data
Implementing Singleton Classes with Static Member Functions in 4D
Guide for Converting to 4Dv18 and Newer
Determine programmatically if menu item is disabled
Authentication Failure with IMAP or POP3
Optional Parameters for Project Methods
Multiple Client Cache Folders
Using the 4D License Manager (website) to check maintenance periods
Reassess Stack Size Assignments for Processes When Upgrading
Export Write Pro document to PDF
Deploying client server executables on Windows and Mac
Make sure 4D plugins are up-to-date before signing application
Working with an Encrypted Database
Duplicating Entity in ORDA
PICTs images must be converted prior to upgrading database
Display specific section of website in Web Area
Managing Entity Selections Between Processes
Managing Carriage Returns in 4D Write Pro Formulas
Registering database as a service defaults to manual start up
Managing and Encrypting 4D Data Files
4D PDF Reader Using Engine-Independent Web Area
Change default setting for attaching remote debugger to server at startup
Allowing Modifications to a Project Mode 4D Server Running as a Window Service
Compatibility with Shareable Entity Selections
Utility method to create info report for 4D Remote on set interval
You do not have the license to use this product
Setting PDF Metadata from Write Pro Exports
Customizing 4D Write Pro Widgets Tabs
Identifying SSL Certificate Encoded Format
Deploying to users that do not have a 4D license (Application mode only)
Correctly installing 4D on MacOS Catalina or newer
Decimal values require leading 0 when dot notation is enabled
Unable to Build 4D for iOS Project
Temporarily override “malicious software” check for old plugins
How to add default values to Tab Control object in Project Mode
It is Recommended to Use Same Build of Client and Server
Avoid naming table fields the same as common programming terms
ORDA Optimization With List Box Hidden Columns
Managing Menu Bars Across Forms and Processes
Full Data Export and Import
“Sharing is not available yet” error message for Deep Linking
Windows Minimum Requirements Update
No Licensed Installed Error
Nonexistent vs blank database methods
Lazy Loading Also Impact Cache
Opening debugger causes application to crash
Programmatically Set Left Paragraph Margin in 4D Write Pro
Avoid using the same process variable name for current selection and array listboxes
Project mode output control lines set to 0 by default
4D Classes of 4D Class Store
Improper XPath Syntax Causes XML Element Reference to be 0's
Stricter signing rules for 3rd party plugins in 18 R4 or newer
Check Object Names When Adding WP Widgets To Form
Web Server Link to Download Picture File or PDF
No Data Returned in SQL EXECUTE from SQL Server
REST Server troubleshooting checklist
Logging can also be enabled via runtime explorer
Replacing empty picture variables in 4D Write Pro
Local server key file error
Where are the Crash and Dump Files Located?
Convert entity to object to display entity data on a form
Utilizing Info Report Component
Generate Activity Monitor Logs
“Index on unique field… contains duplicate keys” warning
Information in BackupHistory.json and Backup Journal
Search reference differences between comments and methods
Form Editor Runs Forms In Application Process
Backward Compatibility Syntax Error
Insert Standard Buttons on Table Input Form in Project Mode
Programmatically freeze all expressions in a 4D Write Pro document
Mobile App Server Push Notification “Session constructor” error
Finding Tables and Fields In the Structure Editor
Naming Shared Forms and Methods in Components
Converting to project mode replaces picture library with image files in Resources folder
Recommended to Run Database Application from Local Machine
User Account When Running 4D Server as a Service
Error 9921 on SQL LOGIN and Which ODBC Drivers to Use
Client server behavior in interpreted project mode
Add your team ID to a dropdown list in 4D for iOS
Merging Documents In 4D Write Pro
4D for iOS: Push Notifications and Beyond
Creating Write Pro Documents From Text
4D CSS class naming rules for form objects
4D for iOS ‘:email’ keyword in filter query is reserved
Utility Method to Clean Duplicate Cache Folders
Test push notifications in simulator without needing .p8 authentication key file
How to Avoid "License or Pivilege Error" with 4DWrite Pro
Administration window only available to specific users
Backup Operations are Blocking
How to use Selected list items to obtain reference number of a tab control item
Form Macro Must Need Class with Function onInvoke to Appear
Quickly inserting fields in forms in project mode
Compiler Errors with Object Attributes
Where to Provide the directory.json in Project Mode Applications
Identifying which license takes priority
How to obtain Simulator ID to test push notifications
Enrich UX and UI with Unicode Special Characters
The Possibilities of Form Macros
Going to Previous Versions with Project Structures
Project Mode Object Libraries
Warning vs errors in project mode conversion
How to specify IP address of server for merged client application
Utility Method to Find Pointer in Collection
Be careful when calling ST INSERT EXPRESSION from inside a subform
View Pro Pause and Resume Rendering
MacOS xcrun error when signing app
How to Check if Current User has Admin Privilege
How to enable user login dialog in project-based, built client-server application
Table Triggers and Thread-Safe Execution Caution
Utility method to find and replace string in 4D Write Pro
Failed to Create Connection Socket Error
Cannot Select Form Objects from Form Editor
Forms require an associated menu bar to use copy and paste shortcuts
How to send mobile app push notification that redirects to entity
Deep linking with 4D for iOS: implementation and deployment
Implementing OAuth2 in 4D
Utility Method to Export Materials for Analyzing Data Changes
Updating Platform Checking Code
How to repeat method call based on interval
How to test mobile app in multiple instances of Simulator
Utility Method to Search Methods Based on Their Properties
How to use certficate authority bundles with 4D
Disabling code using If(False)...End if
How to use images as custom data formats in mobile app
How to Send Data with URL Encoded Content-Type HTTP Request
Differences between v17 and v18 backup xml files
Obtain web user session ID with REST
WR Print Merge Replacement
Comparisons with Null
Test offline mode with mobile project tasks in Simulator
What causes the 4D Write Pro toolbar to be disabled
Deeper Level MSC Verify
Interface Appearance Setting
Fix ‘Problem in Resources data table’ error
Using Variant Inputs to Make Adaptable Methods
Get database measures 4D language expression queryStatement
Server Calls Count
Renaming Table or Field Names with Structure XML
Collection Support on Popup Dropdown List, Combo Box, and Tab Control
Building a 4D Application
Two ways to generate dump files on Windows
Emptying trash before running MSC Verify
Programmatically assign placeholder value to pop-up menu/drop-down list
How to Check Web HTTP Cookies
Where is 'Use Log' Database Setting Stored
Check plugin compatibility prior to upgrading 4D version
How to add custom login form to mobile app
Run PDFs in 4D Web Area
Log Specific Client Actions in Server Logs
Store user login information securely
4D Write Pro relies on Direct2D graphics rendering
Sending & Receiving SMS in 4D with Twilio
Component for Managing Server Files from 4D Remote (R2) - Revised 2/24/2022
Startup Methods Taking Long Time
Tips on replicating a table in Structure
Indexes Types Applied are not Exact
Macro to convert invisible button and static picture to 4 state picture button
Why Get menu bar reference May Return Empty
Changing invisible buttons to toolbar buttons in project mode
4D Write Pro Select All
Handling HTTP Request error #17
4D Write Pro Columns Applied to Sections
Find Text in Web Area
Protect web application from malicious code injection
Enabling binary database creation in v19
Client Auto-Upgrade File
Update Internet Commands SMTP Attachment Encoding
Mailing Feature: Sending and Archiving Emails with ORDA
Guide to Converting 4D Write to 4D Write Pro
Managing Images in Project Mode
How to run built applications with Rosetta on M1 Mac
Break For Loop
Compilation target option is only available in project databases
How to opt out of build app signing
Format String for Pasting into View Pro/Excel
Printing Web Area Content
Utility method to convert all 3D buttons to Toolbar type buttons in project database
RESUME INDEXES Indexing behavior
Get Sheet Name in 4D View Pro
Utility method to convert 4D Write to 4D Write Pro table field
Get images from Write Pro header
Check if Resource Exists on Web Server Without Downloading
Looking at default structure of features before modifying and creating
Allow nested transaction setting will be enabled in project mode
Utility method to handle many web variables
Creating an SVG Four State Image to Imitate a Highlight Button
Listbox Default Color/Style Expression
Moving the Settings folder to compiled project database to prevent grayed structure settings
How to use commands in formula editor
How to bring particular window to front in same process
Utility Method to Create Dark Mode Versions of 4D Button Images
4D for iOS: User Signup & Custom Login Form
Automatic Output and Input Forms
Displaying Table Input & Output Form in Subform
Signing certificate differences: Developer ID Application vs Developer ID Installer
Modifying the Publication Name
How to Access 4D Data in MS Excel
Compiler directives still require thread-safe commands during execution
Computing statistics and cache memory
Renaming a Class
URL Redirect Using HTTP Header
Intro to 4D View Pro Offscreen Areas
Building and Securing 4D OEM Application on macOS
Certain plugins may require legacy print option enabled to display properly on printed forms
How to clear row highlight in list box programmatically
How to avoid “Failed to synchronize Resources folder” error
Utility Method to Insert Table Row Title on Each Page in Write Pro
Listbox Columns Auto-Resizing
How to determine if a 4D Database is running in Headless Mode
Web Browsers Limit Number of HTTP Redirects
Three types of compiler directives
4D and OpenSSL version compatibility
Strikethrough in Listbox Row
Using "order by" in query string to reduce server request
Running 4D on Apple Silicon
Utility method to append to .txt file
Entity .lock() and .unlock() should be used on the exact same entity reference
Start 4D on Windows Start Up using Task Scheduler
Form Page Change with Quick Report Subform Area
Picture pathname differences between binary and project
“Not enough temporary space” xtoolbox error
Merging Data from Remote Datastores into a Local Database
Automating Form Changes in Project Mode
Method to Get Count and Names of All or Non-Invisble Tables
Establishing HTML content in Web Area using Blink engine with WA SET PAGE CONTENT
Querying Dates using ORDA
Modifying Backup Settings in Built App from Project Mode
Validate password by username instead of userID in project mode
Handling corrupted BLOB errors in specific record
Relation Names
How to compare two objects
Quick Way to View Table's XML Structure
USERS TO BLOB returns empty BLOB in project mode
Built Application Cache Folder Location
Utilize multiple custom key values in filter query
Utility Method: Create Needed Rows or Columns When Setting Value in Nonexistent Cell in ViewPro
Which debug log settings to use based on scenario
Sorting Collection or Entity Selection Based Listbox
Automatic partition of table and field names in labels
Assigning Plugin Privilege when Logged in as Administrator
4D for iOS and Android Developer Applications
Locating the default datafile path for built applications
Insert additional fields in detail form templates
4D for Android: Computed Attributes and More
Computed Attributes in 4D
Utility Method to Remove Trailing & Leading Character from String
Troubleshooting steps for disabled plugins
Removal of Colon Character ":" In Variable Names
How to issue a Certificate Signing Request for TLS protocol (HTTPS)
Shortcut to Open Form Method From Explorer
How to pass a value with percent (%) sign in REST request
4D REST clients count as connected users
Runtime Error: Folder "{name}" not found ({path}).
Choice Lists in Project Mode
“No server was found” error troubleshooting
Secure cookies are enabled by default on v19 web server
How to Clear an Entity Selection
Project Mode Conversion Assistant Component
4D REST API: Connecting 4D with Angular
How to Specify Built App to Run on Rosetta for Apple Silicon Mac
Nonexistent vs blank database methods
Components Use the Host Databases Datastore
On Server Shutdown and EXECUTE ON CLIENT
Build app signing “keychain item” or “no identity found" error
Specify Form Level Dark or Light Mode
Steps to follow when remote client log files are not appearing
Moving between the Feature releases and LTS releases of 4D
How to Insert Line Break in Listbox Column Title
Step by step guide on generating a Developer ID Application certificate
How to open PDF to desired page in Web Area
Duplicating a Record with ORDA
How to Run Multiple Servers on Same Machine
Utility method to rotate a picture
Form objects can only be grouped when being in the same View layer
Running Multiple versions of 4D with Remote Datastores
Automating Primary Key Generation
Native Webcam Support and Integration
Utility Method to Find Form Objects Based on their Properties
Utility Method to Find Relation Name Between Two Tables
VPN may block access to 4D Motor when logging in license manager
Check blob sizes after converting 4D Write pictures to blob field
Dialogs may Prevent Headless Server from Running
Enable scalable sessions to prevent REST from creating multiple user sessions from the same IP address
Commands to Improve Efficiency of Code
Order of items in the 4D for iOS List form
Attach debugger at startup can affect performance in interpreted mode
Handling Form Access Rights in Project Mode
Querying Entity Selections
ARRAY TO LIST in compiled project applications
SQL in 4D: How to Treat SQL Wildcard Characters as Literal String
Programmatically get project name
Preemptive methods under the same call chain should also be preemptive
Creating a new VP document based on a Sheet
Applying Colors Based on Names
How to make Hidden Standard Action Menu Items Appear Disabled in Popup Menu
Method to parse project mode conversion log
Utility method for saving lists to a table
The field attribute is not the correct type listbox error
Generating QR Codes in 4D (Revised on Aug 4th, 2023)
How to create DataClass-associated classes
Deployment Options for a 4D Database
Declare Variables as Table Classes for Better Autocomplete Suggestions
Utility method to find all choice lists
How to include semi-colon as text in Pop up menu
Understand an undefined relation in ORDA
Interprocess Variables are Deprecated
Available tab on remote connection will only show databases on port 19813
Find distinct values on a related field in entity selection
Class API Function Documentation
Compiler update for APPLY TO SELECTION
Setting header height in 4D Write Pro
Avoid Directly Using Parameters in SQL Statements
Utility method to change all forms' color scheme in project mode
4D View Pro Applying Colors to Formats
Check parameter types with Copy parameters
The Power of System Workers
4D for Mobile: Object Field Management
Creating Radio Button Groups in Project Mode
How to perform case-sensitive string query
Finding specific error codes
Utility Method for Deleting Invisible Files
Publication Name vs Database Name
Default web login dialog from browser
Utility method that formats a number as a human-readable bytes value
Ping scripts to help troubleshoot network issues
Managing Remote Datastore Local IDs
Troubleshooting failed build application for OEM
ORDA string query with "@" as a literal character
Be sure to unload the form loaded for printing to restore the context of the current form
Opening a 4D app compiled for Intel chip on M1 Mac using Rosetta
Transformation tags are evaluated even in quotes
Utility method that sorts the properties of an object
ViewPro Commands Optional Sheet Parameter
How to return View Pro offscreen area object
Create default gitignore file for every project application
Utility method that returns a collection of unique keywords from a given text
Managing Lists in Project Mode
Transform a Utility Form into One Executable Method
View Pro Export and Import Callback Methods
Use LISTBOX INSERT COLUMN FORMULA to insert columns in ORDA-based listbox
How to customize default gitignore
Utility method that returns the parent directory path for a given file or folder path
How to hide row in Quick Report editor
VP Copy and Paste With Cell Sizes
Radio buttons grouped by name are forced off in project mode
Easy way to show the Resources folder (or any of its subfolders) on Disk
Running a Form from t